Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

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Chapter 11
DAY 3 (Part 4)

Chapter Description: Tom is taken by his students to a water park, where new challenges await for him.

After diapering me, my students dressed me with a pink onesie that was also a swimsuit. I remembered it from my ‘dream’ because it was one of the swimsuits they had bought before, at the mall. My bulky diaper protruded grotesquely under the swimsuit’s rear, like it uses to in these cases. After considering it for a couple minutes, the girls went on with an experiment. Taking me each by each hand again, they lowered me to the floor with care.

I shook my bare feet impatient; I was afraid but also had a little hope I could prove my value. To my fortune, I was able to stand! First, with the help of her hands, and then, as Sandra and Juliette let me off by myself little by little, I began to sway my hips in order to keep balance. And I could do it.

They turned at the same time, exchanged a glance and then smiled in proud (I guess). After that, Juliette squatted a meter in front of me and presented me her hands. Her face looked SO beautiful, and she was inviting me to come with a smile of trust and love! I only had to walk to her. And it was a complete challenge. I felt like I was drunk (how do I know it if I never drunk?), I felt lightheaded, but I could take my first step. My hips seemed to have life on its own and my feet moved erratically as I tried to take the second step, but I was able to do it more or less, and then came the third. Sandra looked down, with great expectations.

I only needed to take one last step, Juliette’s hands were so close I couldn’t wait… and then my body simply worked on its own, as without me wanting to, I extended my arms to her and practically launched forward, tripping and felt I was about to fall. Fortunately, Juliette’s arms were close and she was quick to catch me and then instantly take me on her arms and get up.

She gave me a smooch in the cheek and Sandra joined by tapping my shoulder as we all three quietly celebrated. Hey, at least I wasn’t completely dependent yet, even if that meant I still needed to have my diapers changed and I could only walk in the most rudimentary way possible.

Then, they carried everything on the car for the big trip to the beach. This time Juliette drove and I was in the backseat with Sandra taking care of me. As always, she didn’t stop talking with Juliette during all the way, but she also was very attentive to me. She talked to me every now and then, cleaned any mess I made and even gave me of her popsicle as we crossed the road in that tranquil Sunday morning.

Until that moment I had considered Juliette the perfect idea of a mother, but seeing the very relaxed Sandra that time, with her glasses on and her modern clothes and haircut, taking a great care of me as one of her priorities, I began to reflect upon. Perhaps in those days, this young girl was actually what new mothers aspired to. Sandra had taught me to dance and rock, she took selfies with me, she made sure I was perfectly clean and healthy and ok, and she took our ‘potty training’ thing as a serious and common goal. As we failed, she didn’t put the blame either on me or her alone, she simply recognized we both made mistakes and moved on.

Maybe I could be happier with Sandra at my side…

I was thinking all those things when we arrived to the water park. The girls took all the bags and Sandra fitted me into a baby carrier, which she put on her chest, as we headed to the water park. It was around 3 p.m. and the place was really crowded. I didn’t use to go to many places when I was an adult but this looked like a very cool park, with flumes, swings, a water rollercoaster, slides and all kinds of pools. Also there were food stands, squares and areas for families and friends, and everyone looked very busy and having a good time.

As we moved forward to get to whatever attractions my caretakers wanted to visit, I saw a lot of people passing by. Family men and grown-up men, sporting muscular chests and wearing nothing but swimming shorts and trunks. Also women, mothers taking care of young kids. And lots of teenagers, male and female, having a good time.

We came next to a pool and the girls installed. They laid a tablecloth in the ground, took out the beach chairs and the picnic baskets. They had brought some Gerber puree and a bottle of warm milk for me, while they ate some good sub sandwiches, enjoying the sun while sitting on their chairs, wearing the hats and sunglasses they had bought last day.

After we finished eating, the girls kept chatting for other 20 minutes or so, until the sun and the food made its effect. Sandra laid down on the blanket, mouth down, to take a brief nap, while Juliette sat on a beach chair and started reading a book. She placed me on her lap and didn’t stop caressing my hair as she turned the pages, where I saw an uncountable amount of scribbly signs I couldn’t understand passing before my eyes.

Some good 30 minutes passed and the sun was finally becoming gentler. Sandra woke up in a good mood, and Juliette had already started getting tired of reading. They saluted each other and mutually agreed it was time to go to swimming. So, they took off their clothes revealing the swimsuits they had brought one day ago.

Sandra looked stunning sporting her two-piece black bikini, that cover almost nothing of the front of her breasts, while her bottom part fit perfectly to her hips. She even modelled it doing a little spin, showing how her sadly very flat butt showed a little of her buttocks in the sides. Nonetheless, she looked cool with her swimsuit, because of her ultra slender body and her rocking attitude, which would definitely convince anyone she was a cool person to be around with.

As for Juliette, her body looked extra soft under her white one piece swimsuit, that fit her so tightly it sort of made her attributes pop-up and look even softer. Man, how would I wish to be able to squeeze and nibble on her fat rolls, while her thighs and breasts showed her so white and soft skin extra tender, and the rear part of the bottom dangerously began to slip between her buttcrack.

I was still totally abstracted looking at them when Sandra picked me up, put on some swim rings around me and carried me under her arm to take me to those very crowded facilities.

First, they reached the babies area; the water barely there reached their ankles, and as Sandra lowered me to the floor, the current easily covered me up to the tights. My students looked so beautiful in their swimsuits, like complete adults, while as for me, I was a sight beyond ridiculous with my short figure covered in broad floaters in arms, legs and waist. If walking was hard without them, now I could barely make my way in the water, walking and bumbling at the same time. Fortunately, the floaters sort of blocked each other, making me impossible to trip and fall.

As they walked me in, Sandra and Juliette enjoyed the water. They had fun crouching and splashing each other with water, their swimsuits already getting wet and sticking tighter to their bodies. Juliette also poured some water on my head, to refresh me and protect me from the sun; then she crouched and looked me in the eyes.

“Are we having fun, Tom?”, she said, with a big smile under her dark sunglasses.

I couldn’t tell if I was, since the experience was too weird and awkward to have enough fun. I wasn’t the only baby around, there were lots of parents and children around that zone; some of them holding their kids by the hands, some other babies and toddlers safely placed on their daddy’s shoulders, and some others even holding them from a leash like they were sort of pets. I found it kind of appalling, but at least I wasn’t the only baby in a bad position there, and no one seemed to tell me apart from the other babies around there.

But things improved as we advanced. We soon reached a zone with taller waters. There, Juliette hugged me tightly by my waist and put me on front of her as both of my students walked in. The water reached their navels more or less and I looked around, worried, as the water covered half of my torso, but I was kept safe by the floating rings.

Juliette and Sandra were already wet up to their faces. They took out the sunglasses and left their hats behind. Gradually, as we swam in, I began to relax feeling the movement of the water around me, and enjoy the journey a little more. After some good 20 minutes wandering together, Sandra, as the adventurous girl she was, said something like she was getting bored and asked permission to Juliette to separate and go swim to deeper waters.

After she got it, I saw Sandra turning round and take a short run, her bikini already gotten deep inside her crack and completely soaked and then taking a dive to escape swimming with such speed I couldn’t imagine. Needlessly to say, I instantly missed her, as I got a baby boner right under my diaper.

Juliette stood around some time more with me, until she decided too it was time for us to get out and go for a different attraction. I guessed Sandra had told her they were meeting later, anyway, but I was still anxious, like the baby I was, to reencounter with her. Juliette walked out of the water, and took me on her arms, removing the floating rings, and she headed with me for the water slides. And there was when the hardest part of the trip began.



End Chapter 11

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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