The adventures of Jett Freelancer

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 23, 2021

Jett Freelancer, a pulp-fictional character larger than life, makes his debut. (Or should that be "de-butt"?)


Jeff Freelancer and The Maker's Orb

To the rainforest we go! Adventure, excitement, cholera, gangrene! It's a lot of fun.

Nov 9, 2021


Does anybody really know what time it is?

Does anybody really care?

Nov 10, 2021


Malice at the mall of doom

Will our adventurers survive the junk food of death?

Nov 10, 2021


Jett Freelancer and the day of normalcy

Tina's gift just keeps on giving.

Nov 11, 2021


Jett Freelancer goes to a memorable costumed ball

It's time for a fancy dress party!

Nov 12, 2021


Damian: clueless rebel for a clueless generation

Okay, the last chapter is pretty dark and disgusting. Don't read it if you don't like that sort of thing.

Nov 13, 2021


Betty and the daycare conundrum

Betty wants to be pampered.

Nov 14, 2021


Jett the Freelancer – A tale of redemption

Old Ms Walker might need a walker soon. A baby walker!

Nov 15, 2021


Emilia fits in

Emilia wants to be a better teenager.

Nov 17, 2021


Jett Freelancer and the Vampire?

Jett pays a visit to his origin story

Nov 20, 2021


Jett Freelance And The Playground of Doom

At last! Does adventure await our intrepid hero? Sort of...

Nov 22, 2021


Jett and the Flippy Hippy shake

Drugs are bad m’kay?

Nov 23, 2021

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