Tales of Regression

by: TheFurEffect | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 5, 2022


Computer Commotion

A tech savvy mother and her 17 year old son seem to be disagreeing on how he lives his life. Can a mysterious command terminal command fix the situation? Feedback is appreciated, even if I don't respond right away or if ever. This ain't my first writing rodeo, but my first official AR rodeo, so I'm trying.

Sep 17, 2021


Nostalgia Wave

Ulrich ( TheFurEffect ) and Zach go together to a thrift store where Zach finds a DVD that brings a nostalgia wave over him, with a tiny bit of age regression magic. A commission I did specifically for my friend ( I don't do them for anyone else ) that I also plan on putting up on DA, along with my friend uploading it to their account.

Nov 4, 2021


Regression Lies

*This was written by a friend who gave me permission to upload it here!* In an alternate timeline a solar flare from a distant galaxy manages to make its way over to the Milky Way. The radiation from that flare fundamentally altered the human genome. All who tell a lie are temporarily regressed. How much they progress depends on the severity of the lie, among other factors like how old they already are. Could you survive in a world where liars are almost always caught red handed?

Feb 11, 2022


A commission for a friend I'm also uploading on DeviantArt. What happens when AI edited pictures become reality? Inspired by my tests of "age manipulation" via facial images and AI with a hint of the fall 2010 story Status from sumner, this is so far the longest story focusing on the idea of regression I have written as of yet.

Oct 5, 2022

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