[X-Men ABDL] A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

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Emma Frost isn't having a great day. Between having to mark her students tests and homework, and having a spat with Jean Gray, she finds herself easily pissed off. So it's no surprise that Jean pisses her off first thing in the morning. When Emma threatens to break Jean's brain so hard she'll go back to being a toddler, she didn't quite expect the end result...

Chapter 1
Complete Story

Emma Frost huffed as she slammed a stack of papers down on her desk. As if getting up early to teach kids wasn't already a pain in the ass, she had to actually read and mark their answers. Some of them clearly spent more time staring at her breasts than paying attention in class too. 

She took a deep breath. It usually didn't bother her. But she'd been at odds with Jean lately. The woman was getting on Emma's nerves more than she cared to admit. Apparently Emma had been acting rather selfishly lately. She scoffed. She was one to talk, taking up most of Charles Xavier's time the past few weeks. 

Jean claimed it was the Professor's idea and that they were doing some sort of research that they couldn't yet disclose, but in her opinion it was complete bullshit. She glanced at the clock on the wall. She still had about a half hour before the students would even show up to the classroom. But she needed this time to mentally prepare for the day ahead. 

"You'd think having my powers would make that easier" she muttered to herself. It really did baffle her, but she couldn't help it. Some days were just harder than others. No amount of mental power was going to change that. 

Emma froze as she felt an immense presence make itself known in her mind. She ran outside and sneered when she saw Jean holding her head and groaning. Of course she'd be responsible for it. Just lucky she wasn't completely incompetent. "The hell were you just doing?" Emma asks through grit teeth. 

Jean looks up at her, weary expression and a light pant as she did so. "Not now Frost. I don't have time for your bickering" Jean said. Emma never wanted to slap her as much as she did right then. 

"Bickering?! Pot calling the kettle black! You're worse for it!" Emma spat, trying to not raise her voice. There currently weren't any students about. Usually they weren't too early to the first class of the morning. She felt safe enough having this argument. "Now tell me what the hell you were just doing Grey" she demanded, clenching her fists. 

Jean scoffed at her. "If you must be such a nosy bitch, it was the project I'm working on with the Professor. It's acting up and I'm on my way to see him before I get a damn migraine from it" Jean said with the worst fake smile Emma had ever seen. 

Emma scoffed at her in return. "I'm surprised he even trusts you after all the shit with Phoenix" she said, knowing it was still a bit of a sore point for Jean. She grinned as she got an intense glare from the red head. 

"Don't you have ANYTHING better to do than to stand there insulting me like a fucking child?" Jean spat back at her. Emma snarled at her. 

"Child?! I swear I'll fuck you brain up so bad, you'll be left sitting in your own shit like a fucking infant!" Emma said, raising her voice with each word. Jean had the gall to smirk at her. 

"Wouldn't do that if I were you little white princess" she said. Emma saw nothing but red. She had no idea why she was so irritable this morning. She'd been goaded on so easily. But that was the straw that broke the camel's back. 

Emma set out to do exactly what she said she would, and leave Jean sucking her toes as she shit and pissed her panties in the hallway. If she was lucky, she'd be potty trained in a few years and get to move on to the alphabet soon after. 

Emma sent the most powerful mental assault she could manage. Jean looked barely phazed for a moment. Then something she didn't anticipate happened. As Jean started holding her head again, Emma felt a force shoving back against her. She tried to set her psionic shields up but she wasn't quite quick enough. 

Both Jean and Emma were now leaning against walls for support, groaning from the headache the experience had just given them. "Moronic blonde bitch" Jean grunted. 

Emma barely even heard her over the sharp ringing in her ears. "What the fuck?! How did you do that?!" Emma demanded, massaging her forehead. 

"I didn't! I told you it was a project! You're bloody lucky I was already going to the Professor to see about fixing it" Jean said, marching off with a snarl. "Hope you don't do that to your students" she spat just before rounding a corner out of Emma's sight. 

Emma stuck her middle finger up and staggered back to her desk. "Bitch" she groaned, trying to ease the tensions in her mind. Her thoughts were so disorganised now. She opened her drawer and pulled out a packet of aspirin pills. She stared at them, before putting them back in. "I'll get over it" she whispered, instead grabbing a bottle of water and downing the whole thing. 

Sure, Jean had given her a massive fucking headache. But she was Emma Frost. Jean Grey had probably only inconvenienced her with a sudden but short migraine. She wouldn't need that aspirin in a few minutes. 

Emma looked at her timetable. She had this first class and then an hour's break before the next. "Brilliant" she muttered. She felt another mental wave, similar to the one Jean had done before Emma confronted her. It came from the Professor's office. Or very near it at least. 

Emma sneered again, but quickly put on a blank expression as her students started to arrive. Her class went as it normally did. She had to remind a couple of the students that yes, they did have homework for today. And even had to hand out a detention when one of them started sleeping in class. But otherwise pretty normal. Until the last 5 minutes. 

Emma was writing on the blackboard, then stopped as the headaches came back full force. She audibly grunted, leaning against the blackboard. "Uh, are you alright Ms. Frost?" she heard one of them answer. 

"I will be. Just a migraine I've been having all morning" she said, trying to go back to writing. She frowned as the words she'd written not 10 seconds ago now looked weird to her. "The hell?" she whispered so the students wouldn't hear. She could hear them start to whisper too though. 

"Uhm… Ms. Frost?... You've uh…  wet yourself" a girl at the back said, audibly holding back a snicker. Emma looked down and indeed, she was pissing herself! She couldn't even feel it coming out, nor did she recognise that the warmth that suddenly appeared on her leg was piss. 

"Go get the Professor" she muttered. When nobody moved, she turned to face them. There was a mixture of amusement and embarrassment on their faces. 

"I realise some of you might find a grown woman pissing herself to be funny. But this is serious. I don't care who does it, someone get the Professor before-" Emma suddenly found her legs getting weaker. Her hand slammed on her desk, holding her up as one of her legs gave out from underneath her.

The students, evidently realising the seriousness of the situation, got up from their desks. 3 of them ran out the door towards Professor X's office, while 2 more helped her into her desk chair. She closed her eyes, trying to focus on her breathing. She massaged the hand that slammed into her desk. Not a minute later, the students came back with both Professor X and Logan. 

Emma could feel Charles rooting around her mind, though she didn’t try much to stop him. She’d prefer to know what the hell was wrong with her after all. “You kids have other classes to be getting to” Logan started escorting the students out, despite their protests. Emma couldn’t even focus on what he was telling them.

Before she knew it, Colossus was carrying her to Professor Xavier’s office. Why the hell she wasn’t being taken to a medical ward, she didn’t know. She was sat down on a chair, towel on top of it to stop her from staining it yellow. “What the hell is going on?” she asked weakly.

Charles Xavier dismissed the others and she was left in the room with him alone. “That was a rather stupid thing to try with Jean earlier… although I’ll admit, she hardly tried to help you” he said, pouring her a cup of tea. In her weakened state, Emma couldn’t find the energy to refuse it and just started sipping it. “Nor did she make clear what the project we were working on would do”

Emma snorted. So they actually had been working on something then? At least she could now be sure, it wasn’t Jean Grey that overpowered her. “There is no beating around the bush with this… Emma I have no idea what is going on in your head. I didn’t encounter any psionic resistance, but I couldn’t read much of the disorganised mess” he said.

Emma frowned. That didn’t sound good. “Not to mention your apparent muscle failure in front of the students… I’m honestly completely stumped” Charles said, staring at her. She could still feel his presence in her mind, but it felt… off. She couldn’t quite explain it. It was like he was teleporting around in her head, though she knew for a fact that wasn’t how mind reading felt.

Charles suddenly frowned at her. “Fascinating” he muttered. “Tell me… did you try anything specific on Jean?” he asked. Emma, as much as she didn’t want to say, felt she had no choice but to tell him about what she tried to do.

“I tried to take her potty training” she muttered. Charles didn’t say a word, nor did she feel his presence in her mind anymore. He just stared at her. “What?” she asked, starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

“You mean to say you don’t even realise you’re doing it?” he asked. Emma glared at him. She hated this nonsense talking in riddles. She shook her head. Whatever it was, she clearly couldn’t see it. “Emma, you are sucking your thumb”

Emma looked down and her hand was at her mouth. She yanked it away and sure enough, her thumb was wet with drool. “What the fuck?!” she whispered harshly. She had actually just sat there, thumb in mouth, and not even noticed. 

“As far as I can tell, you do seem to be getting better. Though I cannot say if what you’ve already experienced is temporary or not…” Charles said. “I’m giving you the week off teaching. We need to be sure this won’t get worse and that we can fix what you’ve already done to yourself”

Emma scowled at him but nodded. He was right. She just didn’t like that he was. She stood up. While a little shaky, she found the strength of her legs was returning to her. “I’d recommend you get plenty of rest” Charles said. Emma nodded, and walked out. Thankfully the students were in class, so nobody was around to witness her walking through the hall in her wet pants.

As Emma made her way to her bedroom, her thoughts drifted to Jean. She was the White Queen. She couldn’t take such an insulting and humiliating defeat lying down. She made it to her room, a little slower than usual but more so because she was planning how to get back at the red headed bitch.

She cleaned herself up, trying to forget the smirks and snickers of her class as she stood there pissing herself in front of them. It was her fault Emma had to suffer that. Emma pulled on a fresh pair of panties and jeans. Just as she was about to put her socks on, there was a knock on her door. She grumbled. “I swear if it’s Logan…”

She wasn’t quite ready for who it actually was. Emma opened the door and Jean was standing in front of her with the biggest shit eating grin on her face. Emma hadn't considered the possibility that her face could be any more slapable. “Can I help you?!” Emma asked through grit teeth.

“Oh I just came by to make sure the little baby hadn’t huwt hewsewf” Jean teased. Emma somehow resisted the urge to punch her there and then. “It’s about time you got what was coming to you. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll have your potty training back before you’re the wrong side of 40”

Emma got right up in Jean's face. “Bitch I can fix this myself!” she shouted. She noticed there was nobody around outside. She at least had to hand it to Jean. The red head knew when to pick her moments. She certainly wouldn’t be caught antagonising Emma further than already.

Jean snorted. “Even Professor Xavier couldn’t tell what exactly was wrong with you. What makes you think YOU could fix anything?” she asked. Emma’s lips couldn’t get any more pursed than they already were, making her look like she was sucking a lemon. “Oh, be my guest though. I’m sure a little baby like you wants to prove she’s a big girl”

That was the last straw. Emma used her powers, aiming to tear apart whatever the psionic reflection had done to her. Jean smirked as she watched Emma’s legs buckle from underneath her. “Oof. Looks like the little baby made it worse” she said.

Emma, though she felt sick from attacking something in her own mind, kept going. She found exactly what was causing her embarrassing situation too. At least she was 99% confident it was.

Emma staggered to her feet as the psionic reflection in her mind was ripped to shreds. She glared at Jean, grinning in triumph as she felt her legs strength returning. Then all of a sudden, she found herself on the ground again. Jean started laughing at her. “Shut up meanie head! Wait! What the heww ith wong with my voithe?!” Emma shouted. This made Jean laugh even harder at her.

“Aww, what’s the matter Emma? Use your big girl words” Jean teased. Emma seethed with rage on the ground. She tried getting up again, but fell back down even quicker this time. Jean reached down and picked her up like a baby.

“What you doin’?! Wet me go!” Emma demanded, trying to push her way out of Jean’s grip. But it was like she really only had the strength of a baby, as she only succeeded in making Jean laugh.

“If you’re gonna be such a big baby, I have the perfect solution for you” Jean said, taking Emma to an old abandoned class. Nobody even went near this part of the school, never mind this specific room.

It was then that Emma realised that maybe Jean had actually planned this. There were diapers stacked on a shelf, baby toys of all sorts strewn around the floor, and there was even a crib big enough for an adult in the corner! “You meanie! You pwanned thith!” Emma shouted, still struggling fruitlessly in Jean’s arms.

“What can I say? I got sick of listening to you always threatening people you’re supposed to be friends with. Seriously, who the hell threatens to make somebody mentally disabled as they sit in their own piss?” Jean asked.

She put Emma down on her back and try as she might to escape, Jean only needed to keep a hand on Emma’s chest to keep her from moving. Emma opened her mouth to shout at Jean again, but Jean shoved a pacifier into her mouth. Much to her embarrassment, Emma started to suck on it. “Such a naughty little girl, peeing her pants. Where was your diapie wiapie? Baby Emma isn’t potty trained after all. She made sure of it herself” Jean pulled down Emma’s jeans and took them off.

“Thtop it dumb dumb! I nodda baby! I big giww!” Emma screamed, her pacifier only doing so much to hold back her shouting. She blushed, realising she was actually throwing a tantrum. But she kept going anyway. She wouldn’t suffer this indignity at the hands of anyone! Let alone the red headed bitch!

Jean chuckled as she pulled down Emma’s panties. “My my! Where did the baby get such sexy, grown up underwear? Don’t worry, Mommy will have you in something more appropriate in just a minute” Jean said. Emma glared at her as she kept struggling.

“Mommy?! You not my Mommy!” she shouted, flailing her arms and legs. Emma suddenly found she could no longer move them as they now rested on the ground. “What you do now?!”

Jean smiled at her. “Well Mommy can’t get you in your diapie if you keep being a little wriggle bug now can she?” Jean grabbed a diaper and unfolded it. Emma sucked her paci, glaring at her red headed captor. Jean lifted Emma’s legs without resistance or even effort and she slid the diaper underneath her butt. Emma had a feeling she was using telekinesis to make it easier on herself. How else would she get Emma to stay still through this humiliation?

“And a bit of powder… tape the diapie up… and done” Jean sat Emma up. Emma glared at the bright pink princess diaper around her crotch, but she couldn’t move on her own still besides yelling and sucking her pacifier. Jean started taking the rest of Emma’s clothes off too.

“You cwathy” Emma muttered, completely red as her breasts were now on display. She couldn’t even cover them up. Jean said nothing as she helped Emma’s arms through a onesies sleeves. Before long, Emma was sitting in nothing but the princess diaper and pink onesie.

“As are you for trying to break my mind when I specifically told you it was a bad idea. But I knew you would anyway” Jean said, lifting Emma up. She stared right into Emma’s eyes. “And I’m warning you for real this time. You try using your powers on me again, and you might just make this permanent. Don’t” she said. Emma gulped and nodded.

Jean took her over to a chair in the corner of the room beside the crib. There was a nightstand beside it that had a massive baby bottle on top of it. It was easily a whole litre and was full to the brim!

“No! I not dwinkin a baba!” Emma protested, though given she couldn’t move on her own, it wasn’t much of a protest. Jean chuckled and took the paci out of Emma’s mouth. As embarrassing as it was to admit, Emma already missed sucking it.

Jean shoved the bottle in her mouth. At first, Emma just sat there. But then, against her will, she started sucking the milk down. She gagged at the warm, sickly sweet drink. But the more she drank, the more she started tolerating it. Then liking it. By the time Emma finished the bottle, she was drinking it of her own will. It was easily the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted! Jean took the bottle out and put Emma’s pacifier back in.

“Now that baby’s had her baba, Mommy thinks it’s about time for baby to play with her toys” Jean said. Emma huffed as Jean put her in the crib with a load of toys. Although on the bright side, she found she now had control over her arms again. Her legs still refused to move though. Jean smirked at her, opened a book, and promptly ignored the glare Emma was giving her.

Emma sucked her paci and grabbed the Teddy bear, intending on throwing it out at Jean. She stopped. It was so soft. Emma stared at it. Maybe… maybe a little cuddle wouldn’t hurt. She hugged the bear and felt a lot better. She looked at the other toys and grabbed a rattle. Emma shook it as hard as she could, finding the noises it made to be utterly hilarious.

She shook her head. “What you do to me? I nodda baby! I dun’ wike pwayin’ wif a wattwe!” she shouted, pouting as she hit the rattle against the crib mattress. She giggled again at the sound, ruining whatever serious face she managed to put on.

Jean didn’t look up from her book but smiled. “I didn’t do anything to you sweetie. You might be a naughty little baby, but you’re not stupid” she said. Emma pouted at the non answer, but she’d take a backhanded compliment. She stared at her Teddy, trying to understand what Mommy meant.

Her eyes widened as she realised. She didn’t block ANY of the reflected attack! She always promised 2 things when breaking people's minds like that. Loss of potty training, and their brains being sent right back to toddlerhood. She’s inadvertently made herself behave like a toddler!

“No faiw” she muttered. Mommy either didn’t hear her or ignored her. Emma managed to move herself around so she was kneeling instead of sitting, though it was difficult without the use of her legs. If she was gonna be stuck like this for any length of time, she was 100% not giving Mommy the satisfaction of seeing her actually enjoy it.

Emma blushed. She realised that not being able to see Mommy didn’t mean Mommy couldn’t see her, yet it made so much sense to her all of a sudden. Her object permanence was fucked. Not only that, she realised she’d also been thinking of Jean as her Mommy too!

Emma hugged her Teddy bear tightly. She flinched when she felt something warm and wet on her chin. Reaching up, she felt her drool trickling past her pacifier. No matter how hard she tried, her brain just couldn’t remember how to stop drooling. It was like a gap in her memories.

She was so focused on trying to not drool, Emma didn’t feel the back of her diaper being pulled back. “Wet already? You are just a little fountain pumpkin” Mommy said. Emma gasped as she was lifted out of the crib. Instead of bringing her back to the changing mat however, Mommy did something Jean didn’t anticipate.

Mommy took her over to a highchair and Emma felt an overwhelming sense of dread when she saw the sheer size of the jars of baby food. Mommy opened the tray and made sure Emma was securely in place, her pee filled diaper squishing under her weight. Emma bit her paci’s nipple, holding back a moan from the feeling of her wet diaper rubbing her pussy. “Let’s get you fed first sweetie”

She tied a bib around Emma’s neck, large enough to make sure she got no food on her onesie. Then, she took Emma’s pacifier out, opened the jar and grabbed a spoon. “Open wide sweetie” she said, scooping out a spoonful of the mush. Emma shook her head and kept her lips shut tight.

Jean smiled and gasped. “Look Emma, here comes the aeroplane! Nyaaoooo!” Jean said. Emma couldn’t help but let out a giggle. It was funny! “Open the hanger for the plane to land sweetie. Nyaaoooo!” Jean put the spoon closer to Emma’s mouth. Emma opened her mouth and took the whole spoonful. Much to her surprise, it tasted great! Sure she tasted peas and wanted to gag at their taste, but she also tasted chicken!

Emma opened her mouth for another spoonful. “My my, the airport is busy today! Nyaaaoooo!” Jean smiled and Emma giggled as she ate another spoon of the baby food. Emma’s giggling caused her to spit some of it out by accident. So she did what felt natural. She picked the drool covered food back up off the highchair tray and her bib and shoved it back in her mouth.

Mommy and Emma kept doing this for several minutes. Emma was actually getting worried she might be eating too much, but she just HAD to open the hanger for the plane! What else was she supposed to do? “One last spoon sweetie” Mommy said. Emma gladly obliged and took the final spoon. She sighed, full from the bottle and jar of baby food. 

Mommy took her bib off and used it to wipe Emma’s face down. She blushed, seeing she hadn’t actually gotten all the food in her mouth. “Now, let’s get you changed” Mommy took her out of the highchair.

 Mommy actually had her standing up beside her, though she could feel some invisible force keeping her from falling over. “Why don’t you show Mommy you can still be a big girl?” Mommy said. “Walk over to your changing mat so Mommy can change you baby Emma”

Emma took a nervous step forward. Then another. Her centre of gravity felt way behind her body, so moving forward was a struggle. Just before she got to the mat, Emma’s stomach audibly grumbled. “Uh oh! Sounds like someone needs to go poopoos!” Mommy chuckled.

Emma was helpless to stop the mushy poop pushing its way into her diaper. Just at that moment, she felt the invisible force stop holding her. Emma fell to her butt, smearing the poop all over her cheeks. “Waahhh!! You meanie head! You did that on puwpothe!” Emma cried, banging her feet against the ground.

Mommy chuckled again and put Emma on the changing mat. “It’s alright sweetie. You’re only a little baby after all” Mommy cooed at Emma as she unsnapped her onesie. Mommy stopped. “Where’s Mommy baby Emma?” Mommy asked.

Emma looked around in shock. It was like her Mommy just disappeared! “Peekaboo! There she is!” Mommy said. Emma flinched and started laughing at Mommy. That was the best magic trick she’d ever seen! Mommy tore the tapes of Emma’s diaper off and started cleaning her up.

Emma shivered in pleasure as Mommy used the baby wipe on her pussy. She moaned behind her paci, bucking her hips half heartedly as Mommy chuckled. “Such a naughty baby” Mommy said. As Mommy kept cleaning her, Emma heard a drawer open and in the corner of her eye she saw something floating towards them. “Does Mommy’s little princess wanna make cummies with her buzzy toy?” Mommy asked as she taped Emma’s diaper back up.

Emma blushed, but it did sound fun. She reluctantly nodded as Mommy snapped her onesie back up and picked her up. Mommy brought Emma over to the chair again and laid Emma in her lap. Emma stared at the buzzy toy as Mommy turned it on. Emma moaned and giggled as Mommy held it to her diaper. She buried her face into her Teddy bear as she writhed in pleasure.

Mommy cooed at her and caressed Emma’s head as she helped Emma make her cummies. She felt her drool going all over her chin and cheeks as she mindlessly bucked her hips. Emma didn’t last too long before reaching her climax, and Mommy shut off the buzzy toy. “Noooo!” Emma moaned, reaching for the toy as Mommy sent it back to the drawer it came from. “Emmy wanna pway wif buthy toy!” she screamed, now sobbing as she watched the drawer closing.

She was a bit embarrassed to actually be crying because she only made 1 orgasm, but her now overly emotional toddler mind didn’t really care about being embarrassed. Mommy brought her back to her crib and put her down in it. And Emma made the biggest mistake of her life.

“Gimme mowe buthy toy!” she screamed, throwing some of the toys in her crib at Mommy. Mommy’s demeanour changed entirely and Emma suddenly regretted throwing the toys. Mommy picked her up again and Emma did her best to struggle. “No Mommy! I thowwy! Me good giww!” she begged, but it was too late.

Emma found her ability to wriggle suddenly taken away as Mommy put her over her knees. Mommy drew out the process of taking her onesie and diaper out of the way. “Such a bold little baby. Mommy thinks she needs some punishment” Mommy said. Emma screamed as Mommy spanked her poor bum bum. Her pacifier fell out and she started crying and drooling. Another spank and Emma was bawling her eyes out.

She couldn’t even move and just had to take it. Another spank. Emma had never felt so much pain in all her life! Mommy stopped for just a moment. “Alright then. Mommy will halve your spankings and let you play with your buzzy toy ALL you want… if you just admit you’re nothing but Mommy’s helpless little naughty baby”

Some part of Emma’s adult personality was fighting back, but her toddler mind was the one in control. She could only blush as she cried and drooled all over herself and Mommy’s lap. “I thowwy Mommy! Emmy jutht a naughty widdwe baby! Emmy nodda big giww! Me need Mommy fow evewythin’! Waahaahaa!” she cried.

Emma could practically hear her Mommy grinning, even if she couldn’t see her. “Good little baby. Let’s see, Mommy was on spank 3, so that leaves 47 spanks to go!” Mommy said. Emma had no idea how many 47 was, but the longer Mommy kept going and the more she kept crying, the more Emma was sure she’d be playing with her buzzy toy on her back and not her poor bum bum…



End Chapter 1

[X-Men ABDL] A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 26, 2021


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