Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

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Chapter 6
DAY 2 (Part 2)

Chapter Description: The girls take Tom for shopping.

Sandra had arrived early, or well, it was 10 am, as a baby I suppose I sleep for much longer. Anyway, she was wearing a black t-shirt with punk/rock graffiti, denim capri pants and high heels.

“Hey, Jools”, she said.

“Hey, Sandra”, my ‘mommy’ said, opening the door and giving her a kiss in the check.

Sandra got in and after some talk about important things, by 11 am they got in my car and we went for a ride.

For what I was able to catch from my booster seat, there were planning a trip to the water park. So, they took the car to the mall zone and entered directly into a department store. I can’t explain how weird of a sensation is being carried in the escalator by my former students… and the mall was crowded! I was terrified by the idea of meeting any of my other students there, which could recognize Juliette and Sandra and ask them about me.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen (at least not that day). The girls were in good mood and hanged out by several departments of the stores. I was entertained seeing them get to the electronics section.

I was always curious about girls and that type of tech stuff; sadly, my very traditional formation didn’t allow me to imagine how much they knew about them, but after seeing Sandra trying some different headphones and music portables, and then Juliette talking about picking a laptop, I could do nothing but admire how independent they were. In fact, they knew much more about these things than me, because, you know, I was at that time, and had always been, a stupid baby compared to them.

Then they got to the babies part. They seemed not endeared but really amused seeing the assortment of bottles, baby bibs, which they showed me with a huge grin that kind of scared me, while laughing and trying to see if they were my size. Embarrassing enough, I think I was unwillingly interested in the accessories, and I even snatched a rattle from Juliette’s hand without a warning, which they celebrated and laughed about, really surprised. They let me buy it. Finally, they bought a couple of package of diapers, which Juliette paid with her debit card, and also bought me a small colorful toy car.

The next came when they arrived to the swimsuit section. I saw them consider many different choices of full-body swimsuits, two-pieces and bikinis. I went instantly hard when Sandra, making a joke, took a g-string white thong and stretched it before Juliette twice, asking her with a naughty smile how she would look with it. Juliette simply laughed, but I lost myself in fantasies, seeing Juliette’s fat buttocks protruding over that tiny piece of charming fabric, with the little line of the rear barely covering her butthole.

Sadly, I was instantly disappointed as I knew I would never have a relief of that arousal, seeing how I had been deservedly turned into a baby, and my thumb-sized little wee wee would never, not in a million years, be able to get any from Juliette other than a pair of chuckles looking at its ridiculous cuteness.

After they picked their swimsuits (a very slender two-piece black bikini for Sandra’s slender body; and a white full-body swimsuit for Juliette), I saw them look and try at different accessories, including flip flops, and different sunglasses. As they smiled, laughed both at themselves and at each other, and made jokes, I felt warm and my heart pounding for some reasons. Of course I loved women, I loved youth, but as a teacher I always felt the tickle of knowing more about my students.

As shy and square as I was, they never treated me with not even a bit of their personal lives, but I really urged to know more about their realities, their friendships, their intimate lives, their feelings… well, guess now, in those heart-warming moments of healthy female friendship, I felt some pathetic happiness about finally being -in some form- a part of their lives.

But that feeling didn’t last for long. To my horror, after those purchases, my students headed to the section of the male swimsuits. On the front there was a very virile leopard swimming trunks. Stupidly, I instantly fantasized as being again a full-grown male sporting it to impress Juliette in the beach and taking her to a date. Both girls exchanged a stare before choking a laugh at it.

Then, there were the toddler and child swimsuits, and finally, the ones for babies, those with pastel colors and sometimes with baby animal faces (like the ones of lion cubs or baby elephants) in the rear. I let a sigh when I saw them and knew that I would have to wear one of those. What I didn’t expect was that Juliette handle me to Sandra, which held me by my armpits, as my ‘student/mommy’ stretched the swimsuit and start pulling it up my legs.

It was awkward; completely awkward to have to wear one’s underwear like that, and also there were bystanders, other mommies and people in general around. Nut I was finally wrapped on it, the bottom pitifully unable to cover my whole diaper, which protruded ridiculously under it. Seemingly very happy with it, but knowing how much they enjoyed having fun with me, Juliette raised me for I could see myself in the full-body mirror, while Sandra squatted looking too.

“You like it?”, she said, chuckled.

Completely appalled, but unable to communicate at all, I only looked at my own face and felt stupid.

Convinced at the results, the girls paid for the clothes, buying at least three or four different models of male’s swimsuit for me (some of them were, for some reason, for older children or even adult men) and walked me out.

Sadly, the humiliation wasn’t over. As we were going out of the store, we passed by the male fashion department. There were faceless mannequins of all-grown men all over, wearing both casual and formal clothes, shirts, formal pants and executive suits, all even tuxedos. Embarrassed for never been able to be one of them, I looked up and saw the girls looking at them with much pleasure. Yeah, they for sure deserved good men, and I just had always been a stupid baby on the inside, which on its good moments could only barely pass for an adult, with very much effort.

Pleased by the man fashion, the girls walked in, seeing everything with much curiosity. Again, I felt sorry when I remembered when I used to clumsily find my way around those alleys looking for something to wear and hide my natural babyhood. Sandra gradually got lost among the aisles while Juliette peeked around, sometimes reaching out to caress briefly the soft yet manly fabric of some precious t-shirt or pants.

Suddenly, as we were turning round a corner…

“BOOOH!”, Sandra jumped in, surprising Juliette and making her turn rapidly, alarmed.

Sandra was holding on her hands a pair of adult male briefs, tighty whities, right in Juliette’s face.

“Look what I found. Mr. Greer’s favorites!”, Sandra said with big naughty grin, she stretched them once and again, showing Juliette the y-shaped fly.

Juliette laughed in good mood at the witticism and slightly covered her teeth with the palm of her hand.

“Do you think we should by him a spare…?” Sandra asked, theatrically, turning the briefs round and getting them closer to her face, pretending to inspect them with much attention.

There was a time, the rear part of the immaculate whities was under her nose, practically touching it.

“Ha ha, don’t joke!”, Juliette said, brushing it off with ‘knock it off’ gesture with her hand.

To my surprise, they didn’t address me this time. They talked about this “Mr. Greer” as he was in absentia. It was just like that idea itself, of me having once been a grown man, had completely vanished of their minds.

Unceremoniously and without paying much attention, Sandra left the pair of briefs there like they were nothing, and my students proceeded to get out of the store, with me in arms. I managed to sneak over Juliette’s shoulder and take a peek behind; and as we went away, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the pair of adult briefs left hanging there shamelessly, with no one wanting to pick them up or even mind them. A perfect symbol of my now lost and gone virility.



End Chapter 6

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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