Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

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Chapter 2
Stay on Target

Chapter Description: With a trip to Target, Jessica has an accident in public because Karen can't read her sister's signals.

The three pulled up to the Target in Karen's CRV. Gary teased his wife constantly that she drove a "mom" car, which always made her blush. That prophecy fulfilled itself, Gary thought, as they found a parking space near the door. Karen was careful driving on the way there, as Jessica's small stature was likely too small to be riding without a car seat, one of the things they would be buying today.

Jessica handed her debit card to Karen as they walked through the doors,

"Look, I feel bad about you guys taking me in, and it's not like I'm paying went anymore, so all this stuff's on me, okay?" Jessica stated.

"Nonsense, Jess," Karen replied, "You're in a bad spot, Gary and I are here to help you. We got this one." She gently pushed the card back toward her sister.

Jessica's brow furrowed. "Nah, I'll feel awful if I don't help out at least a little bit," as she pushed the card back against Karen's hand, a little more forcefully this time. The sisters continued to argue back and forth, gathering stares of passerby to see a four year old be talking so eloquently, about money no less. Gary had had enough.

"Girls! How about we'll let Jessica get this round, and then if we have to come back for more stuff, we'll get those payments?" Both heads nodded. "Good." Gary said as they walked off toward the furniture section.

They spent most of their time in the furniture section. They picked out a toddler bed, a dresser that doubled as a changing table (just in case. Jessica blushed at the prospect of that,) as well as some new clothes and new shoes. At one point Jessica realized that they hadn't picked out underwear.

"Guys," she tentatively brought up, "What about underweaw? I can't jus' be goin' commando all the time, especially wif all these dresses." She gestured to the cart as she winced. Her lisping was getting worse.

"Oh yeah!" Karen said, "Good idea. Let's go get you some underoos, kiddo." She steered the party back toward the clothing section. Just then, Jessica realized a problem.

"Kawen!" She whined, "I gotta peeee. Nowwwww," as she tugged at her sister's pantleg.

Karen frowned, "You wanted to go get underwear, we're on our way. Just hold it and we'll get you to a bathroom, okay Jess?"

Jessica tugged at her crotch and winced. She didn't realize how close the need to pee and the moment of actually peeing were to each other at this age. She looked to Gary for respite. Gary understood,

"Hun, Jess really looks like she has to pee. Why don't we take her to the restroom first, then pick out the underwear?" Karen waved her husband off. Jessica gave Gary a nod. He had tried his best, but it was too late.

A dark stain spread from around her hand, without Jessica being able to control it, down her legs and toward her bottom, completely soaking her overalls and making a small puddle by her shoes. She couldn't help it, she hadn't had an accident since her regression, and here it was in front of her sister, brother in law, and the entire world. She began to sob. Karen turned around,

"Oh Jess, did you pee your pants? I'm so sorry! I thought you could hold it."

"Well I didn't!" Jessica yelled between sobs.

"Me neither." Gary added quietly. Karen glared at him.

"Well, we can't keep you in wet overalls. Let's get you changed okay?" Karen said as she quickly wiped up the puddle with some handiwipes from her purse. The three headed toward the bathrooms, with Gary breaking off and then returning with a package of size 3T pull-ups.

"Why do I gotta wear those?!" Jessica protested as she walked awkwardly, trying not to let her wet pants chafe her so much. Karen pointed at the stain, then at the package. Jessica rolled her eyes and accepted it. Her sister's house, her sister's rules.

Jessica and Karen entered the girls' bathroom while Gary watched the cart outside. Jessica kept taking short, sharp breaths as she came toward the end of her crying. Karen lifted her sister up on the changing table. She peeled off the soaked overalls and panties, followed by the shirt, which had also caught some of the wetness in the accident. Completely naked, Jessica blushed and covered her private parts. Karen gently removed her hand.

"Shhh, it's okay Jess. Everyone here thinks you're little."She brought out wipes, a pull-up, and one of the dresses they were going to buy.

Jessica sniffed, "You mean like that time when you were thwee and stripped all your clothes off at the Jenkins' Fourth of July barbecue?"

Karen quickly brushed it off. "Yes. Like that. Now let's get you changed." She wiped her sister clean with the wipes, then had her step into the pull-up. Jessica once again winced at the thickness of the garment, which made her stance a little wider, but that was interrupted by Karen pulling a pink sundress over her head.

"There," Karen said, "All clean. Now let's go check out and head home."

Jessica nodded as Karen placed her back on the floor. The pull-up felt weird between her legs, and she had even more trouble keeping up with Karen and Gary as they headed toward the checkout, then back to the car.



End Chapter 2

Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024


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