The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 8, 2024

Chapter 3
3: My Baby Wants to See What He Looks Like! So Cute!

Chloe placed him on the floor. John wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. He was now not even waist high to the wife who he used to tower over. Looking down at his body, he took stock of his new kit: pudgy arms, pudgy legs, chubby face and cheeks. He drooled slightly, something he couldn’t seem to stop no matter how hard he tried. The diaper made him stand slightly bowlegged. He noticed a yellow stripe going down the center, wondering what it was for. He traced it with his finger, following it all the way under and back up his butt. He giggled at having to bend all the way over.


Chloe watched from the next room over, smiling to herself. He was so cute! Now the work could begin.


John decided to see what he looked like to other people. He toddled through the apartment over to the mirror by the door he and Chloe would always check their reflections in before heading out. It was too tall for him now. The bathroom maybe? He toddled back toward the other way, at one point falling on his stomach. He wasn’t used to these legs yet.


Chloe was behind him the entire way, recording on her phone. She could already imagine the caption: “TFW Your Kid Wants to See What They Look Like”. As John reached the bathroom, Chloe kept the phone recording in one hand as she said in a saccharine sweet voice, “Oh sweetheart are you trying to see your reflection? Do you wanna see what baby looks like?”


John was about to protest when he felt himself being lifted off the ground by Chloe. In the mirror back at himself he saw an adorable baby. Blonde, wispy hair, chubby cheeks. His shirt was now covered with drool, causing the top half of the Bluey decal to pop out even more on the darkened background. His diaper’s yellow stripe had now turned blue. Chloe’s beautiful face was hidden behind her phone. Her red curls poofed out around the cyclopian eye of the camera, giving her phone the appearance of wearing a wig.


“There ya go sweetie, aren’t you cute? You’re a baby! Can you say ‘baby’?”


“I can say baby you bitch! I’m not a baby!” He yelled back.


“Ope, I know what that blue line means, someone’s wet. Like and subscribe to BakerFamBlog while I go change this kiddo!” Chloe chirped, ignoring John. She put him and the phone down.


“Sweetie, you can’t be saying curse words or acting like a grown-up. Now I’m going to have to edit your little outburst out in post. You’re not a grown-up anymore. You just wet your pants without even knowing it. You are my baby, start acting like it.” John’s heart sank again. Chloe was incredibly intimidating when she was this tall. Or he was that short, rather.


“O-Otay…” John replied as his knees turned inward toward each other.


“Good,” Chloe replied, scooping him up. “Now let’s go change you.”




End Chapter 3

The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 8, 2024


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