The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 8, 2024

Chapter 6
6: POV- Your Baby Won't Stop Interrupting When You're Trying to Have a Conversation

Chloe was never one to be interrupted. She finished changing John with her instructions, keeping Emily out of the frame, “Okay Bakerfamfans, don’t forget to like and subscribe!” before shutting off her camera.


“So how old is he now?” Emily asked, looking down at her old co-worker.


“He’s two-ish?” Emily responded. “I want to say twenty-six, twenty-seven months old? I was aiming closer to three so I wouldn’t have to be changing poopy butts for too long,” she held up John’s used diaper, folded into a perfect ball like a grenade.


“Wait wait wait, how- how, HOW did Emily know dat?” John cut in, his voice louder than the other two women’s conversation.


Chloe shushed him, “Sweetie it’s not polite to interrupt okay? Use your inside voice.”


“I WANT TO KNOW!” John screamed, getting to his feet. “How did Emily factow into all dis?”


Emily sighed, “Oh John, I was the one who had helped her plan it in the first place.” John’s mouth dropped open as more drool spilled onto his shirt.


Chloe mopped it up with a dry towel from the diaper bag as Emily continued, “You wouldn’t stop staring at my ass at work. I saw you making comments to our co-workers, and I was sick of it. Chloe follows me on Instagram, and one afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore. I DM’d her, and told her about the powder on Temu. Over the next few weeks, we-“


John stamped his foot, “TEMU! Shop like a billionaiwe my ass!”


Chloe shushed him again, “Say bum, sweetie.” She thought it looked all the more ridiculous seeing John go off without any pants on. His half drooled-on Cocomelon shirt barely covered his fresh diaper. Luckily he had shoes on.


John flailed his arms around. “No! You guys tuwned me into a baby fow what? Fow having a cwush?!”


Chloe cut in again with a frown, motioning for John to step back into his pants. John refused out of spite.


Emily continued, “It was uncomfortable! I was just going to tell your wife so you could get yours, maybe be a tween again, but she took it a step further.” She looked Chloe’s direction.


Chloe looked back at John, his eyes wide at both of them. “You wouldn’t listen to my concerns, honeybunny. I wanted a baby, you were ignoring me, and then I heard you were looking at other women. I sort of snapped. I started planning the nursery, ordered all those boxes. Then, after I slipped the powder in, I took the day off work setting up your nursery.”


John didn’t know what else to do but cry.



End Chapter 6

The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 8, 2024


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