Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022

Chapter 3
DAY 1 (Part 2)

Chapter Description: Juliette and Sandra take Tom for a walk to the park as he gets used to his new baby body.

In the car, Sandra offered to drive and I was able to sit on Juliette’s lap. Both girls put their sunglasses on and started the car. Juliette took a good care of me all the way to the park.

During the driving, Juliette and her friend didn’t stop talking, mostly about their immediate plans, jobs, study, internships.

I just watched the streets passing by; now everything looked so big and different, I had a completely different view of my city. Then, alternatively, I looked at my students and try to pay attention to their conversations.

“So, that’s half a scholarship, where’s the rest going to come from?”, Juliette asked, lightly.

“I can do some extra lab Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s also going to count as Social Service, and it’ll give me 6 credits at the end of the career”, Sandra explained, very self-confident. “And you?”

“I’m going to apply for an internship at Hilton Heights”, Juliette answered, without even blinking.

“Wouldn’t you need a special services diploma for that?”, Sandra questioned.

“I can do it on Saturdays”, Juliette answered, while rocking me on her lap. “Also, there’s Summer intensive later this year. It’ll be done first semester. And then I’ll be able to focus on other courses”.

As I heard them talk so maturely about financials, academics and job plans, I began to feel embarrassed. I realized how tiny I was compared to them. I usually only worked half time and then chill out in my house, playing video games, without any other plans. I was a true baby compared to their very grown-up perspective of life and their plans. I began to realize how much of a fool I had been when I thought I could teach them anything; and that they probably just played nice to me by making me feel I ever was relevant for them.

I began to turn around, desperate. But then, I felt a caress in my chin.

“Look, Tom!”, Juliette tickled me, making me giggle, as she raised me to see through the window. “We’re arriving to the park!”, she aimed, joyfully.

I opened my eyes wide and looked at the shiny green landscape, with colorful balloons hovering around. Everything looked so amazing and new, I could forget about any shadow of a trouble and enjoy the walk.

Sandra parked the car and Juliette carried me through the park, as both girls walked under the sun, keeping with the talk. I felt like blushing because of the strange feeling of being outdoors in my new form. People and sometimes even families came in and out walking, and no one seemed to pay attention to me. No one knew who I really was, I was only a little baby on my students’ arms. I didn’t know what to think, but I secretly enjoyed clinging to Juliette’s bosom and leave everything under her care.

“Oh, it’s here”, Sandra said.

We arrived to a kiosk where Sandra bought the magazine she was looking for. She seemed very enthusiastic about it, while Juliette entertained me by showing me some foam toys a vendor was selling.

“You like the little bear or the giraffe?”, she said to me in a childish tone, while holding a toy above my head.

Hypnotized by its color, I raised my arms to try to catch it but giggling, Juliette took it away of my reach once and again.

I finally hugged by giraffe and then the girls took a walk towards the fountain. There, Juliette stood above it, holding me on her arms, and then looked down. I looked down too, and reminded the insignificant baby I had become at her side.

“So, how does it feel to have Mr. Greer as your boyfriend?”, Sandra asked later.

The girls were sat at the park swings, Juliette had put me in her lap and was hugging my little body with tenderness.

“He’s a good baby”, she replied, caressing my head with her soft hand, as she contemplated me. “I mean… you know him, right?”

Both girls exchanged a stare of complicity and smiled for themselves. I was puzzled… so, I was always a baby for them?

“Wanna take a souvenir?”, Sandra broke the silence, asking with her deep voice.

She got down of the swing and walked back. Juliette followed her, carrying me on her arms. Soon we were on front of a fountain, and Sandra took out her cellphone.

Juliette followed and soon we three were looking our faces reflected in the water, as Sandra shoot a picture.

“There you go!”, Sandra said, showing Juliette the photo.

Both women laughed and Sandra began to type something on her phone.

“This is going to my Instagram”, Sandra said, enthusiastic.

“Should we tag Tom?”, Juliette said, giggling irremediably.

“Hah hah, we better do!”, Sandra agreed.

And in a matter of seconds, that picture of me babified, looking at the water amazed next to my students, was all out in the Internet, receiving tons of “Hahas” and “Loves” and questions in disbelief, as all my contacts were sent the picture of the new me.

Finally, we ended the walk through the park at a snack stand. Juliette put me on the table where I sat on my bulky diaper, as  she ate chips and Sandra read her magazine. Every now and then, Juliette offered me a little chip, which I clumsily tried to grab with my baby hands as she put them in my mouth.

“Wow, check this”, Sandra read, excited. “Stem Cell Cancer research is one of the most prominent fields of actions. University of Aruba is offering a comprehensive course aimed to BOTH veteran professionals and freshmen with studies in genetics, biochemistry and…”

And while I tried to process her complex sentence, I felt something very big discharging inside my diaper. I held my breath, trying to convince myself it wasn’t what I thought it was. It couldn’t be… I didn’t feel it coming, it just came out and I didn’t realize until the very last moment. As the seconds passed, it became more and more evident to me I was now sitting on something else than simply my bulky diaper…

It took my students about two or three minutes to notice something. Sandra was very focused on her reading, and she still was when suddenly, as she turned the page, said, without even turning to Juliette:

“Was that Tom?”

Juliette blinked and her eyes rolled. Then she frowned her nose, almost imperceptibly, and took me by my armpits. I tried to shake my legs but couldn’t do much as she raised my diaper to her nose, took a very short sniff, and put me down.

“Yup”, she sentenced, and quickly put her purse on the table.

When she opened it, I knew what was coming. She stuck her hand inside the purse, and the first thing she took with her long fingers out were my adult man tighty whities. Without much care, she put them on the table, and kept on searching. I turned round and looked at my briefs, nervous. My eyes functioned now like a fish-eyed lens, and my former briefs looked so huge, I couldn’t even imagine how they could have fit on me one day.

But, above all, was the upcoming embarrassment of seeing my private clothes at the sight of everyone in plain daylight. The stand was crowded and a steady line of clients -from women, to male, to mothers with their children-, walked next to our table, as Juliette took out baby wipes, a clean new diaper and powder to begin to change me.

Then, Sandra took my t-shirt off and Juliette laid me on my back over the table. I was speechless, as the baby I was, but I couldn’t contain my embarrassment when I saw to blonde little girls, who were probably between 5 and 7 years old, looking at me and the whole thing with much interest. I saw them look at my briefs, then whisper something between them and giggle in childish pleasure.

I kicked my bare feet in futileness, but Juliette was quick to grab my ankles inside her hand and she quickly untaped my diaper. While most people didn’t pay attention to me, the little girls looked at me with much interest and commented something between them, as my tender tushy was cleaned over and over with the wet baby wipes.

Suddenly a breeze of cold wind made its way inside the stand, and I felt it directly on my bare bottom. Again I struggled and tried to kick my feet at the sudden feeling of having my butt and privates so exposed at the sight of everyone. I heard the little girls laugh and I couldn’t stand it. I managed to turn the other way, where I saw outside of the stand, two boys standing and looking directly at me. They seemed to be brothers; they were not older than 11 years old, and both were wearing shorts and t-shirts and had their arm crossed, looking at me and my little penis (that had shrunk because of the cold) with a sort of perverse grin, as Juliette covered my butt and penis with powder.

There, frozen in aghast, I realized how much of a pitiful creature I had become.



End Chapter 3

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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