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Parents Childish Halloween Party

by: Steven Last updated Oct 15, 2016

While their kids are out having parties, three couples have their own party through the ages.

Halloween at the Harris's

by: Steven Last updated Oct 29, 2011

Ashley and her parents have a special night on Halloween using her fathers invention

Madam’s Verde’s Mystic Costumes: Daughter's Choice

by: Steven Last updated Nov 5, 2009

A daughter chooses a costume for her mother that has an effect on her. I give permission to use Madam Verde's in your stories as long as you keep it within the story line of the prolgue.

Party to Halloween Past

by: Steven Last updated Nov 4, 2007

Kevin and Amanda head to a friends Halloween party, only their friend is a wizard.

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Too bad the movie OLD was not in reverse

Steven Aug 3, 2021

I sorta wish they make a move like OLD but in reverse where the adults keep getting younger and have to find a way out before they get too young ...

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