Regressed and fawned over (Story)

by: coolpbj | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 17, 2023

Hey so I made a drawing and this is the story that goes along with said drawing hope you like it!!

Chapter 1
Probably the whole story

   Pat was constantly fed up with being taken advantage of. People were always forcing him into situations that he had no business being in. This latest predicament involved his girlfriend of two years. She had told her friends that Pat could help them with their latest get-rich-quick scheme by doing some marketing for them. As usual, Pat said that he would do it without a second thought. However, when it came around to helping them with their project, he realized that he was in over his head. They were going to be selling diapers and needed a way to market them to mothers. Pat had never done any kind of diaper sales or research, so he was like a fish out of water. He told them as much, but fortunately for him, they didn't seem to mind. They said that it was nice having someone who isn't set in their ways when it comes to advertising like all the other companies.

Pat was happy with that response and got to work thinking of a marketing strategy. He came to the conclusion that a commercial would likely be their best option for spreading their brand. They loved the idea, but Pat's girlfriend brought up a glaring problem – they had no one to model the diapers. Pat responded, saying that it was a pretty big issue, but they could always hold auditions. His girlfriend asked how long that would take, and Pat explained that it would take at least three days to set up the audition and another week to have them contracted. She said that it was not good and that they needed to make it happen by the launch date; otherwise, it would not end well for anyone.

    Pat was apprehensive, especially after the ominous and frankly threatening tone she took, but he said he would do his best. Three days had passed and he was already behind on his original timeline of having the audition scheduled. Not a single person had signed their baby up to star in the commercial. It most likely had to do with the budget of what they could pay them, or maybe they didn't like that it was some no-named brand. Either way, Pat was seriously struggling.

He showed up where they had rented to shoot the commercial, ready to take a walk of shame and tell his girlfriend that he couldn't find anyone to star in the video. As he walked into the room, she was standing there chatting with the other ladies who were in on the scheme. He greeted everyone with a somewhat sullen expression and went on to tell them that he couldn't find a model.

His girlfriend said that it was fine and that she had someone who could do it. Pat perked up and said, "Wow, seriously, how'd you manage that?" She said, "Don't worry about it," as she got up close to him and started putting some kind of cream on his face. Like the pushover he is, he just let her, merely asking what she was putting on him. She said it was just some hydrating cream.

She then said, "Since you messed up and couldn't find a model, would you want to be in the commercial to make up for it?" He responded with, "Oh, you want me in it too? I'm not much of an actor, but I guess I could play like the dad or something. How hard could that be?" She said that could be a good role but she thought she had a better one for him while she continued to apply the cream. 

He said that if it was something easy, he was sure he could handle it. But as he said that, he felt like his voice felt funny, and he noticed he was now looking up at her. "Huh, what's with my voice, and why are you so tall?" he inquired. "Don't worry, sweetie. I told you that if you messed this up, it wouldn't end well for anyone," she replied with a sly grin.

"What do you mean?" he said with growing alarm. "Well, you're going to be the model, and I'm going to have to change the model's diapers, so I guess it's not ending well for us." 

    "What? I don't need diapers," he protested in an even higher-pitched voice as he approached 2 years old at a quickening pace, only for it to slow near 4 as his descent in age began to halt. He found himself standing below her knee, draped in his old attire that now covered him like a tarp or a blanket.

He was understandably upset at what had just happened and attempted to ask her what she had done to him and how it had happened. However, he never got the chance to do so. She promptly scooped him up and carried him into a bathroom where she had already laid out a diaper bag and an outfit for him to wear. The outfit consisted of a red shirt with the words “little stinker” and a poop emoji on it. She also had laid out her special diaper she was trying to promote, so she strapped him down onto the changing table and proceeded to powder and diaper him.

Throughout this ordeal, he tried to struggle but to no avail. All his efforts only made her fawn over him more, saying how cute he was saying that her little man would rather run around nakie in front of his mommy and her friends. It suddenly dawned on him was she going to keep him like this? He couldn't bear the thought of being turned back into a baby again, and he said so.

She responded with a cooing, “Dawwww, it's okay, sweetie. You'll love it, and you get to be the model for our commercial. You're going to be a star. Isn't that exciting?”

Feeling defeated and foolish, he knew it was his fault. He had always allowed people to push him around and look where it had gotten him trapped on a changing table, being put into diapers for the second time in his life. But this time, he wasn't going to forget it.

    He said she couldn't make him do it, that he wouldn't act in the commercial for her. She replied, 'No, no, no sweetie. There's no acting involved. All you need to do is look cute for the camera. Besides, we both know what a pushover you are. You'll be in this commercial, and you'll do it with a smile on your face, or you're gonna get a spanking, little guy.' His face went pale as he realized the gravity of his situation. She swiftly put a shirt on him, secured his diaper, and carried him back into the studio to get the commercial started. She brought him into the room and sat him on the floor before leaving him there to go behind the camera with her friends. He nervously placed his hands in front of his diapered crotch and said, 'I didn't sign up for this.' His new mommy and her friends couldn't handle how adorable he was and gushed about it, with one crying out, 'OMG,' his mommy saying 'Sooo Cute,' and the other friend merely exclaiming 'Wow.' They proceeded to film the commercial when one of them pointed out that someone had liked their special diapers so much that he already used them. The three ladies all laughed. Unfortunately, the company flopped, leaving poor Pat stuck in his newfound baby body for no reason, living out his second life with a lot of wet and messy diapers to look forward too.



End Chapter 1

Regressed and fawned over (Story)

by: coolpbj | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 17, 2023


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