Emerald Princess

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Emerald Castle

Chapter 3: Emerald Castle


‘UMM...’ I THOUGHT in my head. ‘Who are you?’

‘I told you last night, Caireen.’

‘And… you’re inside my head?’

‘Your body. You bonded with me last night.’

‘Oh...’ I thought. ‘So, I guess I’m an avatar?’

‘I believe that’s what your people call it,’ she agreed and somehow, I could sense she was nodding.

‘So you can act without me wanting you to?’ I asked.

‘Most of the time no, but right now I couldn’t help myself. In fact,’ I felt her do something and suddenly my walls, bed, desk, dresser, and clothes all seemed to transform. The walls became a purple with some beautiful scrolling leaves and flowers in some sort of mirror paint.  My bed became a crib, the dresser a changing table, and the room straightened itself out too. It was a prettier nursery than Mom had done for Lily - and that had taken us months to do!

“Sofia Elizabeth,” Mom said to me while looking stunned.

‘How am I going to prove I didn’t do this!?!’

‘Let me talk to her...’

There was something akin to a light switch thrown and I felt like I was now watching my body. “Sofia did not do this Mrs. Hammerstein,” came from my body with a much more mature voice somehow coming from my vocal cords.

“What did you do to my daughter?” Mom asked panicked, “Is she okay?”

“She’s perfectly fine, you may call me Caireen. Your daughter and I bonded last night… I saw she was going to die without my help, but she has so much potential I decided I had to help her… In the process she and I ended up bonding.” She looked through my eyes around, “She’s going to take back over now, I just don’t want her to get in trouble. She really needed a pretty nursery though.”

I felt myself take back over again and at the same time could still feel her presence. ‘You’re still here?’ I asked.

‘Until you die sweet pea,’ she said with a voice that seemed to smile. ‘I’ll talk to you later; your mommy is worried sick.’

“Sofia, are you okay?”

I nodded, “I am, it’s exactly like she said happened.”

“You’re not trying to get out of trouble?”

“I wish I could be this imaginative to get out of trouble,” I sighed.

Mom had a scared and shaken look that she managed to shake her head and ask in a mostly normal voice, “Well… still want your bottle?”

I nodded. She carried me to the rocking chair and positioned me in the crook of her arm, handed me the warm bottle, and then began to read the story. “Once upon a time…” I stayed awake for half of the story and had to rely upon my memory of telling it to Lily to remember how it ended!


ALMOST AS SOON as I fell asleep, I was standing in a green meadow with flowers and huge beautiful butterflies everywhere. It was truly a spectacular view when I turned around and saw a stone castle that looked even prettier than anything in a Disney fairytale movie! “Like it?” I heard her ask.

“It’s beautiful!” I told her as I looked up to view a beautiful red headed lady with emerald green eyes like mine. Her eyes had a twinkle to them that said she was friendly, but with just a hint of mischievousness concealed beneath. Compared to my size she seemed like a giant, but I guessed she was probably under six-feet tall. I recognized the voice as Caireen’s and knew this must be her. “Where are we?”

“Ireland,” she said with a smile and I finally caught the accent that I had somehow overlooked in all of the weirdness from the night before.

“Are we really here?”

She shook her head, “This is sort of real, but it’s in your dreams. There are some Native American tribes here in America that have similar ideas, but this is where I’ve always come to relax and meet with others in the past…” She paused.

“So… umm… Who or what exactly are you?” I asked.

She reached down and picked me up. I noticed now I was wearing a very pretty green dress from sometime before the 1900’s. Actually, it wasn’t too far removed from what Merida’s dress in Brave looked like. As she picked me up, I could tell there was a thicker underwear on me still. I sighed at that.

She took her finger and brought my face to look up at hers, “Don’t be sad. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get to that stage of maturity or not again myself, but even if you don’t, at least it looks normal for you to be wearing diapers.”

Caireen carried me towards the castle and I once again asked, “Who are you?”

“Well, that’s complicated,” she stalled, “but I was known in ancient Ireland as the Goddess and Protector of Children.”

I sat there and mentally thought, ‘oh shit!’

“It’s okay Sofia, I will not harm you.”

“Joining with you caused me to become a baby?” I asked timidly.

“No, you were on your way to that on your own. I sensed you calling for someone to help and couldn’t help but fall in love with the baby girl I saw you would become.” She smiled at me as we crossed through the gates of the castle.


“So I saw you needed my help to survive both your change and your future. I also saw that in doing so you would help me save a great deal of children from suffering in the future. You are the kind of person that I have encountered only a few times in my existence.”

“How long have you existed?” I asked her timidly.

She smiled, “You should know better than to ask a girl how old she is!” Her voice said she was amused and not angry… even so she didn’t answer the question.

As we passed through the castle it felt weird that there were no people there even though it appeared as if an army of servants were at work at all times maintaining it. She eventually reached a massive hall door and walked through with me. She climbed a spiraling staircase that were terrifying to me in my current size. They seemed to go on forever. Eventually she opened a wooden doorway that opened to a nursery. A round crib and other decorations for a baby in the past decorated the room. She then sat me down on a table that had to be a changing table.

“Hold your skirts here sweetie,” she told me and I had my view blocked by the very puffy skirts and underskirts. She unpinned the diapers and pinned a new one on me before setting me on the ground and joining me on a bearskin rug.

“So, what are we doing here?”

“Well, in the future you and I will do some training here.”

“What kind of training?” I asked.

“Magic of course silly,” she told me while touching my nose affectionately. “There will be teachers for you in your world, especially if you can go to that school, Whateley, but our magic operates a little differently from most of your kind. The only kind that are very similar are the Sidhe.”

“The Sidhe?” I asked.

We sat talking for what seemed a long time as she told me about the crazy world that existed out there. Eventually she saw me sucking on my thumb and said, “Oh my dear, we’ve been going a long time. It’s time for you to take your nap!”

For the first time in my life I didn’t remember arguing about a nap. She picked me up and laid me down in the pretty crib. “Sleep well princess.”


I WOKE UP with sunlight coming into the room. I could tell it was extraordinarily bright due to the snow outside that had mostly been a forgotten thing to me. I sat up and freaked out for a moment. ‘Why are there bars around me?’ I thought and then realized, ‘oh...’ I stood up and was wondering what I should do when the door opened and Mom came in.

“Oh, so the sleepyhead decided to wake up finally?” She asked me.


“It’s nearly eleven,” she told me.


“Your sister wanted to wake you up to play, but I told her you needed to recover.”

“I probably did,” I admitted. I put my hands up in the air, “Can you get me out of this cage please?”

She laughed. I noticed that the crib seemed taller than Lily’s old one by a couple inches. I could just reach the top of the rails with my fingertips, but I would have to jump to grab on. She reached down and picked me up and took me immediately over to the changing table that had appeared last night. “You know I’m probably the only girl in existence that sleeps in a crib but her baby sister doesn’t?”

Mom laughed at me again. “Do you think Caireen would let you sleep in a regular bed?”

‘No,’ I heard.

I sighed, “No, she won’t.”

“Well then… I guess that’ll just be the first thing your baby sister does before you.” She admitted as she unzipped my sleeper. “Sit up,” she said and I was stripped from the outfit down to my diaper. My very wet diaper.

I sighed, “This is embarrassing.” As I woke up it really was becoming increasingly annoying to me.

“Here, maybe this will help,” she said and put a pacifier in my mouth.

I would have loved to have claimed it wasn’t helping, but the truth was that it did. Mom was very quick and efficient with changing me into a dry diaper and then asked, “So what do you want to wear today?”

I shrugged and said around the pacifier, “What are my options?” It sort of sounded like that enough for Mom to interpret.

She picked me up and walked to the closet where I learned Caireen had been very efficient. My entire closet was filled with adorable dresses that I suspected would be sized perfectly for me. I noticed a green one that looked like the one in my dream last night, or whatever that was, and pointed at it. “Dat one,” was what I think she heard through the pacifier. She pulled the hanger down and we discovered it had a matching diaper cover.

“Probably should have some tights too,” mom said and went looking for some tights to match in a dresser drawer that had obviously also been a target for Caireen. She looked for a few moments before deciding a set of black tights. They had some sort of leaves in a shiny gold stitch embroidered in them.

Mom sat me back down sitting on the changing table edge and began helping put my toes in the tights. She had me lay back down and pulled them the rest of the way up before setting me down on the ground. “Okay, let’s step into these panties,” she told me.

“Mom, it’s a diaper cover, not even real panties,” I groaned.

She smirked at me, “Well at least between the tights and the cover you might not have your diaper seen later?” I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Okay, now arms like a ballerina!” She smiled at me and I couldn’t help but giggle a little that she kept saying that to make me smile. Once she lowered the dress onto my body, I discovered it had a petticoat built in to puff it out. Mom tied a bow on the sash in the back and then went back to the dresser for some ribbons and had me sit on her lap in the rocking chair. She looked at my hair trying to decide what to do I could tell before doing a simple set of braided pigtails with bows on them.

“You just need a tiara,” Mom said with a smile as she looked at me.

‘I can’t see myself getting one of those...’ I thought to myself.

‘But of course, you will.’ I heard in my head.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I called you princess last night, that wasn’t the term of endearment that is used here in your modern world.’

“What?” I asked stunned dropping my pacifier from my mouth.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Mom asked in alarm.

“Umm… just something Caireen said Mom, don’t worry about it.”

‘So, I have a tiara in that world?’

‘Actually, you should have it here too, here, let me just bring it out.’

There was another flash, and then in my hands I held a beautiful me sized tiara. It looked to be a material like silver, but somehow, I guessed it wasn’t really silver… There was a large emerald in the middle with two slightly smaller emeralds on either side. Intricate curves and flowers with pearls decorated the rest of it. Mom gasped.

“What is that?”

I sighed, “Apparently you may call Lily and I ‘princesses’ mom, but I really AM a princess. Still trying to figure out how that one works though.”

‘I have a feeling this is priceless?’

‘Yes Sofia, it is very priceless. It has been in the royal family for forty-five of your human generations.’

‘You can tell me the story tonight?’ I asked.

‘Certainly, now try it on?’

I handed it to my mom, “Would you please put it on me?”

She held it for a moment and examined it. “This isn’t a toy, is it?”

I shook my head, “Caireen’s words were that it’s priceless.”

“Maybe we should just put it somewhere safe…”

‘Tell your mother that as long as you have it on your head it will never unwillingly come off. Also, that if it ever gets lost or stolen it will reappear to you.’


“Mom, Caireen says don’t worry about it… basically you can’t remove it from my head if I don’t want you to, and if someone does steal it I’ll get it back later.”

“O...okay,” Mom said and she did put it on me. She instantly gasped and hugged me. “You’re beautiful sweetheart!”

“Can you take me to the bathroom so I can see?” I asked.

“Shoes first!” she said. She carried me to the closet on her hip and found some black Mary Janes that would go with the dress well. She set me down and helped me into them, picked me back up, and then I was standing in front of the mirror on the bathroom counter looking at my reflection.

“Oh my god...dess,” I decided I should add the last part at this point.

‘You do look perfect princess,’ I heard Caireen say.

I was the picture-perfect toddler and tiara girl, but wasn’t fake with it. I looked like I legitimately belonged to a royal family and was being taken somewhere formal with the family. The tiara shone from my head and I couldn’t help but smile at how pretty I was. I turned around and hugged Mom. “Thank you for doing my hair.”

“Well, in the future we’ll have to do something different with your tiara. It’s not a formal enough style. Let’s go down and show your sister?” She asked me.

I kind of froze for a moment, but nodded. “She’s going to be jealous though…” I said.

“Not to worry,” Mom said as she carried me through my sister’s room and picked up one of her play tiaras. “She won’t notice the difference I hope!”

She carried me downstairs to the first floor where my sister was coloring in the living room with the TV on the toddler channel. Mom sat me down on my feet and I walked over to Lily, “Hi Lily,” I said, “whatcha coloring?”

“Just a princess picture,” she said and then looked up at me. I watched my sisters mouth open. “You playing princess today?!?!” She asked excitedly and clapped her hands together.

“Sure,” I said. Mom placed her tiara on her head and I couldn’t help but feel a little bad that hers wasn’t real. ‘No, don’t go doing anything Caireen!’ I thought.

‘You’re no fun,’ she griped.

“You two can play for a few minutes, but we need to get lunch in your tummies!” As if to emphasize it my stomach growled.

Mom left me to Lily’s devices and we practiced our curtseys until Mom called us. I walked into the kitchen and waited for her to put my sister in her high chair and then she lifted me up. “I know you don’t want to wear a bib normally Sofia… but that dress…” Mom pleaded.

I turned red, but nodded, “I don’t want to get it messy either!”

Mom smiled and came back with a bib covered in butterflies and flowers and velcroed it around my neck. “What’s for lunch?” I asked her as she put one on my sister too.

“Grilled cheese,” Mom said.

She watched as I held the sandwich with my hands, which I hated doing, and began eating. I finished the first sandwich and she looked at me incredulously before making me a second. “Where are you putting that?” She asked me.

I grimaced, “Probably in my diaper later.”

She laughed at me and sat me down on the ground and she pulled the bib off. As she wiped my face with a wipe she asked, “Do you need changed?”

I lifted at my skirt, and felt my diaper and nodded. “Okay, let’s go change the two baby girls and then maybe a nap?”

“I’m not sleepy,” I told her honestly.

She whispered in my ear, “Maybe a pretend nap for your sister’s sake and you can get on your phone?”

“Okay,” I said.

Mom grabbed a hand from each of us and led us up the stairs. Lily was changed, given her bottle, and then Mom closed the door. We walked to my room and I just hoped Caireen had not gotten rid of my cell phone during her act yesterday.

‘I didn’t, I know how you teenagers are addicted to them.’ I could practically hear her shaking her head.

Mom changed my diaper quickly before she found my cell phone and then sat me down in my crib. “Can you take my dress off so I don’t wrinkle it?” I suggested.

‘Don’t worry, it won’t wrinkle,’ I heard.

I shrugged, “Never mind, apparently that won’t happen.”

Mom gave me a look. “At some point you and I are going to have to have a talk Caireen.”

‘Tell her tonight we’ll talk,’ Caireen told me.

“I think that will happen tonight Mom.”

“Okay,” she said. “Be quiet and don’t get out of your crib until I come for you.”

“Okay, I be good girl!” I told her with a smile.

“You want a bottle too?”

I hesitated for a second and nodded. She came back a moment later with a bottle of milk and then closed the door. I got on my phone and sucked at the bottle for a while and then noticed I was kind of sleepy. I laid down and wondered why I was sleepy after having slept as long as I had!


I WOKE UP and played with Lily for the rest of the afternoon. Mom made my favorite meal of green chile enchiladas that night! I was nearly in tears though as I found myself suddenly much more sensitive to the green chile than I had been before. It tasted really hot! Mom had seen my face and brought me milk in my sippy cup to help.

‘Why can’t I deal with spice now?’ I asked Caireen.

‘Why on Earth would you want to eat such disgusting things?’ She asked in reply.

‘You can’t ruin chile for me, I’ll never survive!!!!!’ I told her. I was a true New Mexican and regularly had the spiciest chile dishes I could get my hands on!

‘Well, then just get used to it again, I guess. Remember in Ireland we don’t really do spicy food.’

I made it through dinner with Mom, Dad, and even Lily all laughing at me. Lily didn’t even have a problem with those mild enchiladas Mom made! Dad had looked at me in amazement when he walked in. He too was terrified of something happening to my tiara before I explained nothing could happen to it. All of us were in way over our heads and I just hoped that nothing bad happened to my family members through all of this.

As soon as Mom let me down from the high chair I thought about walking to the toilet just to try and see what would happen. I found myself squatting in place just a few steps after I was let down though. I sniffled, “Mommy, can you change me?”

“Give me just a few minutes sweetheart, I need to put this food away first.”

I stood still trying not to move and make it squish and get worse. All of the sudden I found myself squatting again and I guess I wasn’t done… I looked for Lily and saw her in Dads arms as he was heading upstairs. “Sofia, do you want your diaper changed too?” He asked.

I nodded and did my best to follow him. I climbed up the giant steps one step at a time and felt the mushy poop roll against my legs several times. I finally made it up the stairs and saw Lily already laying on the changing table. I had to keep from crying so I put my thumb in my mouth. Daddy saved the day soon though and he worked to get through my diaper cover, tights, and pushed the skirt of my dress up so that he could get to the diaper that had become way messier with all of his attempts at removing my clothes.

“Icky,” he said to me with a smile. “You stinky!”

I felt more tears going and he said, “Oh don’t go crying Princess, you’re a baby, this is normal.” He tried reassuring me.

Daddy had to use many more wipes than Mom had the night before, I think partly because he rarely changed Lily’s diapers. Usually that was Mom or me… ‘Guess he’s having to step in now...’ I sighed.

I felt a mental hug from Caireen, but she didn’t say anything. Daddy eventually had my new diaper on, tights in place, and the diaper cover on and sat me down on the floor. I went up to him and hugged him around his legs. “Thank you, Daddy,” I told him.

He squeezed me back and said, “Any time Princess.”

Lily came up then and pulled me downstairs to the Basement playroom. We played with a playhouse that she had down there and pretended to make dinner and feed some baby dolls. I had fun just because I was spending time with my favorite sister. I was a little surprised I was having fun too, but I guessed the activity was novel enough I wasn’t complaining. I had basically been an only child until a couple years ago, so I’d never had a sibling to play with. After a while Mom came down and said, “Bath time,” to us.

“Do we have to?” Lily asked.

“Yes of course we do Princess Lily, princesses can’t be dirty!” I told her with a smile. “Come on!”

She smiled at me and I avoided the tantrum she probably would have had otherwise. I had a thought as we went upstairs, “Mommy, before I get undressed would you please take a picture with my iPhone?”

She looked at me kind of funny, but said, “Sure…” We went down the hallway with Lily in tow and Mom took a picture for me in my room in front of the rocking chair, and then with me sitting in the rocking chair, and then at Lily’s insistence with her sitting with me.

Mom then undressed both of us and we repeated last night’s bath before she let me again stay up for a while. I had picked out a purple nightgown that was in my closet. It looked like a modern-day little girls nightgown, compete with an embroidered picture of Merida on the chest, but I could tell it was another one of Caireen’s special clothes by the way the material felt on my skin.

I got on my phone and texted back Jacob about some school things before sending Hannah the picture of me standing in front of the rocking horse. I’d completely forgotten most of the day that I was wearing my tiara! I giggled a little as I sent it to her with the caption, ‘Princess Sofia.’

‘OMG Adorbs!!!!!!’ she sent me.

‘Thanks,’ I replied.

‘That’s a really pretty dress and tiara,’ she added.

‘I know, they’re kind of special too. I told Jacob you guys could come over Tuesday after I get the testing done Monday...’

‘You haven’t told him yet?’

‘He kind of seems to be guessing something like this… well, not like this.’

‘Giggle, no one could,’ she responded.

I eventually finished talking with her and went over to the child sized desk that my computer now sat on. Mom had sat my tiara there and I wanted to look at it. ‘What is this made of?’ I asked Caireen.


‘Like from Lord of the Rings?’ I asked.

‘Tolkien had an encounter with some of the Fae at some point. That’s where he got a lot of his ideas from. It’s an uncommon substance that’s very special. This tiara was gifted to me from Queen Aunghdadhail herself back before the fall of the Fae.’

‘Who was she?’

‘Later,’ she promised me, ‘we have a very long time to answer the billion questions you have my dear.’

I went to my Facebook account and decided it would be smart just to delete it now. I had backed it up last night just in case I wanted to do this. I then deleted my Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat accounts while I was at it. ‘The only social media I’ll probably be on for a while will be my mom’s ‘OMG my baby girl is pretty’ posts.’ So far of course she hadn’t done any of those!

I was just getting ready to do some more research into mutants when my mom came in. “Sofia, it’s bedtime.” I looked and it was ten. I turned around and saw that she held a bottle and another of Lily’s bedtime books in her hands.

I smiled at that, “Story time again?”

“Yep!” She said with a smile, “Do you need a change first?”

I had to nod, “I wish I knew when I was going. I just eventually notice that everything is squishy.”

Mom picked me up and changed me quickly before carrying me over to the rocking chair. She sat me like she had last night and I began nursing the warm milk while she told me a story of Merida this time. I felt a warm feeling coming from Caileen and I had a feeling she liked this story too. I lasted a little bit longer into the story, but I still didn’t remember Mom putting me down in my crib.


I WOKE UP in another crib, this time at Caireen’s castle.

I saw her standing there looking at me. “Come here,” she told me and picked me up and cuddled me for a moment. She changed my diaper and put me into a new dress that was once again mainly green. My tiara was added and I asked, “So does this castle have a name?”

“Emerald Castle,” she said with a smile.

“I take it you like green?” I asked with a smile.

“It’s my favorite color,” she said. “Although I won’t hold your favorite color being purple against you!”

She sat down on the floor with me and we talked for a little while before trumpets blared a fanfare. “That will be your parents,” she said with a smile.


“Your mom wanted to talk, remember?” She said, “It’s easier to pull them into here and talk than it is to leave one of us out when I use you to talk.”


We waited a few minutes when I was surprised to see a well-dressed page come in. “The Duke and Duchess Hammerstein to see you Your Majesty.”

“Thank you, James,” she dismissed him.

I saw both of them looking around at my nursery with open mouths. “I do apologize at being so forward, but with Princess Sofia coming here each night I thought it would be wise to get the nursery back in use.” She said, “I am Caireen,” she said with a smile.

“Why did he introduce us with titles?”

“Well on your side of the family Rachel, may I call you that?” She paused for Mom’s nod, “Your family is the direct descendent of one of the last rightful Irish Kings in the 1700’s. On Levi’s side you are actually also descendants of a bloodline in Germany.”

“Oh,” Mom said. “So... that’s too long ago though… why?”

Caireen sighed, picked me up, and said, “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable for sitting?”

They nodded and followed her to another door that opened up into a beautiful sitting room that would have fit right in a Louis XIV chateau. She pointed to a sofa and took her spot in a sitting chair next to that. Caireen looked at me and I stayed contentedly in her arms.

“Okay, you’ve been very patient so far, and I do appreciate it.” She told my parents with a smile. I was sitting on her left knee and could easily see her and my parents by swiveling my head a little. “First of all, please don’t be frightened, but I am not a mortal or a simple spirit. I am in fact what you would call a goddess.”

Mom spoke up, “I wondered. I searched your name after I learned it last night.”

“I know,” she said with a smile.

“Of what?” Dad asked.

“Generally, of children.”

“Is that why Nicholas became a baby?” He asked.

She shook her head, “I told Sofia about this last night, but here goes. She had already had her BIT set when she began changing. I was drawn to her because of her gentle nature and how she had always taken such good care of her baby sister. I’ve never seen a young man be more nurturing and caring with a baby! When I saw that he was changing so severely I knew he was in danger of dying due to a severe case of what your people call ‘burnout.’ It was much too severe of a change, happening too quickly for him to survive. I knew she was becoming a toddler all over again and decided that I could help her and she would be able to help others in the future. Her avatar talent that she has bound me to her though… I wasn’t expecting that! She’s exceptionally powerful there!”

Mom and Dad just politely looked on at her to go on. “Anyway, the two of us will now be bound together until Sofia passes from this Earth. A time which I believe will probably be a very long ways down the road.”

“So how does this turn her fully into a princess?” Mom asked.

“Well, essentially she’s become my daughter now too.” She noticed Mom and Dad looking nervously at her, “Don’t worry, I will never ever take her from you.”

“What do you intend to do with her?” Dad asked.

“I’m going to help her become an amazing girl who will have a magical talent few will be able to match. I’ll be with her to help her when she’s hurt, help her fight the battles ahead, and generally be her mentor. I may also occasionally be unable to help myself and have to throw in some real-world gifts here and there… Sorry I couldn’t help myself last night and today.”

“We appreciate the gifts,” Mom said, “I didn’t really want to travel into the city until we get her tested.”

“A wise idea I believe. Having a quiet weekend with your two daughters at home playing would be the best plan you could have.”

“What should we do after that?” Dad asked.

“Honestly?” Caireen responded, “I think Sofia would best be served by going to that Whateley school for her education. I’m hopeful they’ll accept her when they see her testing.”

“What about her age, will she ever grow up?” Mom asked.

Caireen shrugged, “Like I said, her BIT was set before I even got involved, I’m guessing she’ll be this size and have the same needs for the rest of her life. She’s powerful enough she should be able to do some spells to make her life a little bit easier down the road. Glamour spells to make her seem like she’s a teenager, some others to mask the odor of a poopy diaper, and down the road probably one to change her diaper too…”

“The pacifier addiction?” Mom asked.

Caireen laughed, “I have no clue how we’re going to break her of that. She managed a couple hours today while she was playing with Lily. It’s possible if she’s distracted enough, she may be able to do without. Any time she gets nervous or frustrated though she needs it like a smoker needs a cigarette!”

By this time, I started to feel my eyes drooping. My parents and Caireen must have continued talking through the night, but the next day I couldn’t remember anything after that.



End Chapter 3

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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