Ever The Little Baby

by: BabyBoy1672 | Story In Progress | Last updated May 15, 2022

Set in the Diaper Dimension, only one Little stands against the oppression of the Bigs.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Short intro to our main characters

“Tell me what I wanna know, or you’re gonna end up a smear on the pavement.” A small girl, dark skin, dressed in a black hooded costume with yellow outlines, holds a much bigger man by his foot. Dangling him over the edge of a clock tower, the man shrieks and begs for mercy. 

“Please! Please I don’t know anything! I swear to God!” The big man yells and cries out.

”Oh so you want God to hear your screams? Why didn’t you just say so?!” The girl simply leaps and begins flying higher into the night sky above, still carrying the man with ease.

”You ready to give me those names yet? My arm is getting kinda tired.” She loosens her grip and the let’s the man fall a few yards. Hearing him scream is practically a symphony to the her. But without him, there is no information, and that was bad for business. So she caught him, just as he reached the edge of the clock tower. Luckily that’s all it takes to break his silence.

”Okay okay I’ll talk!! it was Dr. Elliot Park, Dr. Richard Medley, and Dr. Ummm…. Dr…..”

”Five…four…three…” the girl began to lose her patience with each passing moment, loosening her grip once again. 

“Dr. Matthew Harrison!! Dr. Harrison. That’s all of them I swear!”

The girl smirks and nods her head. “Thanks you have a nice night now.” She tosses him behind her, knocking him out when he hits the bell. The loud ring is heard throughout the neighborhood, and soon police sirens become seen and heard. The girl disappears into the night, as if she were a shadow.

****The next morning 

Melanie Clarks gets up from her bed as the sounding alarm alerts her to start her day. She turns it off and let’s out a loud yawn, stretching out. A quick shift around, and she’s aware of the loud squishing coming from her crouch.

”Might as well get changed and get an early start at work.” Melanie gets up from her massive bed and examines herself in the mirror before she gets changed. A small, dark skinned girl, long black hair, dressed in pink hearted onesie, with a full pink princess diaper, and a pink panda cotton cloth diaper. 

As she got herself changed and ready for the shower, Melanie snapped her fingers and the flat screen tv on her wall cut on. The morning news came on and Melanie listened in while she got ready for work.

”She’s at it again folks! The notorious vigilante, know as Evernow, attacked another Big tonight.” An old Amazon news anchor man, Tom Bolland, begins ranting. “Evernow has been taking out her frustrations and doing whatever she pleases. She may be a hero to some, but what hero terrorizes an innocent man? Police say that man refuses to come to questioning after facing such a shocking assault. What are your thoughts on this Diane?”

The news anchor to his right, Diane Crockfort, smiled as the spotlight was put on her. “Well Tom, she certainly has been busy since the induction of Tweeners to become Amazons or Littles. Maybe she’s just another Little who thinks our society is an unjust because we see our Littles as the munchkins they really are. I think it’s high time someone take in Little Miss Attitude and teach her how to behave.”

With a frustrated moan, Melanie snaps her fingers and the tv turns off. Taping herself into a double safari diaper with a stuffer, she gets her business uniform on, a bright blue shirt with the company of “Elysium Water Treatment” and a pair of navy cargo pants that fill well over he padded behind. 

”As if anyone knows the truth. Not that anyone really cares or wants to know.” Melanie grumbles to her self and she heads down stairs to the kitchen. As she makes her bowl of cereal and cup of hot tea, she thinks of how much her changed eight months ago.

On Elysium, Amazons were always the Caregivers and Littles were always the Babies. It take didn’t much for an Amazon to claim a Little. All it took was the right incentive and the timing. Melanie had seen some random Amazon Mommy enter a coffee shop once, bumped into a Little Boy and spilled their coffee all over them. The Amazon offered to help them clean up and they left together. The next day, Melanie saw the same couple, only this time the Little Boy was suckling a pacifier, dressed in a onesie and being carried by his Amazon Mommy. Melanie could see there was no fight left in his eyes and turned away to run.

Tweeners were the ones that society had to watch out for. Contrary to popular belief, Tweeners wanted nothing to do with Amazons or Littles, as to avoid getting put in with the Littles and become babies, or to avoid getting shunned by Littles. But that was before a mysterious green gas swept over the entirety of Elysium eight months ago. In one night, all the Tweeners became Amazons or they became Littles.

A secret survey was taken by the Elysium General hospital, requiring all Tweeners to get vaccination shots. No Tweener questioned it, most likely to prevent being seeing as too immature to get vaccination shots on their own. Melanie even got one herself, despite, already being a Little, but she went with her Tweener friend Ally Turner, since they were the best of friends. Ally was a shy, blonde Tweener and mainly kept to herself. She was only daring in the sense that she always hung out with Melanie. Ally treated Melanie like any other person, not some baby that needed her diaper changed.

It was a shocking revelation for Melanie the next day. She was freaking out when she woke levitating over there bed, she was short circuiting ever outlet she touched, and had the energy to run ten marathons. Melanie spent half the day getting herself under control, testing out the variety of new abilities she had. She was so excited to tell Ally, but she didn’t answer her phone. Melanie decided a surprise might be in order. When she flew up to Ally’s apartment as discreetly as possible, Melanie almost broke down in tears.

Her friend was now gone, replaced a drooling, babbling Little Girl. Dressed in green snap crotch dress, a big white diaper bulging underneath. Melanie saw Ally’s glazed over eyes glued to the window and she watched as clapped mindlessly at her. Ally was yelling and clapping so loud, she alerted the Amazon Mommy that was just outside the door. Before the Mommy could see her, Melanie cloaked herself and fly away. All the while, crying and screaming into the sky.

That was eight months ago, and Melanie has since made a name for herself. Going by the alias ‘Evernow’ from a childhood television show, Melanie began tracking down anyone involved with the green gas. While she was the CEO of Elysium Water Treatment, she was often restricted out of meetings due to her Little status. However, this didn’t stop her one bit. She expanded by looking to friends that she considered family.

Pamela and Evelyn Brooks have been married for about five years, according to Melanie’s memory. Growing up, they both knew how different they were from the other kids. Pamela’s family didn’t understand why she couldn’t just fall in love with another man. Evelyn’s family had pretty much disowned her when she came out to them. They were never given anything from that point and had to struggle for a year just to get proper jobs. They actually met Melanie the same day they were applying for the positions. Pamela and Evelyn work with Melanie at Elysium Water Treatment, Pamela in charge Bio-treatment, and Evelyn in charge of Maintence. 

Pamela was strikingly beautiful with her long dark hair reaching to her back, beautiful brown eyes like chocolate, and a soft native brown skin to match. Evelyn loved to show off her beautiful cream skin, while people get lost in those amazing blue eyes. 

Madeline and Olivia Bennett were just recently married, but had known each other for years growing up as family friends. Their families were much more accepting of their choices in partners, celebrating with the biggest wedding money could buy. Melanie knew them both after a chance meeting in the coffee shop. Melanie had almost spilled tea on another Amazon Mommy, but Madeline had quick reflexes, and Olivia was a smooth talker, who got the Amazon Mommy to back off. After a brief talk, Melanie stayed close with them, even making business deals due to their influences in Elysium Financial Industries. 

Madeline had skin that looked like she tanned every day and glowed where ever she went. The way her emerald green eyes twinkle, makes them seem like stars. Olivia was a caramel skin beauty, just stunning with the most amazing purple eyes, a birth defect that makes her even more lovely.

Thanks to all of their hard work, Melanie can make her next steps as to finding the scientists responsible for the green gas. Through intense hacking and interrogation, Melanie discovered all the scientists had one thing in common: they each received funds from the CEO of Elysium Humanitarian Aid & Defense, Micheal Nevis. He was the first man who branded to Evernow a public danger, or has he put it “A Little problem for all Amazons. Some part of that was true, since most of the people Evernow had interrogated and scared were Amazons. 

Now Melanie had to explain to her four new roomies what the next steps for the plan would entail.



End Chapter 1

Ever The Little Baby

by: BabyBoy1672 | Story In Progress | Last updated May 15, 2022


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