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Chapter 25
Chapter 25: Chicken Dinner

Chapter 25: Chicken Dinner




SUNDAY WAS ANOTHER day of waking up in what I thought of as ‘baby hell.’ Sure, I looked like a baby before, had no potty training, drank from bottles, breasts, and generally had been embarrassed beyond belief on a daily basis! But this was a whole new extreme to be limiting yourself to three words and babbling otherwise! I also restricted my movement to crawling in preparation for that being my normal at daycare.

Hannah for her part tried to at least cuddle me and make me feel loved in my own private hell there. That morning from the time I woke up and she fed me baby food, until she suddenly decided to go check out the mall where she was going to work, she pretty much constantly was doing something with me. I forced myself to happily go along with it since I needed to be in character. I did at least genuinely enjoy it when she pulled out some books and read to me. Some of them had pop-up pieces that she had me pull up as she read them. Hannah was really a pretty good actress, she always had been, so she made great voices as she read different characters to bring the stories to life.

I was still thinking about the books she had been reading to me when she pulled me from my car seat at the mall. Instead of placing me into a stroller, she pulled out a wrap sling like my parents and I had used with Cassidy when she was younger. I was a little nervous about being only held to her by some fabric, but to my surprise I felt really comfortable there as she began walking. She had me turned to look away from her, but instinctually seemed to constantly reassure me with her hands that she was there and I was secure.

“Let’s go see where Mommy is working!” she cooed at me as she walked through the mall. She walked into a garishly decorated store that catered to babies and preschoolers. The windows featured brightly colored sales signs with cute and happy babies on them. Throughout the store it seemed like over the top cute baby fashions were displayed everywhere. She walked in and asked, “Is Trinity here by chance?” of a girl working on restocking.

“She’s in the back, do you want me to go get her?”

“I’m Haley, I’m supposed to start working tomorrow. I just wanted to meet her in person once before tomorrow since she interviewed me over the phone.”

“Oh, I can take you back to her,” she smiled and held her hand out to her, “I’m Sam.” She looked at me and said, “And just who are you?” In a cooing voice.

I smiled and wiggled a bit as Hannah answered, “This is my little Livy, she just turned one last week. She’s my whole world,” she told her.

“Aww… she’s adorable!”

We were led back to an office by the stock area and Sam knocked on the door. “Hi Trinity, I’ve got our new employee Haley here, she just wanted to stop by and meet you?”

“Absolutely, come on in!” she told her. “Oh my gosh, your daughter is so cute!!!”

“Thank you,” Hannah told her.

“How old?”

“She just had her first birthday last week,” she told her.

“What are you doing with her while you’re working?” she asked after cooing at me for a few more moments.

“I’ve got a daycare she’s going to go to stay at during the days. My parents are helping to pay for it to help me get a start on my own here.”

I felt my stomach grumbling and apparently it was loud enough that Trinity heard it. “Sounds like someone is getting hungry…”

“She probably is, I should get her fed. It was nice to meet you, thank you so much for hiring me!”

“It’s my pleasure! I have a feeling we’re going to have a great relationship here. Now go take care of that adorable baby girls’ little tummy!”

Hannah said ‘bye’ to Sam and made my arms wave at her on her way out. I figured she would find her way to the car or something. Instead she stopped at a bench and messed with the sling some, turning me around, and… my eyes opened wide. ‘Here?!?’ I thought nervously. We were sitting in the hallway of the mall; it didn’t get much more public than there! “Let’s just get your tummy filled with some num-nums and then Mommy can keep on shopping while you take your nap.”

She whispered so quietly only I could hear, “It’s okay, it’s normal.”

I didn’t make a scene as she opened her shirt up discreetly and placed me at her breast. The sling actually covered my head and her breast the whole time as I nursed. It was a bit awkward as she shifted me and the sling around to her other breast, but I was fully knocked out by the time I finished that one. I must have felt comfortable, because Hannah told me later, I slept through a diaper change and two hours of her walking around the mall. I didn’t wake up until we were back at the apartment.

The time between then and dinner was made up of more playtime, reading a couple more picture books she bought while we were out, and a poopy diaper change. I was internally hating this boredom more than I had hated being stuck the size of a baby so far. Hannah was doing an incredible job of being a good mommy, but playing a helpless baby twenty-four hours a day was going to get old in a hurry. The ‘dinner’ of ‘pasta marinara’ and ‘pears and prunes’ tasted better for having been in the device, but I was beginning to really crave something I could sink my teeth into. Falling asleep that night I had to remind myself that Hannah’s breasts were off-limits for my sharp little teeth!


THAT NIGHT IN Caireen’s world I found myself waking up to explosions. I cried for Caireen and it took her a long while to get to me. She wasted no time in changing me, and carried me still nursing from her to what I had begun thinking of as our situation room. I listened to the General briefing her that Camulus had suddenly started using catapults to start flinging flaming oil and steel shot at the wall. So far there had been no damage, but the sound alone was starting to cause our soldiers to have problems hearing.

I listened to some other scouting reports and an update from our special force’s groups. They had apparently managed to start a huge fire in a supplies stockpile area of Camulus’ main camp. Lots of damage was incurred on other tents as well before they got the fire out with magic. Unfortunately, Camulus’ men had captured a dozen of our soldiers and publicly executed them one at a time himself by beheading them with his sword.

I found myself enraged as I finished nursing and turned to General Slane, “Can you get us locations for all of the rest of his supplies he has left?” I paused, “And his own personal tent?”

“Umm… You Highness, why?”

He looked skeptically at the baby who had just been suckling at the queen’s breasts, but he knew I was actually really powerful. I knew that he was probably having a hard time rectifying that image in his mind. I gave him a break and sighed, “I know you have some really good crews manning the trebuchets on top of the citadels. I’d like to give those a little magical boost to give them a bigger range and maybe keep demoralizing his forces.

“You don’t think that’ll be enough, do you?” He asked.

I shook my head, “On its own no way, but with the losses they took from our special forces group on the supplies, plus the officers they lost from them in the last week, I think there’s a really good opportunity here to encourage some more of his troops to fear us more than him. Also, the supply chain is the most important thing here. There’s a country in my world called Germany. They decided to invade another larger country called Russia in the middle of a massive war. The Germans got way too zealous and pushed into Russia before developing a foolproof way to get supplies to the front. That combined with them not preparing for the cold climate, pretty much doomed them when Russia finally stood their ground. Plus, hungry troops won’t have the stamina to keep fighting as well as our well supplied forces,” I told him.

He nodded, “I like it… Let me see what we can get here in a few minutes…”

Within an hour, with Caireen’s help, we targeted their command tents, supply tents, makeshift stables, and an area they were cutting down trees and building something that was probably trouble. Caireen and I traveled with the general to Citadel One, as I had creatively named it. I spoke with the crews and they helped set everything up with a boost from magic on both the explosion the payload would make, and the distance it could go with their trebuchets. We then traveled to Citadel Two, Three, and Four, and did the same thing, before returning to the situation room. As Camulus launched a new wave of assaults on the wall we gave the signal to fire. On the scrying mirrors I watched as their men scrambled around in shock as the payloads passed over the top of them and soon caused explosions behind them in their main camp.

One mirror caught sight of Camulus doing a check over the battlefield and his camp later. He looked furious and his men seemed to be actively avoiding him. It seemed that we had managed to do more damage than we’d hoped for.


THE NEXT MORNING Hannah was frantic with trying to get me ready to go to daycare, and herself off to her first day of work. She was dressed in a nicer looking blouse, and black slacks that morning. She dressed me in a one-piece jumpsuit, and I watched her put in two spare changes of clothes in my bag. I was spoon fed a pouch of oatmeal, and then watched her make sure that she had processed my baby food jars of lunch in the device. She made sure there were some spares too, along with a big Ziploc of frozen breast milk pouches, and thawed bottles for today.

“I think Mommy is more nervous about leaving you today than she is going to work,” she told me with a smile as she buckled me into my car seat.

“Mama!” I told her with a smile.

She sighed and poked my nose before closing the door and getting in the car. The daycare was not far from the mall, so it took us a little bit to drive to it. When we arrived, she carried me and my diaper bag on one side, and the big Ziploc of frozen breastmilk on the other.

“Hi, can I help you?” A friendly looking woman asked as she carried me in.

“Hi, I’m Haley Stephenson, this is my daughter Olivia, I called last week?”

“Oh yes, I remember you. You’ve got a lot of information to fill out, but why don’t I take Olivia and hold her while you’re doing that?”

“O… Okay,” Hannah stuttered as she handed me over. She was genuinely shaking, so I decided to babble my unhappiness.

“Shh…” the lady said, “It’s okay, I’m just going to hold you while your Mommy writes some things down.” She bounced me up and down for a few minutes while Hannah filled in the medical information, information about meals, contact information, etc. “Looks like we have everything here,” she said, still holding me. I’d intentionally relaxed my body and clung to her then.

“She seems to like you,” Hannah said. “She’s not always good with strangers…”

“Well it’s good since we’re not going to be strangers, huh Olivia?” She cooed at me. “Ms. Stephenson, we do have an app that I recommend you download, this is the information about it. We’ll track Olivia’s diaper changes, any problems we see, if we need some more supplies – oh speaking of that, we recommend parents bring a box of diapers for their baby – it’s easier than dealing with a diaper bag?”

“Oh, I have one in the car actually for that, along with some wipees for her, I just didn’t have the free hands for it. I’ll get it and bring it back in… Umm…”

“You want to say goodbye to her first? We can take her to her room together and I’ll get this milk in the freezer? I assume there’s some thawed bottles in the bag?”

“Yes please…” she said nervously. I was handed back to Hannah and said, “Mama, mama, mama,” to her.

“She does love her mama, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, and it’s one of the few things she says.”

“What else?”

“Num-num when she wants to nurse, baba if she wants a bottle, and the worst of them all… no.”

“No?” I said.

She laughed along with the lady.

“Olivia will be just fine here, and who knows, being around the other babies she’ll probably pick up some other new words in the next couple months too!”

“I hope so! As much as I don’t want her to grow up, I want her to be a smart little girl that can go further than I did in school…”

They began talking and Hannah talked about how her cover Haley had barely finished high school, and then got pregnant with me not long after. Down the hallway the lady said, “This is our infants and toddlers’ room here that Olivia will be in.” She waved over a couple women who were just putting down babies on a carpet.

“Ms. Sally and Ms. Amy are our two main teachers for this room.” The woman introduced them to her. “Little Olivia will be joining your room today!”

“Oh, she’s adorable!” the woman named Sally said. She was probably in her early fifties and seemed like she was the perfect grandmother type. “How old?”

“She just had her first birthday last week!” Hannah said looking at me. I smiled at her.

“She walking?”

“She occasionally pulls herself up and walks a little. She’s not convinced of it being better than crawling yet. I’d say she crawls ninety percent of the time?”

“Being around the other kids may change that for her. It’s amazing how much babies learn when they see other babies or big kids doing something!”

“Well it’s okay, she doesn’t have to grow up too quickly!” Hannah smiled.


“She’s still mainly on breast milk. She gets a jar of baby food with each meal first, and then should have her bottle. I’ve put enough in there for a snack, lunch, naptime, and a couple extras. I have some frozen milk here too that you can keep.”

“Not interested in full solids yet?”

Hannah shook her head and I put my head on her chest next to her heart. “We keep trying, but she keeps not wanting anything to do with them. Her pediatrician said not to worry about it for another month, after that we may have to figure out why she’s not progressing there.”

“Sounds about right, but I’d say until she’s fourteen months you’re still okay. She’s still a good weight for her age. Maybe even a little tall?”

“A little,” she agreed.

“Why don’t you go ahead and pass her over to Sally and we’ll work on getting you two separated?” I heard the one woman whisper to her.

I frowned as I was passed over to her and began to fuss a bit about it. More than I had with the other girl, so Hannah pushed in my pacifier that was hanging from its strap. “It’s okay Livy, they’re going to watch you today while Mommy goes to work. You’re going to have so much fun playing, and then I’ll come and take you home!”

Her eyes had tears in them that I knew the ladies had to notice too.

“Can you say ‘bye bye?’” The lady holding me asked me a moment later.

“Ba,” I managed.

“Well that’s something,” Hannah said and laughed.

The lady holding me turned around and I was facing away as Hannah made her escape. I just heard, “First time leaving her?” from the woman as they left.

“Oh, aren’t you so precious?” The woman cooed at me. She tickled me for a moment and checked my diaper. It was still pretty dry so she sat me on a play mat area next to some stacking toys.

For the next while she played with me and the toys, teaching me what I was supposed to do with them. I would intentionally make mistakes most of the time, but anytime I did it right she would coo, “Good girl!” to me and make goosebumps travel down my body.

The two workers were joined by another younger girl, and soon there were fourteen other babies and myself crawling around the floor playing with toys. I made sure that I let myself drool some, and after a little while my top was getting pretty wet, along with my face slobbery. The newcomer was a younger girl that Sally called Ms. Kate. “Ms. Kate, can you change Olivia?”

“Sure Ms. Sally,” the girl said. She wasn’t much older than Hannah and myself I guessed. She tickled me as she picked me up and put my pacifier back in my mouth. I was carried to a changing table and handed a rattle toy right away.

I looked at it and waved it in the air, making it noisy. With that I smiled around my pacifier and the girl said, “Oh aren’t you just a happy wittle girl?” She tickled my belly gently before putting gloves on and unsnapping the pants of my jumpsuit.

I was a bit nervous to have someone else touching me, especially in this circumstance, but I pretended I was a baby and didn’t care until the diaper came off and it was cold. I started crying then and she said, “Shh… It’s okay Olivia, we’ll get you all nice and dry here…” I kept crying through the change and when she tried bouncing me for a few minutes. I debated stopping and being an easy baby, but decided being a needy girl might keep her attention longer. When I continued to cry Ms. Sally said, “She might be ready for a bottle?”

She gave me a bottle of Hannah’s milk cold, and spat it out. “Oh… she takes it warm,” another voice said, “Sorry, I should have warned you.” The receptionist had peeked into the room for a few moments.

“Yes, you should have…” she said, “Normally by the time they’re one they’re less picky…” I kept crying waiting for the bottle to warm. I discovered it was a lot of effort really to cry for fifteen minutes non-stop, so by the time I finished my bottle, I was feeling tired and fell asleep in her arms in the rocking chair she had sat down in.


I WOKE UP and kept my eyes shut as I heard the younger girl, Kate, talking to someone. “Ian, I have a new one that I think you’ll like…”

“She’s just one… could pass for a little younger if she wasn’t kind of tall for her age… No, she’s perfect! Blonde and blue, all I’ve heard is babbling and Mama so far… That long?” I sat there and wished I could hear the other side of the conversation. Before I was alert enough to use magic to do so she said, “Okay, I’m sure she’ll be here…”

I decided I was a baby and it wouldn’t matter if I’d overheard her, so I rolled over from my back to my stomach and pushed myself up. I crawled to the bars and then made it seem like it was really hard to pull myself upright. The girl was still standing there now texting on her phone as I looked at her. I began babbling at her incoherently.

“Oh, is Miss Cranky Pants awake now?” she cooed at me.

I babbled some more at her and held my arms out to her. She picked me up out of the crib and squeezed my diaper, “Guess we should get you in a dry diapee before you play, huh?”

I continued babbling at her and wondered what her reaction would be. She ended up tickling me and playing with me as she changed me. I missed the touch of skin versus gloves as she did so, but I was changed pretty efficiently. When she was done, she sat me down on the floor with several other babies and directed my attention to a shape sorting toy. She left me there and I just started pushing it around for a moment. Sally came over and began showing me how to play with it.

She would place a shape in and show me, before encouraging me to do so. I intentionally failed a lot, but when I finally got one in, she cheered like I’d won a gold medal or something. She played with me for a few minutes, then would play with a baby beside me. At a certain point I was crawling around and she tried to get me to stand. I did for a moment, and even walked a few steps, but fell down on my butt and began fussing.

“Oh hush, it’s okay sweetheart,” she told me and hugged me for a moment.

Things went on similarly until we were gathered up for lunch in another room. They had this weird table with a cutout in the middle for the caregiver to sit, and on the outside were highchair seats built into the table. “What’s the new girl getting?” Amy asked.

“She has a jar of food in her diaper bag,” she said. “Her mommy said she’d bring us a box worth of them later in the week.” I sat impatiently fidgeting as she moved around and brought over the jar.

“She had a fit about the cold formula earlier,” Kate reminded her.

“Oh… let me check…” she said, “Yep, her mommy said most of her food she warms up too. Let me just heat this in the microwave. You have a bottle going for her already?”

“I put one in a half-hour ago. She’s got a set of lungs that I’d rather not have to hear again.”

All three women laughed at me as Sally sat down and tickled me. “Are they making fun of you…?”

I cooed to act like I didn’t understand anything. I knew babies picked up more from the tone of voice than the words at the age I was supposed to be. She took time to put a bib on me before beginning to alternate feeding the five of us at her table. My turkey dinner meal was again weird for the texture, but at least it did taste like Thanksgiving. She played little games to get me and the other babies to open up and eat our food when it was our turn. At one point she put some little pieces of cereal in front of me to see if I would eat it, but I just picked them up and smashed them together. When she put some in my mouth, I just spit them back out.

“Olivia’s mom wasn’t kidding, she really doesn’t want anything solid,” she told the others.

“Seems a little immature for one there.”

“She’s young enough it’s still okay.” Sally told them. They started taking out the other ones one at a time to change and put down for naps. She brought my bottle and tried to hand it to me. I didn’t move to take it though, “Aww… are you missing your mommy?”

“I held her bottle for her earlier, the app says Mom really only breastfeeds most of the time. Maybe she doesn’t like holding her bottle?”

“Would you like me to hold your baba for you?” She asked me

I cooed and smiled at that.

“Alright, come on cutie,” she said and carried me over to a chair and held the bottle to my lips. I played with my hands separately a little as I nursed on the nipple. This bottle was at least a bit better temperature and I was enjoying it before I nodded off again.


I WOKE UP to the wailing of three of the other babies and wanted to groan. I forced myself instead to sit up and crawled towards the rails. Just as I did so I felt a clench in my stomach and the familiar uncontrollable feeling of my diaper filling up. I decided the others had the right idea then and added my voice to the chorus!

Once I was on the table getting changed, I was given a soft plush animal to hold onto. I waved it in the air and was rewarded with a rattling sound. I began putting it into my mouth, but the lady said, “Let’s use your paci instead,” and inserted my pacifier.

I continued to play alternating the good baby or the needy baby for the rest of the afternoon until Hannah came. When I was carried to her, I made grabby hands, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” I said as she hugged me.

“Aww… she missed you,” the receptionist said.

“Was she okay today?”

“You got the app, right?”

“Yes, I saw she was changed a little bit ago from what I saw?”

“Yes,” she said, “And if you look here there’s some notes also from her teachers about her being upset a few times too. It also says she was happy playing for a good chunk of the time too though.”

“That’s good… I need her to be happy!” Hannah said squeezing me and tickling me. “Ready to go home baby girl?”

“Mama!” I said.

She smiled and took my diaper bag back from the lady and soon had me strapped into my carrier. She stopped at a McDonalds drive-thru for dinner, but of course I was pretending to be too young to buy anything for. I sighed as she put me down inside and crawled straight to a sheet of paper and crayons that were left for days like this. I quickly scribbled a message about what I had overheard earlier. Hannah joined me on the floor and read it, asking me questions in writing that I responded to.

I watched as she typed out some texts via an encrypted app to Agent Sanders. There was a reply that delivery would be made that night of a wire I needed to creatively figure out how to wear and not have it seen. The normal idea of inside a shirt would obviously not work!

‘Any ideas Caireen?’

‘Thought you’d never ask,” she said with a smirk I could feel. ‘Same place you leave your purse, ID, and weapon.’

‘It’ll hear?’

‘It will when you add this spell…’

Caireen gave me some instruction while Hannah finished up and ate the remainder of her burger.

“Oh my God, I didn’t see what time it was!” Hannah said a few minutes later, “I bet your tummy is rumbly, huh?” Hannah said to me.

I hadn’t realized how late it was myself as she placed me into the high chair and began feeding me a weird chicken meal. It looked more disgusting than anything she’d given me yet, but thankfully the device made it not suck… It still wasn’t good though and I was desperate for her milk to wash it down afterwards. “Num-num!” I told her.

“Let’s get you a bath first sweetie…”

“Num-num!” I said again.

“It won’t take long, sweetie…” she said and then realized there might be a reason. “How about Mommy gives you a baba while your bath is pouring?”

I smiled and nodded. She placed me on the floor of the bathroom with a bottle of apple juice that I guzzled down in a hurry to get the taste out. As the tub was filling up, she asked quietly, “Not a good food?”

I stuck my tongue out and put my finger inside.

“Mommy won’t feed that one to you again,” she said with a giggle. “Guess the device has its limits!”


AFTER I DRIFTED off to sleep, I found myself in the castle in Caireen’s arms. She didn’t delay in changing me, feeding me, and getting back down to the briefing room. Reports came in from the citadels that it appeared Camulus was giving up on breaking through the wall, and was instead focusing on climbing over it. The scrying mirrors showed huge ladders and structures were being built that reminded me of one of the ending battles of Lord of the Rings! Our forces had attempted to target the building sites, but Camulus seemed to have learned he should use his own abilities to shield his forces.

“Any ideas?” The General had asked.

I stared at everything on the map and asked, “How much of a footprint will those scaffolding things need when they’re done?”

He shrugged, and gave me a measurement that Caireen translated to about twenty feet by twenty feet. “Could we destabilize the ground?” I suggested.

“What do you mean?”

“Make it to where the ground can’t support the structures?”

She nodded and we set off for the front ourselves. I sat patiently in her arms as she climbed up the staircases of the wall. We looked around at the troops who all waved quietly at us and knelt or bowed. Clearly, they knew their focus needed to be on the enemy, even if they weren’t actively trying the wall right then. Caireen and I ended up making it to changing the density of the ground where it wouldn’t hold anything more than about one-hundred pounds in weight, before it would swallow them into a boggy pit that bottomed out sixty feet deep below.

Leaving the front and returning to the castle I began trying to game theory how I would get around our defenses. Back at the situation room I made some suggestions for troops to patrol the edges of the valley for any signs of tunneling… That’s how I’d do it!

When I woke up in the morning Hannah had given me the ‘wire’ from the Bureau drop and we tested the hiding spot. Things worked beautifully! Soon I was at daycare and Sally was reviewing the information that Hannah had placed into the app.

Apparently, it was supposed to be some sort of team effort type thing. The daycare and Mommy were both supposed to put in when I had my diaper changes, was fed, how much I was fed, when I pooped, etc. I was more than a little bit mortified when Hannah whispered, “I think we’ll use something like this back home when we’re done here…” I looked at her in horror, “All of our friends can help me know when you were changed!”

I turned white as she tickled me, “I wouldn’t do that to you…” she smiled.

I’d been playing on the floor for about twenty minutes after the morning nap when my bowels did their thing. Something wasn’t normal about it though. I sat up from my crawling position and lost my balance a bit, landing fully in the mess. It was slimier and waterier than I’d remembered happening since I’d manifested, almost like I’d just had diarrhea?

I was just looking down to try and determine the damage when Kate cried out, “Oh my god, she just had the mother of all blowouts!”

Looking down at the rug I realized I hadn’t just sat down on a poop filled diaper, I had squeezed it out of it, past the diaper cover, through my tights, and all over my dress and the ground. I looked up and did the only thing to do as a baby, I began to wail!!!

Kate ran off to the trash can and vomited in the trash can, while Amy came over and picked me up. “Oh, you poor baby! I wonder what your mommy fed you last night?”

I was carried over to the changing table that she took care to cover in a disposable pad first. She gloved up and placed a pacifier in my mouth, but I wasn’t having it, so she gave up putting it back into my mouth while I kept crying. My tights and diaper cover came off, totally smearing my legs in the wet poop. “I’m going to have to wash her in the tub, can you get Kate to go fill it please?” She asked Sally.

“She might as well do something, what a prima-donna!”

I kept crying, even though I kind of wanted to laugh at that. She pulled my dress carefully down my body instead of over my head like Hannah had put it on earlier. All of those soiled clothes ended up in a plastic bag and she said to me, “We’ll make sure we wash those before your mommy gets here, huh?”

When she opened up the diaper Kate had just returned. She turned back to the trash can and vomited again. “Really Kate?” She said, “It’s just something babies do!”

She kindly wiped me up the best she could and handed me off to Kate, “Go finish washing her off in the tub.”


“She’s clean now, you didn’t have to do the icky part!”

Kate carried me gingerly to a waiting bathtub with some shallow water and began cleaning me. Unfortunately for her, midway through her scrubbing my back, my stomach clenched again and I found myself and the tub were covered in the filth.

“Eew, Eew, Eeeeew!” She cried.

Fortunately, Sally heard her and told her to get lost. A spray nozzle came out and she washed the tub out, sprayed me down, refilled the tub, re-washed me, and then got me back to get dressed. “There, all clean!” she told me as I calmed down. “You sure cried a lot; you want a baba?”

“Baba!” I agreed.

She smiled and didn’t give me a bottle of milk like I expected, instead it had what I assumed was Pedialyte. It wasn’t my favorite, but I knew I had to have lost a lot of water in the explosions. I was the butt of good-natured poop jokes, along with Kate, the whole rest of the day. When Hannah picked me up, they asked, “what did she have for dinner last night?”

“Oh… it was a chicken meal?”

“I wouldn’t feed it to her again…” and the whole story was passed along to her. I smiled and cooed as if I was happy to have done it, but just wanted to cry and hide!

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End Chapter 25

Emerald Princess

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