The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated May 25, 2021


Speech Therapy for the Adults

Joy questions her authority when she cant seem to help a little boy with his speech, but at least he can change her diapers

Feb 19, 2018


Parents Daycare

Its Parents day at the daycare as mommies and daddies get to watch their kids play, but someone will need a diaper change soon and it wont be the kids

Aug 23, 2017


The Parents have been Naughty

Richard and Karen took their kids to a amusement park as a final family vacation before their divorce, lucky they came out even happier together in diapers

Aug 23, 2017


Rainbow Farm

A popular baby show thats also for parents who think they are adults when they are just dumb babies

Oct 6, 2017


No More Responsibility

Amy wishes her son could be more responsible, while she loses all responsibility including keeping her diaper dry

Nov 18, 2017


Birthday Wish

A simple birthday party turns into a best day ever for the adults when the children let them play

May 24, 2018


The Immature Plane Ride

Sonya takes her daughter to go see her husband on his business trip, but how can she survive the plane ride without any clean diapers?

Jul 27, 2018


Wrong Roles in the Family

Luke and Emma used an invention to switch places with their children for the day, but can they go back to being the parents when they cant keep their diapers clean?

Jul 27, 2018


Little Susie's New Trick

Steph wants to know what new trick her daughter has learned at school, but silly tricks like that are too complicated for someone who is still in diapers

Apr 7, 2021


Tales from the Theater

Set of horror movies a perfect family watch at the movies, unaware that they have unexpected side effects on those who watch them

Apr 7, 2021


Brian and Linda's Growing Down Video

When Brian installed cameras to make a growing up video for his son, he and his wife soon made their own growing down video

Apr 7, 2021


A Parent's Worst Nightmare

A strange comet flew by Earth, changing the lives of Carol and Jake as they are reduced to crying adult infants

Apr 7, 2021


Bedtime Stories for Parents

Melissa reads a few stories for her daughters, while they check her diapers

May 3, 2021


Last Family on Earth

Adam and his family are the last ones on Earth, being cared for by thier new Mommy

May 25, 2021

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