Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 9
Chapter 9: A Baby

Chapter 9: A Baby


HANNAH HELD ME and cuddled me for a long while before I managed to regain control from bawling my eyes out. When I was finally nearly calmed down, and merely hiccoughing she asked, “What’s wrong Sofia?”

I shook my head and said, “I didn’t” I hiccoughed, “even,” hiccoughed, “know I had…”

She hugged me tight. “It’s okay,” she reassured me.

“No, it’s not!” I said with fresh tears starting to fall.

“Yes, it is Sofia, you’re a baby. Why should you know or care that you’ve gone?”

“Because I’m not, I’m eighteen!!!” I bawled into her shoulder.

“Not all of the time Sofia,” she reminded me. “And I think when you nurse you become more of a baby than at any other time.” I looked up at her and she looked guilty, “which is why we don’t have to…”

I shook my head, “You need it…” I sighed, “And I guess I need it too.”

She sat down in the rocking chair with me for a while longer before she said, “You feeling up to going to the dining hall for me to get some food?”

“You only?” I asked.

“Well, you already had lunch,” she said while poking my nose.

I stuck my tongue out at her! She responded by tickling my side for a few moments, before setting me down on the floor and went to the bathroom down the hall. I decided I couldn’t sit there moping any longer. I walked over to the new computer that was sitting there for me and was sad when it required login information I didn’t have yet.

With nothing better to do I walked over to the toy chest and opened it. I could see it was filled with a variety of toys, from being infant or toddler appropriate, all the way to normal Lego sets. There was clearly more magic at work inside as it was holding a lot more than it should have been able to! I picked up a brand-new box of Legos that were Disney Princess themed and examined the picture. It was supposed to be a castle, and featured bright colors that were definitely supposed to be girly. 

Before I could open it up though, Hannah walked in and laughed, “You always have liked your Legos.”

“It’s kind of cute,” I said holding it up to her.

“Isn’t it a bit old of a toy for your age,” she teased me.

“Caireen must not think so since she put it in the toy box,” I said with a smile.

Hannah replied, “Well, I guess if she’s okay with it… you can play later?”

I smiled, “Okay!”

She grabbed my diaper bag and looked inside it really quick to see if it still had everything she needed. I watched as she grabbed a couple more diapers and an empty bottle to put inside of it, before zipping it up and throwing it over her shoulder. “Come here Princess,” she told me.

I put my arms up and she carried me off to lunch. Once again, I filled a plate and ate more than you would expect, but it wasn’t as much since I was feeling slightly fuller from my ‘other’ lunch. We sat with Esmie and a couple of her other friends for the meal. They were all intrigued by me and I was grateful Hannah picked me up and held me after a while. She was like a mother bear with her cub in body language. and everyone with a brain could see it.

“Well, what do we have here?” I heard an obnoxious voice behind us. “We’ve found ourselves a new easy piece of tail boys!”

Hannah and I turned in our seats to see three high level exemplar boys that just looked too handsome to be human. I knew a bully when I saw one.

“So sure of that, boys?” I asked. “I’d be happy to kick your tails back to the other side of Crystal Hall.”

They looked a little stunned to see the little baby talking back at them.

“What the hell?!?”

“Get the hell away from them Ewe.” Esmie said behind us.

“What? It’s obvious that she’s a teenage mom slut? She’ll be doing all of us before…”

I’d had enough… I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I hopped down from Hannah’s lap and walked straight towards him. I jumped into the air and did a spinning kick at his groin.

Sadly, he didn’t go down like I had hoped. He did however look stunned.

“You little bitch… if you weren’t a baby…”

“Is there something going on here?” a man in a security uniform asked behind him.

“Yes,” Esmie said, “these jerks were just bullying our friend here. Then they attempted to attack a baby!”

I internally laughed at that… since it was definitely a lie.

“What have we told you Ewe?!?” The guard asked. “Come on, let’s go talk to the Chief.”

“But the baby kicked me!”

“That innocent looking toddler?” He asked incredulously. “Even if she did, what could she do to a big brick like you?”

I fumed in my head that apparently the answer was not much. I watched as they were led away and Camille came up. “We need to get you to your meeting with Mrs. Carson.”

Hannah sighed behind me. “I knew this was going to happen…” she muttered.

I walked back over to her and hugged her leg.

A moment later I was picked up from behind by Esmie, and had to fight not to attack her again. I did catch myself though!

“You are soooo light!” She said.

“Really?” Camille asked.

“Here,” she said and passed me to Camille.

“Oh, my goddess, you don’t weigh anything! How is that even possible with all of the food I just saw you eat?”

I stuck my tongue out at her and ended up finding myself holding onto her side like a toddler looking at Hannah.

“Are you okay?” I mouthed.

She nodded.

We walked to the administration building and were shown where the offices were. Because it was a Sunday, only Mrs. Carson seemed to be in for our special appointment. She motioned the two of us in and said, “Thanks for helping them find my office ladies, I’ll make sure they make it back to Poe later.”

Camille sat me down on the ground after a quick hug. They closed the door, leaving Hannah and I alone with Mrs. Carson. She pointed to two chairs in front of her desk, “Would you please have a seat?”

I moved to sit down in my own chair, but noticed that Hannah still didn’t look alright. I found myself standing in front of her with my arms up. She smiled and picked me up into her lap and turned me to face Mrs. Carson while she kept her arms loosely around me.

Mrs. Carson smiled, “I have to say Sofia, you are the cutest student on campus… maybe ever.”

I blushed but mumbled, “thanks.”

“Okay, you two unfortunately have been through the wringer this weekend. I wouldn’t normally want to bring in new students mid-semester, but you won’t be the last we’ve had to take in on short notice like this. We have this week and then our Thanksgiving Break, and then basically semester finals start up pretty soon after that.”

I felt Hannah shudder as much as I did. “I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to catch up that fast…”

“I don’t know about that Sofia. With your new memory I bet you can pick up on the coursework in a couple days. But this is the bigger issue, I don’t know for certain that you both can. That’s why I think it’s best to go ahead and move you both back to your Freshman year.”

“Wait, you’re not going to put me back in middle school after all?” I said both stunned and relieved.

She shook her head, “After looking at your transcripts I think that would be a mistake… plus I get the feeling there is no way we can separate you and Hannah down the road. Our best bet is just to move you both to the same grade. I don’t think Hannah would be happy back in eighth grade either.”

I felt Hannah squeeze me, “Not especially… It’s bad enough going back three grades…” I could tell she was choked up in her voice, “Do I have to go back that far too?”

I watched Mrs. Carson shrug, “With you missing half of this year, I think it’s for the best.”

I noticed her language indicated that the subject was now closed. “So, what now?” I asked.

“Well in the next couple days we’re going to get you both tested for your powers here. We’ll of course send Hannah’s results back to Los Alamos to backtrack the MMID she was given last night.”

“Me too?”

“Yes, while I think Los Alamos probably tested you better than most of the MCO testing locations, we always check new students again to be sure nothing was missed. We have far better personnel and facilities for it here.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I answered.

“Then after that?” Hannah asked.

“After that we’ll get your schedules organized.” She paused to take a sip of tea from a cup in front of her, “That leads me to my next question. Is it possible for you two to be separated?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” I asked.

“Well… your needs for one?” She suggested softly.

“It’ll depend on who is in her classes, I guess. If it’s a friendly face we can have them help her out.” Hannah suggested.

“You mean someone else changing me…? A babysitter?!?” My voice raised a bit. Hannah hugged me tightly.

“Sofia, yes, I’m saying a babysitter to help might be wise in those cases.” Hannah added, “At least until Caireen unblocks your ability to magic yourself into a clean diaper.”

I sighed, ‘How long is this going to have to go on until you let me reclaim some dignity?!?’

I could feel Caireen’s smirk, ‘Until it no longer bothers you.’

‘So forever?’

‘I’d say a month to six months depending on how hard you keep fighting it.’

I fought tears coming out of my eyes and could see Mrs. Carson staring at me and feel Hannah’s stare from above me. “I’m alright, I’m just frustrated.”

“Well we could have you just take the same classes all the time…” Mrs. Carson started.

“No, we need to take the classes that apply to us, and Sofia needs to get used to playing baby every now and then as needed.” Hannah said from above me.

The way she said it…

“That sounds like something a mother would say,” Mrs. Carson said with a smile.

This time it was Hannah’s turn to blush. “Umm…”

“It’s okay, remember I know the two of you bonded. Hannah you changed only yesterday, have you noticed anything else about your mutation?”

“Well… Umm…”

She squirmed and stammered for several moments before I just decided to do the toddler thing and blurted it out for her, “She’s lactating.”

Mrs. Carson’s eyebrow raised. “Lactating? How much?”

“Enough that after that I’m already full again after two hours or so…”

“Full again?” She looked at us both.

I sighed, “I nursed from her to help.”

“Well that’s different... Sofia, do you feel a need to nurse from Hannah?”

I shook my head, “It’s soothing, but I don’t have to do it.”

“But Hannah, I’m assuming you feel a need to nurse her?”

I could feel her body move as she nodded her head and squeezed me tighter. “When she’s nursing it’s like… it’s like I’m complete. As I get fuller it gets painful until she’s nursed it from me.”

“You could just use a breast pump?” Mrs. Carson suggested in a calm voice.

Hannah shrugged, “I guess.”

I sighed, “It’s not like she’s the first person to nurse me.” I told her.

Mrs. Carson’s eyebrows raised further than they had before.

“Caireen nurses me in the dreamland we meet each night…” I ended up telling her more about Caireen and the castle I spend my second day each day. “So, I guess nursing from Hannah isn’t really any different for me,” I told her.

“Well… just when you think you’ve seen it all…” she practically muttered to herself. “I see no real issue with it except that Hannah if you’re already full two hours later you may need to still think about pumping some if Sofia isn’t going to be around then.”

“Yes ma’am,” she said.

“You should be able to store that milk and can send it with Sofia in her diaper bag to have when you’re in separate classes.”

“Umm…” I started, “I don’t have to have her milk in class. And do I really have to have a diaper bag in each class? Couldn’t I just carry a couple changes in my backpack?”

We must have spent an hour more going over procedures to Mrs. Carson’s satisfaction, and to mine for minimizing my embarrassment as we went on. As the meeting drew to a close, “Hannah dear, you’re starting to leak it looks like.”

“Oh no!” She cried from behind me.

“It looks like three hours is about as much as you’ll be able to wait. Why don’t you go ahead and nurse Sofia in here while I see about getting you a pump and write a few more notes down.”

“In here?” We both asked together. I was sure our reddened faces matched.

“You can use my couch over there dear.” She said and pointed to the couch, “Don’t worry about covering up, as far as I’m concerned breastfeeding a baby is a perfectly natural thing.”

I think we both must have turned even redder, as this was anything but natural for us, but Hannah moved over to the suggested couch and I nursed until she was empty. Hannah burped me, and said, “Thank you.”

I looked at her and said, “It’s private enough I guess…”

Mrs. Carson asked, “Tummy all full?”

I shook my head, “I don’t think I’m ever full... It’s more that she’s finally empty.”

She looked thoughtfully at us, “Well, I’m assuming you’re trying to be discrete with this need of yours Hannah. We’ll try and schedule your classes so that you two can get a chance together for this every few hours. I ordered a pump to be delivered to your room, it should be there by tonight. I recommend you at least try it and make sure you can pump. For all we know it only works with a baby… or even just Sofia.”

“Oh…” Hannah said. “I hadn’t even thought about that.”

Mrs. Carson shrugged, “we’ve seen so many weird things over the years that anything is possible. For now, please keep in mind that unless it’s Sofia, it’s probably not wise for you to feed your milk to anyone else or their babies. I think we need to have your milk tested tomorrow as one of the many things they’ll be checking.”

“Okay,” she said simply.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked.

“Well, I think tomorrow you’ll be done quicker than Hannah on most of the tests, but it’ll probably take until Tuesday for you both to be done. You both need uniforms still I think…”

“Caireen took care of that for both of us actually,” I told her.


I nodded.

“Well, she does seem to help you both out quite a bit. I’ll be curious to see when you learn how to do all of this on your own. I suspect you’re going to be very powerful in a short amount of time Sofia.”

I shrugged, “How much power can a baby really have?”

“A lot.” She said with a smile. “I would be willing to bet that within the next week you’ll have recruiters from the CIA and FBI trying to get you to go ahead and join up to help them.”


“What’s more innocent than a baby?” She asked. “You’re the perfect spy.”

“Oh…” I said. That was true.

‘Yes, it is,’ Caireen said, ‘it’s why I think you can help so many children.’


‘Just think about how much of a help you could be in an investigation where children normally can’t answer questions?’

‘But I’d be dealing with…’

‘Yes, but then some innocent child might be spared from some monster.’

“Sofia, are you still there?” Mrs. Carson asked nervously.

“Yes ma’am, sorry, sometimes Caireen and I have conversations…”

“The voices in her head literally do talk to her!” Hannah said and I turned my head to stick my tongue out at her.

“So, Sofia, do you want me to let any of those recruiters through?”

I sighed and thought for a moment about what Caireen had said… She was right, “I’d be okay with seeing the FBI ones.”

She nodded, “It’s a more worthy path I think too.”

I just nodded back.

“Well, do you need anything else right now?” She asked us.

“I think we’re good,” Hannah said. “Caireen took care of everything. I think we still need access to the computer systems and such though, and student IDs?”

Mrs. Carson nodded, “Here is a packet for each of you that has your temporary ID and information on the network. You need to change your temporary passwords when you first login.” She handed Hannah two large manila envelopes that she put in the diaper bag beside us. “Well, if that’s all you two can think of too I think you probably need to go change a stinky diaper.”

“Huh?” I said. “Again?” I groaned.

Hannah just answered by picking me and the bag up and walked down the hallway. “That bathroom down the hall has a changing table for her,” Mrs. Carson pointed.

I started to tear up, and sniffled quietly.

Hannah patted my back gently as she carried me down the hallway. The bathroom was empty when we arrived and she pulled down the changing table, wiped it off, placed my changing mat down, and then had me buckled down. Just as she did so I began to start crying out loud. As she changed me, she said, “I think you need this right now Sofia,” and put a pacifier in my mouth.

My sobs were muffled as I nursed on it, and she pulled my dress up and away from my bottom to get to my messy diaper. It was a few minutes of work for her to fully clean up my messy bottom before she had me re-diapered and dressed. Hannah picked me up and continued patting my back, but I still wasn’t calming down.

“I don…” I hiccoughed, “know…” I gasped, “why… I… can’t…”

In the process my pacifier fell from my mouth, but she managed to catch it.

‘What’s wrong with me?’ I called out to Caireen.

‘Shh… Hannah will get you sorted out…’ She reassured me.

Instead of carrying me outside and back to our dorm, Hannah sat down on a bench inside the lobby and pulled a bottle from the diaper bag. It was full of juice that she held to my lips and I instinctively suckled. Initially I couldn’t even focus on nursing, then as time went on, I calmed and continued to nurse. By the time it was empty I was almost fully calmed down.

Hannah placed my pacifier back in my mouth, and said, “I guess we need to get back to the room and put you down for your nap, huh?”

I couldn’t do much more than shrug as she carried me across campus. It never occurred to me to be nervous about being seen nursing a pacifier, until we were already in our room and Hannah was taking my clothes off and changing a now slightly wet diaper.

“All of those other students!” I said, suddenly turning red.

“It’s okay Sofia,” she told me, “you’re a two-year-old, it looks normal!”

I squirmed a bit as she wiped my bottom.

“So, what happened?”

“I honestly don’t know. My mind completely went into a meltdown.”

“I’m guessing you needed a nap…”

“But I’m eighteen!”

“Not body wise, in fact I’m beginning to think you may not even be fully the two they put on your card.”


“It’s okay Sofia,” she said as she dressed me in a cute romper. “No one minds.”

“But our classmates…”

“Will call you a baby?!?” She asked with a smirk.

I nodded as I turned red.

“Guess what, you are one!!!” She poked my nose to take the sting out of it and began tickling my side a little. “Not only that, but you’re one of the cutest baby girls anyone has ever seen!”

“I’m not that cute…”

“Uh-huh you are. But you’re also a cute little baby girl that needs to take a nap before we go get your din-din.”

I sighed. She hugged me tightly, kissed my forehead, and then placed me down into my crib.

“Now be a good girl for me and take a nap!” She placed a pacifier back in my mouth and pushed me onto my back. Esmie was placed into my hands and I was quickly asleep.


USUALLY WHEN I napped, I didn’t go to Caireen’s castle, but today I was there just as soon as I closed my eyes. “Oh, look at the little baby princess all awake!” Caireen cooed at me.

I looked up at her and was ready to tell her to buzz off, I felt stupid enough already, but I noticed there were some other people in the room with her. She picked me up out of my crib and carried me straight over to the couch.

“Pardon me, she always needs to be fed when she wakes up…” She apologized to a husband and wife who were elegantly dressed. I had just noticed a boy who was about seventeen sitting next to his dad, before she unceremoniously popped her breast out, and pushed my head towards it. I couldn’t see anyone now, so I listened carefully for clues on what was going on.

“So, King Camulus, what do we owe the pleasure of your visit today?”

“I’m here because of your daughter here. She seems like she would be an excellent mate for my son here, and I would like to arrange for their marriage.”

I stopped suckling and tried to pop my head away from her breast, only to have her hold me there. “I’m sorry, but as much as Maponus is liked by me, I will not arrange Sofia’s marriage. Especially not as long as she remains a baby and the man is old enough to be her father.”

“I could help fix that,” the woman said.

“Yes Damara, I’m sure you could. I’m sure you could also have her carrying our grandson within a week if that was what you desired, and if I would let you. However, for at least the foreseeable future, I believe it is in Sofia’s best interest to just be my baby girl.”

“You don’t want to have me unhappy with you Caireen,” the man said.

“On the contrary, I don’t care. You don’t want to mess with a mother and her baby. I would not hesitate to destroy you and your lands.”

“You hold nothing on me, I’m…”

“I know who you are. I also know you have outstayed your welcome.” I heard the bell that she rang while I continued to nurse a now empty breast. “Please see our noble guests from the castle.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Once I heard the footsteps walk away, I pulled my head away from Caireen’s breast. She stroked my hair gently. “What just happened?”

“What just happened is the biggest reason for you to stay a baby. You don’t have to worry about me being forced to arrange your marriage.”

“How could I even be married here?”

Caireen sighed, “Sofia, you don’t realize this yet, but you are part of a world much grander than you can imagine. There has always been violence in your world, and plenty of it has been on children, but it seems like in the recent past it has grown worse. By staying a baby, you can make a difference! The real problem in this world, is that if you grew up, then you would be honor bound to take one of those marriage offers.”

“But then I would have to have kids?”

“Yes, and be a dutiful queen to a husband who would claim our lands by his right of marriage.”

I shuddered.

“Sofia, I think you’re beginning to see that there has to be another side to you. You are a baby, at least part of the time. And, that has to come out in the real world. When you were at home you were playing with your baby sister and never even realized you were getting baby time each day. Now that you’re here at Whateley, you’re going to have to get some in still.”

“But how can I go to school?”

Caireen shushed me and patted my back, “Easy, you accept that at times you’re going to be able to be your normal teenage self. At others you’re going to randomly breakdown into tears and tantrums appropriate to a baby.”

“But I don’t…”

“It’s not like anyone is going to think that odd sweetie. In fact, it’s more disconcerting to people when you constantly pretend to be the same age as Hannah.”

I thought about that as she bounced me softly in her arms. After a while she sat me down into a cradle and gently rocked the cradle with magic while she sang a soothing lullaby.


“COME ON SLEEPYHEAD,” Hannah said to me gently while picking me up out of my crib.

I looked at her and felt really embarrassed.

“What’s wrong Sofia?”

“What’s not…?”

“Well I can’t know what’s bugging you until you tell me?”

I sighed. “I’m a baby.”

“Duh!” She said and tickled my side as she lay me down on the changing table.

“You don’t get it!” I said around the pacifier that I realized was in my mouth. I pulled it from my mouth and would have thrown it across the room if it wasn’t clipped to my romper. “I’m never going to grow up,” I said with tears in my eyes. “Even if I could it would cause problems…”

“Shh…” Hannah told me as she unbuttoned the buttons down the middle of the crotch of my romper. “I’m never going to stop needing to feed babies…” she reminded me, “so what’s so bad about being a baby to help me out with that?”

I glared at her. “I’ll never be able to be on my own… or control my emotions…”

I started bawling again as she quickly took the wet diaper off of me, wiped me gently and put a new diaper on me. She proceeded to sit down in the rocking chair and presented me with her breast in an attempt to calm me down. Sadly, it apparently worked on me as well as an infant.

By the time she had finished having me nurse on both breasts I was calm again.

“I can’t believe I’m such a baby… I can’t even control myself…”

She smiled at me and said, “Okay, so you can’t. What’s the big deal?”


“You’re a baby. No one expects you to!”


“Sofia, you wondered why Caireen won’t let you change your diapers with magic? It’s because she knows until you accept that you are a baby, and relax into that role, you’re never going to be ready to move on past this in life.”


“Don’t tell me you accept this, you don’t. If you did you wouldn’t have a problem in the world with having your pacifier in your mouth as we walk around campus.”


“And you wouldn’t have a problem in the world with me feeding you dinner…”


“But nothing! Sofia, you have more power magically than most mutants. You need to accept that with that power you had some tradeoffs. We’re not going to make you play baby games all day, but you need to accept that your brain is rewired to where it is a lot like a normal baby’s!”

“I don’t want to though…”

She hugged me tight, “Sofia, I don’t want to have breasts that make it to where if I don’t have you nurse every couple of hours, I’m in pain. I didn’t want to change from being a normal girl who liked to babysit... to this… but it is what we have to deal with.”

I found myself nodding.

“Okay, you’ve had the first part of your dinner. Ready to get the solid part of it?”

I nodded and looked thoughtfully at the pacifier hanging on my chest. I sighed and placed it in my mouth.

“Good girl,” Hannah said with a smile as she stood up.

“Hi Sofia!” A couple of girls cooed as we passed them. I sighed and waved at them.

“They don’t even notice me…” Hannah said, sounding slightly annoyed.

I pulled my pacifier out of my mouth, “I’d be happy to let you wear the diapers and suck on the pacifier.”

She unceremoniously plopped it back in my mouth and said, “No thanks.”

When we got to the Crystal Hall, she sat me down on the ground and told me, “Stay close please, I’ll get you a tray going.”

Amidst the students meandering around it didn’t take a lot for me to obey that order. I definitely was feeling my lack of height as a monstrous twelve-foot-tall dragon like creature nearly trampled me. “Sorry about that,” said her husky female voice.

I found myself practically grabbing onto Hannah’s skirt then! She smiled at me, and handed me a tray, before we walked down the lines to get our meal. I ended up pretty much deciding on some chicken alfredo pasta and a couple pieces of pizza. Well, maybe it was more like six slices… Who was counting though? As we approached the end of the line the lady said, “Why aren’t you just the cutest little thing,” to me.

To Hannah she asked, “Do you have a guest pass for her meal?”

“No Ma’am she doesn’t, but I have a temporary student ID,” I said with a smile and let the pacifier dangle from where it was clipped on my romper.

The lady’s eyes narrowed for a moment, but motioned for me to hand it to her. She swiped it and said, “you all manifest younger and younger all the time.”

I nodded. She didn’t know the half of it! Hannah’s card was swiped too and we began walking to the table we sat at the past couple of meals. Camille was already there. Just as we were about to reach the table a girl came up to us.

“Why if it isn’t our very own Teen Mom and her bundle of joy?!?” The girl had hair that was unnaturally blonde. It had some sort of shimmer to it that made me wonder what was up with her.

‘Watch yourself, she’s got a lot of magic built up.’ Caireen warned.

“Why if it isn’t yet another wannabe blonde bimbo Hannah?” I said to her. “I mean, obviously if she thinks you’re my mommy she’s hoping you can give her some tips on getting knocked up. Too bad you’re still a virgin and not my mommy.”

“I know Sofia,” she sighed, “Such a shame that some girls have to fake their hair color.”

The blonde girl looked at us both before saying, “Why don’t you go find a high chair for her?”

“I don’t need one right now, thanks,” I told her. “Now why don’t you go away. I don’t really want us to get in trouble on our first day here.”

“You better watch yourself you little snot!”

I thought for a moment and couldn’t help myself. I performed a spell and changed her panties into something more fitting her behavior. “Okay, you’re right, I don’t think you’re the teen mom type. I think you might want to go check your diaper though.” I smirked at her.


It was hysterical as she suddenly grasped that she no longer had panties under the short miniskirt she was wearing. Normally she would never have flashed her underwear, but as she ran away everyone could see the abnormally large sized pamper on her.

“Sofia Elizabeth!” Hannah said to me. I looked up at her and saw her smirking.

“What?” I said, “She was so upset I was worried she would have an accident.”

Camille and the other girls sitting at the table just laughed hysterically and a few other tables around us erupted in applause. “So how much trouble am I going to get in?” I asked Camille once I was in my tall chair.

“From the school? Nothing. That’s a harmless prank around here.” She giggled.

“And from that girl?”

“Well that girl is known as Streaked,” she smirked. “I think you could say you’re on her bad side.” Camille said.

Another girl down on the end, “Yeah, you might be careful as I know she’ll be looking for revenge.”

I laughed, “What’s she going to do? Diaper me? Embarrass me?”

“I don’t know, but I would watch yourself. She’s got a temper,” Camille told me. She then started giggling, “But that was totally awesome!”

We ate dinner together and enjoyed laughing about the bully. I found out her real name was Gemma, and I couldn’t blame her for wanting to go by a code name. At the end of dinner, I asked, “What now?”

“Well, we were thinking about watching a movie?” Camille suggested. “Assuming you’re allowed to be awake that late?”

I stuck my tongue out at her, “I don’t have the sleep pattern of a baby,” I informed her.

“Careful a little birdy will get that tongue,” she smiled back at me and then shoved the dangling pacifier back in my mouth.

I turned red and glared. She just laughed at me. Hannah actually let me walk beside them on my own legs as we went back to Poe. Well, for me it was almost a jog though to keep up! I had been short before, but this was way worse! “We’re going to go to the common room to watch the movie,” Camille told us.

“We’ll be right there; we just need to take care of something.”

“Oh, does Sofia need a change? Can I do it?” She practically pleaded.

Hannah looked at me as if, ‘It’s up to you.’

‘Say yes,’ Caireen told me.


‘Be a good girl and say yes, I’ll make it worth your while later,’ she bribed.

I sighed and nodded at Hannah who handed me over to Camille. She followed Hannah carrying me to our room. Once Hannah was sure Camille knew where everything was she said, “I’m going to the bathroom really quick, I’ll be right back.”

I was suddenly alone without a family member… or pseudo-family member for the first time in several weeks and couldn’t deny I was nervous. Camille smiled at me though and said, “Can I treat you like my little sister?”

“How old is she?”

“She just turned three… I think Mom was planning on potty training her this month…” She said, almost sad she was missing something.

I sighed, “Sure.”

She squealed and I then endured two minutes of her playing with me on the changing table, before she actually got around to pulling the snaps apart on my romper. She gently wiped me and changed my very soaked diaper. Camille seemed to have as much fun changing me as Lily did with her dolls. Before long she surprised me by pulling my romper over my head.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“Well, we’re going to go watch a movie and then I figure it’ll be time for bed, right?”

I grimaced, but nodded.

“Well then, shouldn’t you get your jammies on?”

“Fine,” I said rolling my eyes.

She looked through the drawers of my dresser and oohed and ahhed non-stop before deciding on a one-piece blanket sleeper with a picture of Merida on it. She unzipped it all the way to the foot and dressed me mostly lying down before having me sit up. By the time she was finished I was red with embarrassment, but I said, “Thanks.”

She picked me up and hugged me and I couldn’t deny that it felt good. “Can I baby-sit you occasionally?” I looked at her and noticed she was almost teary eyed, “I really miss my sister…”

“What’s her name?”

“Cassidy.” She said.

I nodded, “Maybe you’ll be in some of the same classes as me if Hannah isn’t. I know you’re more likely to be since you are a magic user too…”

She squealed and said, “Yay!!!” She bounced me for a moment and then said, “So do you have a doll or a bear you want to take with you to the movies?”

I pointed at Emie and she picked her out of my crib and held her out to me. “She’s pretty!” Camille cooed. “I love her dress. Do you have jammies for her that you want to change her into though so she can join the party?”

I wanted to get annoyed with her, but a part of me knew that she was absolutely correct, Emie needed pajamas to join in. I looked down at myself and then pictured the same on Emie. A moment later she was wearing an exact copy of my pajamas.

“Aww!” Camille said. “You two look so cute together!!!”

She was walking around the room holding me when Hannah finally came back from the bathroom. I noticed a problem a moment later. “Umm Hannah…”


“You’re… ummm…”

“You’re leaking,” Camille said with a little bit of shock.

Hannah burst into tears all of the sudden and I found myself jumping at her to hug her. Camille was there a second later. “It’s okay Hannah,” she soothed alongside me.

A few moments later she said, “How can I show my face?”

“Sofia isn’t yours, right?”

Hannah shook her head, “I’m still a virgin. When I mutated my BIT locked into being a mother for her though.”

“So, you lactate?”

Hannah simply nodded.

“Do you need to pump now?”

“Or…” I said.

Hannah looked at me like, ‘Do you want her to know?’

“Or…?” Camille asked.

“I guess I need to nurse,” I said simply. “Hannah, how are you building up so much milk though?” I groaned as she carried me to the rocking chair.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll ask the doctors tomorrow. Are you sure you want to do this right now? I mean you just had a meal. I could pump now and…”

“Just feed me already, you know my appetite never stops.”

I could tell Hannah must have been uncomfortable because it didn’t take her long to bare her breast to me and push my head towards it. As I nursed it was quiet for a moment before Camille asked, “What’s it feel like?”

I could almost feel Hannah smile above me, “Well for one it’s a relief to get it out. It’s like needing to go to the bathroom almost when I’m full… unfortunately that doesn’t seem to take more than a couple hours it seems,” she sighed.

“No, how about…?”

Hannah breathed deep and said, “It’s probably the most amazing feeling you could ever feel. Sofia feels like she is my baby and it’s so amazing to know that she’s getting part of what she needs from me…” She paused and patted my back a bit. “It also feels good in a weird way as she nurses...” I could practically feel her skin turn red as she blushed then.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell the others about this.” Camille assured her.

Hannah sighed, “I’m not sure I’ll be able to hide it from them. Everyone obviously is all too close to keep it a total secret, since I know there’s no way I will never leak. If anyone asks, I’m just pumping it and they’re taking it to study, okay?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Camille got quiet for a while and after I was switched to Hannah’s other breast, she burped me and Hannah asked, “So you sleepy yet?”

I shook my head, “Nursing doesn’t make me as sleepy here as it does in Caireen’s world.”

“Well I guess let’s go watch this movie.”

I nodded and Hannah handed me off to Camille. “You want to take her on out there? I need to change my bra and top…”

“Why not just change into your jammies like Sofia?” She suggested sweetly.

“I’ll go change too,” she added. “You want to stay here or come with me?” She asked.

I looked at Hannah.

“It’s okay, you can trust her.” I found myself snuggling into her grip and said, “Okay.”

Camille shoved Emie back into my grip, pushed a pacifier in my mouth, and carried me down the hallway to her room. Camille sat me down on her bed and quickly stripped and changed her clothes into her own set of pajamas. All the while I had to admit that it was disappointing that I didn’t feel any sort of excitement at seeing the cute girl naked. ‘I wonder if I would feel anything for a naked guy…?’ I thought morosely.

‘I don’t think so,’ Caireen said. ‘You’re a baby.’

‘So, I guess I’m never going to have sex?’

She remained silent, which meant probably a big fat no.

‘Being a baby, sucks!’ I told her.

I could feel a mental hug from her, ‘You will find many more comforts in life Sofia. Just be patient, you have a very long life ahead of you.’

Camille finished dressing into a cute footie pajama set of her own and smiled at me for a second, before frowning, “What’s wrong?”

I sighed, “Two weeks ago I would have killed to have seen you like I just did…”

I saw Camille nod, “I’ve been there, I understand. I… changed a lot too.”

I grasped the fact that she too used to be a boy then. “No, it’s worse than just not being turned on by you Camille… I… Imagine you never would be turned on by anyone?”

With that I saw a lightbulb go on in Camille’s head and she quickly picked me up and hugged me. I didn’t cry over it, but I certainly was sad about it. ‘At least Lily will eventually be able to give my parents the grandkids I’ll never give them…’

“It’s okay Sofia,” she said to me softly. “Come on, let’s get out to the movie and back to Hannah!”

I nodded and she carried me down the hall while I held my doll too. In the common room there was a gigantic flat screen TV the size of the wall itself, hammocks, and other comfy looking seating areas. “Wow, this is great!” I mentioned to Camille as she sat down on a couch next to another girl and shifted me to her lap.

“Yeah, this was all started by the Kimbas back in 2007 or so… each year it’s been added to,” a new girl said that I hadn’t met. She looked Hispanic, but also seemed to have a… ‘wiriness’ about her demeanor.

I dropped my pacifier from my mouth, “Hi, I’m Sofia,” I said politely.

The girl looked at me and shook her head, “Whateley gets stranger every day! I’m Volango,”  


She laughed, “That’s my code name, my actual name is Beth. I discovered I climb really well.”

“And she loves bananas!” Camille added.

Hannah came in right then and sat on another couch. I looked at her as if to ask if it was okay to be on someone else’s lap, she nodded discreetly. She had her pajamas on along with what I assumed was a new bra. I sighed, ‘I’m going to have to nurse like every other hour to keep her comfortable…’

‘I think actually she needs to use those pumps a couple times a day,’ Caireen told me, ‘I’ll explain later.’ She said in answer to my unasked question.

Before I knew it, Esmie and Lizi had come to join us on our couch, and we started watching a movie. During the movie I discovered more about this Team Kimba that had set up this room. We learned about some of the craziness that had supposedly gone on more than a decade ago - I wondered if half of the stories were true!

At some point the movie ended and Hannah said, “We probably should go to bed… they said they’re going to test us tomorrow so we can start to figure out our class schedules.”

“Fun!” Lizi said.

I shook my head, “I just did this…” I groaned a bit.

“Whateley has way better testing though. You probably have at least a couple more abilities than what your other tests revealed.”

“Really?” I asked, kind of excited by that.

“Yeah. Plus, Hannah gets to learn all of the cool new things she can do!”

I laughed, “Yeah, other than big balls of energy we don’t really know much about her abilities. Maybe you’ll have some sort of magical abilities too?”

Hannah picked me up off Camille’s lap and said, “Night everyone!”

She couldn’t seem to help herself and grabbed my arm and said, “Wave ‘bye-bye’ Sofia.”

I glared at her and she just laughed.

Once we made it back to her room she said, “Would you mind nursing one more time?”

“Already? I guess...” I said, but I knew it was probably three hours since the last time.

“I know, this has to be a little obnoxious on you. I’m sorry, I can just do the pump…”

I sighed, “Use the pump a time or two in the day… I’ll do night and breakfast for certain each day?”

She nodded.

“Save the rest of it… I have a feeling I have several girls that want to ‘babysit’ me.”

She smiled, “I’ve had like eight girls offer! I’m not surprised though; you are like the most adorable baby ever!”

Hannah settled into the rocker with me and sang a lullaby as she nursed me. I must have been more tired than I realized because she told me she changed my wet diaper and I didn’t even stir.



End Chapter 9

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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