Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 8
Chapter 8: The Tour

Chapter 8: The Tour


I WOKE UP in Caireen’s arms as she picked me up out of my crib. “Oh, so those eyes do open?” She said sweetly.

“It was a long day,” I told her.

“I know,” she said and cuddled me tightly in her arms, “I was so worried things were not going to work out.”

“I knew they would,” I told her with a smile.


“Because I had you and my family, duh!”

“Well, I know you fed before bedtime, but I think you need breakfast,” she told me with a smirk.

She nursed me and I reflected that in my own private castle it wasn’t so bad. What would happen if Hannah nursed me somewhere publicly though?

It was only when she burped me like an infant and I realized I had finished. “Wow, you’re really not awake yet, are you?”

“I was just thinking,” I told her.


“Can’t you tell?”

“Not when we’re here.”

“Oh… Well, there’s a stigma to breastfeeding in our world. I know you said it was normal in the past for the wet nurses to nurse royalty until later, but in our world, it’s seen as really weird to breastfeed past the first birthday… and taboo past the second birthday. Let alone for an eighteen-year-old girl to breastfeed a two-year-old who looks like she must have had her when she was only a sophomore in high school… It’s not fair on Hannah especially,” I told her with tears in my eyes.

She hugged me, “I don’t think you need to worry as much as you think Sofia. First of all, you are very small for a two-year-old even. Most people would probably assume you were under two if that’s what you’re worried about.”

I nodded, “Maybe. But still, poor Hannah had a normal life, and all of the sudden she’s like gotten locked into being the teenage mother of a freak.”

The spank on my bottom made it through the wet diaper with no problems. “You are not a ‘freak’ and I’d better never ever hear of you saying that again!”

I whimpered, “Sorry…”

“Okay, tell you what, why don’t we go ahead and pull Hannah in here, maybe that will help both of you.”

“What about you though?”

“What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you going to be jealous?”

She laughed, “Sweetie, I’m with you twenty-four hours a day, actually more than that because with the day here you actually end up with a thirty-eight-hour day each day, I’ll be fine.” She hugged me. “Let’s change that messy diaper and then I’ll leave you to play while I go get Hannah.”

Caireen laid me down on the ornate table and got to work on changing a disgusting diaper. I never seemed to poop right away in the mornings at home, but in her land, I seemed to be as regular as my sister after dinner. Dinner… Breakfast. ‘I guess I did just have a meal, didn’t I?’

I sighed as she pinned a new cloth diaper onto me and said, “Feel better now butterfly?”

I smirked, “Is that my new nickname?”

“Well… one of many. A moment ago, it was Poopy Princess!”

I stuck my tongue out at her. “While I’m gone, I want you just to play. No magic practice right now.”

“Can I use magic to change my dollies clothes?” I asked with a smile.

“Well of course, as long as you’re playing!”

I giggled as she tickled me and carried me over to the floor and sat me on a rug next to my dollhouse. “I’ll be back - you be good!”

I had to laugh at the fact she would leave me alone. I mean how much mischief could a two-year-old get into? Ask my sister… it’s impressive!

I must have been really focused on playing because I didn’t hear Hannah come up at all, before she picked me up and threw me up into the air. “Hmm… You’re so light this is easy!” She said as she caught me and threw me again.

She held me then and hugged me. “So, this is where you go every night while you sleep?”

I nodded, “Isn’t it beautiful?” I paused, “Which way did you come?”

“I brought her through the front gates,” Caireen said, appearing behind her. “Why don’t we go to the garden and have tea?”

“Okay,” I said. I wriggled out of Hannah’s arms, grabbed Emie, and said, “Follow me!” Hannah dutifully followed me out to the garden. I had run at my top speed down the stairs, it was kind of terrifying actually, but she hadn’t had any trouble keeping up. As we approached the garden a butler, Benjamin, met us.

“Your Highness,” he bowed to me. “Your Majesty,” he said to Caireen who was also right behind us. “Your table is right over here,” he motioned.

“Benjamin, this is Hannah,” I told him.

“Yes, I know,” he said, “pleased to meet your acquaintance, right this way.”

‘That’s weird...’ I thought to myself. That was borderline rude.

I kept walking on my own behind him and basically had to run three steps to his one as he was very tall. A table with a wooden high chair was dressed with a cloth tablecloth, fine china, silverware, flowers, and a tray of fruit was sitting temptingly. Hannah picked me up and placed me in the high chair before sitting down on one side of me while Caireen sat on the opposite facing each other.

“Berries?” Caireen asked me as she put some on a plate and put it on the wooden tray that had been placed onto the chair.

“Please,” I said.

“So, Hannah, I’ve wanted to actually meet you face-to-face for a while now, but this is the first time it was possible for me to pull you in.”

“Why is that Your Majesty?” Hannah asked politely.

“You weren’t bonded to Sofia before. There was no connection for me to really do it like I could with her parents.”

“Oh,” she said and chewed a small piece of apple slowly. “So, am I the same to her now as her parents?” She asked nervously.

“Maybe more so,” Caireen said gently.

“How can I be more connected than them?!?” She said, “I’m just her friend…”

“That was true before your change.”

“Do you know what it did to me?” Hannah pleaded.

“All of the mutants that are awakening are having some changes, some like Sofia a lot, some like you won’t be as much physically. Over the next month though I think you’re going to find yourself filling out a bit more up top and getting that model figure many of your kind have. I suspect you’ll look a little bit older, but I don’t think you’re going to age anymore - or at least not as fast as you would if you were normal.”

“I know the physical stuff, but why did I start lactating?”

“When Sofia jumped into your arms, what were you thinking?” She added, “How about just before too? Sofia hasn’t heard your side of the story.”

Hannah looked like her heart was wrenched as she said, “Well, I was sitting out in the hallway with Lily and Sofia, both of them quite close. I mean if Sofia had gone running down the hallway, I would have caught her and made sure she stayed with me. I swear you were only a couple feet from me!”

I nodded.

“I was looking down at Lily starting to flip up her dress. I leaned over to push it back down and then I couldn’t believe it when I saw a man grab Sofia and just take off with her.” Hannah had tears in her eyes at that point. “I didn’t know what to do! Luckily Sofia’s mom and grandma came out right then, so I handed Lily to them and ran after her. I made it to within sight of the food court and all of the sudden it went from the noisy early dinner sounds to absolute silence.”

“I heard a lady scream ‘Oh my God, someone call Nine-One-One!’

“Followed by another person, ‘That baby’s a mutant!’”

“And then finally, ‘Someone get that baby! It’s a freak of nature!’”

“Everyone seemed to be getting in my way as I ran to find you. All of a sudden, I could see you being chased by a dozen men and a couple women. You were running and jumped into my arms.” She paused and squeezed my arm gently. “All I could think of was that my baby was safe in my arms and no one was going to take her away again!”

‘Uh-oh,’ I thought. ‘I bet we are stuck together… Or at least she’s stuck to me!’

“Suddenly I just felt angry and I pushed my hand out to shove away anyone that might get close.” She looked down embarrassed, “I was more than a little shocked when a ball of green light flew out and hit the ground in front of them. It was like a bomb went off… I just kind of collapsed and don’t really remember much except her grandmother helping me to move and run away…” Tears were streaming down her face.

“So, what happened to me?” she asked Caireen.

“Your BIT locked into the ‘my baby’ idea Hannah. At that moment it locked into the idea of being the best mother for a baby it could be. Not only that, but it did that with Sofia specifically in mind. That meant your hair had to change, your eyes changed, and realistically I have a feeling your very DNA changed to match hers.”

“So, I really am her mother now?”

“Sort of… Her mom will always be her mom. Normally though a baby grows up and sheds their mother to move on with their life. The mom of course stays in the daughter’s life some, but never forever. In your case I think the two of you will probably be inseparable. You shot that ball of energy out through a method other than magic; I think your people call it a pyrokinesis talent, but you have just enough magic in you that it combined with Sofia’s relief to essentially bind you two together for life.”

“So even when I grow up?”

“Problem is that Sofia will never grow up. She’s eventually going to be shown by me how to change her diapers with magic, but she’s never going to be potty trained.”

“But why would I need to lactate?!? She’s way too old to breastfeed!!!”

“Maybe in your modern world, but I’ve already had this discussion with Sofia. It was common before the last hundred years to breastfeed until babies were four or five. She’s well within that range. Technically they’ve called her about twenty-six months old, but I think twenty-two to twenty-four months is a better guess myself.”

I nodded myself at this - I kept having a nagging feeling that they inflated my age for my ego.

“Anyway, in this world I’ve been nursing Sofia for most of the last week. It helps her magic grow in your world. I’m not sure what your milk may do for her in the real world, but maybe it’ll even help her grow?”

“You think we should do that again?” I asked.

“I don’t think the two of you really have a choice sweetheart,” Caireen said. “Hannah, I have a feeling you will produce milk until you die someday in the distant future. You could use an electric pump, or nursemaid other babies, but why would you want to when you have your own to hold and comfort?”

“She’s really basically my daughter then?”


Hannah sighed and then picked me up from the high chair to hold me. “How often am I going to need to nurse her?”

“Well, it’s not like she’s an infant, and that’s all she eats. I would say morning and bedtime for certain. Maybe after lunch and dinner? You’ll probably need to express milk more than that though.”

I felt Hannah squeeze me. “I’m so never going to live down the teenage mother stares.”

“Actually, you probably will in the next month. You’re going to start looking older and people may assume you’re actually old enough to have had her when you graduated high school.”

“Why does she get to grow up and I grow down?” I asked irritatedly. They both laughed at me.

Caireen eventually sent Hannah home to her own dreams after telling her that she would be invited to join us from time to time. Her own dreams were important though and she didn’t want to disrupt that every night. Once she was gone Caireen once again nursed me to sleep herself and said, “You have got to be the luckiest baby in the world to have three mommies who love you!”


I WOKE UP to Hannah moving around the room. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you Sofia,” she said.

“It’s okay,” I said. “What time is it?”

“6:30,” she said. “Would you mind?”


She blushed, “Nursing from me again?” She paused, “It felt so amazing and right last night.”

“Look I know we just talked about this, but I guess I feel like I need to set a few ground rules?”

She looked almost scared, “Like?”

“Can you pick me up out of this crib?” I asked.

“Can’t you pull yourself out?”

‘Go ahead and try it,’ Caireen prodded.

I had a bad feeling about that as she almost sounded like she was goading me. I reached up to the rail to pull myself over and leaped, before I found myself on my rear in the crib again. ‘What was that?’

‘Well, we can’t have the baby getting out of her crib without an adult’s help, can we?’

‘Really?’ I seethed, ‘We are going to talk about this later!’

“Apparently I can’t,” I told Hannah angrily.

She giggled at that, but picked me up and stood me up on the floor. “Umm, can you sit down on the floor across from me?”

Hannah sat down and I began, “Okay, I get that for all intents and purposes I am now physically and emotionally connected with you as my mother… but I was eighteen last week AND I’m trying to go ahead and have somewhat of a normal life. If I have to go back a bunch of grades…?” I shuddered, “I don’t want to have the stigma of everyone seeing me breastfeeding.” I paused, “I really would like that to stay the deepest darkest secret that no one ever finds out!”

Hannah nodded, “I’m okay with that. So… morning, bedtime, and maybe a couple others if we can get back to our room?”

“For now, please stick to that.”

“Okay, what else?”

“Okay, I guess I have to accept that my potty training is never going to happen… and I know everyone will figure out I’m in diapers in about two seconds time – especially when they smell a poopy one. They’re going to probably really just think I am a real baby for the first couple hours I’m guessing… Please don’t just check my diapers though. If you can tell I’m wet, or you guess that I am… say something like will you come to the bathroom with me or something? Or just pick me up?”

“What about the poopy diapers?”

I groaned, “Like I said, nothing is going to hide those. Just don’t embarrass me please?”

“Okay, where may I change you?”

I thought for a second, “Well I doubt the bathrooms here will have changing tables for babies, so we’ll have to figure that one out.”

“You would be okay with me changing you like a normal baby in the bathroom?” She sounded shocked, “And letting the other girls see that?”

I shrugged, “I’m probably not going to ever be able avoid that one.” I sighed, “They really are the most convenient places for you to change a baby… and unfortunately as much as I hate it... I am a baby.”

We talked for another few minutes about some rules before she said, “Okay, if we’re going to get ready in time you need to eat now.” She picked me up and sat in the rocking chair before exposing her breast to me. With that we began a new routine that didn’t feel awkward or wrong anymore. I was a baby; she was my mother…

Okay, I lied, it was still really weird! If my body didn’t seemingly go on autopilot as I nursed, I probably would have been sick.

Hannah left to shower, and I began looking at the computer on my toddler sized desk and was ecstatic to see it was perfectly sized for me. It also had the most amazing specs of any computer I had ever seen! I tried to get logged in, but got an ‘access denied’ screen. I chose to look around the room some more then and opened my closet to look at all of the pretty dresses that were in there. I couldn’t help but notice one that was the exact duplicate in real life of the one from Sofia in the cartoons. I smiled, ‘Thanks Caireen.’

When Hannah was finished showering, she looked flushed. “What’s wrong?”

“Umm… any chance you or Caireen could help me out with a nursing bra and those pad things for leakage?”

I nodded, “Caireen had already put those in that drawer last night,” I said pointing to one of her white dresser drawers.

“Oh, thanks.”

She wrinkled her nose, “Smells like a poopy princess in here!” She looked at me and said, “Can you wait until after I get dressed?”

I nodded, “I guess I’m getting used to it, I hadn’t really noticed.”

“Of course not, you’re a baby!” She told me with a smile.

I watched Hannah get dressed into a simple tunic, and tights, as it was Sunday and the uniform wasn’t required. She quickly put on her makeup and then came over to where I was playing with some dolls, picked me up, and then sat me down on the changing table. “So, what happened with the crib earlier?”

I sighed, “Caireen didn’t appreciate that I was able to get out of my crib at home without help. I guess when she created this one, she felt like it needed to be Sofia proof.”

“Only I can get you out?”

“No, any person who’s old enough to take care of me can.”

She smiled and I looked terrified, “Don’t worry, I’m not mean enough to do that to you.”

I sighed in relief!

“What do you want to wear today?” she picked me up in just my diaper and walked to the wardrobe.

“That!” I said pointing to the Sofia dress, not being able to help myself!

“That is adorable!!!!!!” she cooed. It came with a ruffled diaper cover that I know Sofia didn’t have in the show, but was cute. Once I was dressed, I decided it was a tiara day, and used magic to put mine on.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Hannah set me on the floor on my own two feet and we greeted Esmie again at the door.

“Hi,” Esmie said, “Umm, may we come in?”

“Sure,” Hannah said.

I watched the three girls’ eyes practically pop out of their heads a moment later. “Whoa!”

“Pretty!!!!” Esmie said.

“Sugar overload!” the third one said. “Esmie this is like your room would be if we let you…”

“Pretty much! Except the crib…” Esmie mused.

“Hi, I’m Hannah,” she said to the other two we hadn’t met yet.

“I’m Camille,” a girl that was very beautiful and regal said, “I go by my codename Sora a lot though.”

‘Oh, my Goddess, no way?’ Caireen spluttered in my head.


‘I’ll tell you later, just keep in mind she’s no one to be messed with.’

“I’m Sofia,” I added down on the lower level.

“And I’m Hailey,” the oldest girl with dark brown skin said, “codename Sinopa.” She looked similar to the Pueblo Indians near my home.

“Well, welcome to our room,” I said.

“Umm… you promised me the story?” Esmie asked. “Oh, and in case you care, my codename is Zing.”

“We can tell you the story over breakfast?” Hannah suggested. As I looked at her, I could tell she looked like I felt; somehow, we had fallen into the twilight zone!

I wasn’t really that hungry, but I’d already had a meal fit for a baby already. “Sure, we need to go that way anyway.” Hailey said, “Umm, in case you hadn’t figured it out we’re your tour guides for the morning or day or whatever you need.”

“Oh, okay,” Hannah said. She looked at me and I debated in my head before putting my arms up in the traditional ‘pick me up’ pose. She held me on her right hip and grabbed the diaper bag to put over her other shoulder. I swore I saw the girl’s eyes bulge even more.

Esmie couldn’t help it, “Sofia… umm… how old are you, were you... “

“It’s complicated,” I said. “I was born eighteen years ago. If you ask a doctor, they’ll say between twenty-four months and thirty months.”

Esmie and the others waited until we reached a place, they called the Crystal Hall before speaking much more. “Let’s get something to eat for you guys and we’ll talk more?”

“Sure,” I said.

The building itself was beautiful. As we walked into the building, they walked us past some statue that we apparently had to see within the first twenty-four hours of being there. I just shrugged, out of all of the weird things that I’d seen in the past week that didn’t even rate a one. “I’m going to put you down,” Hannah told me as we approached the buffet lines.

“I can hold my own tray and everything,” I reminded her.

“We have to get you through the line first,” Hailey muttered.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Don’t mind her… she and a few others have occasionally just had a bad first day here,” Esmie said and elbowed her older friend.

Hannah handed me a tray and I began having her hand me food onto my plates and tray. I was getting plenty of odd looks as the mound of food that kept growing. I had no problems carrying it of course, but it looked weird to everyone else. At least I was able to drop the baby act sort of for a few moments with this though!

I could feel Caireen not necessarily agreeing with that though. ’Please?’ I asked. ‘This is hard enough!’

‘Alright, I’ll agree to similar terms as Hannah. No embarrassing you in front of your classmates if we can help it.’

‘Thanks,’ I told her.

“These two just arrived last night,” Camille told the cashier when we got up to the front, “I was given this to give to you for today for them,” she added.

The cashier looked closely at the cards, swiped them, and then motioned for us to move on. “We’ll sit over here,” Esmie told me with a smile. “Umm… do you need like a booster seat or a high chair?” she asked nervously.

‘I’ll take care of it,’ Caireen said before I could even think to argue. Fortunately for me, for once she simply took one of the chairs and made it taller. There was no tray so it just looked like a bar stool or something.

‘Thank you!’ I told her, truly gratified.

‘You’re welcome. I’m going to demand extra baby time though sometime...’ she grumbled.

I smirked internally. ‘You would want that anyway.’

I decided to just climb up myself into the chair. I did it and placed the tray of food in front of me with no major issues. I began eating as the others stared at me in disbelief.

“You just mutated last week?” Esmie asked.

“Umm… yeah?”

“How can you already do magic like that?” she asked.

“I didn’t do that one.” I told her.


I sighed, “I think I probably have a lot in common with Hailey, and probably with Camille too.”

“Okay… so how about starting from the beginning?” Hailey asked a little tersely.

“Well, about a week-and-a-half-ago now I woke up with a fever and felt sick. I ran to the bathroom but didn’t really make it there before I guess I started burning out. My baby sister came out of her room right then and stared at me… I guess I thought something about how nice it would be to be able to be held by Mom again…” I grimaced, “Next thing I know I’m in the hospital looking like this!”

“Ouch,” Camille said.

“So, what about the presence I feel?” Hailey asked then hesitated. I watched her suddenly say some sort of incantation and wave her arms to perform a spell and she said, “Don’t worry about being overheard.”

I sighed, “I’m an Avatar. A…” I felt a warning from Caireen not to say too much, “being… decided I wasn’t going to survive on my own through the burnout. She decided to help me, but unintentionally ended up bonded with me due to my avatar trait.”

I was about to answer another question when I heard behind me, “OH MY GOD!!! Whose baby sister? She’s soooooo adorable!!!!!”

Suddenly without warning I was picked up in the air by a beautiful blonde girl. I didn’t have any control over it and zapped her with magic out of fear, it was too much like yesterday!!! I instinctively leaped from her and onto the table to face my attacker, preparing to pull at ley lines to strike her.

I was momentarily distracted as I suddenly realized how strong the lines ran through the area! I quickly looked back though as the blonde bombshell said, “Ouch!!!!” and shocked me by standing right back up like I’d done nothing to her.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly, realizing she was probably harmless.

“Not a baby?” She said, surprisingly not even that phased from the shock.

I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. “It’s complicated…”

“Lizi, meet Sofia, Sofia, Lizi, or Knag.” Camille introduced us while laughing hysterically.

I eventually began laughing too and she joined our table and I was back in the chair.

“Is the privacy ward still up?” Hannah asked.

Camille nodded and I did as well since I could feel it. “That’s part of why Lizi was able to surprise Sofia,” she added.

I looked embarrassed.

“So… where were we?” Hailey asked. “Oh, entity?”

I wondered how much I should say with Caireen’s warning, but I decided something about these girls meant I could trust them. “Her name is Caireen, she’s a Celtic goddess.”

“So, did she cause this…?” Hailey asked suspiciously.

“No, she probably saved my life by helping me keep from killing myself during the change. It was a bad burnout – I finished mutating in about ten minutes time I would guess.”

“Can’t do anything about the size though?” Lizi asked.

“No… Of course, I think she would if she could… but there’s no doubt she enjoys my being a baby.”

“So how much of a… baby… are you?” Lizi asked gently. I could tell she felt bad about attacking me as a toy doll or something.

I sighed and looked over at Hannah before saying, “I’m no longer potty trained… And let’s just say if I get nervous, I really crave having a pacifier in my mouth.”

“Not to mention sleeping in the cutest nursery eeeevvvver!” Esmie squeaked.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Where did that come from anyway?” Camille asked.

“Caireen is apparently the world’s best decorator,” I said simply.

“So, what can you do?” Lizi asked, “Usually only really powerful mutants change THIS much.”

I smirked, “Well according to my tests last Monday I’m a Level 5 Avatar, Level 3 Esper, Lever 3 Regen, Level 4+ Wizard, and as you probably guessed, a Level 4 Exemplar.”

“Holy shit!” Camille said.

The others looked at me widely too except Hailey.

“I can’t be that unusual?” I asked uncertainly.

“Well the Avatar and Wizard traits are. I’m not surprised by it though,” Hailey added.

The others nodded. Esmie said, “You know you would make the world’s prettiest baby model. The Toddlers and Tiaras kids would have nothing on you!” She said with a smile.

“I would love to see that,” Lizi said with a big smile.

I grimaced, “Somehow I suspect it’ll happen eventually.”

“What about you Hannah?” Esmie asked. “You two obviously are connected and arrived together?”

“I was one of Sofia’s best friends before she changed…” Hannah said. “When the change happened, her parents called me to come babysit her little sister Lily while she and her dad were at the hospital with her. They were really worried she wouldn’t make it…”

Hannah shuddered then and chose that moment to pick me up from my chair. I wasn’t done eating my bacon though and audibly whined. She moved my plate in front of her and sat me on her lap with a quick hug. I knew if I wanted to eat, I had better do it while she told her part!

“Anyway, because I was already sort of in on it, I was the first person outside of her family that knew about her change. I came and hung out and sort of became the big sister helping out. Especially as Sofia could no longer change Lily’s diapers, let alone her own, her mom appreciated a little bit of help when I came over!”

“Why can’t you change your own? Couldn’t you use your magic?” Lizi asked skeptically.

I sighed and finished the piece of bacon in my mouth. “Caireen won’t let me do some things yet. She wants me to learn to be a ‘normal’ baby and be dependent on others for that.”

She smirked at that. “What else?”

“If I’m in my crib I can’t get out by myself… I think that’s mainly it…” I wasn’t about to tell her about my feeding sessions.

“Anyway,” Hannah continued, helping me out, “I was invited to go with her mom and sister with her to go shopping in Albuquerque yesterday. I was happy to be able to shop, and her mom was happy to have changing duties shared. We went yesterday morning and had some new family pictures done of her and her sister and then saw her grandmother. Later we returned to pick up at the mall. Apparently, the photo studio must have a Humanity First staff member because they had it all planned out to kidnap Sofia when we came back. I was waiting outside with her and her sister when all of the sudden I watched a creep pick her up and run with her…” Hannah told the rest of the story with an occasional input from me here and there. “So anyway,” she said as I put the last piece of bacon in my mouth, “they decided it would be a good idea for us to get out of town last night.”

“Wow,” Lizi said.

“I’m glad you made it here though,” Camille said with a smile. “Well, are you ready to continue the tour?”

“Is there a restroom we can stop at first?” Hannah asked.

“Sure,” Esmie said, “it even has a changing table if Sofia needs changed.” Her eyes sparkled and I had a feeling she would love to play with me like a little doll…

“Umm…” I started to say.

“I’m guessing that she does need changed,” Hannah said quietly, “but I agreed to avoid her being too embarrassed by shouting out her diaper changes to the world.”

I nodded and instinctively found myself leaning back into her protective arms.

“Sorry if I embarrassed you,” Esmie said. She looked truly embarrassed herself.

I sighed, “It’s okay, I’m not sure how this is all going to work. I don’t think there’s any way we can realistically have the same classes. Especially since they want to make me go back several grades…”

“I think we can help find some others you can trust,” Esmie said with a smile.

With that Hannah stood up and put me on her hip. Esmie actually picked up the diaper bag for her and we walked out of the dining hall and made a couple quick turns to the restrooms. Surprisingly they did have a changing table in there. “I need to go first; can you wait to be changed?” Hannah asked me quietly.

I nodded, “I didn’t even realize I was wet.”

Hannah took me into the stall with her like you would do with a real baby and I turned to not watch the sight of her using the glorious porcelain throne I would kill to be able to use. Without realizing it I had stuck my thumb in my mouth while she was going. “Does your thumb taste good?” she asked with a smile as she stood up.

I pulled it out, grimaced at the slobber, and shook my head. “Ugh! I didn’t even notice…”

She opened the stall door and I followed her to the changing table. Hannah wiped it down with a baby wipe before setting me on top of it. I lay there patiently as she pulled the diaper cover down, lifted my dress, and then proceeded to quickly change my diaper. Amazingly the only girls who were in there at all were the four new friends we had made. I turned red when I realized Esmie was watching my change, but so did she when she realized she was watching, so I knew it wasn’t intentional.

Hannah washed her hands and held me up to wash mine before I said, “So where to next?”

“The tour!” Esmie said.

From there on we were shown the campus. We had to stop by the artwork of a rich super villain benefactor that gave me the creeps. They explained to us that every student had to see the bust within the first twenty-four hours of their stay there for him to maintain his donations. From there we walked to the areas we would have classes. “There are so many stairs…” I whined.

“What’s the big deal about stairs?” Hailey asked.

“When you’re tiny they’re a pain… and kind of scary,” I told her honestly.

Esmie giggled, “We can find someone to carry you if Hannah isn’t there…”

I just groaned. We were done with the tour by eleven and back at Poe. “We’re going to head to our room for a bit and settle in,” Hannah said to them downstairs.

“No problem,” Camille said, “Lunch starts in an hour and then you have your meeting with Mrs. Carson.”

“Okay,” I said for the both of us.

Hannah carried me upstairs, unlocked our room, and then closed it behind us. She carried me and sat directly into the rocking chair. “Umm…” I looked at her face and noticed she was a bit red, “Do you think…?”

“It’s time for lunch?” I smiled at her, “You’re already feeling full?” I asked.

“You have no idea,” Hannah complained. “This is the weirdest feeling ever…”

“Well get your clothes out of the way,” I jokingly grabbed at the top of her top.

“You really don’t mind?” She asked hesitantly.

“We’ve been over this Hannah. Yes, it’s extremely weird for me to see the breasts of my best friend… and it’s even weirder to start sucking on them and then lose complete track of myself… but we both know you need it…” I squirmed, “and I can’t say it’s unpleasant.”

She hugged me and kissed my forehead, “Thank you!”

Hannah fumbled for a minute to pull down her top and the cup of her bra. When she was done, I just leaned in and began suckling again. As I nursed, she patted my back and played with my hair a little bit. I realized that her first breast was empty only when she stroked my chin and got me to release that nipple. My nursing of her other breast was just as natural and before I knew it she was burping me like an infant. Embarrassingly I felt myself spit up some milk onto the towel that she had thoughtfully placed on her shoulder!

“Full?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “It’s weird… Yes and no?”

She hugged me and carried me over to the changing table where she quickly changed me again. Only when she said, “What a stinky baby!” did I realize I had pooped and not even realized it.

I just started crying.

I know many may have read this before, but if you haven't please leave me a comment to let me know what you think! I'll keep posting a few chapters up each day until this is completely up here. Thanks for reading! 



End Chapter 8

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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