Tim's Genie Encounter...

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Chapter 4
Ch.4 the grossie Store

Chapter Description: In this chapter Tim is taken to the grocery store to get some essentials such as an essential piece of information.

    There sat Tim, strapped into a car seat on his way to an unknown destination, as his mother drove down the street. He felt anxious about being seen in his babyish state, even though he knew full well that no one would view him as anything besides a baby wherever he ended up. Despite this, he couldn't shake the fear of being ripped from his safe space at home and thrust into a new, potentially terrifying, and foreign environment.

    That's when he started to hear music, or at least he thinks he did. Although he wasn't sure where it was coming from, it seemed to be all around him. The music he heard was upbeat, with simple notes and basic lyrics, but he quickly began to enjoy it. Before he knew it, he was bouncing up and down in his car seat, it was an absolute rave with Mr. Bear as they danced the rhythm of the music.

    His mother caught a glimpse of him in the rear-view mirror and said, "You love your nursery rhymes, don't you, sweety?" She couldn't help but smile at her goofy baby as he bounced in place in the back of the sedan.

    The drive wasn't long and they soon pulled into a parking lot filled with people coming and going to the large building in front of the lot          She found a spot to park as close to the entrance as possible and expertly maneuvered the car into place. The car grew quiet as she unbuckled her seatbelt and exited, with Tim watching curiously. She started to walk away from the car and made her way to a mini roof, grabbing something Tim couldn't see from his position in the car. She returned and opened Tim's door, unbuckling him from the car seat and taking him out of the car.

    Now Tim could see what she had retrieved from the mini roof - it was a cart. She placed him in the front of the cart and they made their way past all the other people, entering the building. The building was packed with people, all in a rush, and Tim's mother was no exception. Tim wondered what could cause such a sudden and unnecessary haste in this place.

   As they entered, Tim saw flowers outside, and once they crossed the threshold, he saw stands for bread and boxes with pictures of snacks. He was immediately hit with a strange smell - like the smell of nature, but more manufactured. He saw stands and stands of fruit and vegetables, but his mother wheeled him past those, opting to start with less perishable foods first. That's when Tim remembered what this building was, and shouted "Gwwooww swoow!"

    His mother looked at him, unsure of what he was trying to say, and patted Tim on the head. She said, "We gotta get my little man some nom noms, don't we?

    Tim just continued to stare in awe at the gigantic grocery store. He was shocked at how big it felt.  He had noticed before how strange it was to be this small, but this put it into a brand new perspective for him. He was absolutely shocked at this place. While Tim stared in awe, his mother began to do all the necessary shopping to keep her and her family well fed until the next time. As they passed through an aisle, Tim saw something he wanted and began to make noises and point. His mom eventually had her attention captured and looked to where he was pointing, confused. She saw crayons and said, "Oh yeah, you must remember these from when I gave you some a few weeks ago." Tim looked up with another look of confusion, wondering why he had not seen the crayons at home. His mother said, "Well, if you miss them that bad, maybe we can give them another go when we get home, but I can't buy these right now, especially since we already have some at home." Tim was satisfied with that and was more than willing to drop it for now.  

    His mother was surprised at the quickness to drop the crayons, almost as if he understood what she had said, which she then laughed off as a coincidence. They continued their shopping, picking up all the usual essentials like food, drinks, paper towels, laundry stuff, and paper plates. That's when they made it to Tim's aisle, the baby section. Tim turned red, knowing that no matter what she picked out in this aisle, it would most likely have something to do with his butt. She grabbed some pamper brand diapers and said that maybe they should try a different kind this time. The first thing and he's already mortified. Then she grabbed some wipes, powder, and some creams for good measure. The last thing she bought was some new pacifiers. She added that it was time to move up a size, to which Tim thought, I didn't know they came in different sizes.  

    His mommy finished up in the rest of the aisles and made her way back to the produce section. Tim breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that they must be nearly done. His mommy began to bag an assortment of different fruits and veggies, and then made a beeline for the registers. Of course, they were all crowded, just his luck, he felt

    Tim and his mother finally made it to the checkout line, where they sat waiting their turn for what felt like an eternity to Tim. After what was likely 15 minutes, they finally had their items placed on the conveyor belt, ready to be scanned. Just as the last few items were being bagged, they heard a loud noise behind them. Someone had dropped a container of juice while loading it into their shopping cart, which startled Tim, causing him to start crying. His mother quickly paid for the groceries, loaded the cart, and tried to comfort Tim by bouncing him a little. However, as she did so, she caught a whiff of a stinky diaper. "Uh oh, looks like my little guy got the poop scared right out of him," she joked, which only upset Tim more, causing him to cry even harder. Despite the situation,she took a moment to appreciate the joke.  She then made her way back to the car as quickly and safely as possible. This was the longest Tim had gone in a dirty diaper, as they had been trapped in the store for over an hour. He hadn't even noticed that his diaper was in such a state until his mother pointed it out, embarrassing him even more.

    She made her way back to the car, where she efficiently loaded the back of the sedan. However, her return to the store only served to confuse Tim, who was still too busy crying to care. As she wheeled him back into the store and headed towards the women's bathroom, she grabbed a bag with yellow ducks on it and took Tim out of the wagon. Although Tim's tears had mostly subsided, they still rolled down his face.

    Upon entering the bathroom, she went straight to the diaper changing station that was built into the wall. She pulled it open and strapped Tim into it, but as she started undoing the buttons on his overalls, he realized what she was doing and his embarrassment caused his tears to start anew. She expertly got the overalls off, followed by the onsie, and was able to easily access the dirty diaper. With ease, she placed the two pieces of clothing into a plastic bag and set to work changing Tim's diaper

   She untaped his stinky diaper while Tim somewhat squirmed on the table. She carefully grabbed the front of the diaper to open it up and as she did, Tim felt the cold air hit his diaper area, which caused his pee-pee to go off. His mother quickly covered the stream with the already oversaturated diaper, which caused some leaking onto the changing table. She quickly wiped up the mess with some of the paper towels she keeps on hand for such emergencies. After the stream subsided and the table was dried, she began to wipe Tim clean with some wet wipes, first the front and then the back, making sure to keep Tim elevated so as not to get messy again. Once his bottom was properly cleaned, she removed the diaper and let him settle back down. She balled the dirty diaper up like a pro and placed it into the trash can. She then got out a fresh diaper, lifted his legs, and gently placed the fresh diaper under him. Next came the powder. She got him nice and powdered up, closed the diaper, and made sure it was secured nicely. Tim, at this point, had his face covered by his hands, not wanting to see anything and fully committed to being embarrassed. His mother took him off the table and placed the dirty cloths into the ducky bag. She then made her way back to the wagon just outside the bathroom. Tim then realized she hadn't dressed him. Was she going to leave him topless all the way home?

   Unfortunately for Tim, that was indeed the case. As she placed him in the wagon, he shamefully sat there wearing nothing but his fresh diaper which adorned Goofy from Disney on the front. For the first time since they had arrived, it felt like his mom wasn't in a rush as she leisurely made her way to the exit. It was almost as if she was proud of her little bundle of joy and wanted everyone to see him in his semi-naked glory. Tim's face was red the whole way out of the building, to say the least. He was fully relieved to be returned to his car seat where Mr. Bear Bear waited for him. He unconsciously hugged him as tightly as his little arms could as they made their way back home.



End Chapter 4

Tim's Genie Encounter...

by: coolpbj | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 7, 2023


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GeekoBear90 · Jan 30, 2023

This is quite an interesting story. I’ve always fantasized a story like this, where a man accidentally words his wish the wrong way and he’s stuck as a baby thanks to a genie. It makes it more appealing to me that he can’t talk himself back out of his wish, oh well, looks like he’s gonna have to enjoy sucking pacifiers and pooping diapers for a bit. Keep updating please! I like where the story is going and can’t wait to see more!

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Ouroboros · Jan 31, 2023

Another cute chapter! I am enjoying the story thus far. It brings into focus just how things would be and feel if we were regressed and kept our adult minds. For some it would be terrible I'm sure, but many of us would find it wonderful. Glad this is more middle of the road where he doesn't like it but still accepts it and makes the best of it.

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