Halloween at the Harris's

by: Steven | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 29, 2011

Chapter 2
Halloween day

Ashley was released from her dreaming by the buzzing of her alarm. She stretched out her hand and turned it off.

Ashley yawned, "Its Halloween day, bummer I have to go to school first".

Pulling back the covers, Ashley got up from bed and went to her bathroom. After doing her morning business, she removed her pajamas and took a warm relaxing shower. She brushed her teeth and got dressed in her normal school uniform.

"I wonder if mom and dad are up?", thought Ashley as she brushed her hair.

As Ashley walked down the hallway, she paused at the bedroom her parents were sleeping in. Peaking in, she saw her mother still hugging the stuffed bunny and sleeping soundly. Her father, on the other hand, somehow got all the covers bunched up and laying spread eagle on the bed.

"He must of had a wild night", giggled Ashley.

Ashley went on to prepare breakfast for her and her parents. She made scrambled eggs and toast for herself and a little bacon to top it off. There were two boxes of cereal for Billy and Emily. Once she had finished making breakfast she went to the intercom.

"Mom dad breakfast is ready, come and get it", said Ashley into the speaker.

Ashley went back to the dinner table and started eating. She was about finished with her first piece of toast when both her parent bounced into the dinning room. Emily’s hair was a mess from rolling around in bed along with Billy’s.

"Good morning, sleep well?", asked Ashley taking a sip of orange juice.

"Yea the best,", smiled Billy grabbing a box of Lucky Charms.

Emily just nodded her head, "I had a great dream, and mister fluffy kept me company."

She grabbed her box of Frosted Flakes and poured it into her bowel.

The family of three continued to eat there breakfast. Billy seemed to be in a rush to finish his.

After finishing off her glass of milk, Ashley turned to her parents. "So are you going to tell me how old you two will be, I really don’t want to change any diapers tonight.", she asked.

Billy and Emily looked at each other and with grins on their faces then turned back to Ashley.

"Not telling, be a surprise.", smiled Billy.

"Yeah a surprise", added Emily with a grin.

Ashley sighed, "Okay keep it a secret, I know I’m going dressed as a genie and dad is dressing up as Aladdin, but what are you going as mom?"

Emily smiled, "I’m going as a princess"

Billy added, "Yeah my princess".

Ashley looked at the clock, "Shoot I better hurry up or I’ll miss the bus." She quickly finished her eggs and put the dishes into the sink.

Ashley gathered up her books and things and packed them into her backpack.

"Have a good time at school", said Emily walking up to Ashley.

"I’ll try", Ashley replied. She bent down to Emily’s height. "Now you two behave while I’m gone."

Emily giggled, "We will".

Ashley kissed Emily forehead, "You know if you stay this age too long, you’ll have to go to school as well." She opened the door and walked out. "Bye mom dad, I’ll see you after school."

Emily waved to Ashley, "Bye have fun and don’t get bored.". She then closed the door.

As Ashley was walking to the bus stop, she started thinking, "Sometimes I feel like the parent and mom and dad are the kids."

Emily walked back to the dining table and finished her cereal. Meanwhile Billy had finished and went to the living room to watch TV. Being currently of childhood age, both Emily and Billy found cartoons more entertaining than when they were adults. Billy was watching the cartoon network.

After putting her bowel into the sink, she walked into the living room and sat next to Billy. "Billy Ashley will make a great mommy when she grows up."

"I agree, which fits into our ultimate plan.", Billy said turning to Emily.

"Do you think Ashley will accept being our mommy?", asked Emily.

Billy smiled, "When we’re like this, she’s already mostly doing it".

Emily giggled, "Yeah, you’re right."

They spent the next hour watching cartoons and laughing and giggling at the situations and jokes. Their bare feet never touched the floor as they sat on the sofa. Then Emily turned to Billy.

"Billy can I change now for tonight?", Emily asked.

"You don’t want to wait?", pondered Billy.

Emily shook her head slowly from side to side, "No, I want change now."

"Okay, but you know I’ll have to try to take care of you until Ashley comes home.", explained Billy.

Emily smiled wide, "Be the big brother and take care of your little sister."

Billy smiled, "I’ll still be the big brother tonight, just not as big."

With the TV turned off, both Billy and Emily scooted off the sofa and made their way to the basement. Billy walked over to the table with all the electronic equipment on it. He climbed onto the stool and started turning on the computer and equipment. Once everything was booted up and running, Billy selected the correct settings for the nanites to change Emily to her target age. A process bar appeared on the screen as the computer did its work and programmed a vile of nanites attached to the computer. While the process continued, Billy spun around on the stool.

"So what flavor do you want Emily?", asked Billy.

Emily paused for a second or two, "Hmmm grape flavor."

"Grape it is.", said Billy. He turned back around and grabbed a glass and filled it with grape juice. The nanties needed a medium for them to get into the body easily. Since Emily did not like needles, the only other way was drinking the fluid.

The process bar made its way to one hundred percent and made a noise that sounded like a bell being rung. Billy grabbed the vile that was filled with what looked like grey liquid. In reality the grey fluid was really billions of microscopic machines. He then poured the vile into the glass of grape juice and stirred it to mix it.

"Here you go, drink to your youth", giggled Billy as he handed the glass to Emily.

"Youth Juice", giggled Emily holding the glass with both hands. "Here it goes". She lifted the glass and started drinking all the juice from the glass. She lowered the glass when she was finished. She then let out a loud burp. "Excuse me", she giggled.

"I’ll get the chamber ready.", said Billy climbing off the stool. He headed over to a large see-thru cylinder with what looked like a shower head at the top. After turning some knobs at the wall, water started sprinkling down inside the cylinder. Billy opened the door and checked the water temperature. "Perfect, Emily the chamber is ready."

"Kay", replied Emily. "My skin is already starting to tingle". She started to remove her pajamas and underwear. Once she was naked, Emily walked into the chamber and was bombarded with warm water. "Ah, feels nice."

The purpose for the chamber was to wash away all the excess mass that shrinking into a younger body left behind. True the nanites used some of the mass for energy and making more nanites, but there was always some extra stuff left behind. For Emily, it looked like dead skin washing away and showing younger skin. At the bottom of the cylinder, a drain took all the water and excess mass and moved it to another machine that takes the dirty water and filters out all the deactivated nanites and gathers them for use again. Billy watched and made sure nothing wrong happened. He was checking the computer readings and the chamber. Meanwhile, Emily was slowly shrinking, regressing in age to an earlier point in her life. The tingling was almost strong enough to make Emily giggle and laugh because it nearly tickled her. The process was slow but steady. By the time ten minutes had passed, Emily had regressed into a seven year old, loosing two years of her age. For Billy it was like watching a time-lapsed film in reverse of Emily life. He did not meet her until she was thirty five. Now with his invention, he has the chance to know her Emily for her entire life. He kept an eye on the computer readings displaying what the nanites were reporting on their progress. Emily’s view point was getting ever lower as time went on. She was amazed how small her fingers were getting and fighting the urge to suck her thumb, a habit she still had when she was five. But the urge was too strong and little Emily started to suck on her right thumb as she danced in the shower of water.

Billy was interrupted when the computer started beeping, alerting him. "Ah, it’s done. Let’s see.", he said turning to the computer screen. "Subject age 3 years 0 months 0 weeks 0 days.", Billy read.

Billy walked over to the cylinder and turned off the water. When he opened the door, he was greeted by a wet blonde haired toddler, sucking her thumb as she walked up to Billy.

"Happy Birthday Emily, you just turned three years old", smiled Billy picking up the wet toddler.

Emily pulled her thumb out, "Me thwee", she giggled.

Billy carried her over to a towel rack and lowered her to the ground. He then proceeded to dry Emily off. She giggled the whole time, she was having fun. Once she was dry, Billy then pulled out the clothing he prepared the day before. He put Emily in a pair of Pampers Trainers and then dressed her in a light blue sundress.

"Happy now Emily?", asked Billy.

Emily nodded her head as she sucked her thumb. Billy could not get over how cute she was. Being now the big brother, Billy guided little Emily up to the nursery and let her play with the toys. While Emily played, Billy went back downstairs and started to play with his XBOX. Billy did not see Emily again until lunch time, when she came walking into the living room holding her stuff bunny, which was now almost as big as she was.

"Billy, me hungry", said Emily.

Feeling a bit hungry himself, he put down his controller. "Let’s have lunch then."

Billy lifted Emily into one of the chairs by the table. She had to kneel on the seat just to see over the table. Next he went to the fridge and pulled out bread, peanut butter and jelly. It was simple, but he knew how to make it. He made a sandwich for himself and one for Emily.

"Thank you", said Emily as she bit into her sandwich.

Billy went back to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of juice and then some glasses.

"Careful now, the sippy cups are put away and I can’t reach them.", warned Billy as he set a glass of juice in front of Emily.

"Kay, me be careful", replied Emily. She grabbed it with both hands and tried her best not to spill any as she drank her fill. Try as she might, but some juice did escape the sides of her mouth and spilled on her dress. "Oppsie me spill", she said then burped.

"That’s okay, I’ll clean up after lunch.", smiled Billy, he knew Emily tried her best not to spill.

Emily put her glass down and went back to eating her sandwich. While she ate, Billy was fascinated that there was no way of telling that Emily was not really a toddler by the way she ate and drank her juice.

"Me done", smiled Emily showing Billy her empty plate.

"Good girl. Now let’s get you cleaned up and ready for your nap.", said Billy.

Billy walked over and helped Emily to the floor. She followed Billy to the sink, where he grabbed a towel and began to wipe the mess around Emily’s mouth. Once he was satisfied that it was clean enough, he put the towel back.

"Okay now let’s get you ready for your nap.", said Billy as he gently took one of Emily’s hands.

"Billy no nap, me not sweepy", whined Emily.

Billy sighed, "Emily, you know you get cranky when you do not get your nap when you’re this young. Plus you’ll be all ready to Trick-or-Treat later if you take your nap now."

Emily hung her head, "Kay"

"Good girl", smiled Billy, knowing reason won out.

When they reached the nursery, Billy lifted the dirty sun dress off of Emily and tossed it in the hamper.

"Before nap time, do you need to go potty?", asked Billy.

Emily thought for a second and she did feel the need. "Uh huh", she nodded.

Billy guided her to the bathroom, "Okay go potty, but if you need help just say so." He closed the bathroom door.

He waited by the door until he heard the sink water start to run. He opened the door and saw Emily standing on the step stool reaching to wash her hands.

"Finish?", questioned Billy

"Yep me finish", answered Emily.

Billy the guided her to the nursery again and to the toddler bed. He lifted her up onto the bed and tucked her in.

"Here’s Mr Fluffy to keep you company", smiled Billy as he handed Emily her stuffed bunny.

"Fluffy", Emily smiled and hugged it tightly.

"Sweet dreams", said Billy and kissed Emily’s cheek.

Billy waited until Emily closed her eyes before leaving. He walked back to the bathroom and emptied the toddler potty into the toilet. Once that job was done he headed to the kid’s room.

"Might as well take a nap myself", said Billy and laid on his bed.

The afternoon passed as both Billy and Emily took their naps. Billy woke up just before Ashley was scheduled to arrive from school. Pulling his shirt back down from moving during his nap, Billy quietly walked to the nursery. He peaked in and saw that Emily was still sleeping in her bed.

"Good, now she will not be tired for tonight’s activities.", Billy thought as he made his way back down the stairs.

By the time he reached the bottom of the stairs, Billy heard someone using keys on the front door. He made his way over to the door, only to have it open and in walked in his daughter Ashley.

Dropping her backpack on the bench by the door, Ashley noticed her young father standing by the stairs. "Hi dad, how was your day?", she asked.

Billy smiled, "I conquered a new level on the game you got me". He was proud of himself.

"That’s good I guess, well for me I aced the math test", Ashley grinned holding up her test paper.

Billy, swelling with pride for his daughter, rushed over and gave her a big hug. "That’s my girl, you make me so proud.

"Thanks dad", smiled Ashley looking down on her father. "Where’s mom?", she asked.

Billy released Ashley from his hug and looked up into his daughters eyes. "Emily wanted to go younger early and now is taking her nap."

Curious, Ashley asked. "Hmm dad, how young is mom now? I’m not sure I really want to change diapers today."

Billy grinned, "Well maybe not diapers but how about training pants?"

"She’s a toddler?"

"Yep she had another birthday today, Emily is now three years old. She wanted to be adorable and cute for Trick-or-Treating.", explained Billy.

"Three huh. I’ll go and check up on her as I go to my room.", said Ashley.

"Okay, just don’t wake her yet, she needs her rest to be awake when we go out.", Billy mentioned as Ashley started to go up the stairs.

"I’ll be quiet", whispered Ashley as she gently ascended the stairs.

Ashley tip toed by the nursery and peaked in. There sleeping on the toddler bed was a tiny blonde hair girl curled up in a fetal position with one leg on top of the covers. Her pink trimmed Pampers Trainers were exposed and she was sucking on her thumb.

"Ahh, that’s soo cute. Amazing that mom looks a lot like I did when I was little, just lighter hair color." Ashley whispered to herself.

Not wanting to wake up her toddler mother, Ashley silently made her way to her room. Once there, she removed her school uniform and got dressed in a large Tee shirt that barely covered her bottom.

"Ah, much better than that stuffy uniform and less to take off to get ready for dressing up for Halloween.", thought Ashley.

She walked over to the mirror and looked at her profile. Ashley looked at the small swells on her chest.

"My training bra is starting to get tight and is rubbing me sore, guess I need mom to take my bra shopping, when she’s old enough to drive that is." Ashley giggled at the thought of her toddler mother walking her around in the store to pick out bras.

Since the next day was Saturday, Ashley did not bother with doing her homework. She made her way back down the stairs. When she got down the stairs, she made her way to the living room where her father was watching TV.

"So dad, since mom is way too young to cook dinner, what do we eat tonight, other than candy.", asked Ashley sitting next to her father.

Billy turned his head, "I was thinking about ordering pizza, quick and simple and yummy."

"Pizza sounds good. I’ll order it since that person on the other end would not accept a little kid ordering pizza.", Ashley stated with reason.

Billy giggled, "You’re right, that would be funny though, especially if Emily did it."

Ashley had to let out a chuckle also at the thought of her now toddler mother on the phone trying to order pizza. In her mind, "But sir me big grwl, wan pizza."

Billy thinking about earlier at lunch, "Ashley can you get the sippy cups down, your mother was a little messy with drinking from a glass."

"Sure dad", smiled Ashley and got up from the sofa and went to the kitchen.

Billy went back to watching TV. A few minutes later Ashley came back and sat down with something in her hand.

"It’s done, also I grabbed something mom might want to try.", said Ashley holding a baby bottle.

Billy noticed that Ashley’s shirt had pulled back and exposed her pink underwear. He quickly looked up at the baby bottle. "Hm yeah, she might want to try that."

Ashley looked at the time, "I better go order the pizza so it’ll arrive in time to go out."

While Ashley was in the kitchen ordering the pizza, Billy was greeted by a little girl dragging a stuffed bunny behind her.

"Have a nice nap", asked Billy.

"Uh huh, me hungry", said Emily. At that moment, as if on queue, her little tummy grumbled. "See, make funny sound".

"Don’t worry, Ashley is ordering pizza to fill your tum tum.", cooed Billy.

Little Emily bounced up and down, "Yippee pizza", she gleamed.

At that moment Ashley came walking into the room holding a baby bottle filled with milk.

"I thought I saw a little girl walked passed the kitchen. Good thing I filled this baby bottle with milk to feed the baby until the pizza comes. Does Emily want her bottle?", cooed Ashley as she sat down.

Emily looked at the bottle and her tummy rumbled again. "Tummy hungry", she said raising her hands to Ashley.

Ashley reached down and lifted Emily into her lap. She cradled her young mother in her arms and gave her the bottle. Little Emily quickly grabbed it and started to suckle from it.

"Ah mom you’re sooo cute.", awed Ashley as she tickled Emily’s bare tummy.

Emily giggled behind the nipple letting some milk go down the sides of her mouth. Her training pants made crinkling sounds as she wiggled her legs.

Billy watched the scene of his daughter bottle feeding his wife and her mother. "Ashley how long did they say the pizza was coming?", he asked.

Ashley turned her head to Billy, "They said about forty minutes."

"Good, that’s enough time for me to get littler", Billy said as he scooted off the sofa. "I’ll need your help."

"Sure dad, I’ll carry little mommy with me", replied Ashley.

Billy and Ashley made their way down to the basement. Billy went to the computer and set the controls. While waiting for the programming to finish, Ashley went up to her father.

"So what age are you going with?"

"Six. Not interested in wearing diapers or training pants.", said Billy.

Ashley rocked Emily as she nursed from the bottle. Curious she asked a question, "Hmm dad, I was wondering how young can they make you, hypothetically speaking."

Billy pondered the question, "Well the only real limit that I can think of is becoming a fertilized egg. They can not recreate the original sperm since it merged with the egg at the start and both became one. But why would someone want to be that young, you’ll have to be in the womb."

"Just asking, I thought maybe you or mom could spend time in my womb sometime, I won’t mind.", said Ashley. Little Emily looked up at her daughters face wide eyed as she continued to suck the milk out.

Billy sputtered, "But Ashley you’re only twelve years old, too young to be a mother."

Ashley countered, "I did not say right now, really dad, I meant maybe when I’m older. Plus it could give me the experience of being a mother before doing the real thing."

Billy turned back to the computer screen, "Can we drop the subject and just focus on the now, please."

"Okay dad, don’t get jumpy." Ashley retorted and focused back on her mother in her arms. She started singing nursery tunes and rocking the toddler.

Billy waited for the process to be complete and took the vile of nanites. Filling a glass with orange juice, his favorite, he poured the vile into the glass.

"Here goes", stated Billy was he gulped down the glass of liquid.

After setting the glass down, he quickly removed his clothes. Ashley held back any comments on his tiny little member as he went to the cylinder chamber.

"Turn on the water, it’s starting", said Billy feeling the itchy sensation start.

Ashley, still holding Emily, bent down and turned the knob for the water to start. She then walked back to the computer and monitored the status. Since this process was not perfect, Billy wanted to make sure someone watched for any anomalies and stop the process if there were any that showed up. By this time Emily had finished her bottle of milk.

"All done", smiled Emily.

"That’s a good girl, now let’s make sure that there is no air in your tummy.", Ashley cooed and lifted Emily to her shoulder. She lightly tapped Emily’s back until she burped.

Emily giggled, "cuse me".

Ashley stuck a finger down the front of Emily’s training pants. "Good still dry." Shifting Emily back into a cradle position, she asked, "Do you want down?".

Emily looked up, "No, just fine" she smiled.

"Okay then", Ashley said and began to rock Emily some more.

Since Billy was not regressing that far, just from nine to six, it did not take very long. When the computer beeped, Ashley walked over and turned off the water. Little wet Billy opened the door to the cylinder and walked out. He did not change much in appearance, just a little more chubbier and shorter. He rubbed himself dry and grabbed a large shirt to cover him.

Looking at the time, Ashley quickly started back up the stairs, "The pizza should be here any time."

Billy followed his now larger daughter back up the stairs. Ashley had just sat Emily down to the floor when the doorbell rang.

"Coming", yelled Ashley as she grabbed some money from a drawer and went to the door.

Ashley opened the door and saw a teenaged boy standing there holding a box of pizza. He was cute with his wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her eyes roamed over his body and she started to blush a little.

The teenaged boy saw the toddler on the floor and little boy near her, "Babysitting?", he asked.

Ashley awoke from her daydream, "Not really, they’re my cousins, I’m watching them while my parents are having a party downstairs.", she said, coming up with a story.

"I see, well it comes to $16.30.", said the pizza boy handing the box to Ashley.

Ashley handed over a twenty dollar bill, "Here, and keep the change to the tip".

"Thanks, Have a great night", said the pizza boy and walked back to his car.

Ashley blushed some more, "I wish he was my boyfriend", she whispered.

Billy tugged on Ashley shirt, "Ashley let’s eat."

Again Ashley came out of her little daydream, "Sorry dad, it’s just that boy was so handsome." She closed the front door and locked it.

Billy looked up at Ashley and noticed the blush, "My little girl is growing up.", he giggled.

Ashley responded, "And my parents are growing down", she laughed.

All three had a chuckle as Ashley put the pizza box on the table. Ashley grabbed a sippy cup for her mother and glasses for her and her father. After laying down plates, Ashley helped little Emily up into a booster seat. The three of them enjoyed the pizza and had their fill. They even finished off Emily birthday cake from the night before. Emily had cake all over her mouth and was happy about it.

Emily felt something warm fill her training pants. She was so excited about eating her cake she forgot the signals telling her to go potty. "Oh oh, pee pee", she said wiggling her legs.

"Emily did you wet yourself?", asked Ashley putting away the leftover pizza into the fridge.

Little Emily nodded her head, "Me wet, sorry", she exclaimed. Ducks appeared on the front of the training pants indicating they were wet.

"Not a problem, you’re only three years old, its okay. I’ll change you as soon as I finish cleaning up dinner", smiled Ashley.

Billy in the mean time washed his hands in the bathroom and went to the kids’ room to play with some of the toys. Emily sat on her booster seat until Ashley let her down. Ashley wiped all cake from around Emily mouth and unbuckled her from the booster seat. She lifted Emily into her arms and carried her up to the nursery.

"Let’s get you changed and ready for Trick-or-Treating.", Ashley said as they climbed the stairs.

Ashley laid Emily onto the changing table and undid the sides of the training pants. After tossing the wet training pants into the diaper pail, she began to wipe Emily’s diaper area clean. Emily wiggled her legs and giggled as Ashley cleaned her up.

"Now for some baby powder, we don’t want Emily to have a rash.", cooed Ashley as she rubbed the powder on Emily.

After powdering Emily, Ashley pulled up a fresh pair of Pampers Trainers onto Emily bottom. She lifted Emily off the changing table and lowered her to the ground.

"Now where’s your costume mom?", asked Ashley.

Emily squealed with delight and ran as fast as her little legs could take her to a box on the other side of the nursery.

"Pwincess dress in here.", Emily said happily.

Ashley went over to the box. Inside was a white puffy dress with ruffles and laces. There was a light pink sash around the middle of the dress and tied into a bow in the back. Also, a golden tiara with what looked like diamonds on it sitting on top. Ashley picked up the tiara and looked at it closely.

"Mom these are real diamonds and this is gold plated metal and not plastic.", awed Ashley examining the tiara.

"Want be real pwincess", Emily giggled.

"You sure spent the money.", said Ashley. She picked up the dress. "This sash is silk, wow you really did go all out."

Emily bounced up and down, "Dress me up".

"Okay okay, hold your little horses", smiled Ashley.

Emily was giddy with excitement. Ashley brought the dress over to her little mother.

"Arms up", Ashley ordered in a motherly tone.

Little Emily raised her arms as Ashley lowered the dress over her head. Emily smiled as she felt the dress pass her face and her arms go through the arm holes. Ashley gently tugged the dress down until Emily’s head popped out of the neck of the dress. The bottom of the dress came to Emily just above Emily’s knees. She then used the sash to tighten it around her waist.

"Now for your hair.", smiled Ashley lifting Emily into her arms.

Ashley sat down in the rocking chair and grabbed the brush on the table next to it. Sitting her on her lap, Ashley began to brush Emily’s fine blonde hair. Billy came into the room dressed in his costume. He had on a white turban style hat. His white shirt was long sleeved and puffy around the arms. A blue vest jacket was accented by a purple sash tied around his waist. Billy wore a puffy white pants and blue shoes. In his hand was an old style lamp that resembled the one used in Aladdin Movie.

"I’m ready", said Billy as he came into the room.

"Emily is almost done, I’m finishing her hair and then next her shoes.", explained Ashley.

"Okay, I’ll be down in the living room waiting", said Billy.

Ashley finished getting all the knots out of Emily’s hair. After putting the brush down, she finished Emily’s costume by pulling on her anklet socks with laces and white Mary Jane shoes. Lastly, Ashley placed the tiara in Emily’s hair.

"There you’re all done.", Ashley said with a smiled.

Emily walked over to the mirror and twirled around. "Me pwetty"

Ashley was amazed how adorable her little mother was, "Yes very pretty. Now go down stairs and wait, I need to get ready myself."

"Kay", giggled Emily as she skipped out of the room.

Ashley walked to her room. After stripping off her large tee shirt and underwear, she went over to where her costume was stored. Ashley took out the bottoms, which were dark pink and like a bikini. In fact the material was similar to a swim suit bottom. Attached to the bottoms was a semi see through pink mesh that ended with elastics to hold them to her ankles. She pulled the bottoms up her legs and secured them against her crotch. Ashley was careful not to tear the pink mesh with her toes as she pulled them through. Next she pulled on the pink top which covered her chest. Next, she put on the dark pink vest. Pink shoes and tiny fez hat on her head completed the look. Ashley pulled her hair into a pony tail and walked over to the mirror.

"Wow I look like a young ’I dream of Genie’" she smiled. Jokingly, she crossed her arms and nodded her head, "As you wish master", she giggled.

Ashley made her way down stairs and met with Emily and Billy who already got their bags ready for candy. After grabbing her own bag and the house keys, she headed to the front door.

"Ready for Trick-or-Treating?", asked Ashley.

"Yeah", both kids exclaimed

As they walked outside, they saw other children with their parents walking around the neighborhood. Billy and Emily held onto Ashley’s hands as they walked from house to house. Emily gleamed when woman at the houses said how cute she was and gave her extra candy.

Ashley and her parents came to the house where Ashley’s friend Jenny lives. They pushed the doorbell and were greeted with a woman, Ashley recognized.

"Trick-or-Treat!", said Billy and Emily at the same time.

"How adorable you all are, let’s see a little princess and Aladdin with his genie.", said the woman.

"Hi Mrs Fisher", said Ashley.

"So who are these adorable little tykes you are watching Ashley?", asked Mrs Fisher.

"Oh these are my cousins, Amy and Mark. I’m watching them while my parents and theirs go to a party.", lied Ashley sticking with the story they came up with.

Mrs Fisher bent down, "My, what a pretty little princess you are Amy." She put two pieces of candy into her bag.

"Tank you", grinned Emily.

"Now you watch over your little sister", said Mrs Fisher as she put candy into Billy’s bag.

"I will and thank you", said Billy.

Mrs Fisher placed candy into Ashley’s bag. "Jennifer is out with her brother, you might meet them."

"So how is little Daniel, he four now right?", questioned Ashley.

"He doing great, he was so excited going out tonight. If you see Jennifer, tell her not to stay out too late, Daniel needs his sleep.", stated Mrs Fisher.

"I will and thank you for the candy.", waved Ashley as she guided Emily and Billy to the sidewalk.

The trio continued their trek around the neighborhood gathering candy where ever they went. During their journey, Emily had to go potty, but she did not care since she was wearing her trainers. She let herself go as they made their way to another house.

With their bags full and the sun long gone, Ashley and her young parents started to head home. Emily was getting tired, so Ashley picked her up and carried her. With her hand on Emily’s bottom, she felt the wetness there.

"Sorry Emily, I have nothing to change you with here, it will have to wait until we get home.", said Ashley.

Emily just half closed her eyes and sucked on her thumb. They made it back to the house and Ashley unlocked the door and they went in. By now Emily was sleeping in Ashley’s arms. They placed the bags of candy on the table.

"Time for bed dad, mom is already asleep. You two can wait to start growing up tomorrow.", Ashley said in a motherly way.

"You’re right, I am getting sleepy, good night and tell Emily I love her.", yawned Billy as he headed up the stairs.

Ashley locked the front door and headed up stairs to the nursery. Once there she removed the princess costume and wet trainers on sleeping Emily and replaced them with diapers, Ashley was not taking any chances. She was about to place Emily on the toddler bed, when Emily half woke up.

"No sweep with you", mumbled Emily half awake.

Ashley smiled, "Okay mom, you can sleep with me", she cooed.

Ashley carried her mother to her room and laid Emily on her bed. She then removed her Genie costume and got dressed in her pajamas. Slipping under the covers, Ashley hugged little Emily close.

"Night mom, sweet dreams. Dad and I love you very much.", whispered Ashley as she kissed Emily’s cheek.

Mother and daughter slept through the night peacefully. Tomorrow Billy and Emily would take the trip back to adulthood, but for now they were contented to be small children in the care of their daughter.



End Chapter 2

Halloween at the Harris's

by: Steven | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 29, 2011


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