Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

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Chapter 6

Chapter Description: Karen drops Jessica off at daycare. There she meets a new friend.

The rest of the weekend went by without much incident. Jessica found as time went on, it was harder to tell when she had to use the bathroom, or even if she had already gone. Too many a time had Karen or Gary walked up and stuck a finger down the front of her waistband, only to carry her to her room for a change, when she hadn't even realized she wet in the first place. Messing was a little easier to tell when it was going to happen, but even then there were a couple times when Karen called her Mushtush while she was watching TV, and when she stood up to protest, realized the nickname was rightfully earned.

Monday morning Jessica woke up to Karen lightly tapping on her door.

"Come on Jess, I gotta take you to daycare. Gary and I both have work, we can't just leave you here." Jessica rose up, her diaper squishing with every move.

"Wait, a daycawe centew? But I'm not like the othew kids, won't they see that I'm not weally dis wittle?" She asked.

Karen lifted her sister onto the changing table as she continued the conversation, "Oh it'll be fine. You can act little for most of a day, can't you? You already talk like you're little."

Jessica was still wiping the cobwebs of sleep from her mind as Karen wiped her crotch and placed a new diaper on her. This had become commonplace by this point, and she had come to see her morning diaper change a part of her routine like a bath or brushing her teeth.

"Otay, fine. But if it gets too much I'm tewwing the daycawe peopwe." Jessica said as Karen placed her on the floor.

"What do you want to wear today sweetheart?" Karen asked, rifling through Jessica's closet. Jessica finally settled on a pink sundress with a white flower on the front. Karen pulled it over her head as Jessica gingerly managed to get her sandals on.


Karen's car came to a stop in front of Sunshine Daycare Center. Jessica didn't remember this place, or how they got there. Since shrinking down, she forgot how the layout of her old hometown was, even though she could see where the car was going. Karen unbuckled Jessica out of the car seat and grabbed a diaper bag out of the trunk before leading Jessica by the hand through the front doors of the center.

The place looked pretty normal for a daycare center. Bright colors, children everywhere aged infants to around 4 or 5, Jessica took note. Lots of screaming, smelled of pee and baby powder, the whole nine yards. Her trance was broken by the receptionist.

"Welcome to Sunshine Daycare! You must be the Bakers, and this must be little Jessica, right?" Jessica gagged inwardly at how chipper the lady was.

"Yep, that's us!" Karen replied. Jessica smirked at how her sister was matching the receptionist's tone.

"Okay, how old is Jessica?" The receptionist asked.

"She's two." Karen replied.

"And a half!" Jessica chimed in.

The receptionist smiled. "Ooh, you're such a big girl! Okay, two **and a half**. And is she potty trained?"

"She is not." Karen replied. "I brought some diapers and supplies for her."

"Oh fantastic!" The receptionist said, taking the bag and handing it off to one of the attendants. "And what time will you be back for Jessica?"

"Around four," Karen replied, "But it won't be me, it will be my husband Gary, is that okay?" The receptionist nodded in agreement. Jessica had stopped paying attention by this point and wanted to look around. She scanned the room as Karen finished up with the receptionist, and her eyes fell on a boy that looked to be around her age, except he wasn't crying, stacking blocks, or picking his nose. He was drawing what looked to be detailed plans of a house.

Her curiosity was interrupted by Karen kneeling down to her height, "Alright sweetheart, Gary will be around at 4 to pick you up, okay?"

"Otay," Jessica nodded. "Have fun at wowk!"

Karen gave her sister a hug before heading out the door. Jessica turned back to find the boy but was stopped by a towering figure looming over her.

"Hi Jessica, I'm Lisa! I'm gonna be making sure you play nice with everyone today. Just make sure to tell me if you need to go potty and I'll take you, okay?"

She spoke even more excruciatingly than the receptionist. And even worse, Jessica knew this woman. I know you Lisa, you used to pick on me in junior high, Jessica thought to herself as Lisa turned and walked away. This was certainly strange.

She continued to think as she scanned the room looking for the boy again. After failing to find him, she tried socializing with some of the other kids, but kept getting turned away. She didn't understand what "Dah!" meant, especially when screamed and pointed at her.

Jessica was starting to give up hope, when at last she found the boy in the corner. He looked around 2, like her, with short brown hair. He was wearing a red shirt with a sailboat on it, Velcro shoes along with brown cargo shorts. His diaper poked happily out the top of the waistband. Jessica toddled her way over to him.

Upon reaching his corner of the room, Jessica got a good look at what the boy was drawing. It was an architect's rendition of a house. She had to talk to him,

"Ummmm hi," She awkwardly led with, "I'm Jessica. I wike youw dwawing, what's it of?"

The boy put down his crayon. "Hi Jessica, I'm Adam." His eloquence in the way he carried himself caught her offguard. Is this what it was like when other adults talked to her? "It's a drawing of the house I was going to buy before I shrank."

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief. "You got ARV too? Oh thank god. I was stawting to think I was the only one in hewe who had it."

Adam chuckled. "Oh no, I got it too. I was a 36 year-old architect at the top of my career, when all of a sudden 3 months ago I noticed my clothes started getting baggier. Then I started shrinking, and shrinking. Now my wife basically dotes on me like my mother. It's very strange, and humiliating."

Jessica's face lit up, "I was thiwty-six too! I was a weal estate agent though, caught the viwus about a month ago. Now I wive with my sistew and hew husband. It's weally weiwd getting used to, but I'll get thewe someday."

Lisa hoved into view, "Uh-oh, did someone go poo poo in their pants?" She had her hands on her hips. Jessica blushed. She couldn't have, not in front of this new guy! Lisa's condescending tone continued,

"Well if no one fesses up, I'm gonna have to start checking pants!" She went around the room, pulling back waistbands. Jessica noticed even the kids without diapers got checked. Must suck for them if they had an accident, she thought to herself as Lisa made her rounds. When she got to Jessica, her heart froze. Please god not me, she thought, but Lisa moved on.

"Uh-oh, looks like Adam's a stinky boy. Let's get you changed!" She teased as she picked the boy up. Adam blushed as he made eye contact with Jessica, who giggled. Looks like no one was immune.

Adam returned a few minutes later, unable to look Jessica in the eye. Jessica poked him in the shoulder, "Hey, it's okay. I'm having twouble with that too. Don't wowwy about it."

Adam looked at Jessica, "I know, but it's just so weird to not have that part of your body in control, or even know it's happening, you know?" Jessica nodded and touched his shoulder.

Jessica tried to take the subject off her new friend's diaper change. "Don't you hate Lisa? She's such a condescending bitch!"

Adam rolled his eyes, "Ugh, I know. She acts all high and mighty, and I even told her I used to be her age, and she didn't believe me!"

Jessica leaned in, "You know, she used to bully me in juniow high. I'm suwpwised she ended up in child cawe, she's such a toxic bitch. We should find a way to scwew with huw."

Adam grinned, "Oh I like the way you think girl, what were you thinking of? Throw things at her? Call for her help back and forth?

Jessica grinned back, "No my fwiend, we'we about to make huw life a living hell."



End Chapter 6

Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024


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