Madam’s Verde’s Mystic Costumes: Daughter's Choice

by: Steven | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 5, 2009

Chapter 2
Daughter's Choice

Chapter Description: The start of the story. More chapters to go.

It was fall again in Lewisville, and nature was using its pallet to paint the trees with a mixture of reds, gold’s, and browns. The temperature was dropping from the hot scorches of summer and returning to the cool days of fall. The town was blessed with the ballet of leaves as they danced across the town on the whims of the breeze. Anticipation started to grow for the small town because they knew that magic was real and was about to return. A few citizens even tried to stay at the site waiting to see the magic work, but like every year, even with those trying to peak at the mystery, no one saw it.

On a cool night two weeks before Halloween, the magic did return, but not with flash and bang effects. It came with serene and grace. The old abandoned building on the corner near town’s square came alive; it was like a dead flower springing back to life with renewed energy. The faded paint on the walls seemed to brightened up and fill in the gaps of exposed brick. The cracks on the front windows sealed themselves just as the glass shed all of the dirt off. The leaves on the ground moved with an unknown force and twirled around and up to the faded banner on the front of the store. Leaves began to stick and melt together to form letters and they moved from left to right. By the time the leaves had finished their journey, the building looked brand new. The words, ?Madam Verde’s Mystic Costumes”, were written by the swirling leaves. A few seconds later, an eerie purple glow filled the inside of the building. You could not tell where the light was coming from, since the entire inside of the building was filled with the light. But just as quickly as it came the light vanished, leaving a building filled with an assortment of costumes for all ages. A woman of indeterminate age was smiling in the darkness of the shadows of the store. Her details were hidden, but you could see her glowing purple eyes. All of this was unnoticed by the sleeping town citizens who wanted to take a peak and found themselves falling asleep before the magic occurred.

It was two days before Halloween and the town is buzzing with excitement and Alison Moores was no exception. The 16 year old high school student was on her way to Madam Verde’s to buy a couple of costumes. She was an average student and got good grades. Even though she had the looks and athletics, she never tried out for the cheerleading squad, even though her best friend pleaded with her to do it. In her mind, she thought only the dumb blondes who were trying to be popular became cheerleaders. She wanted to do something else with her life than play with pom poms and wear very short revealing skirts. Her blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail and it bounced as she made her way down the street. This year was going to be different for her and her mother, Sarah. Unlike the last few Halloweens, Alison has convinced her mother to join her trick or treating and not just being a chaperone guiding her to each house. This will be the first time Sarah will be wearing a costume from Madam Verde’s and Alison was going to make it special, since she was picking it. She was going to let it be a surprise and not show Sarah the costume until the right moment. Alison knew her mother was still sad and lonely from losing her husband, Alison’s father, to the car wreck ten years ago. It has been hard on Sarah being a single mom and taking care of raising a child and now teenager. Alison wanted to cheer up her mother and make her for just one night forget the past and have some fun. With a smile on her face, Alison walked into the front door to the store. A tiny bell in the corner of the door announced her presence to everyone in the building.

A tiny squeaky young sounding voice piped up from the back, “I’ll be right there, Alison”.

This surprised Alison and it was not from the mention of her voice, because she knew Madam Verde always knew who entered her store. The surprise came from the fact that the voiced sounded like a little girl’s and not a woman’s. A tuff of raven black hair could be seen bouncing barely above the racks of costumes as it came towards Alison. By the time the tuff of hair made it to Alison, the own of said tuff became clear. A little girl about 6 years old bounced to a stop in front of teenager. She was dressed in a child’s version of a gypsy outfit. Her cherub face was sprinkled with tiny freckles by the cheeks and her unusually purple eyes. There was a gap in her font teeth where her baby tooth fell out, as she smiled while looking up at Alison.

“Madam Verde?”, questioned Alison as she looked down on the grade-schooler.

The little girl giggled, “Hehe, Yep, it’s me. But call me Miranda now, Madam sounds sooo ooooold”

With a puzzled look on her face, Alison asked, “Why are you so young?”

Miranda grinned some more, “Because I want to go get candy this year too”

“Oh”, smiled Alison.

“Let me know if you want any help picking costumes for you and your mommy.”, said Miranda as she went to the front cashiers station.

“How is did you know I was picking a costume for my mother?”

Miranda looked over the counter top, while standing on a stepping stool. “Secret”, she giggled.

Alison snaked her way through the walls of costumes. They seemed to be organized from oldest to youngest age as you head to the back of the store. Looking at the ages on the tags she continued on towards the back, Alison knew what she was looking for her herself. When she came to the section she wanted, she stopped and looked around. Her eyes came to a small costume of little red riding hood. The red hood and cape was combined with a white and blue dress with laces around the arms and skirt bottom. There was also a woven reed basket that could be used to carry candy and other things in.

“This is perfect, Torie picked up a little Bo Peep outfit and this will go right with hers” smiled Alison as she held the small outfit in front of her. Torie Miller was Alison’s best friend from school and has been since kindergarten. The age on the tag read, ?Age 4 years’. “Hmm, preschool time I guess”, she giggled knowing how young she’ll be at Halloween.

Smiling at her choice, she carried the costume under her arm as she continued her search for what she wanted her mother to wear. She spent the next half hour rummaging through rack of costumes, searching for the perfect one. Then there it was, like a beacon from a light house, staring right at her from the wall. Gushing from excitement, Alison rushed over and picked it up.

With a big grin on her face Alison held the costume in front of her, “This is perfect, and mom is going to look soooo cute in this. Won’t she be surprised?”

Happy about her choices, Alison made her way back to the front of the store and to the cashier station. Little Miranda was helping a boy, about 10 years old and his mother with their purchases.

“Remember the rules and have fun”, smiled Miranda as she handed the change to the mother.

“Thanks we will”, smiled the young mother.

Alison noticed that the bag the woman was holding contained a little girls princess costume and an older boy’s Batman outfit. “Hmm I guess she’s going for childhood”, thought Alison, picturing the mother as a little girl in the costume being lead by an older boy.

A voice broke Alison from her daydream, “You find what you wanted?”, asked Miranda.

Shaking her head, Alison walked up to the counter. “Yep found them both”, she smiled.

Alison laid the costumes on the counter and went to pull out her wallet from her purse. Miranda looked down on the costumes and then looked up at Alison.

“Are you sure you want this?”, Miranda asked pointing to the costume that was meant for Sarah.

“Yep I’m appositely positive”, said Alison as she pulled out her wallet.

Miranda looked down with a questioned look on her young face. “Well okay if it’s what you want. Just remember the rules and have fun. Oh it’s thirty five dollars for both”

Alison pulled out two twenties and handed them to the little girl. “I plan to have loads of fun. By the way, I have always been meaning to ask you, how old are you?”

With a toothy grin, Miranda answered, “I’m five”, holding out five tiny fingers.

“No no not how old are you right now, silly, but your real age.”, laughed Alison at the seemly innocent look on Miranda’s face as she said it.

Miranda waved to Alison to get closer. She bent down her head as Miranda whispered into her ear.

“Secret”, Miranda giggled lightly into Alison’s’ ear.

Shaking her head, Alison stood back up straight. “Okay keep your secrets, but I’ll find out some how”

“Here’s your change”, Miranda said as she handed Alison a five dollar bill.

Alison put the bill in her wallet and shoved the costumes in a bag. Just as she was walking out the door, Miranda waved to her.

“Tell your mommy hi for me and your right, Sarah will look cute in it”, waved Miranda as Alison opened the door.

“I will”, answered Alison as she closed the door behind her.

Halloween was going to an interesting night for her and her mother.



End Chapter 2

Madam’s Verde’s Mystic Costumes: Daughter's Choice

by: Steven | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 5, 2009


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