Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

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Chapter 9
Gary's Promise

Chapter Description: Gary picks up Jessica from daycare, and takes her to lunch.

Gary pulled his car up to the front of Sunshine Daycare. Whistling as he got out, he entered the center and talked to the receptionist,

"Hi, I'm Gary Jenkins, I'm here to pick up Jessica Baker?"

The receptionist's face lit up, "Ah yes, Mr. Jenkins! Jessica will be right out, as soon as her clothes are done in the dryer. Go ahead and wait outside, we'll bring her out to you."

Gary nodded before walking outside. *Why would her clothes need to be washed though?* He thought to himself as he played on his phone.

A few minutes later, Jessica emerged from the front door, led by the hand by Lisa. Gary stood up and exchanged pleasantries with the worker. As Lisa turned to leave, Gary asked the question that he wanted to ask the receptionist, "Ma'am, why did you wash my daughter's clothes? Did something happen?"

Lisa turned back around from the door. "Oh, well, Jessica had a little blowout, and it ruined her dress, so we had to wash it. It's all better now though, right Jessica?" She gave the toddler a patronizing thumbs up. Jessica just rolled her eyes.

Lisa went inside as Gary looked quizzically at Jessica, "So what's a blowout?"

Jessica looked toward the ground, unable to make eye contact with Gary, "So you know how when a baby poops theiw diapew, and it stays in theiw pants? Well, a blowout is when it doesn't."

Gary stifled laughter as he watched Jessica tear up, "Aww Jess, don't be sad. It could've happened to anyone! Come on, let's go get some food before Karen gets home." Jessica smiled as Gary picked her up and placed her in her carseat.

The drive was quiet on the way to the diner where they were going. Gary noticed Jessica looked troubled by something. He angled his rearview mirror so that he made eye contact with Jessica, "Talk to me, hon. What's wrong?"

Jessica sighed, "Well, you know that giwl Lisa who bwought me outside? She's my age, and she used to pick on me when we wewe kids. So I tried to get revenge on her by putting laxatives I found in the juice dat all the kids dwank so she'd have to change a bunch of diapews, but it tuwns out only me and my new fwiend Adam wuined ouw clothes like that. So it quite litewally backfired."

Gary had to pull over he was laughing so hard. "Wait wait, so to get revenge on a bully from when you were a kid, you got EVERYONE in the room to shit their pants, and you ended up shitting your pants *catastrophically*? That is amazing. You definitely deserve lunch after a prank like that. I promise I won't tell Karen."

Jessica wiped her nose, "Weally? I thought it was a total failuwe."

Gary, having finally regained his composure, was back on the road, "There's just one question though. Why didn't you just spike Lisa's drink so she'd be the one shitting her pants instead of all of you guys, and why did you drink it if you knew it was gonna make you shit like that?"

Jessica facepalmed, "Adam asked da same thing. Maybe he was wight. We dwank it so we wouldn't be suspicious."€

"Suspicious? You guys look and sound like 2 year olds, how would you come off as suspicious?" Gary asked as he pulled into the Denny's parking lot. Jessica just shrugged as she was unbuckled from her carseat.

The duo entered the diner. The hostess looked at Gary with indifference.

"Yeah, can I get a table for two?" He asked.

"That"€™s gonna be a twenty minute wait." The hostess growled at him.

Jessica appeared from behind Gary's leg, eyes beaming, "Pwease? I'm hungwyyyyy!" She whined.

The hostess' face did a complete 180. "Oh, a table opened up just now, come on sweetheart, let's get you and daddy seated okay?"

"Yayyyy!" Jessica cheered as the hostess took off toward the tables. Gary put Jessica on his hip and followed her. The hostess seated the pair in a booth by the window.

"Man, being cute weally has its advantages sometimes." Jessica commented.

Gary chuckled, "Yep, and all it takes is wiping your stinky butt every once in a while." Jessica blushed at the comment.

The duo ordered their food and ate it. The whole time Jessica was shocked at how Gary treated her: like an adult. She wasn't used to this treatment since she shrank. Even Karen was starting to act motherly. As the meal came to a close, Gary looked at Jessica.

"Jess, I know it's hard with your condition. And I know it's hard to be treated like a little girl when you're an adult inside. Just know that if you need it, I'm always happy to have a grown-up meal with you anytime, okay?"

Jessica teared up a little bit with joy. "Thank you so much, Gary. I appweciate it. You all good?"

"Yep, I'm ready to go. Let's get out of here." He started to stand up, but Jessica stopped him.

"Actually, I fink I wet myself. Can you change me?" She looked sheepish after the conversation they just had.

"Yeah sure, no problem! Let's go." He heaved Jessica onto his hip and headed for the mens' bathroom. But upon entering, they noticed a problem: there was no changing table.

"Shit. Well, we can't go into the women's room." Gary lamented, "Do you care if I change you in the car?"

Jessica shrugged, "I guess not. Just make it quick."

Gary carried the toddler out to the car. He opened the trunk and stood Jessica on the flat surface. After finding the changing pad, he laid that down, before fetching a new diaper and wipes from the bag. Jessica noticed her diaper sagged slightly below the dress as she wet it once again while standing there. I have got to get better at knowing when I'm going, she thought to herself as Gary lay her down.

Her mind went into autopilot as it did with every diaper change with the *skritch skritch* of the tapes. Gary placed the soaked diaper to the side as a cold breeze chilled her private parts. Please god hurry up Gary, she thought as he wiped her down. The wipe was only slightly colder than the air outside.

Just then she heard a voice. A woman and her young boy were walking by. The boy shouted, almost as if for all to hear, "LOOK MOMMY, THAT GIRL'S GETTING HER BUTT WIPED! SHE MUST'VE WET HER DIAPER BECAUSE I DON'T SEE POOP!"

Jessica covered her face with her hands as the mom reprimanded her child, "Tyler, we don't talk like that in public, okay?"

Gary finished up, placing a new diaper on Jessica. He sat her up before going to throw the old one in a nearby trashcan. Jessica refused to look at the world beyond the trunk.

Gary returned, "It's okay Jess, that kid was a nincompoop. Let's go home." Jessica nodded as he carried her back to the carseat for the return trip home.



End Chapter 9

Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024


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