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Deadly Anew

by: Reina Watt Last updated Jan 5, 2024

With death comes change

Loop Anew

by: ReinaHW Last updated Jul 18, 2023

Loop around and change on the same day again and again

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW Last updated Dec 24, 2022

This is a little project I'm very slowly working on that was inspired by the likes of Tales From The Crypt Keeper and Twilight Zone, it's a bunch of short AR stories with each story being it's own contained story with a narrator who spans the full series. Bear in mind that this may take a while to develop so don't expect new stories all the time, they will appear as and when I feel the ideas are strong enough. Whenever it appears on the front page that means there's a new story added to it.


by: ReinaHW Last updated Nov 13, 2022

Two short stories that tie into each other. Hindsight can last a long time.

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RE: No, age regression

Reina Watt Jan 19, 2023

I'm been a tad too stressed and burned out with a lot happening over the past year to write much, I can try to write a new AR story or you could ...

RE: Looking for more AR horror stories

Reina Watt May 4, 2022

I've written a few myself like Vanity and The Nanny

RE: Still waiting for female unbirth stories

Reina Watt May 1, 2022

I've written Youth Fall, that has female and male unbirth in it to a fair degree though the way it's done is pretty much fatal.

On story: And Breathe - chapter 1

Reina Watt Mar 25, 2022

Thank you, the idea popped into my mind as I was trying to settle before going to bed early this morning UK time. I jotted it down quickly befo ...

RE: What got you interested in age regression / progression?

Reina Watt Mar 16, 2022

My being trans got me into age regression, the strong yearning to be younger and transition much sooner or regress and my body to become fully p ...

On story: A Little Sleepy - chapter 1

Reina Watt Mar 1, 2022

Thank you, I'm glad someone read it. The idea came to me last night as I getting ready to head to bed, I was so tired and I have a habit of reg ...

RE: What is your favorite method of age regression / progression

Reina Watt Feb 27, 2022

Honestly not sure, all these years of writing AR stories and I have no particular favourite method.

RE: Spam on Front Page?

Reina Watt Feb 23, 2022

The spam is back, sodding spam bots

RE: aggregation involving female characters

Reina Watt Feb 15, 2022

I've been too burned out to write any new AR stories, I tend to prefer to write female characters more than male otherwise I would have done a f ...

RE: Has there ever been a Triple AAA game where age regression has been ever really brought up and shown as a plot point?

Reina Watt Jan 21, 2022

Not really, usually due to there being the usual handwringing towards how those who hate age regression accuse anyone of liking it or having it ...

On story: Countdown Downtime - chapter 1

Reina Watt Jan 4, 2022

Thank you, I didn't actually want to write it as I felt the ideas were much too rough and unworkable. But since people expect more AR work from ...

RE: Accused of stealing from myself

Reina Watt Dec 15, 2021

The other site being this site, seems the person thinks I've been stealing my work from this site where I post the same work on AFTER it's been ...

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