And Breathe

by: ReinaHW | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2022

Just breathe and let the softness help you rest

Chapter 1
And Breathe

Chapter Description: Just breathe and let the softness help you to rest

Go ahead and take a seat, they're quite comfortable. So let's see what you're here for, mmm mm, okay, not a problem. Then let's begin.

Lie down and take some deep calming breathes, inhale, exhale. Let yourself be calm and clear your thoughts of all the stresses and worries you have, you are here to relax after all.

Picture yourself amid comfortable softness, it surrounds you, soothing you with the gentleness. Calm breathing, restful breathes. See yourself begin to shrink, feel it happening as your clothes loosen, the years melt away bit by bit. All traces of the adult you were have gone in reverse as the softness holds you in it's embrace.

Year by year, double digits becoming single ones. Let yourself be lost to it, don't resist it, don't fight it, just let yourself go back to a more innocent time, a time where the hardships and stresses of adulthood were but a far away notion and your life seems simpler, less cluttered.

Year by year

Thought by thought

Let the softness be the focus

Smaller, younger, innocence restored.

How old you are depends on your need, I am here to take care of you for the time you are here. However old you are now I'll take care of you so you can rest and let yourself recover as much as you can for the time you are here with me. If you simply want to take a nap in safe security then go ahead, if you want to play then you are welcome to as there are plenty of toys to play with or if you want to be babied than that is not a problem at all.

Here time has no real meaning as the outside world goes as a different pace than the time in these rooms, here you can be as young as you need to be for as long as you need and I will be right here to take care of you.

You are so small now, so young, you have clearly been aching to be this young for a good while. That is perfectly fine though as I enjoy looking after those who seek to take a break from being an adult.

Thick padding, soft clothes, a gentle kindness and gentle care. That is provided here and I provide it happily.

Soon you are rested and aged back to the adult you were, the fee is paid though I do not do this for the money, that is merely a small part. I do this for those who need it.

I'm sure I'll see you again.

Bring in the next person who seeks a break.



End Chapter 1

And Breathe

by: ReinaHW | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 25, 2022


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TheFurEffect · Mar 25, 2022

This, in a way, reminds me of Oren Otters' Transformation Parlor hypnosis videos on YouTube. Although a shorter read, definitely a good short story

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