Fun at the lab with Dr. Anne

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Dr. Anne discovers that with enough math, you can have as many do-overs as you like.

Chapter 1
You want to do what?

Chapter Description: Anne and Julie bond over technology.

 Dr. Anne Hathaway sat at her desk contemplating the latest results of bombarding living tissue with the output of her newly designed device. She looked at a graph displaying the difference between the biological age and the actual age of the sample then muttered “Hmm. The sample is 4 months biologically, but 12 months actual.”

She then pulled up the charts of her biological data that she had run with her instruments on herself, “biologic age 34, actual age 38, height 5’10, weight 140” she muttered while absentmindedly chewing on the eraser of a pencil.

Dr. Anne was a tall woman who was sorely aware of her height and how it had affected her socially as she grew up. Children are painfully honest to the point of cruelty, this is how they learn that being blunt is sometimes not the best diplomatic tack when you want someone to do something for you. Dr. Anne experienced that bluntness with astonishing regularity during her childhood.

She pulled up the data on her personal DNA and puzzled over her active gene pairs. “HMGA2 gene C code twice the norm, that’s probably it”, she muttered as she called up her interface to the device and modified the gene sequence parameters. She then put her sample in a test chamber and irradiated it with bright light from a futuristic-looking emission gun.

Pulling out the sample, she ran a new biologic scan on it and was happy to see that the new DNA sequence had taken place flawlessly. She decided to check the sample again in 24 hours to see what the result would be.

She broke her research for lunch and contemplated sequencing possibilities while sipping coffee at the lab’s cafeteria. A coworker came over to say hello, “Hi, Anne! How’s your day going?”

“Just fine, Justin! I’ve achieved several successful DNA sequencing algorithms on the specimen tissue samples and I’m awaiting the results through timed trials” she responded.

“Ah, time trials. Too bad there’s no way to speed those up! What a boon it’d be for our research if we could accelerate the age of the sample and see the results sooner” he postulated.

“Hmm. That might be possible, but I wonder if the results would be valid” replied Anne. She finished her coffee and excused herself from the discussion. Justin understood and got up to get back to his research.


Back at the lab, Anne took out another tissue sample and exposed it to the new shortening sequence. She then put it under her device and adjusted a few parameters on its keypad. “About a month should tell me something” she muttered as the sample was irradiated.

She scanned the tissue, “Biologic age 2 months, actual age 1 month. Perfect!” she thrilled at the prospect of speeding up her research and examined the sample’s DNA sequence. “No mutations or runaway sequences! Time to see what the long-term effect will be.”

She irradiated the tissue with new parameters. “5 years biologic, 1-month actual” she muttered and repeated her tests. “No difference from the previous sample. Looking good!” an enthused Dr. Anne repeated her testing until the sample was 100 years old biologically and finding no signs of instability in the resulting tests.

Her assistant came into the lab at that time fresh from her dentist appointment and they caught up on Anne’s research. Julie was happy to see that the doctor was making progress and took notes of the day’s progress to enter into the log.

Dr. Anne brought up Julie’s biological data and reviewed it. “biologic age 20, actual age 24, height 4’11, weight 92 pounds,” she said aloud. Julie peeked around the tall doctor and up at the monitor. Julie had endured all the jokes that children make about short people as she grew up and wondered what the doctor was up to.

“Would you like a few more inches of height, Julie? The new sequence appears to work with no ill effects” Joked the doctor.

Julie understood the joke, but it struck her in a vulnerable spot and she fought back a few tears while attempting to laugh.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize that height would be an emotional trigger for you,” apologized Anne, “would you like to try the sequence out for real? I think I’m ready for guinea pigs at this point.”

“What about lab animals?” asked Julie “Shouldn’t the first subjects be them, instead?”

“No, there will be no lab animals! I refuse to sacrifice an innocent life for cosmetic reasons!” Said Dr. Anne with conviction. “We’ve done enough damage to them as it is,” she said calming down.

“Hmm,” said Julie “I trust you doctor Anne. If you think the procedure is safe enough, I’ll volunteer.”

“Good, good,” said Anne “Just stand under that DNA sequencer and I’ll give you a few inches in height. I think that 2 should be enough, and it won’t be that noticeable as well as give you time to adjust to your new height,” she said as she entered in some parameters on the pad’s interface.

Julie took her place on the platform and Anne irradiated her. She then gave her a biological scan and reviewed the results. “All DNA sequences are normal” she declared.

“So, when do I get taller?” asked Julie.

“For that, either you wait for a year or step under my new device. It can age you up in a jiffy!” said Dr. Anne.

“Your device will age me up a year? Doctor, is it possible that your device could take my age down a year first and then add it back on?” asked Julie.

“Hmm. Why not? Let me adjust the parameters,” She said as she hit the pad inputs with a nervous staccato that belied her nervousness “There! One year younger. Let’s try that!”

Julie stepped on the pad and Anne activated the device. “Let’s do a scan on you to see the effects,” said Anne. “Hmm. There appears to be a flaw in my calculations, but don’t worry, I’ll sort it out shortly!”

“What do you mean, a flaw?” Squeaked Julie. “What’s wrong with my voice? Doctor, what did your device do to me?” said Julie as she unconsciously adjusted her sleeves on a lab coat that now covered her whole body and almost touched the ground. She then noticed that her skirt had fallen and her pantyhose were wrinkled and bagging at her ankles. She squeaked at the sight and grabbed at her fallen skirt while stumbling and stepping out of her too-big shoes in the process.

“Don’t worry. The reverse process took 14 years off instead of one. I’m adjusting the algorithms as we speak. We should have you to your normal age of 24 in a little while” soothed Dr. Anne.

“Okay, but I’m bored! Do you have any toys for me to play with?” asked a 10-year-old Julie. Fortunately, Anne had a coloring book and crayons that she was going to give to her niece, she gave them to Julie to play with.

Julie stripped off her oversize clothing and donned a much smaller lab coat that they kept around for tours, and wearing just her baggy panties while lying on the floor and colored happily in the coloring book. Anne continued her calculations and entered the data into the interface for her device.

“I believe I’m ready to age you back up,” said Dr. Anne “Are you ready?”

“Hold on a minute. I gotta finish the princess dress because I must color all of it.” Said Julie as she lightly bit her tongue in heavy concentration to stay within the lines. She finished her drawing and showed it to Anne who praised her for the excellent job and put the drawing on the lab refrigerator with a magnet.

A bouncy, happy little girl on the cusp of puberty stepped on the device pad. She wore her baggy adult panties and was 4 feet tall and weighed just 44 pounds.

Anne activated her device, “That should do it!” she exclaimed. She looked at Julie, standing on the pad, and waited.

“When does it happen?” asked Julie “I don’t feel any different,” she looked at her hands and felt her budding breasts. “I’d say I’m the same.”

Anne performed a scan and said “Hmm. No, you’re now a 12 year old and about 4 foot 6. What was your height at that age previously?”

Julie thought about it and responded “About 4 feet 4 inches. It looks like your DNA sequence is effective, at least. When do I return to my correct age?”

Anne started on her calculations again. “Looks like I need to refine a few variables, how do you feel? Do you need anything?”

“Umm,” said Julie and whispered into Anne’s ear. Anne pulled out a box of women’s sanitary products from stores and handed it to Julie. Julie excused herself and went to the bathroom.

After several attempts and more calculations, Julie was returned to her correct age of 24 with the two extra inches of height and was now 5’1. The pair now had their device tuned and calibrated.

"Thanks for your assistance, Julie. I couldn’t have done it without you!” said Dr. Anne “If you want more height, I advise waiting for a little while and getting used to your new height, first.”

“How long, doctor?” asked Julie.

“About a year” responded Dr. Anne.


Dr. Anne was working on her computer model of XX vs XY chromosome pairs and wondered aloud “Would it be possible using the regress function of my device to change a person’s sex and then grow them back to their current age without side effects​​?”

Julie, who happened to be working on the project’s budget forms on a terminal next to the doctor, asked “Why not try it on a tissue sample and see?”

A tissue sample was obtained, the doctor regressed it to an infantile state and then performed a DNA sequence on the chromosomes to change them from XX to XY, (as the sample was from the doctor herself). She then ran the aging function of her device on the sample and performed a biological scan of the results.

“It looks like it works on the sample” stated the doctor. “We need more data if we’re to perform it in real life.”

Julie thought for a second. “I wonder if our preliminary research will be of interest to Justin? He’s always been unhappy with his sex and this might be what he needs.”

Justin was called in and he came over like a shot to see if they could solve his gender dysphoria. A sample was obtained, processed and the results were satisfactory. Justin was eager to be a lab rat “Let’s do this! What could go wrong?” He asked.

“Just stand on the pad for my device. We’re going to reverse your age to that of a newborn and then do the DNA sequence mod. After that, we’ll age you back to your current age and go from there” said Anne.

Julie stood by with various support equipment for newborns on the side of the device's platform. An incubation chamber stood ready as well as infant garments, lotions, and diapers. Justin looked at the array of equipment and wondered if maybe he might be biting off more than he could chew.

Anne activated the device and Justin rapidly aged backward into an infant engulfed by the pile of clothing that he was wearing previously. Julie carefully uncovered and pulled out the newborn, put him in a diaper and the incubator. Justin didn’t say a word throughout.

“How’s it going, Justin? Can you understand us right now?” asked Annie. Justin didn’t respond with anything that could be considered acknowledgment. “We’re going to start the gene programming sequence to turn you from XY to XX. Here goes!” Annie started the sequence and after a few moments, it was completed. A biologic scan verified that Justin was now an infant girl. Julie couldn’t resist “changing” Justin’s diaper just to see the proof and did a slow whistle, “Wow! Everything checks out!”

If Justin noticed, she didn’t say anything. Her entire body turned beet red for some reason and a scan verified that it wasn’t anything life-threatening.

Julie enjoyed taking care of the newborn. She slept most of the time and only woke up when hungry or wet. The feedings every two hours were a bit tiring, but Julie kept up with it for the next 24 hours.

Annie came into the lab the next day to find Justin asleep in a lightly snoring Julie’s arms. She waited until Julie was awoken by Justin before proceeding with the next step in the procedure. Justin was loosely swaddled and placed on the device’s pad and Anne started the aging sequence then stopped it at age three.

Justin got up from her blanket and diaper which had popped at the tabs. She examined her body with a smile and felt her private areas to see if they were real. “It worked!” she exclaimed “I’m a girl! Oops, Sorry I couldn’t hold it!” she said as she peed on the platform. Julie came over with towels to mop up the mess and Anne took Justin to clean her up on the changing table.

Clad in only a thick diaper that was overlapped by her pudgy stomach, Justin asked why they stopped the process at her current age. “We wanted to make certain you were comfortable and allow your brain some time to wrap itself around being a different sex” replied Annie as she offered up strained carrots and chicken with vegetables with a baby spoon from a jar. Justin ate the fare and commented that the vegetables were a bit salty. A sippy cup with apple juice solved that problem and Justin did what most babies do after a meal -- take a poop.

More tests were performed, Justin passed and was placed on the device’s pad while Anne set the controls and activated it. Justin popped out of her diaper and was now in the beginning stages of puberty. Julia took her to the bathroom and gave her the facts of female life. Justin took it in stride and felt up her budding breasts with an anticipatory smile of pubescent things to come.

Justin was aged up to sixteen. The girls braced themselves for what was next. Justin’s insecurity and lack of understanding of herself manifested. She wanted to be cool, and she wanted to be loved by a guy and she wanted to style her hair differently, etc., etc. Anne and Julie did their best over the next few hours and thanked the fact that they had already gone through being angst-ridden teenagers.

Justin came to grips with her demons and was aged up to her original age. She wasn’t a model and she didn’t have big boobs. Her body was pear-shaped and she was a bit disappointed with her horsey face and stringy hair. But she got her wish: To be a woman!

The three went out for drinks that night and had a fun time at a local sports bar. The guys there were so drunk towards the end of the evening that even Justin got a few hits. Anne and Julie reigned her in and advised her that going the route of a loose woman would only lead to disappointment. Justin took their advice to heart and the three went home to their beds alone that night.


Julie walked into the lab to find a 12-year-old girl wearing a pair of rolled-up jeans, a too-large pink t-shirt, and floppy Keds sneakers furiously doing equations on the lab’s holo-screen. “Anne, is that you?”

“Yep, it’s me all right! Can’t talk right now, need to make a small correction to my equations.” said the girl as she paused to pull up her pants and adjusting the belt on them. She realized the belt couldn’t be adjusted anymore and just pulled off her pants and shoes, throwing them aside, and continuing to brainstorm.

“Was she visibly getting younger?” wondered Julie “Maybe I should just take a look at her equation and perhaps help out.” She looked at the board, saw a solid wall of math equations, and started to look for an error in Anne’s calculations and found one. Now, how to get Anne’s attention without breaking her concentration?

Anne looked over to where Julie was looking. She came over and stretched her hand up to correct the error but she was already too short to reach that part of the board and make the correction. Julie lifted the little girl and helped her with the problem.

“No time to lose!” said Anne “We must enter the new equations quickwy- er, quickly!” as Julie took her over to the input screen on her device and held her up, the corrected equations were entered. “Put me down on da pad dere and push da button befowe I get too young!”

Julie did as she was told and the device bathed Anne in a ray of multicolored light. The process stopped and Anne was now a 2-year-old. Julie adjusted the pad parameters and brought Anne back to age 10.

Anne stepped off the pad and said “Thanks! I wanted to stop the aging process and missed a vital algorithm that ended up slowly reversing it instead.” Julie couldn’t help but notice that Anne was unconsciously rubbing her private area while explaining the problem and remarked on it.

“What? Oh, sorry! I had a childhood habit of masturbating when I worked on long equations in my head, I guess I’m at the age that I used to do it” said Anne.

“That is just so cute!” exclaimed Julie “Maybe I should set my age to 10 and join in. Ah, What the heck!” she set a time delay on the device and stepped up on the pad. The device activated and a 10-year-old Julie stood on the pad with her clothing either hanging loosely off her childish frame or on the ground surrounding her.

She walked over to Anne and gave her a little inquisitive kiss. Anne responded by embracing her and tonguing her back. The two then got into it and scissored for a while.

After an hour of company time, the pair got up, kissed a little more, and took a shower together. They wrapped up in towels and cleaned up the device’s pad with sponges, picking up all the loose clothing in the process.

“Do you know what would be fun?” asked Anne “Having a girl’s day out at the amusement park and just enjoy being a kid for an afternoon. The only problem is that we’d need a chaperon.”

“I think that could be arranged,” replied Julie “We’ll get Justin to play mommy. She owes us one!”

“Well, okay then! Let’s pick a day!”


The following Saturday, a matronly looking woman with a horsey face, and her two charges descended upon a hapless amusement park. Anne won the coin toss and was age 9 while Julie who lost was age 8. They decided on different ages as they didn’t look like twins and wanted a sister-like experience. Justin asked “So, what do you girls want to do first?” to which the girls turned and said as one: “The up-chuckie go-pukie!”

“A wise decision. Go and upset your stomachs now instead of later when they’re full of cotton candy! Very wise indeed!” approved Justin. They cued up for the ride and waited for 20 minutes before they were able to get on. Julie just made the height requirement, and the girls were strapped into a ride that lasted 5 minutes and turned their insides out with its jarring stops and barrel-roll spins followed by sharp drops of height with mind-numbing speed.

“Ugh! I don’t feel so good…” said Anne as she wobbled over to a trashcan and almost lost her cookies.

“Let’s just go sit over on a bench for a few minutes and let our stomachs settle down,” said a greenish faced Julie.

“You girls just need to roll with the ride’s motion!” said Justin with a happy smile on her face. They all sat and waited for the girls' stomachs to settle in. “Where to next?”

“I guess we could try the fun slide” suggested Anne “while we wait for our stomachs to settle down a bit more.” Julie was all for it. The girls got in line for the 90-foot slide and reached the top quickly as the line wasn’t as long as the other more thrilling rides. They both slid down the slide on bamboo mats that were provided. “I wanna go again!” said an excited Julie who started running back to the waiting line. Anne just shrugged her shoulders and joined her.

The girls accompanied by Justin enjoyed several amusements that day. Got sick on cotton candy and even had a little accident when Julie after waiting for 20 minutes in line, peed herself. Justin who prepared for such an emergency took her to the ladies' room and provided her a change of clothing. She also offered her a pull-up, which Julie accepted as a little excitement experienced at the wrong time could open the floodgates unintentionally. Anne heard the crinkle of Julie's pull-up and asked Julie where she got it. Justin just smiled and made the same offer to Anne. With their loins padded against accidents, the two enjoyed the rest of their special day.


“Where to next, girls? The lab or my house for a sleepover and a movie?” asked Justin. Anne looked at Julie and got back an “I never thought of that” look. The girls simultaneously yelled “Sleepover!” and then laughed.

“I would have just gone to the lab and resumed our normal ages,” admitted Anne “but a sleepover is just what we need.”

“Okay, but you’ll need to adjust your ages to tweens or teens for a proper sleepover” suggested Justin.

“Good idea! Let’s go to the lab and do that. We’re stocked up on clothing for all ages as part of the research project, so there’s no need to stop at a clothing store” said Julie.

The three went to the lab and the girls got on the pad. Justin adjusted the device’s controls and bathed the girls in its multicolored glow. Nothing seemed to happen to them and Anne went over to the device’s display and found that it had been cleared by Justin.

“What did you do, Justin?” asked Anne as Justin looked through the wardrobe for outfits for the girls.

“Oh, I put a delay on the process for no particular reason. Ah! Here we go!” said Justin as she held up a pair of 2T-sized pajamas. “You need to wear the right outfit for a pajama party!”

Julie and Anne looked at Justin and then at each other and caught on to what he’d done. Before either could get to the controls and reset their ages, the effect of the device kicked in and they shrank down to 2-year-old toddlers. Justin picked them up and put Julie in a crib next to a changing table where she laid Anne down and put a thick overnight diaper on her along with the pajamas. She then dressed up Julie in the same fashion.

Julie and Anne were strapped into a double stroller and Justin grabbed a pair of child safety seats from the inventory as he wheeled them out of the lab. The girls couldn’t undo their straps and as they were wheeled past security, who had been napping the whole time, their cries for help only came out as childish babble to the night watchman. “Have a good night, Ma’am” said the watchman as they left the building.

In Justin’s apartment, Anne and Julie were put into a playpen with some toys in it. Anne grabbed the side of the playpen and asked “Justin, why did you turn us into toddlers?” Which came out a bit garbled due to her underdeveloped palette and facial tissues.

Justin replied, “Well, I thought about turning you into babies, but then you wouldn’t sleep all night long and I like to get about eight hours of sleep every night.”

“You didn’t answer the question. Why are we toddlers?” asked Anne.

“You two have a marvelous invention that can turn an old person into a baby or change a person’s gender, and even with the right application, cure cancer,” said Justin.

“What of it? It’s still very experimental and we’re working out the bugs. We can’t use a product that might cure one person and hideously maim another without debugging it first.” said Anne.

“I think it’s ready now.” said Justin “I’ve decided to take over the project and work with a research company to market it. Just think of how much money it’ll make for me! I’ll be richer than Croesus!”

“So, what happens to Julie and me in the end? What have you got planned on that front?”

“I figure that you’ll stay at the age of two while I go on to establish my empire. It’s not a bad deal if you think about it. Eternal youth for you two as your every need will be taken care of!” laughed Justin.

“Diaper rash and the croup for eternity? No thanks!” piped up Julie from the back of the playpen. She had just finished putting a square block in a square hole and was working on a triangle piece currently. “By the way, I hope you have enough diapers in stock. I tend to go through them rather quickly at this age!”

Something about Julie and Anne’s attitude and the way that they were handling their situation bothered Justin. She wondered if it was intuition or something else. “So, what do you think, Anne? Does wearing diapers and having your every need fulfilled for eternity sound like a good deal to you?”

“Nope. It might be fun for a while but I would rather do other things like shyly kissing a boy at a tender age or riding a tricycle. Hell, I’d even like to play doctor with a boy. That would be more fun the second time around!” said Anne as she pictured the scenario in her head and giggled.

Justin was feeling a bit nervous and paranoid about their mental posture. She tried to shrug it off by checking the toddlers to see if they needed a diaper change and Julie was in need. She picked up the toddler and took her to the changing table in the newly furnished baby’s room.

Julie smiled as Justin undid her tabs and pulled off the diaper. She thrilled to the cool touch of the wet wipe across her bottom. As Justin was pulling the front of the diaper through her legs, she said “STOP! I like a little powder to keep me fresh and dry.” Justin put a small sprinkle of powder on her privates, taped up her diaper, and put her pajamas back on. “Thank you, mommy Justin!” she said and blew a little kiss his way. Justin basked in the warmth of motherhood and returned her to the playpen.

“Make sure she uses the powder, Anne. It makes the whole experience that much better” said Julie as she ground her diaper into a large teddy bear that was nearly as big as her.

The next morning, Anne and Julie were woke up, bathed, diapered, and dressed in cute little dresses that were short enough to show their big diapered behinds and fed. Justin then put them in the playpen with the promise that they’d go out later to the park for some air and sunshine.

“We won’t have enough time for that, Justin,” said Anne.

“Yeah, in about 3 minutes…” started Julie before she was shushed by Anne.

Justin’s feelings of dread came to the surface. “What will happen in 3 minutes?”

The girls were silent and just smiled with all-knowing grins at Justin. The effect of two toddlers with knowing grins was enough to make Justin very worried, but the die was cast, so he waited for the 3 minutes and nothing happened.

“Psyche!” said Anne and Julie burst out laughing. “You should see the look on your face!” Julie laughed.

“That wasn’t funny! Just for that, I’m withholding the powder on your next diaper change!”

“Don’t you mean your diaper change?” asked Anne innocently “Have a look in the mirror.”

Justin looked in the mirror and a baby stared back. The baby was surrounded by a pile of clothing that Justin wore that morning. Justin went from a sitting position to a crawling position, went up to the playpen, muttered some baby gibberish, and drooled at Anne and Julie.

“Okay, the fail-safe that we set in Justin’s DNA kicked in and she’s out of the game, what about us?” asked Julie.

“Well, our fail-safe is set to go off in about 5 more minutes” responded Anne. “Sorry, Justin! Looks like you’ll be a baby for a long, long time!”

Justin just drooled and gave a smile that showed his baby teeth.


“So you put a timer in your DNA that was programmed to return you to your normal ages on Sunday morning before going to the amusement park?” asked the program director.

“Yes. Julie was paranoid about Justin for some reason or other and we decided a fail-safe built into the regression program that turned us into 8 and 9-year-olds would be the best bet.”

The director went over the highchair that baby Justin was occupying. She burbled and cooed at the director as most babies are sociable creatures. “And Justin is now just a helpless baby with a tabula rasa brain? There’s no hope of recovery?”

“No, sir. I hope her work isn’t too hard for someone else to pick up” sympathized Anne.

“How did you put the timer in Justin’s DNA? She didn’t go under the ray that Saturday that you ladies did, right?”

“Justin’s was planted after her sex change. I used a key phrase to set it off.” said Anne “It was ‘Don’t you mean your diaper change?’ There was very little chance that it would go off if a random stranger said it as it was only keyed to Julie and me.”

“Well, you’ve done well. We can’t market this device of yours but we can cater to the very wealthy. As long as it's under wraps, we’ll make a nice tidy fortune” said the director as Julie zapped him with a newly minted portable version of the device and rendered him a helpless baby.

“Sorry, but no, Mr. Director,” said Anne as she picked up the baby and put him on a changing table. “We can’t have anyone knowing about the device or chaos will ensue.” she wiped him down with a wet wipe and proceeded to put a diaper on him. “If everyone has this technology, then what’s to stop anyone from aging or regressing anyone for the sheer sport of it? Before long, everyone will be helpless babies with very few caretakers. We won’t have that!” she dressed the director up in a solid white onesie and put him in a playpen with Justin. The two played with different toys and ignored each other.

The director and Justin were given to an orphan processing center. The lab destroyed itself in a bright flash of light and heat that destroyed everything for a hundred yards around it. No souls were lost that day as they were all at the founder’s day picnic. Anne and Julie were there as well, Anne, age 5, was practicing her “shy kissing technique” on a cute unsuspecting little boy and Julie was getting hammered with a group of twenty-somethings. She was carried home by one of the cute, muscular ones after Anne aged herself up to 23 and seduced him into helping her with her drunken “sister”.


A pair of prepubescent girls wrestled and scissored each other on a large bed. After a long session of loving, the two collapsed into each other's arms and happily fell asleep.

Anne woke up to Julie nestled in her armpit and carefully extricated herself. She grabbed the mini version of the device and applied it to Julie. Picking the infant Julie up, she carefully cleaned her, diapered her, and then dressed her. She programmed some special parameters into the device using a cellphone and a USB cable and applied it to herself.

A nursing young mother suckled her infant daughter. The baby suckled greedily on her mommy’s teat and thought of future times when she would get to be the mommy. But for now, she enjoyed the moment, the smell of mommy, the sweet milk from mommy, and the huge crap in her diaper. The squishy feeling between her butt cheeks felt good as she happily fell asleep.




End Chapter 1

Fun at the lab with Dr. Anne

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