Allie's adventure in the land of wonder.

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Chapter 10
How grandma got her groove back.

Chapter Description: The trio makes a trip to mirror land to sort out some personality problems.

The day was another rainy one. Thunder and lightning announced their comings and goings with bright flashes and loud rumbling noises. The rain came down hard and didn’t show any signs of letting up.

The three sat watching TV in the living room. Betty was 10 today, she seemed to have an affinity for that age. Allie and Edie would see her as an adult one moment, a teenager on another, and then she would regress to her standby age just as quickly.

Sometimes, her clothing would change with her, and other times, she might find herself a child wearing an oversize set of adult clothing. She wasn’t able to do anything other than sitting still and wait for the changes.

The drapes to mirror land parted. Ellia, Eide, and Ytteb stepped out of the mirror.

“How’s everything going?” asked Ellia, she was Allie’s age today, a dapper 8 and wearing a perfect replica of the play dress found in a different land of wonder.

Before anyone could answer, Eide spoke up, “We understand that Betty has a problem with age stability,” She wore a matching outfit in black to Ellia and was 16.

“Why didn’t you wait for your training before you started to experiment?” asked Ytteb sharply. She was 10, like Betty, and wore a set of stretch-waist jeans and a play shirt.

“It just happened, all right?” answered Betty. She had a flash of nostalgia randomly go off in her heart as an image of three happy little girls playing in the sand. Her magic responded by changing her age to 5 and dressing her in a thick play shirt and diaper. A bright yellow sand bucket with a plastic shovel appeared at her feet.

“You need to come with us and see the age doctor, right away!” Said Ytteb, “She’ll find a cure as she always does!”

“We’re ready!” said Allie as a large flash of lightning went off and illuminated the room. A large boom followed almost a second later.

The six entered the mirror and stepped out. Ellia shrank down to age 4 changing her dress size to match. She reached up and took Allie’s hand.

“We need to practice! You’ve nearly mastered your magic!” she led her off to a different building that read “Myg” above it, “Don’t worry about Betty, she’ll be just fine!”

Allie wondered why Eilla had changed her age to 4 and as if she’d read her mind, Eilla said, “Sometimes it’s fun to be a kid and wear diapers!”

By the crinkling sounds she gave off as she walked, Allie could see that Ellia was indeed wearing them.


Eide and Edie appeared in a large chamber. A sign read “Layor Rebmahc” above her. Her teen counterpart looked at Edie and concentrated. Edie’s clothing changed to a formal gown and a small tiara appeared on her head.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to,” she cautioned her, “you’re in the presence of the scarlet queen and she has some words of wisdom to share with you!”

“But what about…” began Edie.

“Don’t worry about Betty, she’ll be fine! Now be quiet! Don’t speak until spoken to, have you got that?”

“Okay, got it!” said Edie as she fell silent.

A large woman wearing velvet finery walked into the room. All bowed and somehow, Edie knew to curtsy instead. The scarlet queen smiled at her in recognition of her knowledge.


Ytteb and Betty appeared in a small office with bland furniture and elevator music. Ytteb signed her in and filled out her particulars on a clipboard. All the information was reversed and it was easier for her to fill it out.

Betty had a flashback of when she was a very little girl and went for one of her booster shots. Fear ripped across her body as she regressed into a three-year-old wearing a play suit.

“Scary place!” she said as she attached herself to Ytteb, “Betty not like scary place!”

She had regressed in her mind because the feeling was so strong. Ytteb put her on her lap and did her best to calm her down.

After Betty had calmed down and started to fall asleep from the soft music, an announcement rang out overhead.

“Betty, please go to room number 4. Betty, please go to room number 4.”

Ytteb picked up the sleeping child and walked her over to room 4. She was greeted by a nurse who told Ytteb to take off Betty’s clothing and leave her diaper on.

The cold silence of the room woke Betty back up. She felt more pangs of fear as the silence reminded her of the painful inoculations she’d received in small, featureless rooms like this one. She whimpered in fear as Ytteb held her tight to calm her down.

The door suddenly opened and a doctor wearing a multicolored smock came in. She greeted Ytteb and looked at the cowering Betty.

“So, she’s suffering from age-itis, is she? What seems to be bringing on the random events?”

“I don’t know doc, she seems to get triggered by memories and emotions, maybe that’s a clue?”

The doctor put a cold metal stethoscope on Betty’s head. Then she pulled back her diaper in the front and put the stethoscope there. Betty winced at the ice-cold touch of the metal against her warm skin.

The doctor then took out a small ray-gun-looking device that emitted a pulsating white light scanning across Betty’s chest.

The doctor studied the readout on the device for a few moments.

She tickled Betty under the chin and elicited a small chortle from her. Betty calmed down and began to suck her thumb. A slow warm feeling spread in her diaper and that helped comfort her.

“She seems to be suffering from nostalgia-induced age-itis,” She observed as she checked her scanner readout again and adjusted a parameter on its menu.

Aiming the ray gun at Betty, she bathed the baby in soft, pink light.

Betty’s adult mind snapped back into place over the infant one that was currently in residence.

“What happened?” she asked as she pulled her thumb out of her mouth, “We were in the waiting room and I don’t remember anything after that.”

“Hello, Betty! It would appear that you’re suffering age-itis from experimenting too soon with the magic introduced into your body by our tea and cakes,” said the doctor matter-of-factly.

“It was an accident! I was watching my granddaughters play on the beach and felt a feeling of longing to play with them as the same age they were.”

The memories of that day with its warm sun, soft sand, and ocean waves washed over her body. Betty had no control over the emotions that were surfacing, she could only ride them out.

She grew into an eight-year-old. Her diaper grew with her and fit her body perfectly.

“You’re too heavy for me!” said Ytteb as she pulled her off her lap and set her down beside her on the bench.

Betty felt the cold surface of the bench and unconsciously remembered the happy warm feelings that she felt on Ytteb’s lap. She shrank back down to age 3 and snuggled close into Ytteb. The warm feeling in her diaper increased and spread further into it.

“I think she’s going to need a diaper change very soon,” remarked the doctor.


Allie was putting exertion on her body by attempting to do a one-handed push-up. It was hard to do and she wasn’t making much progress. The gray sweat-suit she wore was wet with sweat in several places.

Eilla sat on a weight-lifting bench overlooking Allie with her feet dangling over its edge. They moved back and forth with youthful carelessness.

“Keep switching hands! When you can do a one-handed push-up, we can proceed.”

Allie groaned from the effort and attempted to do the push-up for the umpteenth time.


“Greetings, young Edie! You may approach our royal personage!” said the scarlet queen as she beckoned her over.

“Yes, majesty!” said Edie as she hurried over. The queen’s regalness and authority had her spell-bound! She wanted to be a boss, but the queen was a boss's boss!”

She curtsied again at the queen’s feet.

The queen saw that this was a truly refined young girl. She’d have great fun whipping her into shape!


Betty was 10 again. She wore a plain white diaper on her otherwise naked body and watched as the doctor pulled out another instrument that scanned her elbow.

“Incredible! You have a humor factor of 20, my dear!”

“Is that good?” she asked.

“Very good! Your ability to roll with the punches should make it easier to find a halfway decent cure!”

She felt happy with the prognosis and her confidence levels went up a few points. Her body responded by growing her up into a teenager.

She still wore the diaper, but that was okay. She let loose and filled the diaper with a warmth that felt just right!

“Still, I wonder if you’ll still have continence afterward,” noted the doctor as she scribbled on her memo pad.

“Now, then. What else did you feel that day just before your regression?”


Allie had mastered the one-handed push-up. She was now working on Kegel Exercises. She’d never done them before and they felt strange to her.

“Are you sure that this is supposed to help me master age-changing magic?” she asked Eilla.

"What? No, I just thought I’d throw them in for fun and see what your reaction was!”

“We’ll do the next important step after you change my wet diaper for a fresh one.”

Allie groaned and got up from the floor. She picked up Eilla and put her on the changing table and proceeded to clean and change her with great care.

Eilla enjoyed the attention and sucked her thumb happily.

Allie picked her up from the changing table and caught her reflection in the mirror next to it. She had aged up into a teenager!

Eilla smiled at her student's progress as it slowly improved.

“I just love it when my students master Mommy-Fu!” she remarked.


“Now, pick up the broom and make two sweeping motions, no more and no less!” said the Scarlet Queen to Edie.

Edie had followed her directions to the letter at this point and there were a lot of them! She hadn’t complained and didn’t speak unless spoken to. She was nearly at her limit of being bossed around.

She went to obey the queen’s command and a surge of anger made her throw the broom across the room. She stood in the same spot angrily fuming.

“Are you feeling angry? Good! Pick up the broom!” said the queen with a sneer in her voice.

Edie stomped on the broom! She kicked it to another place in the room then ran over and stomped on it a few more times.

Exhausted, she panted heavily with anger and rage at the stupid thing! She so wanted to break it into several pieces but didn’t have the strength to do so.

“Take a few minutes to walk off the anger, my dear, then report back to me!” demanded the Scarlet Queen.

“Why should I? So you can boss me around some more? I quit!” she said as she stormed off into another room.

She exited from the door that she’d opened back into the queen’s chambers. She tried it again and received the same result.

“Back for more? Good! Pick up the broom and sweep it exactly 2 times!” demanded the Scarlet Queen.


Betty lay on her back and reached out for the brightly colored plastic stars that floated above her crib making musical sounds.

She was unable to reach them, but she persisted anyway. She tried to roll over on her side and succeeded. She tried to roll over onto her other side and failed. She tried again and again.

Afterward, she lay on her back exhausted from her exertions. Her legs and arms moved rhythmically in semi-circular motions as she rested.

Ytteb looked at her nervously.

“What happened, doctor? She seemed to be doing so well!”

“Sometimes you have to take a few steps back before you can move forward. Patience, dear!”

A warm feeling of confidence washed over her body and she was able to roll over and sit up. She felt an urge that emptied her bladder. She was helpless to stop it.

“You see? She’s getting in touch with her emotions and working it all out as we speak!”

Betty smiled at the doctor and Ytteb. She aged up to 3 and stood up in her crib.

Holding her hands up to Ytteb, she demanded to be picked “UP!”

“I believe she wants to get out of the crib and explore. Let her do just that!”


Allie was middle-aged and feeling some of the pains that come with it. Her knees hurt when she stood up and knelt down.

She looked over to Eilla and asked, “Am I doing it right?”

“Yes! Next, we need to do some work on aging down.”

“Good! I don’t see how people can stand all the little pains they get at this age.”

“Now, picture yourself as a young woman of 21, No more and no less!”

Allie concentrated and found that she’d reached age 21.

“I did it!” she exclaimed happily as a smell reached her nostrils.

She moved over to Eilla and picked her up playfully.

“Uh-oh! Looks like someone has a stinky little present for Allie! Is it you?” she tickled Eilla on her tummy, “Yes it is!”

Eilla screamed in childish delight as Allie drew a warm bath in a baby bassinet and prepared her for a thorough body cleaning.

Afterward, with a fresh diaper and onesie on, Eilla snuggled up into Allie’s chest and sucked her thumb.

“You’re the best student I’ve ever had, Allie! You’re almost ready to pass with just one more test to go!”

“And what test would that be?” asked Allie as she blew a raspberry on Eilla’s tummy.

After her chortling laughter died down, Ellia said, “You gotta feed the baby!”

“But you have to do it as a 9-year-old in both body and mind. Are you ready?”

“Piece of cake!” joked Allie. She had fed her baby grandmother plenty of times before and knew a lot of the do's and don'ts already.

After a session of complete mastery in “feeding the baby” Allie passed her finals with flying colors.


Edie was ready to throw in the towel. The lesson of the broom was nothing compared to her current lesson of “cleaning an old woman’s toes”. She gritted her teeth and did as she was instructed.

The Scarlet Queen examined her feet and found them to be immaculate. You’ve passed your initiation, my dear! Now get ready to boss your first employee!”

Edie smiled at that! At long last, she’d get to be the boss of someone!

That, someone, turned out to be Eide who was a master at avoiding being bossed around.


Betty went through her first steps and graduated to running. As a happy 3-year-old, she loved grabbing things and running away with them. Ytteb put up with her childish shenanigans with practiced patience.

As the doctor entered the room for a visit, Betty ran up to her. “Doctor!” she yelled and pointed at her.

A wave of confidence washed over her body and she aged up to 6 years.

“Looking good, Betty! Looking good!” said the doctor, “Can you count to 10 for me?”

“Oh, sure! That’s easy. 1..2…”

“Okay, now recite the alphabet.”


“Now add 2 and 4 together.”

“6! That’s my age!” said Betty with confidence. She aged up another 2 years.

“We’ll soon have this age-itis licked in no time!” said the doctor as he smiled at his patient.


Allie now had full mastery of her age-craft. She could change her clothing and age to any combination she could think of. Eilla aged up to match Allie's current age of 8 and congratulated her.

“I enjoyed our time together as student and teacher, if you ever want to have a play date with a 3-year-old, just let me know!”

“Is that your favorite age?” asked Allie.

“Yes, I enjoy being taken care of. But the person who does it has to know their craft!” said Eilla as she hugged Allie.

The distinct sound of a crinkling diaper accompanied by the smell of baby powder as she hugged her told Allie all she needed to know about Eilla.

“I’ll be there whenever I can!” she said happily. She was an 8-year-old with a lot of knowledge about baby-craft now!


Edie had learned the valuable lessons of being a boss through her careful management of Eide. She was clumsy at first, prone to anger, and often failed to get her point across.

Now she knew what to look for and listened to her employee’s complaints. Worked with them to get the job done and finally understood what it was to be a boss.

She wanted no part of it any longer.

“I’m sure that there are people out there who like being a boss, but I’m not one of them!” she said now that she fully understood what it was like to be a boss.

“Congratulations!” said Eide, “Now go forth and never boss anyone around ever again!”

The Scarlet Queen looked at the two girls approvingly. Another success!


Betty was aged 31 and knew how to deal with her pangs of nostalgia. She’d learned the difference between enjoying a memory and getting lost in one.

“I want you to become a teenager in a bikini for this image test,” advised the doctor.

Betty aged down to a 16-year-old wearing a two-piece Bandeau bikini swimsuit that fit her “slightly boyish with a future promise of a hot sexy body” perfectly.

She admired herself in a mirror, struck a sexy pose, and said, “Hello, boys! Anyone up for some jail bait?”

“That’s pretty mean!” laughed Ytteb at her risque joke.

“Okay, Betty, now picture this: You’re on a beach and you see Allie as a small child playing with the sand and having the time of her life.”

“Okay,” said Betty as she imagined the scene. She saw Allie at age 3 happily piling sand into a plastic bucket. A stray feeling hit her that made her think that Allie would be happier playing with another girl her age.

“You feel a wave of nostalgia at seeing her play and remember when you and she played together happily.” continued the doctor.

Betty felt the wave as it washed over her body. She longed to play with the little girl and have happy times together. Her body’s magic responded by regressing her slowly back to that earlier age. Her bikini began to loosen and slip...

She caught herself just in time and aged back to 16. She remembered to enjoy the past but not let it affect her enough to let it control her. She smiled at the memories and feelings as they washed over her body unaffected by the urge to regress. Her magic listened to her desire to remain as she was and stopped triggering

“You’ll have to practice image training until you’re entirely unaffected. But you’ve made excellent progress!” said the doctor. “If you ever find yourself slipping, remember to just let the nostalgia wash over your body and let it pass. Good luck!”

“Thank you doctor!” said Betty, “For everything!” The doctor walked out of the office.

She turned to Ytteb and thanked her for all her effort.

Ytteb smiled and hugged her, “You’re my mirror double, I can’t let you fail! Feel free to visit me any time, Betty! I think we could be the best of friends.”


The three emerged from the mirror at the same time. Allie was 8, Edie was 9 and Betty was still in her bathing suit, aged 16. She had gotten used to it and liked the way it looked and felt on her body at her current age.

“Grammy, were they able to help you?” asked Allie with hope in her voice.

“Yeah, are you cured?” asked Edie as they both stared at her, “What?” she asked back.

“Not fully, but with some training, I should have this sickness fixed in no time!” answered Betty.

She looked at her granddaughters with a happy but sad smile and began to slip back through the years. Her two-piece Bandeau bikini swimsuit began to slip off her regressing frame as she continued to stare.

Edie and Allie looked at her in shock!

“Grammy! Are you all right?” asked Edie.

“Grammy! You’re getting younger!” exclaimed Allie.

Younger and younger she became as the skimpy bikini parts slipped down her regressing body, fell to the floor on the tops of her feet and her bittersweet smile turned into a happy innocent one.

Smaller and smaller she shrank. She lost her balance and fell back on her butt ending the process and leaving her as a small baby on the floor.

“What are we going to do? She’s become a baby again!” said Edie.

“I don’t know! Grammy are you okay?” said Allie as she dropped down to floor level to look at her grandma’s eyes. They returned a pure and innocent stare devoid of any intellect.

Then grandma reached out and honked Allie’s nose.

“Fooled you!” she chortled with a baby's belly laugh, “I couldn’t resist playing a little joke on you two. Sorry!”

“That wasn’t funny, granny!” huffed Edie angrily.

Allie just picked her up from her clothes and moved her to the back bedroom.

“What are you doing? Put me down!” demanded grandma.

“Not until I’ve diapered you!” said Allie, “You deserve it!”

Grandma didn’t argue. She put up with Allie and Edie as they babied her for the rest of the day.

In fact, she kind of liked it!

Edie pulled out the front of her stretch pants,  looked inside, and declared, “Good! No diapers or pull-ups this time!”

“Do you want to be put in one?” asked Allie, “I’m a master at diapering and baby-care now!”

“Um, no?” replied Edie with nervous anticipation.



End Chapter 10

Allie's adventure in the land of wonder.

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 2, 2022


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