Emerald Princess

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Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Oops

Chapter 15: Oops


AFTER HANNAH AND I finished up we hurried to the dedicated ‘clubhouse’ where the Venus, Inc club meeting was held. As soon as we walked in the door it seemed like every girl there turned their attention directly on me. “How old is she?” one girl cooed and quickly asked, “I’ve seen you around, but was scared to ask!”

“Supposedly eighteen months,” I said to their surprise.

“Wait, the baby talks?” One girl asked.

“Of course, babies talk!” A beautiful blonde girl nearby said as she walked over.

“No, I mean…”

“No, I’m not a real baby,” I said… “Well, at least I used to be older…”

The next few minutes my story, or at least most of my story, was told. For the sake of Poe’s security, I had always been a girl and Hannah had been my best friend. Really the only lie there was that I hadn’t always had a girl’s body… The leader of the group wrangled everyone's attention in then and they discussed some of the business of the club, and some of the upcoming clients and shoots they had coming. Hannah and I were both accepted as new members during the meeting and asked to stay afterwards.

“Sofia, do you mind if I contact Proctor and Gamble and Kimberly Clark about you?” the girl who was clearly in charge asked. “I know we have a few clothing designers that would be interested in you too.” From the rumor mills it was apparent Amanda Kensington, became the club president by being voted the prettiest woman on the planet. She didn’t look like she was in high school by any means!


“Yes, that’ll be fine,” Hannah answered for me.

“Do you have some time right now that our photographer could go ahead and create some sample shots for them to look at?”

I swallowed but said, “I guess.”

“Hannah, we can get started with what she's wearing, but would you mind going back to your room and getting a few other outfits?”


“Some dresses, rompers, t-shirts, and maybe a few sets of pajamas?”

I sighed while Hannah happily said, “Sure!”

“Okay Sofia, we can get started with what you’re wearing for now.” I had by now learned the girl’s name was Mandy at least. She led me along to a place in the corridors that was made up of dozens of scenes and backdrops. I was posed in a few dozen scenes with my clothes on before she said, “Okay, I think we need to do some diaper shots to try and get those companies attention.”

I groaned, but had figured that was coming. She helped me get out of the one-piece romper I had been dressed in and discovered the wet diaper. “Well, I guess you really are a baby?” She asked with a smirk, but didn’t seem to be picking on me.

I dropped my head, “Sorry.”

She took her finger and brought my chin up, “It only makes you cuter Sofia. Did Hannah leave you a spare diaper?”

I looked around and saw her walking back in right then. “I’ll change her really quick if you want,” she said.

I gave Hannah a quick hug and she embarrassed me by just laying out the changing mat there and getting it done. I glared at her, “Sofia, you’re a baby, get over it,” she practically hissed in my ear.

I sighed.

We spent three hours when all was said and done taking pictures showing off how good I would be for print ads, doing a couple video demos without lines, a couple with lines, and on and on. With the videos with lines I had to be sure I pretended to speak like my sister - which wasn’t easy! As Hannah carried me towards our room afterwards, she said, “You know you’re going to have to get used to being that baby for that assignment for the FBI.”

“Yeah… I’m not quite sure how to do that though.”

“Well we’ll have to work on that,” she told me as she closed the door to our room. We had a brief nursing session before heading to dinner at Crystal Hall.

“We have so much homework to do…” I complained as we left and our friends mentioned getting together and having fun messing around.

“Yes, we do,” she agreed morosely.

After dinner we both worked on homework for the rest of the night. I was happy though that I managed to get all of my current homework caught up from the weekend and had read through most of the stuff I’d missed in Magic Theory and Magical Arts. I watched Hannah struggle a bit more since she didn’t have my new memory. I felt bad about that!

About ten that night she pronounced us both done, “Come on Sofia, let’s get you a bath and go to bed!”


CAIREEN PICKED ME up out of the crib where I had been crying to get her attention. The messy diaper definitely influenced the crying, but I had become more comfortable with just crying in general to get her attention.

“Good baby girl,” she told me as she wiped me clean. “You’re starting to see what you need to do to fit in.”

I wondered a bit at her words as she dressed me, but I didn’t say anything else. She nursed me and then fed me some fruit this morning before saying, “Let’s go back downstairs, we need to start working on helping you to be able to disguise yourself.”

As she carried me, Caireen kept up a running baby talk session that was driving me a little crazy, but I let her continue to prattle on. I made sure to giggle every now and then when it was called for. When we walked through the doors through to the room we were in before though she changed personalities.

“Very good Sofia, this is the best I have seen you deal with babying.”

I sighed, “I’m trying… It’s probably the toughest thing ever to do though to let go of everything when as a kid you’ve fought for every freedom you can. Beginning with using the potty, to deciding who you want to play with, what you want to play with, and the list goes on. Let alone being a teenager and being an adult…”

She patted my head, “I think you’re doing way better than you were before Sofia. Let’s begin your lessons today. I want to first of all teach you a good spell to hide your eyes…”

As powerful as I had gotten, I wouldn’t have expected this type of magic to be so difficult, but it took me hours just to get my eyes to go to a more normal hazel color. Once I finally got it though, it wasn’t too difficult to shift to blue, brown, black, and even purple for the heck of it.

We stopped for lunch then before she began helping me change my hair color. This wasn’t as difficult to learn since it was similar to what I’d been doing on my dolls for some time, but it took forever to get every strand of hair to change! By the end of that lesson I could at least change my hair and eyes.

Just before we called it quits for the day I asked, “Before you said the illusion you would teach me, I couldn’t be touched to maintain it… Is that the case with these too?”

She shook her head, “this one works slightly differently than that. We can do other things with your skin tone and shaping your face some. When you start trying to make a BIG change like going from being a thirty-four inch tall baby, to a nearly six-foot tall teenager it’s a lot more fallible.”

I nodded before she picked me up and took me upstairs resuming her coddling and babying of me. As much as it annoyed me, I was feeling content and very safe by the time she lay me down in my crib.


THE NEXT MORNING Hannah woke me up about seven and we began a morning of continuing to try and catch up with everything. I was pleased that I had finished catching up in Magic Theory and Magical Arts completely! I had even read up two chapters beyond where we were in both classes so that I was prepared for the next week!

Powers Theory was much slower for me as the book was even drier than a new diaper… Mystic Concepts at least was interesting enough that I was halfway through the stuff I’d missed in that class when Hannah told me it was time for lunch. We only had about another hour before the range time so we both chose to take a break instead and walked around exploring the campus some more.

It had certainly turned much colder in the last couple days, and I was grateful for the warm coat I had on. Hannah though was dressed just in jeans and a sweater and was fine. “How can you walk around like that?” I finally asked her as I skipped along beside her.

She shrugged, “I guess it’s my pyrokinesis ability, I could probably walk around in shorts and a tank top right now.”

“Not me,” I shivered.

At some point she picked me up and began carrying me to Whateley’s Range Two. It was mostly a ghost town as we came in, but one gentleman looked like he was waiting for someone. “Emerald and Emped?”

“Yes sir,” I responded.

“I’m Sergeant Harris, you can call me Gunny. They asked me if I could go ahead and give Emped some additional firearms training and also start working with you Emerald.”

“Great!” I said and extended my tiny hand to him. He shook it lightly.

“The Bureau had some people up late last night working on a pistol for you Emerald,” he said as he held up a small locked box. “Emped you’ll keep working with the nine-millimeter that you’ve been training with so far. They would also like to see you start working with some distance and rifles here soon.”

Hannah nodded and carried me along. “Emerald, have you fired a firearm before?”

I nodded, “Yes sir, my father taught me when I was growing up.”

He looked at me for a second and I saw a smirk on his face.

“Yeah I know it doesn’t look like I did much growing up,” I said which made him laugh.

“We’re going to get along just fine here,” he told me.

Hannah set me down on the table in the range stall, and sat down a box that he was carrying. Sgt. Harris opened the box, and inside I saw what looked like a mini-Glock 9mm, “What kind of rounds does it fire?” I asked.

“From what I was told they’re modified twenty-two caliber rounds that somehow pack the punch of a nine-millimeter.”

“Cool…” I said a little disbelieving.

“I had the same doubts, it shoots straight though, and the results look like at least a nine-millimeter.”

“At least?”

He shook his head, “I’ll never figure out what those devisors do. I shot it first to be sure that it was in fact safe.”

I nodded.

“Okay, I’m guessing you know all of these things, but we’re going to go over range rules before we go any further.”

In the end he actually handed me a pencil and a paper test to take to verify I understood. Luckily for me with a perfect memory I was able to do it in two minutes.

“I’ll never get used to seeing you all doing that, but seeing a two-year-old do it…”

“She’s not even two Sergeant,” Hannah said.

With all of the safety stuff out of the way he showed me how to load the clips, something I already knew, and then I finally had my chance to start trying it out. I aimed down range with his instructions and fired at the paper target that was only fifteen feet down range. Much to my pleasure my strength meant the gun kicked less than I’d ever dealt with before, and I quickly emptied the ten-round clip into the target.

“That is so not fair Sofia,” Hannah whined.

“What?” I asked.

“I can barely get three rounds to hit the target in a clip right now, and you land all ten in the bullseye?”

I giggled, “It’s not that hard.”

Sergeant meanwhile looked at me incredulously and didn’t say a word as he sent another target out to further out. “Twenty-five feet,” he told me at my look of curiosity.

I shrugged, reloaded, took the gun off safety, and waited for his instruction. “Range is hot, fire at will,” he said loudly.

I took the next ten off just as easily as the first while Hannah shot ten at fifteen feet next to me this time. Her rounds were all on the paper, but only one came anywhere near the bullseye. “You know with your ability to move objects you should be able to tweak your rounds,” I told her as my target was just now reaching me. I looked and saw everything was once again in the ring and smiled.


“You can lift and grasp things, right?” I asked.

“So, can’t you make sure they go into the zone?”

A few minutes later my target was as far down range as possible in that range, one-hundred and twenty feet, and Hannah had hers reset again to fifteen. This time as we were told to fire, I saw the look of concentration from her. A moment later I saw a problem as I pulled the trigger to my pistol, as instead of Hannah directing her bullet to the target it ricocheted off an unseen force and headed straight for me.

“Shit!” I said while simultaneously putting up my shield with four ley lines.

Hannah shrieked as she realized what had happened and the round bounced harmlessly off my shield.

“Umm… maybe we should figure out another way for you to practice that Hannah,” I said as she tried grabbing me before I dropped the shield and ended up getting zapped. As she fell down, I groaned.

Sergeant Harris felt for her pulse immediately and called for a medic team. “She’ll be okay Sergeant,” I reassured him, “I guess I need to come up with a loophole for that spell for her to touch me…”

He looked on incredulously at me as I set the safed pistol down on the stand and removed the clip and rounds. “How many more hours do I need to do to get permission to carry?”

The medics came in then and he said, “with the way you shoot?” He shook his head, “Come back in for another two-hour session next week and we’ll get you signed off for it. You’re worse than my Master Sergeant from the SEALS! No one should be able to shoot that well!”

I watched as they picked Hannah up and carried her down the hallway that I followed. ‘How long is she going to be out, Caireen?’

‘Probably a couple hours, you had way too many lines involved… It might be overnight actually.’

‘Crap…’ I said. ‘Can I speed it up any?’

‘Probably not.’

‘What do I do if she doesn’t come around by this evening?

‘Well I’m guessing we’ll have to find you a babysitter…’

I groaned.


SEVERAL HOURS LATER I was pleased to see Hannah awake in the bed and was apologizing to her while she was crying and apologizing to me. “I was so stupid Sofia!!! You could have died!”

I shook my head and got a little loose of her grasp, “Hannah, even if it had hit me, I wouldn’t have died.”


“Regeneration would have taken care of that even if it had hit me in the head,” I told her.


“I was more worried about you getting the shock you did from me,” I told her honestly. After about a half-hour of apologizing to each other her doctor came in.

“I’m glad to see you’re awake Hannah. I’d like to keep you overnight for observation just to be safe though.”

We both groaned, “What about Sofia?” she asked.

“Well… umm…”

“I’ll go back to the dorm Hannah, I’ll get Camille to help me out tonight,” I told her.

Just as I said her name she came running in, “We just heard! Are you okay Hannah?”

She groaned herself. About an hour later it was decided that I would go back to the dorm and I was to ‘mind my babysitter,’ Hannah told me quietly. Before I left, I nursed to help her out before Camille carried me home to the dorm. By the time we made it back to my room I had a very leaky diaper.

“I hope Hannah can come back tomorrow,” she told me.


“Well, as much as I like babysitting, my family is supposed to meet me in New York City for Thanksgiving.”

“Wait… New York City, really?” I said a little incredulously. “They’ll let that trip happen? Even after…?”

She laughed, “They long ago decided it doesn’t really matter where students go for a break, it’s inevitable they’ll get in trouble.”

I nodded but thought of the fact I had heard of the issues with mutants in Boston on break even when I was back home. That was before I heard about the stories from much closer sources!

“Where’s your key?” She asked me.

“In here,” I said as I pulled my purse out and tapped my rarely used ID card on the door lock to open it.

A moment later she had me laying on top of the changing table. “Sorry sweetie, but this outfit has had it for now,” she said as she pointed out the very wet romper I’d been wearing.

I shrugged, “Not the first time…”

All of the sudden she squealed and started treating me like I really was a baby. “Who’s the cutest little baby ever!?!” She said as she taped my diaper shut.

I groaned but let her have her fun. “So, I guess you’ll get to see your baby sister over break?” I asked her.

“Yep! Can’t wait to see her too!”

I smiled and sighed, “I wish I could see Lily…”

“Maybe you could get your parents and Hannah’s parents to come out for Christmas Break? They could stay in the Village?”

I shook my head, “I think I’m going to be undercover then…”


“Didn’t I tell you about yesterday yet?”


She sat me down on the floor and sat cross-legged across from me. “So?”

“Well the first day we met with Mrs. Carson she asked if I would want to let any of the CIA or FBI recruiters through.”

“Makes sense, you’re like the most perfect espionage tool ever!” She said with a smile.

I nodded, “I said the FBI though, which Caireen approved of because she figured we’d be good for helping out with kid’s cases.”

I saw Camille’s eyes narrow a little in concern. “So, did you meet with the FBI yesterday then?”

“Yeah, and signed up basically for something like a JROTC program.”

“That’s kind of cool actually, so you’ll have a job when you graduate?”

“With better pay and at a higher level depending on if I finish college first too.”

“So undercover over Christmas?”

“They have some daycare they’ve been watching I guess, and haven’t been able to get anyone employed there to investigate. As a baby they shouldn’t suspect me.”

She nodded, “So what’s the crime?”

I told her and I watched her face turn white, “Sofia that’s really dangerous, what if…”

I shook my head, “Between my magical ability, Caireen as a help, and the other abilities I have I’m not really worried about it. They’ll have backup for me too,” I reassured her.

“That’s still scary, I can’t imagine sending a baby in…”

I shrugged, “I’m not really a baby though, am I?”

I watched her face change, “No you’re not… are they going to give you any lessons before you go in?”


“Sofia, how old are you supposed to be?”

“Well my MMID says eighteen-months… They said maybe twenty to twenty-two?”

“Okay, we’ll call you eighteen for the sake of this, most eighteen-month old babies only have about 10-20 words at most they say.”

I nodded, “I know…”

“What do they play with?”

“Baby toys?” I suggested.

She sighed, “Okay, let’s look in this toy chest and see what’s right for you to be playing with in the daycare…”

Before I knew it, she had a Cabbage Patch doll, along with baby care accessories, a speak and say, a bead maze toy, and a few other ‘age appropriate’ toys out. “Okay, next let’s figure out what words you can say…”

I groaned. Pretty soon we had a written list that started with ‘mommy,’ had ‘diapee,’ ‘baba,’ ‘owie,’ and some other very basic things including ‘no.’ I looked at the list and groaned, “what do I use if it’s not on here?”

“You make up nonsense baby sounds. Didn’t you ever do that as a kid?”

I shook my head, “I’m sure I did, but I don’t remember it. I do sort of remember the sounds Lily made last year...”

She helped me to play for a little while before the knock on the door happened and Mrs. Potter came in. “Well… umm… Sofia I just came by to see if you were going to be okay tonight without Hannah?”

I looked at her and smiled, “I have my babysitter here, I’ll be fine.”

“You sure?” she looked at Camille.

“Yes ma’am, we’re taking the opportunity to help Sofia learn how to blend more for something she has coming up.”

“Okay then,” she said. “Camille, Hannah told me to tell you that there is milk in the fridge for Sofia.”

I blushed a bit then, “Got it! Thanks!” Camille responded.

“Baba?” I asked her as I was thirsty.

“Aww…” she said. She walked over to the small fridge that was in the corner and opened it.

“Wow, she wasn’t kidding when she said there was milk in here?”

I looked, “Whoa…” I said seeing shelves of milk stored in there.

She grabbed a pouch of milk and poured it into a bottle. “How does she heat these up?”

I started to say something but instead smiled at her babbled nonsensically.

“Well why am I asking you, huh? Mommy just normally gives it to you right from her, huh?” She smiled at me. “Guess I’ll just have to use some magic?”

I watched her chant something and could tell how she had used her magic to do it. She picked me up and carried me to the rocking chair. She put the nipple in my mouth and I nursed contentedly on the milk that was the perfect temperature that Hannah would have given it to me.

I didn’t intend to sleep, but it happened anyway.



End Chapter 15

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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