Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024

Chapter 4
Accident #2

Chapter Description: Karen takes Jessica grocery shopping, when disaster strikes.

Jess awoke with a start. She was in her toddler bed, in her new room. Most of Karen’s stuff was still there, such as her desk, but the encroaching tide of Jessica had started to take over the room: her bed, her new dresser, her clothes hung in the closet which previously held files.

She took a moment to examine her body. Her chubby belly hung over her pajama pants like a fat bookee from the Bronx. Her pink pull-up poked happily above her waistband, almost to show the world that she had trouble making it to the potty. That's right, the potty.

She lifted up the front of her pants and looked at her pull-up. No flowers. She peed herself in her sleep, like she thought,

"Good thing I had Karen add that stipulation." She pondered to herself. She crawled to the foot of the bed where the opening was and swung her legs over just as Karen walked in.

"Hey hun, did you enjoy your nap?" She asked cheerfully. Jessica nodded. Karen pulled down Jessica’s pants slightly, and finding the same lack of flowers, she turned to the dresser and got a fresh pull-up out of the top drawer. Jessica remained groggy as her sister changed her, placing one foot then the other into the garment and pulling it up.

"So what’s fuw dinnew?" Jessica asked. Karen raised an eyebrow.

"What're you talking about? You slept through the night, babe. It’s Sunday now. We’re going grocery shopping, just you and I. Gary’s got something to do at work, but he’ll be back later."

She dressed Jessica in a pair of toddler pants and a t-shirt, with a new pair of shoes they had bought the day before. Jessica noticed the shoes were for toddlers aged 2-3. She had gotten younger since yesterday, she knew it.

After breakfast, Karen buckled Jessica into her carseat again. Jessica was starting to like the carseat. It felt like she was an astronaut being strapped in for a mission. Also she could see out the window, which she couldn't in the cab ride from the hospital to Karen's house.

Karen’s car trundled into the parking lot of the local grocery store. She unbuckled Jessica from the backseat before heading to the trunk for her reusable bags. Jessica tugged at her pants. Even in public it felt weird having her pull-up visible to the world. Karen smiled. She had only known her sister like this while looking through old family albums, before Jessica had showed up on her doorstep. She found it adorable that Jessica was self-conscious, but she didn’t bother to poke fun at her sister, for fear of crying.

The trip started pretty normally, with Karen milling about the aisles picking out this and that. Jessica sat in the toddler seat, daydreaming. She missed being able to grocery shop herself. It was one of her favorite weekly rituals as an adult. Every Sunday morning she'd go to the store and get all her food for the week. She'd put on some music in one ear and mill about the aisles, not caring if they had rearranged the store, it would all get done eventually. Now here she was playing spectator to it.

Her fog was broken by Karen, "Would you mind running over to the produce and getting some bananas for me while I get some pasta?"

"But wait, wouldn’t I get kidnapped or somefin?" Jessica asked as Karen placed her on the floor, "I’m only this big ya know." She placed a hand at her head’s height, roughly Karen's waist.

Karen scoffed, "Oh it’s fine, as long as I can see you. Just make sure you come back quick." She reassured her.

Jessica nodded uneasily. When she was picked up she realized a rumbling in the pit of her stomach. She was going to tell Karen, but her sister had already disappeared down the aisle. The only thing she could do was complete her mission and get back to her in time to use the potty.

Gingerly stepping through the acreages with various types of produce on them, she started to panic. This was going to be a photo finish, she thought.

Finally, paydirt! She saw the bananas all bunched on top of each other. She ran towards them, her stomach crying out for mercy, but when she reached up to grab a bunch, it was too late. A warm mass exited her bottom into her pull-up, a shockwave rippling up her spine. She crouched slightly as the next part of the mass deposited itself in her pants. She was pooping herself in the produce section, in public. And it felt good. She opened her eyes to see if anyone saw, when a warm feeling spread out along the bottom and front. She pulled her pants forward and watched the flowers disappear. This was not good.

Maybe I can hide this, she thought to herself as she got the last of the bananas and walked back toward the pasta aisle. I just gotta play it cool. This wasn’t going to be easy, as her accident caused her toddling to look even more awkward. Game on, she thought to herself. She was going to avoid diapers if it was the last thing she did.



End Chapter 4

Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024


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