Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024

Chapter 8

Chapter Description: With Jessica and Adam's plans in motion, something goes horribly wrong.

The duo finished their snack. After clean-up they continued to pass the time by passing a ball back and forth. Soon, disaster struck.

It started with the youngest babies. A chorus of farts and an atrocious smell wafted from the playpen nearby. Crying soon erupted from several of them. Jessica and Adam watched as Lisa took the babies, one by one, to be changed. They giggled to themselves when, each time Lisa returned, a new diaper was in need of changing. Some babies even needed changing several times.

Then, it spread to the toddlers. Jessica and Adam watched as playing was interrupted by loud flatulence and several kids starting to walk like a duck. Not even they were immune though, as Jessica found herself uncontrollably messing her pants while staring into the eyes of Adam, whose diaper was also subject to a similar fate. This wasn't like the grocery store. It was forceful, and very loud. Lisa turned toward the toddlers in exasperation.

"Not you guys too!" She lamented as she started doing damage control. Jessica stood up to survey the room, when another jet of poop rocketed out her backside, and this time a warm feeling went up her dress.

Lisa exited the changing room and nearly fainted, "Jessica, oh my, you had a blowout!" Blowout? Jessica thought, before Lisa gingerly led her by the hand to the changing room and stuck her in the bathtub there. She peeled Jessica's dress off her, and that's when she realized what "blowout" meant: she had pooped *through* her diaper. She stood there in shock, until Lisa returned with Adam, who had suffered a similar fate: his shorts and socks were completely ruined. The duo stood next to each other, both in shock as they stared at each other. Both were clad in just a diaper, filled to capacity. Adam had streaks of poop down his legs, and Jessica had what looked like a brown bloodstain up her back.

In the background, Lisa rushed back and forth, changing kids who had also forcefully pooped their diapers. Underwear, Pull-ups, and diapers alike were ruined that day as Lisa quickly tried to usher the older kids to the bathroom who were all in emergency situations. Roughly 70% of the older kids made it, where the other 30% had their first pooped-their-pants stories for parties.

Jessica and Adam stared at each other in disbelief, "I guess this is what we get for doing this," Adam lamented. "I feel awful."

Jessica sighed, "Yeah, this was not the wesult I was expecting.

Adam nodded. "I hope they don't tell our families."

Jessica's eyes narrowed, "They won't if they don't find out we did it."

Finally Lisa returned. "You kids are a mess! Let's get you all cleaned up." She carefully peeled both diapers off the children, revealing that the mess inside had reached everywhere. Both kids blushed in humiliation as Lisa turned on the water. She hosed them off, scrubbing them thoroughly with soap, before changing them into new diapers. Adam got his shirt back on, but no pants, and Jessica was clad in just her diaper.

"I'm gonna have to put your clothes in the wash, so you're gonna have to be dressed like that, okay?" Lisa said before turning to complete her task. Both kids hung their heads.



End Chapter 8

Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024


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