Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024

When Jessica gets the age regression virus, she returns home to her younger sister Karen, who Jessica hasn't seen in ten years, for help.

Chapter 1
Welcome Home

Chapter Description: Jessica returns to her younger sister Karen's house after contracting the age regression virus

Jessica’s hand hesitated. It had been ten years since she had seen her sister, Karen, and this was definitely not the best way to reintroduce herself back into Karen’s life. But the cab had already pulled away. She had no choice.

*Knock knock knock*

Jessica watched the door swing open to see her sister standing there. She was a beautiful woman, age 30, with brown hair tied in a ponytail. She was dressed in an oversized t-shirt, sweatpants, and slippers. The porch was silent until Karen cut the tension.

"Aww, good morning little girl, can I help you? Where’s your mommy?"

"Karen. It’s me." Jessica bluntly replied, tearing up. "I caught the ARV."

"Jess?! Jesus Christ, come in!" She beckoned the five year old into the house. Jessica nearly tripped over her glittery shoes, as already they were getting too big for her as the virus took its course.

Karen led her sister in the living room as her husband, Gary, came downstairs. Gary was a man of his mid thirties, with short, black hair, broad shoulders, and a deep voice. He was intimidating to kids, but he loved being around nieces and nephews. Seeing this girl in the living room was odd. She kind of looked like Karen. Karen turned toward her husband,

"Gary, this is my older sister, Jessica."

"She doesn’t look older to me." Jessica continued to sob as Karen hit him.

"You ass, she has ARV!" She whispered as she rubbed her sister’s back.

"What’s ARV?" Gary asked.

Jessica managed to compose herself,

"Age regression virus. Pwetty much what it sounds like," She winced at her slight lisping,

"It’s only contagious in the first week, so you guys are safe." She continued as Karen breathed a sigh of relief.

"The doctors say I should bottom out around 2 or so, but they’re not sure what’s going to happen with my speech or potty training, it vawies fwom patient to patient, they said." She winced again, then handed Karen the dossier the doctors gave her.

"I have nowhere else to go. I already got kicked out of my apartment, and mom and dad are long gone. Can I pweeeeease stay with you guys?" She pleaded.

Karen and Gary looked at each other. Gary knew his wife wanted to say no. He agreed long ago that they wouldn't have children together, even though he wanted to, and yet here this little ironic miracle showed up literally on their doorstep. Karen knew Gary would be excited about a little one in the house. And besides, it was her own sister.

Karen sighed.

"Alright, yes. You can stay in my office. But we gotta go out and get some stuff for you. Do you have anything else to wear? That dress looks filthy."

Jessica shrugged, "Nope. I did, but I outgrew it all on the way down."

Gary’s face lit up. "My cousin Todd! We still have that pair of overalls and t-shirt from when he stayed here. He’s about your age, Jess, they should fit you."

He ran off into the attic as the sisters awkwardly looked at each other, before returning with a pair of tan corduroy overalls and a white t-shirt.

"These should fit fine!" He exclaimed as Jessica reluctantly went to the bathroom to change, before emerging a few minutes later.

"Jess, you look like you should be catchin’ frogs or in a toddler reenactment of Stand By Me," Karen teased. Jess threw up her tiny middle finger.

"You know, you can’t be doing that in public," Karen reprimanded, "For all intents and purposes you’re our kid. Now act like one, understood?"

It felt good to be the one giving the orders for once.

Jessica nodded and followed Karen and Gary to the car. This was going to be a long shopping trip.



End Chapter 1

Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants

by: diapercheck | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2024


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