Madam’s Verde’s Mystic Costumes: Daughter's Choice

by: Steven | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 5, 2009

Chapter 6

Chapter Description: The results of error in judgement.

The first rays of morning shown through the windows of the Moores home and warmed up the face of Alison sleeping on the floor. She blinked her eyes a couple of times and yawned.

“Morning all weady?”, said Alison then looked down at her body. “Oh no, me still little”, she panicked.

Alison looked over at where Torie was sleeping, half off the sofa and half off. Her feet were on the cushions while her head was on the floor. How could she sleep that way, Alison did not know. Then a thought came to her.

“Oh no mommy”, said Alison and got up.

Alison ran as fast as she could up the stairs to the master bedroom. Inside and lying on the bed, was a little blonde hair baby girl sleeping soundly on the huge bed. Her head was turned to the side where drool was collecting on the bed.

“Mommy still baby”, sighed Alison. “Me in trouble”. A cry from down stair caught Alison’s ears. “Torie up”.

Tears were flowing down Tories cheeks as Alison walked into the living room. Torie looked up at Alison and rubbed her eyes.

“Alie me three”, sniffed Torie.

“Me know, me four now”, sniffed Alison was also starting to cry.

Both girls hugged each other as they cried for their lost age.

Meanwhile a few houses down the block, Mrs Miller was admiring her young figure in the bathroom mirror. She was looking over her entire body.

“I’ve forgotten how good I looked and firm.”, said Tracey placing her hands on her rear. A thought came to mind as she examined herself. “Oh my, I’m a virgin again”, smiled Tracey at the implications.

She was about to get into the shower, when the phone rang. She noticed that Thomas was still slumbering soundly on the bed and not making a stir to answer the phone. Shaking her head, Tracey walked over and picked up the phone.

“Hello?, this is the Miller residence”, Tracey answered.

“Mommy, mommy me still widdle”, cried the voice on the other end.

“Torie? Is that you?”, asked Tracey.

“It me mommy, pwease come”, said an upset Torie.

“I’ll be right over, just stay calm. Mommy will take care of everything.”, Tracey said trying to comfort her daughter.

“Kay mommy”, sniffed Torie and then hung up the phone.

Tracey sighed, “Now I have a daughter who’ll need to go to nursery school for a year.” She placed the phone back on the receiver.

Tracey went to her daughter’s bedroom to scramble up some clothes to wear, since all her clothes were too big in certain areas. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she’d be wearing her teenaged daughter’s underwear and clothes. Before heading out, Tracey wrote a note for her husband, letting him know where she went. It was a short walk up the street to the Moores house. Tracey knocked on the front door and waited. When the door opened, there stood toddler Alison in only her training pants.

“You too?, you girls promised me that you’d undo the magic.”, said Tracey sternly.

Alison sniffed and wiped her eye from tears, “Me sowwy, you young too”.

“That’s because I chose to stay young. Where is your mother?”, asked Tracey.

“Mommy up tiars, she baby”, whimpered Alison.

Hanging her head, Tracey sighed, “What a mess you two made”.

On her way up the stairs to the master bedroom, her daughter came running up to her and grabbed her leg.

“Mommy, mommy”, cried Torie.

Tracey picked up her daughter and rubbed her bare back, “Don’t worry mommy’s here. We’ll get through this together I promise. Besides, this is also partially my fault for not staying until you all changed back.” Tracey placed Torie back on the floor. “Now girls, I want you both to be big girls and help clean up the little mess you made while mommy go sees Sarah.” , ordered Tracey after seeing the candy wrappers and mess on the floor from the night before.

Both girls nodded their heads and quietly went to the living room to clean up. As Tracey was walking up the stairs, she could hear a baby crying.

“I guess Sarah is up and knows what happened.”, thought Tracey as she made her way to the bedroom.

Upon entering the room, Tracey saw baby Sarah squirming on the bed crying. She rushed over and gently picked up the upset infant and cradled her to her chest.

“Shush its okay mommy’s here to take care of you.” Tracey softly said while rocking Sarah slowly.

It took a few minutes, but Sarah finally calmed down and went back to sleep. She had worn herself out from crying and Tracey’s mothering helped her relax. Tracey caught whiff of a smell coming from Sarah’s diaper and knew another reason she was crying. Seeing the diaper bag she left on the floor, Tracey proceeded to clean and change Sarah’s messy diaper. She took the dirty smelly diaper and threw it in the trash can and closed the lid. While still holding Sarah, Tracey made a phone call to the authorities to explain the situation.

Tracey spent the next hour on the phone with the town’s sheriff’s department. Once done, Tracey hung up the phone. She looked down at the bundle of joy in her arms. Gently running her finger down Sarah’s cheek, Tracey kissed her forehead.

“Sarah, I’m going to be your mommy now, for a least a year or longer if you decide”, cooed Tracey.

Gathering up her emotional strength, Tracey stood up and walked back down the stairs. The teenaged mother of two toddlers and a baby, walked confidently down the stairs to her destiny. Reaching the living room, Tracey noticed that Alison and Torie were watching cartoons on the TV. Quietly, Tracey walked over to the sofa and sat down next to the girls.

“Girl’s I have an announcement to make.”, said Tracey.

Both girls turned their heads to Tracey.

“Since we all are in this together, it has been decided that I’m going to be your mommy. It means for you Alison, that Torie and Sarah are now your little sisters. And that being the big sister, I want to help mommy take care of them.”

“You mommy now?”, asked Alison.

“I am. Tomorrow, mommy is going to sign some paperwork to make it official that Alison and Sarah are my babies. It also means that you both will have to go to nursery school while mommy is in high school.”

“What bout Sawah?”, Alison questioned.

“Remember the high school has a daycare center for the teachers and students who find themselves pregnant.”, explained Tracey. “Alison go get dressed, and try to find something for Torie to wear. We’re all going to surprise daddy when we get home.”

The next few weeks were busy for the Miller home, there were new clothes to buy for the girls and beds and cribs to set up. At first Thomas was shocked to find out that his wife was now 16 years old and had to go to high school, but then came to like the new young Mrs Miller. Tracey registered the girls in the local nursery school, while also getting herself back into high school. It was close to Thanksgiving that everything started to settle into a routine and return to state of being normal.

One morning a few days before Thanksgiving, Tracey walked into the baby’s room and picked up Sarah from the crib.

“Mommy has something special for her baby. The doctor gave her pills so mommy can make milk for her baby.”, cooed Tracey as she undid her bra. Her breasts had grown almost a full cup size.

Little Sarah looked up at Tracey and said her first word since her transformation into an infant, “Mama” as she reached for her breasts.

“Sarah you said your fist word, that’s wonderful.”, cheered Tracey with delight.

Sarah was not paying attention for she was too busy getting all the yummy milk from her mommy as she sucked away on the nipple.

Tracey loved her new family life and could not wait until next year.



End Chapter 6

Madam’s Verde’s Mystic Costumes: Daughter's Choice

by: Steven | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 5, 2009


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