Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 13, 2024

Following the events of "Sam's Flight to Babyhood" (Linked within) Sam is a mostly regressed adult who is given a second opportunity to grow up. Will she be able to take it? Has the regression gone too deep?


Not everyone can just ignore the strange events leading up to Sam's disappearance. An old colleague of Jess saw too many coincidences and wanted to investigate. Meanwhile, Sam is trapped in a strange place. Seemingly halfway between adult and baby her mind is in turmoil.

Jun 6, 2024


Sam is suddenly awoken by banging. Initially scared, her confusion only grows when a stranger bursts in whilst arguing with Jess. The stranger has a tantalising offer but can Sam accept it?

Jun 13, 2024

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