Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


Sam is away on vacation and just about to head home. She is at the airport and feeling somewhat proud of herself for getting through a vacation with little issue. Sam has long been sensitive about her diminutive height and that is made worse when an unexpected rule change means she is stranded. Just when she starts panicking and thinking she was stuck she sees a professor from her college walking towards her. It might be that this proffessor is Sam's only way home...

Aug 6, 2022


Sam is stuck with an embarrassing plan to get home. If she had another choice she would be taking it. She's taken to a clothing store where she absolutely insists she won't wear what Jess suggests... until she suddenly changes her mind.

Aug 6, 2022


With Sam left to get ready for her role Jess has a small mission to conduct before returning to the small woman. Then it's finally time to put the plan to the test as they go to board their plane.

Aug 6, 2022


Sam is on the plane but this is just the start for her. Jess seems obsessed with making sure they keep the charade up and Sam kind of has to go along for the ride.

Aug 6, 2022


Sam's flight continues. After begging for something to occupy her she has a nightmare that takes her back to traumas of the past. Waking up is hardly better since she needs to go to the potty...

Aug 6, 2022


It's dinner time on the plane!

Aug 6, 2022


Sam falls asleep on the plane and ends up having a horrible flashback nightmare. Unfortunately reality is proving to be pretty unkind to Sam as well.

Aug 6, 2022


After another confusing dream Sam wakes up find the plane will soon be landing. It won't be a moment too soon for Sam and her aching bladder. --- As ever I am extremely thankful to my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do :) If you have a little spare money and would like to support me and help me pay the bills then please do consider having a look at my Patreon page. I post an update every 4-5 days and patrons get access to everything I write one week before the rest of the world. Also, for $10 a month you can get access to Patreon exclusive stories! I have 40 STORIES AVAILABLE FOR $10 patrons that you can read right away with more posted regularly!

Aug 13, 2022


Sam is finally carried off the plane. If she thought that would be the end of her bad time she was soon shown that there was a layer to the events that she hadn't been aware of. As Jess sits down with Sam in her lap she reveals what has led up to this point and hints at what might be coming in the future. (It should be noted that this is probably the second to last update for this story. The story was always intended to be predominantly about the flight itself.)

Aug 23, 2022


Part Ten + Epilogue

Sam has finally landed back in America but after the shocking revelations of what Jess has done to her she knows she isn't about to go free. With one final command Sam becomes putty in Jess's hands. Then find out what happens later as Jess takes her new little girl home in the bumper epilogue!

Sep 1, 2022

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