Regression is In

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 21, 2022

A story commission for SomeNerdBird. High school students join in a trend to regress as far as you can and still accomplish your daily responsibilities, but will it be worth it? Some fads rarely are.

Chapter 1
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Chapter Description: Grant joins in a regression fad with his high school friends, trying to become the youngest class to graduate. Things soon get pushed to an absurd degree.

Fads come and go. Things like fashion, hairstyles, music, and certain activities become trendy for the current generation, and soon everyone is dressing alike, sounding alike, and looking alike. Sometimes, even dangerous things can become trendy when the wrong thing is focused on by irresponsible people. All it takes is the wrong person to influence the wrong people, either on purpose or by accident. A trend or fad could end up causing more harm than good, and severely scar an entire generation. Recently, a huge medical breakthrough was made, and a special topical cream was announced that could physically reverse aging. Though the product was limited to people over sixty, and tended to be used in nursing homes, every now and then it managed to get in the wrong hands. Just a little dab of cream on your face, and you could look years younger! The effects could stack as well, meaning you could keep applying cream and get even younger. The effect was temporary, or so it was thought.

Grant, a seventeen-year-old boy with brown hair and blue eyes, was hanging out with his friends during lunch time at school. They would graduate this year, and wanted to go out with a bang somehow. Grant, on the other hand, mostly just coasted through school, trying to do the bare minimum to pass and graduate. He would much rather concentrate on gaming than school, and was one of the top players in his class as a result. He was, however, near the bottom when it came to academics. Not that he cared much. He was dressed in his usual flannel over a t-shirt featuring his favorite band. He didn't much care about the way he looked, often getting his clothes from the thrift store. His friends were more selective, choosing to wear what the popular style was at the time. He did, however, want to fit in with whatever current trends were, and today one of his friends pulled out his phone, showing a video of a popular influencer.

Hey guys!” said the influencer, a brown haired, brown eyed older teen boy wearing a blue t-shirt and tan shorts. He sneakily looked from side to side, as if looking for anyone spying on him. “Check out what I scored from my grandma!” He pulled out a jar of medical cream labeled “Rejuvinique” and smiled. “I'm sure you've heard of this stuff before. It's what old people use to turn young again for a few days. Well, what happens if a younger person tries some?” He chuckled and opened it, then dug his fingers in, scooping out some of the sparkling cream. He rubbed some on his face and then waited. Soon his facial features began to soften, and the small patch of hair on his chin disappeared. He gasped as he began to shrink, looking younger and younger. “Guys! It's working!” His voice got higher and higher, and his clothes became more and more baggy.

Wow, that guy is getting really young!” said David, one of Grant's friends. He was more of the sports type, way into football, and currently rocking spiked black hair and a green jersey. Grant had a bit of a crush on him, mostly due to his handsome face, athletic body, and kind ways.

The influencer continued to shrink as he began going backwards through puberty, now appearing to be a high school freshman. He pulled out a mirror and looked at himself. “Oh my god!” he squealed. “I'm practically a kid! I wonder if they will still let me into college.” He chuckled, knowing it would wear off in a few days. “Okay, I dare you all to get your hands on some of this cream and use it yourself. See how young you can be and still function in daily life! Whether it's at work or at school, how young can you get?”

Heh, my mom's mom has some of that stuff.” said Chris, another friend, with long brown hair and green eyes, wearing round glasses. His parents were rich, and could afford all the good stuff. “I bet I could snag some.”

You think?” asked Josh, one of Grant's more posh friends, always into the top trends and fashions. He had his hair colored blue, but was actually a brown haired, brown eyed guy.

That's cool I guess.” said Grant. “I guess I wouldn't mind giving it a try. It's only temporary, right?”

Yeah, it only lasts a week or so.” said Chris. “I've seen my grandma and aunt use it before. It really works!”

“Cool, get us some!” said David. “We'll be the coolest, and youngest, graduates in high school!”

Heh, this will be so awesome.” said Josh.

Grant was interested to find out how well the cream worked, and it was amazing knowing that such a thing was even possible. He knew his mom would probably freak out, but he didn't care.

It took a while, but eventually Chris came through with the cream, managing to score three jars of it. He brought them to school and that day during gym he busted them out.

Heh, so this is the stuff?” asked Grant.

“Yep!” said Chris. “Told you guys I'd score some.”

Can't believe you got THREE jars of it.” said Josh.

“You're amazing!” said David.

Alright guys, put some on.” said Chris, opening a jar. He scooped up some with two fingers and began rubbing it on his face. “Hehehe, it tickles!”

Grant and the others did the same, rubbing some on their faces. Their skin tingled and they looked at each other as they began looking younger. It was so weird seeing his crush look younger and younger. He had only known David since ninth grade, so seeing him reverting back to how he looked back then jogged a lot of memories. He had known his other friends since childhood, and seeing their faces get smaller, rounder, and softer made him remember the good times. He felt himself growing a bit smaller and weaker, his clothes hanging on him a little. His shoes became roomy and he had to hike his shorts up.

Hehehe, this feels so weird!” said Josh, holding his shorts up. “Look at me! I'm a freshman again!”

The others chuckled as they looked each other over in the locker room. They had regressed all the way down to fourteen again.

Hey, what are we going to do about our clothes?” asked David, his voice cracking a bit.

Nothing!” said Chris. “We just wear what we have and try to keep it on.” He put the cream away in his backpack.

Yeah, we have to try and keep attending school as normal.” said Josh, giggling a little. Then the bell rang.

It's time for next class!” said Grant. “Come on, let's go!” He walked forward, trying not to trip over his own shoes, as did the others. Once they got to class, everyone else gasped then giggled.

The teacher, a middle aged brunette woman wearing glasses and a brown dress, looked down at them. “David?” she asked. “Grant? Chris?! Josh?! What happened to you?”

We used some regression cream!” said Chris. “It's what all the cool people are doing online.”

Everyone made their way to their seats, trying not to drop their shorts as they did. Their desks all seemed bigger now, though not much bigger. The class whispered to each other about the “little kids” in senior class. The teacher looked as if she were thinking of something as she turned to the blackboard to write a lesson. The regressed high schoolers wrote down the lesson in their notebooks and squirmed in their slightly over-sized clothes as the class went on. When the bell rang, they all exited class and got the attention of their fellow seniors.

How did you guys score some of that cream?” asked one of them.

Wow, you guys actually did it!” said another.

Man, I wish I had some of that stuff.” said one of the older girls.

Grant and his friends met up again after school.

Hey guys!” said Josh. “We're the talk of the school!”

Yeah!” said David. “Haha, just look at us. All scrawny freshmen. It's like how I first met you guys.”

“I wonder if we should try getting even younger.” said Chris. “Here, each of you take some cream home.” He handed everyone some.

What about you?” asked Grant.

“Don't worry, I have more at home.” said Chris.

Heh, just don't go crazy and end up in diapers.” said Grant.

So what if we do?” asked Josh. “That would just make us cooler than the others if we can get that young and keep doing our school work.”

You're not serious are you Josh?” asked Grant. “Fun is fun, but I don't like the idea of peeing and pooping myself all day.”

Yeah yeah.” said Josh. “Just wait and see. We're going to be the youngest class to ever graduate high school!”

Heheh, if you say so.” said David. “See you guys tomorrow!”

Yeah, see ya!” said Chris. Everyone parted ways and went home via bus, since none of them were old enough to drive anymore.

Grant got off his bus and hiked his shorts up. “Hmm, should I?” he wondered, looking at the jar of cream in his hand. “Sure, why not? But only a little.” He went into his house, alone, since his parents weren't home yet, and went into his room and put his book bag away, then went over to his mirror. He saw the freshman he had become and gulped. Could he really get even younger? Should he? After all, it was just a passing fad. It wouldn't last long right? His hands trembled a bit as he took out the jar of cream. He wanted to join his friends and accept the challenge, so he dipped his fingers in and rubbed it on his face.

After a few moments, his skin began to tingle as his pores soaked up the cream and spread it through his body. Within seconds, he had already begun to lose more height and maturity. He let out a small gasp as he reversed course through puberty, having a shrinking spurt. His face youthened more, becoming more round, smooth, and innocent. His shoes were like floppy clown shoes now, and his socks sagged low around the top of his sneakers. His shorts drooped lower, now covering his calves. The neck of his shirt drooped and showed his hairless chest. His mouth tingled and he felt some teeth retracting into his gums, as if he had just lost his baby teeth. He gasped in reaction and let go of his shorts, feeling them fall to his ankles, taking his underwear with them. He looked at himself in the mirror as he continued to shrink and regress. He was small, cute, and rapidly losing height. The neck of his shirt now hung over one shoulder. His room grew around him, feeling less like it was for him, and more for an older, bigger person. He found he could no longer reach the tallest of his shelves, which had some video game statues and figures on them. He reached up high, trying to touch them, and stepped out of his shoes and socks, leaving them behind. He turned and looked at the pre-teen in the mirror and blushed. Smiling, he saw gaps in his teeth. He peeked under his shirt and saw that he was smooth, hairless, and small all over. Not a trace of puberty could be found. He couldn't be much older than ten now. It felt so strange, and a little scary. He heard the front door shut and knew that his mom must be home. What would she think? He dropped his shirt and let it hang down to his knees.

Grant?” his mom called. “Are you home?”

Grant quickly hid the cream in his drawer, then began searching for clothes, only to realize that none of them fit him now. “Crap!” he said to himself.

Grant?” his mom called again, heading down the hall to his bedroom. “Are you okay?”

F-fine mom!” he said, forgetting that he now sounded like a child. He heard her coming and picked up his boxers, sliding in one foot then the other, and hoisting them up around his frame before she could walk in.

Grant's mom opened the door to see a little boy standing there, wearing Grant's clothes. “Wh-what?” she gasped. She knew it was her son, but was very confused. “What happened?”

Mom, I can explain!” Grant squeaked. “Th-there's a cream out there that can make people younger, a-and my friends and I are challenging each other to see how young we can be and still graduate!”

But why?” asked his mom, kneeling down. She too had heard of this cream. In fact there were few in the world who hadn't. “You want to be a little boy again?”

N-no...” said Grant. “It's not permanent. I'll grow back up in about a week or so.”

“So you're stuck like this for a whole week?” asked his mom. She sighed and hugged him. “Oh, you have no idea how much I missed my little man parading around the house in just his cartoonish underwear.”

Mooom!” Grant groaned. “Wait, you like me this way?”

Kind of.” said his mom. “If it's only temporary, why not enjoy it? Just be sure to say no to your friends next time. This stuff can be dangerous. Plus now I have to get you some new clothes and make sure you can get to and from school. Your father will have to go get your car from the high school. Since you are little again, that means no more TV or games until you've done your homework, and bedtime is at 9pm.”

But mooom!” Grant whined.

“No buts.” said his mom. “Goodness. What am I going to do with you? I gave away all of your clothes to Good Will. I forget what your size was. We'll just have to go to the store and find something that fits you.”

Ugh, okay mom.” said Grant. He didn't want to run around school naked or with just his baggy clothes on, so he agreed. However, he would have to wear them in the store while they shopped. He was embarrassed, but then saw Chris there, also getting some clothes. However, he looked even younger, possibly five or six at most.

Hey Grant!” said Chris. “Look at me! I'm a really little boy! Aww, is that as young as you're going to get?”

“Hey Chris.” said Grant. “Um, yeah, I don't like the way my clothes sag on me, and I don't like how my mom wants to baby me, so I'm sticking with this age.”

“Lame.” said Chris. “I'm going to pick out clothes all the way down to babyhood, just in case I need to get younger.” He had a pack of the very best diapers in his cart, along with some posh baby clothes and gear.

“Need to?” asked Grant. “Don't you think that's going a little too far?”

No way.” said Chris. “I'll do what it takes to win this challenge.”

“Pfft, if you say so shrimp.” said Grant, patting Josh on the head.

H-hey!” said Chris, pushing Grant away. “Don't call me shrimp! Remember, this is only temporary.”

“Yeah, sure.” said Grant. He went over to the kid's section, but saw mostly stuff with cartoon and super hero characters on them. There were some more plain clothes, which he picked out and tried on. He also had to pick out some underwear, socks, and shoes to wear.

Okay, these should be enough to last for a week.” said his mom. She paid for them and let him get dressed in them.

Grant went into the changing room and came out wearing some gray shorts, black shirt, white socks, and white sneakers all in his size. It felt so strange to be so small again. It had only been seven years, but he had forgotten just how large and looming the world could be to a child.

They look good on you dear.” said his mom. “Your father just texted me. He went and got your car with his friend. Better thank him when you get home.”

“I will mom.” said Grant, feeling bad for giving his parents trouble. As they left, he noticed the store seemed to be very busy for a school day.

The next day, Grant rode the bus to school, and noticed that his friends had gotten even younger. At school, a crowd gathered around his regressed friends, wanting to know how they got their hands on the cream.

Dude, we're so popular.” said Josh, having regressed to eight. “They love our little stunt!”

It's not really your stunt though.” said Grant. “It was that guy online who started it.”

“Yeah yeah.” said Josh. “But WE were the first ones to do it here.”

I kind of like it!” said David, now an eight-year-old, wearing an orange jersey and green shorts. On his feet were some small sports sneakers.

You guys are all lame.” said Chris, who was the youngest, appearing to be a five-year-old, wearing a t-shirt that read “BRAT” on the front in glittery gold letters, and white shorts. He had some fancy gold colored Velcro shoes on that lit up when he stepped down on them. The girls found him adorable, and fawned over him.

Grant just rolled his eyes, not caring about getting the attention of girls. He just wanted David's attention, but worried that he was uninterested since he chose to be older than them all.

The day went on as normal, with Grant and his friends getting a lot of attention. It was as if they were celebrities in their own school. The girls teased and talked down to them a few times to get a rise out of them, making them all blush. It was a bit awkward for David at practice.

Hey David!” shouted one of his team mates. “Don't go peeing your diapers during the game now that you're a baby!”

“I'm not a baby!” shouted David. “I bet I can still school you even at this age.”

“You're on!” said the older team mate. Unfortunately for David, his smaller and weaker body was just not up for the task, and he ended up getting trounced by the stronger, older teens. “Hah! I told you!” The bully yanked down David's shorts, exposing his Spider-Man underwear. He and a few others howled in laughter, but the girls found it to be very cute.

David, a little frustrated and humiliated, felt tears welling up in his eyes.

Grant ran up, having seen the whole thing, and helped David up. “You okay?” he asked, tugging his shorts back up.

Y-yeah.” said David. He then turned to the bully. “You guys stink! You're not cool like us. I bet none of you are man enough to do what we're doing.” He egged them on.

Okay squirt.” said the bully. “Just tell us where to get some of that cream and we'll see who is man enough.”

David explained to them how they got hold of the cream and smiled, knowing what would await them.

On the bus home, Grant and his friends discussed their plans. “Man, I can't wait for this stuff to wear off.” he said.

Are you kidding?” said Chris. “If anything, I'm putting on more when I get home!”

No way!” said Josh. “How young are you going to get?”

“Not telling.” said Chris. “You'll just have to guess.” He laughed and made the others consider getting younger themselves.

The next day the bus was full of young children. Only a few were still older teens, having either chosen not to partake or not being able to get any cream. Most of the seniors looked like first graders and even other students from different grades had become younger, making it nearly impossible to tell which class or grade they belonged to just by looking at them.

David came up to Grant, looking like a five-year-old. “Hey Grant!” he said, waving his little hand. He now wore a smaller jersey with Spider-Man on it, and some red shorts. He had on Spider-Man shoes that lit up over his little socked feet. Grant had to admit that he looked adorable. He had never seen his crush at this age before, and began wondering what it would have been like to grow up with him.

H-hey David.” said Grant. “I see you got even smaller since yesterday.”

“Yeah!” said David. “Gotta keep up with the trends bruh.” He smiled and did the floss dance, giggling. As lame as that dance was, it was cute seeing him do it.

“So what if they all end up in diapers?” asked Grant. “I'm not getting any younger than this.”

Aw, really?” asked David. “If they do, I guess I'll get diapered with them. We'll be the cool diaper crew!”

Grant laughed loudly. “Seriously?” he asked.

Yeah, come on man, be little like us!” said David. He secretly liked Grant a lot, finding him very cute.

Nah, I'm good.” said Grant. “Dude, how are you going to run track as a baby?”

“It's temporary remember?” said David. “Besides, I think you'll find most of the football team are now little kids too.”

Grant looked around, and indeed they had. Though there were some that had refrained from doing so, not wanting to lose their muscle mass for any reason for any duration, there were some that looked like seven or eight-year-olds. Then there were the girls. Most of them had become cute little first graders with pig tails and cute little dresses. So far no one had become any younger than five though, which was good.

Classes were a bit awkward, with some students having to sit in booster seats and get help carrying their books to class. Grant was surprised to see that even some of the teachers had gotten in on the fad, some now looking like teens while others were mere children. It was starting to look like some kind of strange daycare, except for the few remaining adults and teens. Grant found it difficult to concentrate at this younger age. His body was full of youthful energy, and he wanted to go play on the playground. He wasn't alone either, all of the regressed class wanted to go and play.

When it was lunch time, everyone who regressed needed help since they could no longer reach their food trays in the lunch line. Some again sat in booster seats. Even the teacher's section had a few children in it. It was strange eating at a table with a bunch of little kids. They all smacked on their food and made messes without a care.

Chris looked around and pouted. “Man, they're biting our style.” he said. “We need to take things up a notch.”

What do you mean?” asked David.

Chris pulled out a jar of cream and smiled. “Let's see what it's like to be toddlers in high school!” he said.

Dude, you read my mind!” said Josh, grabbing some. He giggled as he rubbed some all over his face.

Heh, alright.” said David. “I bet it'll be fun.” He dipped his hand in and scooped up some cream, then rubbed it all over his face.

Come on Grant, join us!” said Chris, offering him some.”

“N-no thanks.” said Grant. “I like the age I am.”

That's loser talk.” said Chris, wiping more on his face and smiling. “Here it comes!” He and the others began giggling and shrinking, their features rounding and softening even more. They began gaining more baby fat around their limbs as they shrank into their clothes.

Hahaha, you guys wook wike babies!” said Josh, pointing his little chubby digit at the others. He gasped and covered his mouth, now sounding like a toddler.

Haha, wook who's tawkin!” said David, giggling and kicking his loose light up shoes off.

“We awmost babies!” said Chris, making a mess with his food. He had to stand up in his chair now, leaving his shorts and underwear on the seat, and giving the girls a glimpse of his cute little bottom. He heard giggling and turned around. “Wike whacha see?” He chuckled and patted his rear.

Grant just rolled his eyes at his immature friends, feeling more and more estranged from them. Yet he found David to be so cute in his over-sized clothes. “Heh, so what are you guys gonna do about clothes?” he asked.

We weaw wha we can.” said Chris. “Nuffin ewse mattews!”

“Yeah, to heck wif cwothes!” said Josh, stripping his off and choosing to go nude. He padded around on his little bare feet, giggling and streaking, mostly for the girls. He blushed, feeling some embarrassment when the phones came out to record his antics, but kept going for the likes and views. “Hey evvyone! Wook at me! I gonna gwaduate as a toddwer! Bet ya can't do it too!”

It didn't take long for the views to add up and the ages to go down. In the following days, he halls were were randomly littered with empty clothes that the students had shrunken out of. Streaking had become the thing to do while regressed, seeing how long they could get away with it before an adult came along to dress them. Unfortunately, this also meant the janitor had a lot of little accidents to clean up. Students either had to get their parents to get out their old clothes, buy new ones, or wear hand-me-downs from their younger, now older siblings.

At break time, it was more like recess on the playground. Diapered and half dressed tots ran around outside, playing hide and seek or swinging on the swings. The cheerleaders were gathered together having a play tea party while the boys tended to be playing hide and seek or tag, often running around leaving clothes behind as they regressed and joined the toddler brigade. Being a high school, there wasn't much in the way of playground equipment aside from the swings and some benches. Grant sat and watched in disbelief as his toddler friends ran around playing as if they were actual toddlers. He saw David hide behind a bush to do his business and chuckled. It was really cute seeing him like this, but also a bit unnerving. They had all adopted babyish habits like sucking their fingers, playing with their toes, and even picking their noses. They had all been caught and diapered by staff now, and were crinkling as they toddled around. Even Josh's girlfriend had gotten in on the fun, and was now a diapered tot in a frilly pink dress. She tended to hang out with the other girls now though, due to a recent outbreak of cooties. Chris was usually the one to make new rules to follow and set the new regressive trend going forward.

First one to wet ow poop ya diapee is da wosew!” said Chris, making up his own challenges now.

Haha, too wate!” said David, pointing at Josh who was currently in the squatting position.

Grant just sighed and shook his head, a little amused by it all. Back in class, the scent of a dirty diaper was hard to ignore. Each time, the teacher had to stop what they were doing and check each student, then call in the school nurse to change them. Even the school nurse was now just an eleven-year-old girl wearing a smaller version of her nurse's outfit. She had never worked so hard during school before, and was beginning to wish she had become even younger too.

One day, Grant entered the classroom to see that one of his teachers was now reduced to a diaper clad toddler as well, seeing how well they could teach at this age. Needless to say, not many in the class took them seriously, especially when they needed a diaper change. Things were getting out of hand, and one day an announcement came over the speakers in the classrooms.

Attention students!” said the teenage voice of the regressed school principal. “From now on, anyone who uses the regression cream on purpose will be sent home until they grow up again. We do not have the faculty power needed to take care of toddlers and change diapers all day. As such, anyone still old enough is encouraged to volunteer to take care of the younger students and help them out with diapers, feedings, and getting to and from classes. Sign up in my office and you'll get a special badge that give you privilege as well as a large helping of extra credit!”

There was an audible groan from the little ones in class, but a cheer from the older ones. Even Grant was relieved, and planned on getting that extra credit. He went to the front office to sign up, along with a few others. He began to regret it though as the days went on. He ended up having to change his friends as well as a lot of the other students, and even some teachers. He was getting tired of wet and poopy diapers, feeling like some kind of over-worked daycare employee. Even though people were regressed, they retained their previous knowledge. Only their physical skills had been reduced, which was to be expected. PE became more of a toddler show, having kids touch their toes, sit up, and simply walk from one spot to another.

The school began to look and smell like a daycare, with desks that looked like high chairs, changing tables, and even some cribs in classrooms. In some cases it was toddlers teaching toddlers, but there were still some adults and older teen staff around to do the heavy lifting. Some toddler play equipment was temporarily placed outside by the swings, giving the regressed students something to do and work out their energy on. Childish behavior became encouraged over acting your actual age. It wasn't unusual for regressed students to cry, whine, drool, babble, and play with toys. The school began integrating nap time for younger students while others studied. Grant was a little jealous, but it wasn't worth being put in diapers.

Haha, yer a wooser!” said one of the regressed students to Grant. “Ya couwd na handwe it huh?” It was the bully who gave David a hard time, only now he was a chunky little toddler wearing a particularly thick diaper with various sport ball prints on it.

Grant reached down and picked up the tiny tot under the arm puts. “Don't piss me off dude.” he said. “I might lose my grip.”

The reduced bully gulped and tinkled in his diaper from fright. “Y-you wouwdn't dawe.” he said.

Try me.” said Grant, staring them in their cute little face. He may have still been only ten, but he was big enough and old enough to lift toddlers and change them. “Heh, need a change little guy?” He laid the bully down on a changing table and began changing him while the cheerleaders watched from their high chairs, all getting a good view. He managed to embarrass the bully good, with David watching, who gave him a thumbs up.

Chris began talking to the others while Grant was occupied. “Okay evwyone, ish awmost time to gwow up again, buh I tink Gwant shouwd join us. If he gonna hang out wif us, he gotta be pawt of da baby cwew.”

“Hehehe, yeah!” said Josh. “Wets pwank him.”

I dunno guys.” said David. “He says he dun wanna be a baby.”

Wewax Davey.” said Chris. “It tempowawy, jus a pwank.”

How we gonna do it?” asked Josh.

“At bweak time, Davey get his attention.” said Chris. “Pwentend ya gots an owie n get him to kneew down to you. Den me n Joshy come up wif cweam and pounce!”

Ah, um, I not suwe.” said David.

“Come on Davey.” said Chris. “We know how much ya wike him. Doncha want him to be widdle wike yoo so yoo can pway?”

David blushed and thought. He didn't know that they knew of his crush. He wasn't sure if Grant had similar feelings about him or not, but had his suspicions. “Um, otay, I guess.” he said finally.

At break, their plan went into motion. David was running around, crinkling in his thick sports patterned diaper, when he pretended to fall and cry.

Grant took the bait and went over. “David? Are you hurt?” he asked.

David sniffled and looked up at Grant. “I sowwy Gwant.” he said.

Huh? What for?” asked Grant. Suddenly he felt little hands on his face. “Gah! What in the...” He squirmed, but was pulled down by their weight.

Chris giggled and rubbed some cream on Grant's face. “Haha, we got yoo!” he said.

Josh giggled and did the same, getting even more on him. “Ya gonna be a babee whethew ya want to ow na!” he said.

Grant winced and squirmed, getting cream in his eyes and mouth. “Pah!” he spat, “S-stop!” He felt his skin tingling and his clothes loosening. “Nooo!” He began shrinking as his face was rubbed with more cream, dwindling down into single digits. His clothes crumpled around him as he ungrew. The gaps in his teeth soon filled with baby teeth. His cheeks became plump and blushed and his tummy protruded a little. He had been a bit of a chubby little kid, and the regression reflected that. He rubbed at his face, trying to get the cream off, but it was no use. He dwindled more and more, down past grade school and into kindergarten, then preschool. He kicked his chunky little legs and flailed his arms, trying to get them off him. He felt his shoes fly off and the tiny hands seemed to grow on him, able to hold him down easier as he shrank. His feet pulled up into his shorts and his arms withdrew into his shirt, as did his head. He disappeared into his clothes, squirming and kicking, until he wiggled his way out of them. He gasped and looked at his “friends” now at eye level.

Hahaha!” Josh laughed. “Wook at him!”

Gwant got widdle!” shouted Chris. “We suwe got him good!”

Gwant, I sowwy.” said David. “Buh ya do wook cute.” He blushed, having said that in front of everyone in class.

Uh oh.” said Josh. His legs began to wobble and weaken as he shrank. His shirt lowered a little, covering the front of his diaper, which drooped low on his dwindling hips.

Huh?” said Chris, looking at his chubby little hands getting even smaller and stubbier. They had gotten the cream on themselves, and were regressing even more now. Soon their legs gave out and they fell to their loosely diapered bottoms, now unable to stand or walk.

W-we weawwy babees now.” said Josh, tearing up a little, though mostly from the jolt of falling.

Uh huh...” said Chris. “Oh weww, dat means we da youngest!” He cheered then fell to his back and began kicking his feet in the air as his diaper grew warm.

Ugh, yoo guys awe jewks!” shouted Grant, trying to cover himself with his hands. He started to walk away but was stopped by David.

“Gwant, I sowwy.” he said. “It was deiw pwan, buh I wanted yoo to be widdle wike me, so we can pway togefew.”

Y-a do?” asked Grant, still blushing and standing without a stitch of clothing on.

Uh huh...” said David. “I...wike yoo. A wot.” He wiggled his toes in the dirt and looked down blushing.

Grant blushed too and started to tear up a little. “Davey I...wike yoo too.” he said, sniffling. “I wike yoo a wot. I have since I met yoo.”

David came in for a hug, holding Grant tightly. “I so happy yoo say dat!” he said.

There were a lot of “Awwwws” from those watching, and giggling from the two infants lying on their backs, sucking their toes.

Soon one of the responsible ones came up to change the two babies, and they were all taken to the principal's office to explain themselves. Chris and Josh were told to stay home until they grew up again, but Grant and David were allowed to stay. However, it soon became apparent after a few weeks that they were not growing up like they were supposed to. They and others were taken to an office where they were told the bad news.

So it seems that the cream only lasts a week or so when applied to the skin on the face, arms, legs, or chest.” said an official dressed in a suit and tie. “However, when taken orally, it's effects become permanent.”

Pewmanent?!” Grant gasped.

Ya mean we stuck dis way fowevew?!” asked Chris. The room of babies and toddlers soon began to bawl.

Please, please!” said the official. “Calm yourselves please.”

Everyone was given a pacifier to suck on to help them calm down, and soon the room was filled with the sounds of suckling and sniffling tots. They were all being held by their parents, who thankfully did not get any youth cream in their mouths.

No, you won't be like this forever.” said the man. “However, you will have to grow up the natural way. With time.”

How we get it in owr moufs?” asked Josh.

Ya aww was suckin ya fingews aftew yoo wegwessed.” said Grant. “Ya stuck some in my mouf when ya pwanked me! Ish yer fawt!”

Chris sniffled and cried again. “I sowwyyyyy!” he yelled.

We not mean it!” said Josh, kicking and crying while being held by his mommy.

What will our children do about college?” asked Grant's mom. “They may look like babies, but they still have their adult education.”

A special site is being setup for them.” said the official. “They can attend their college classes and graduate while being tended to. They will be the first babies to ever have a college degree.”

“That's great, but they won't have much use for them as babies.” said Chris's mom. She bounced her spoiled son on her knee, quieting him down.

As part of the lawsuit against the company that makes the cream, there will be special jobs created for them.” said the official. “You will all receive a settlement that will help you buy all the diapers, food, and other supplies needed for healthy growth until they are once again college age.”

Well, that's good at least.” said David's mom. “Just think honey, now you get an extra leg up on your sports opportunities.”

Grant looked at David and held his little hand out, sucking on a blue pacifier.

David smiled around his green pacifier and reached out, grabbing Grant's hand.

Their parents just smiled and looked at each other knowingly.

I think things will work out okay.” said Grant's mom. “I think it will be nice for our boys to grow up together.”

I agree.” said David's mom. “They're so cute together.”

“Wha about us?” asked Chris.

Yah, can we come pway sometimes?” asked Josh.

That's up to Grant.” said Grant's mom. “I'm still mad at you for turning him into a baby, but then again I have missed taking care of him like this. I had been thinking of having another baby once he went off to college, but now we don't have to.” She smiled and rocked her son gently.

We sowwy.” said Chris. “We vewy sowwy.”

Yah, we not do it if we knew it was pewmanent.” said Josh.

That much wasn't your fault.” said David's mom.

It's all because of that idiot online.” said Josh's mom. “Now I have to change dirty diapers again! I'm just glad your little sister is out of them. Guess she will be your big sister from now on.”

Josh just pouted, thinking about his five-year-old sister helping during his diaper changes.

Chris didn't have to worry about that, being an only child, and since his parents had hired nannies to take care of his diapers, feedings, and baths.

David was the oldest of three siblings, but now the youngest. He didn't mind, and neither did they. Where he helped take care of his younger siblings before, they now helped him.

Not long after that, the reverse aging cream was deemed illegal for anyone over the age of fifty to buy, own, or be in possession of. The effects were reduced as well, requiring more cream to be used to regress to a desired age, and it wore off quicker. There were still those who skirted the law and obtained some, but they were fewer and fewer as time went on. Grant and David got to grow up and attend baby college together. It was the first college to include nap time and play time. In time, Grant forgave Chris and Josh, and the four became fast friends again. The world kept on turning and eventually the incident became known as the “Mass Youthening” by the media, which left thousands of people stuck living their lives over again. For Grant, however, it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to him. With David by his side, from then on he had purpose and drive to become the best team manager he could be, and the couple ended up getting married once they were eighteen, and ended up making lots of money as well as living happily ever after.

The End



End Chapter 1

Regression is In

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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Dr. Anguish · Aug 22, 2022

One of those stories where I really love the premise but am a bit disappointed with the follow-through. It's not the author or the story's fault. It's just we all have different turn-ons. I LOV E the idea of these guys putting themselves in this excruciatingly humiliating situation and refusing to back down no matter how much dignity they lose. I keep imagining the shrunken seniors being bullied by the Freshmen they'd gazed earlier... Pint-sized casanovas trying to put the moves on girls, only to run into their full-sized rivals... Being teased by formerly younger siblings... Being hit on by little kids who are bigger than them now... Wildly uneven sports competitions with rival schools... Shower room hijinks... Again, not blaming the writer or the story. It's fine. But I'll be doing some embroidering in my head with this concept...

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vended · Aug 24, 2022

I found it a neat read. Very funny in a kind of absurd, goofy way. Thanks for the read!

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very cute

DBStoryWriter2023 · Jan 18, 2023

Cute story. Great job! thanks for sharing. There are a lot of Regression stories on ArchiveOfOurOwn maybe you can post there too

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