The Mysterious Nursery

by: Volly | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 16, 2021

A short story involving dragons, diapers, wetting, and messing. Volly finds something strange in a room of his and Maly's new house. This is my first story on the site, so for reference, both Maly and Volly are anthro dragons. Hence using hatchy instead of baby. Also on FA at:

Chapter 1
The Mysterious Nursery

Chapter Description: A short story involving dragons, diapers, wetting, and messing. Volly finds something strange in a room of his and Maly's new house. Also on FA at:

    It had only been a few days since Volly and Maly had moved into their new home, so things were still a little messy. Boxes needed unpacked, carpets cleaned, and a whole litany of other chores needed doing. Volly and Maly rushed about busy as could be. For the moment Maly toiled away in the basement, unpacking the things they wouldn’t need very often. Volly, meanwhile, was milling about upstairs, handling the bedroom tasks. Heading back down to the main floor to grab another box though, something strange caught Volly’s eye.

Walking past what should have been an empty room, Volly looked inside to find it stocked and decorated like a nursery. From the pastel-colored walls with cute wallpaper to a changing table, crib, toys, and diaper pail everything was there. Confused, Volly stepped into the room to investigate, feeling a strange sensation as he did. Looking around more closely, he felt a strange interest in the large stack of fresh diapers that stocked the shelves of the changing table. Stepping over to it, he picked one of the puffy garments up with a crinkle, not even noticing that, as he did, his own pants began dissolving away. With his pants fading rapidly room was made for an extra thick disposable diaper, his underwear adopting just such a form with a puff of hatchy powder.

    Moving on, the crinkling emanating from his rear and toddling forced upon him still nothing in Volly’s mind, a pacifier caught his eye next. Touching it only briefly an adult-sized copy appeared between his lips with his body instinctively beginning to suckle. Turning his attention to the dresser he opened the top drawer in his deepening trance, running his hand along the row of soft onesies that lay neatly within. Unlike his pants which had simply vanished, in response to his most recent touching, his shirt grew soft and warm. Expanding its way down Volly’s stomach it stretched between his legs snapping in place front to back to help hold his diaper snugly in place.

    Diaper still crinkling Volly noticed a book lying on the floor. Walking over to pick it up, it appeared to be about potty training. Volly scoffed as he flipped through it, thinking about how silly it was that hatchies didn’t even know how to use a toilet. Of course, his body had a different response, his claws gripping the book extra tight as his tail lifted and he grunted, pushing a stream of goopy mess into his waiting diaper for a solid minute. Giving off a sigh of relief as he finished relieving himself, Volly plopped down on his butt, taking notice for the first time at his predicament as he felt his poop mush throughout his diaper.

    Grimacing at the feeling he looked down at his transformed wardrobe in shock. He couldn’t wrap his head around what had just happened. Trying to get up and run from his magical fate, he found his legs weak and unable to support him. Forced to crawl with his heavy load sagging between his legs he made his way out the open door and back into the hallway. Crossing the threshold his new attire vanished, replaced by his normal clothes. He felt strength return to his legs and the mess disappear from his rear. Turning his head around, the room too had changed. What was just moments ago a hatchy’s nursery now lay empty and bare. Whatever had just happened, he wouldn’t be going back in there for a while.

    Keeping the events of the previous day to himself, Volly woke up the next morning curious to see if it had all been some terrible dream. Cautiously making his way back to the room he found it once again equipped and ready for a small hatchy. Mesmerized by the sight of the cute plushies and ample diapers he drifted back through the doorway. This time his ensemble morphed into its hatchy version immediately, followed shortly by a series of wet farts and hissing emanating from his lower region. What had been a onesie last time, had been replaced by a short hatchy shirt with a padded hatchy on it, leaving Volly’s drooping diaper very much exposed. The spell still holding strong on his mind, he picked up a “Hatchy’s Firsts” book that lay in the crib just as he lost his balance to land on his messy rear. Flipping through the empty portfolio he didn’t feel a thing as his horns receded, his teeth nearly disappearing into his gums. Inch by inch he shrank down, his wings now taking on a weak frail look alongside his short stubby tail. Hatchy fat returning to his middle he felt drool run down his cheek. Only now that he was reduced to no more than a year out of the egg did the magic finally release.

Distraught, Volly quickly crawled towards the exit only to find Molly towering over him.

“Now what do we have here?” she said cutely “Is someone a big stinker?”

    Scooping Volly off the floor, Molly carried him over to the changing table, placing him gently on the cushy surface as she reached for the supplies she would need.

    Volly, meanwhile, found himself confused. It seemed as if Maly found this entirely normal. The magic had clearly gotten its grips on her as well, albeit with a different outcome.

    Helpless as he was, Volly disgruntily allowed Maly to change his diaper. First came the removal and discard of the very messy padding currently stuck to his rear. Tossed into the nearby diaper pail, Maly expertly cleaned his sensitive area and powdered him in preparation for his fresh diaper. Grabbing a fresh crinkly garment from beneath the table, Volly saw out of the corner of his eye as Maly’s pants disintegrated and morphed into a short skirt. She smiled down at him and blew raspberries into his tummy as an extra thick disposable diaper spread itself along her rear. Volly clapped happily, giggling like the hatchy he was as Maly’s tail wagged with a loud crinkle.

    Change complete he was picked up and carried, overjoyed as Maly approached the door, and therefore his salvation. Stepping out into the hallway, nothing changed. Volly still felt himself bouncing in Maly’s arms and the thick diaper between his legs. Tears forming in the corner of his eyes he began to cry, only to find himself comforted by Maly’s cooing. With a pacifier popped in his mouth next, Volly hugged his one true love tightly with eyes growing heavy. Feeling himself drift off, he squirmed slightly as he felt a small mass spread out along his rear. He supposed he hadn’t quite gotten it all out of his system before the change. No matter, there would certainly be plenty of diaper changes in his future, what was one more. Drifting off to dreamland he could hear the rhythmic sound of Maly’s diaper crinkling in the distance.

    The new house might not have turned out quite as Volly had expected, but so long as he was with Maly what did it really matter?



End Chapter 1

The Mysterious Nursery

by: Volly | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 16, 2021


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