Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

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Chapter 5
A Change Would Do You Good

Chapter Description: Jessica faces responsibility for her actions.

Jessica made her way back toward the pasta aisle, bag of bananas trailing behind her. The mass in her pants really made walking difficult, shifting back and forth with each step. She found herself walking even more bowlegged than before. This was going to take some good acting if she was going to keep her pull-ups, she thought.

She caught up with Karen at the end of the aisle. "Hewe ya go sis," she said, handing the bag to Karen, who took it absentmindedly before placing it in the cart. However, something snapped her out of her concentration,

"Hey, what's that smell?" she asked.

Jessica panicked, "Oh, I just fawted, see?" She let loose an audible fart, which released yet more of a mess into her pants, spreading it further around. Her pants visibly puffed.

Karen shook her head, "Come on Jess, you know that's not ladylike."

Jessica shrugged, "Nothing's ladylike when you'we this size. I do gotta go potty though, can you take me?

"Yeah sure, let's go." Karen started pushing the cart as Jessica followed, her odd underwear situation hindering her further. She started to fall behind.

Karen, frustrated, finally turned around, "All right, that's it." She lifted Jessica up, when the smell hit her nostrils again,

"I'm pretty sure that was more than a fart, Jess. Let me check."

"No wait!" Jessica protested, but it was too late. Karen pulled back the waistband of her pull-ups to check.

"Oh Jess, did you poop in your pants?" She asked.

"No." Jessica protested. She didn't know why she was saying it. She felt the full set of training pants she was in. She knew her sister had seen her accident. But she didn't know what else to do besides lie.

"Jessica, you have poop in your pants! What happened?"

That broke her. "I couldn't hewlp it!" Jessica began to tear up, "It just happened when I was getting the bananas, I thought I could make it to the bafwoom and get changed wifout you knowing."

Karen headed toward the dreaded diaper aisle. Jessica put her head in her hands and sobbed quietly as Jessica placed baby powder, wipes, a changing pad, and a package of Pampers in the cart.

"Wait," Karen realized, "So your plan was to somehow sneak into the bathroom, and change into a new pull-up, knowing full well that I've been helping you change this whole time, and that I have the pull-ups on me to begin with? Plus you had poop in your pants! What was your plan there?"

Jessica's sorrow dissipated as she thought about it, then giggled, "Honestly, I don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time." Karen laughed along with her as they reached the women's bathroom and the Koala-Care changing table. Her new friend. Jessica tooted again, causing more giggles as Karen placed the pad, followed by her, on the table.

"What's so funny?" Karen asked as she opened the package of Pampers.

"Do you 'membew what I used to call you when I changed youw diapews when you were little and you had poop in your pants?" Jessica replied, holding back laughs.

"No, because I don't remember the first few years of my life, like most people." Karen quipped, getting the wipes and baby powder ready.

"Mushtush." Jessica broke out in another heap of laughter, stamping her feet on the table for a moment before stopping. The mess being displaced even more made her uncomfortable.

Karen smirked, "Well, Mushtush, let's get you out of this poopy diaper, okay?"

"Hey, hey. This is not a diapew. These awe training pants." Jessica shot back, before laughing again.

Karen removed Jessica's shoes and socks, and placed them to the side. Jessica stared at the ceiling, hoping this wouldn't take too long.

Karen slowly removed Jessica's pants. Jessica poked her head upward to see the situation at hand. Her pull-up sagged, showing it was at the end of its rope. Karen responded by strapping Jessica down with the table's strap. Finally, she heard the *skritch skritch* of the tapes. Just in case, Jessica remembered from the Pull-ups package.

"Oh my god, you stink! And it's everywhere! You should've gotten me sooner, Jess." Karen reprimanded as she took a few laps with the wipes. Jessica was starting to hate this part. The wipes were always so cold. After what seemed like an eternity of wiping, Karen powdered Jessica, placed a new, white Pampers diaper under her, and taped it up.

"There, all better." Karen said happily as she put Jessica's clothes back on and put her back on the floor. Jessica got a feel for the diaper between her legs. It was even thicker than the pull-up. Great, she was going to look even more ridiculous when walking, she thought to herself.

"Now let's go home. I'll tell Gary to pick up a diaper genie on the way home so you don't stink up the whole house, okay Mushtush?"  Karen teased her as they walked back toward the car. This new era sucks, Jessica thought on the drive home. I should've told her I had to use the potty before I got the bananas.



End Chapter 5

Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024


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