A Board Transformation

by: Sleepy Transformer | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 14, 2023

My first story, based on an old and classic transformation comic.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: The (current) whole story.

  A trio of teenagers, two girls and one guy, sit around a board covered in plastic pieces and a deck of pink cards.

  “This game is lame” says the guy dressed in a white shirt and beige pants, disinterested in the game that promised to be able to transform them.

   “Then you get to go first!” one of the girls responded, brushing her dark hair off to the side as she readjusted the loose purple top she was wearing.

  The guy picks a card from the top of the deck with a mock flourish, waving his hand around before finally reading the card. “Baby” with a little drawing of a diapered babe.

  “I told you this game was waaaamme!” The guy said, rapidly shrinking mid sentence as he regressed to a roughly 1 year old baby wearing nothing but a diaper with blue tapes that muffled the loud farts that followed this transformation.

  One of the girls sitting down across from him covered her mouth in shock, “Omg, it actually worked! He’s a baby!” 

  “Smells like one, too!” The other girl said, picking him up by his armpits and hoisting his already sagging diaper at eye level to emphasize her point, “Hold him while I take my turn” 

  “Okay, but hurry! He stinks!” The girl in green said as she took the man-turned-baby with a heavily sagging diaper. She shifted him to one arm so she could pinch her nose shut as the next player drew their card.

  “Mother. Wonder what that’ll-“ her train of thought was cut off by her sudden transformation into a version of herself in her mid-thirties. She took in the transformation before her eyes glazed over for a second and her demeanor changed. She moved towards the baby, picking him up yet again by his armpits but this time with a sort of practiced ease of motion.

  “Such a stinky baby, does somebody’s tummy hurt?” She cooed at the baby who was an adult man not five minutes ago, bouncing him up and down on her knee as she looked for the changing supplies that had appeared on a nearby coffee table. She got quick to work changing the large mess in the baby’s diaper as the girl in green drew her card, hoping to have a positive transformation.

  “Oh no!” She said, dropping the card in shock.

  “What’s wrong, Sweetie?” The new mother questioned, looking away from the change she was in the middle of performing to observe the card that fell to the floor

 The girl’s card read “Toddler” and showed a rough image of a young girl in a tutu. 

  “It’s not fair!” The girl said as she lunged for the deck of cards, hoping to draw a card that would counteract the Toddler card.

  *Flip* “Damnit, toddler again!”

  *Flip* “Shit, a Baby card!”

  *Flip* “Darnit, a-“ she was interrupted in both drawing more cards and being hunched over the deck as she was pushed backwards, noticing the changes just before she hit the ground.

  She shrank quickly, stopping at what seemed to be 4 or 5 and wearing a similar diaper to the baby  (with pink tapes instead of blue) as her shirt started to slowly shift color and shape to a pink tutu. “No! NonononoNONONO!!! I dun wanna be baby!” She cried with a new lisp as she noticed the changes in her clothes.

  “What’s wrong, honey? It was just a little tumble, did you hurt something?” The woman in purple asked as she began to dote over the little girl as best she could while cradling the confused baby in one arm.

  “It’s da dumb bowad game! It messed up! I dun need diapuhs! I’s a big girl!” She said, stomping her feet against the carpeted floor beneath her.

  “Aww, it’s okay. You’re a very big girl, you just have a couple problems getting to the potty in time. There’s no shame in that!” The older woman said, running her fingers through the younger girl’s hair as she tried to calm her.

  The younger girl seemed to realize something, and quickly shuffled to her feet, trying to run forward but held back by the older woman. “Woah! What’s the problem now? Need to potty?”

  “No, da game! If I gwab anotha card, it should fix dis!” She said, attempting to free herself from the half crouch she was held in. The deck of cards, just within reach, a possible solution to this transformative nonsense! As she strained her body past her captor’s strong arms, her fingers wavered until finally reaching the top card. Freedom!

  The young girl paused as she touched the deck, seemingly frozen in time as a shimmer passed over her body and lingered in her eyes.

  The older woman was about to question the sudden stop until she noticed the subtle shift in the younger girl’s posture, followed by a quiet grumble in her stomach.

  “Oh, honey. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was that bad” she said, letting go of the girl as she began to mess her diaper. Tears began to fall from the girls eyes as she quietly grunted, looking to her diaper and seeing it sag, growing heavy in both the front and back. 

  After about five minutes, she stood up and sniffled, wiping the tears from her eyes as the diaper had sagged past her knees and threatened to reach her ankles. The older woman put her hands on the girls shoulders, “There there, it’s okay. That wasn’t your fault. Let’s get that nasty diaper changed, hm?” She said, lightly tapping the changing pad she had laid out earlier.

  “I-I dun need to wear diapoos...” the girl mumbled as she tried to lay herself on the pad without spreading the mess around.

  The woman chuckled and whispered to herself, “That smell says otherwise”



End Chapter 1

A Board Transformation

by: Sleepy Transformer | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 14, 2023


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vended · Feb 9, 2023

A bit short, but not bad at all for a first!

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