The Dark Tomes

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005

A trio of AR stories each with a bit of a 'dark' theme. No real morality to the regressions but fun to read nontheless. One on a magical slave market, one on tennis and one on how not to respond to a bored and annoyed sorcerer. 3 stories.

Chapter 1
Killing Time

"Killing Time"

by Dark Oni

It was the middle of a weekday and the restaurant was mostly empty. An average sized man sat at one of the tables, dressed completely in black from his leather jacket to his sneakers. His brown hair was worn in a ponytail.

He seemed annoyed, glancing at his watch and sighing. No sooner had the breath left his lips than he coughed. Wrinkling his nose he noticed a waft of smoke flowing in his direction.

Turning his head he spotted a pair of women sitting at the table behind him. There was a long haired blonde and a short haired brunette. Each looked to be in their early twenties and were quite attractive. The blonde however was smoking a cigarette and puffing on it thoroughly.

The man politely asked, "Excuse me ladies, I’m sorry to intrude but this is the nonsmoking section and your smoke is beginning to bother me."

The brunette, who was facing him, laughed as her blonde friend slowly turned her head and smirked.

The blonde said "Well that’s the worst pick up line I’ve ever heard. Buzz off creep. It’s a free country so feel free to move." With that she blew smoke into the man’s face and turned back to her friend laughing.

The man paused a moment. For an instant he thought of calling for the manager but a quick mental scan revealed the brunette’s brother wouldn’t be too sympathetic to his pleas. Glancing again at his watch the man stood up.

"So anyway, I told that geek Martin at work to find someone in his own species to date." the blonde was saying.

"You go girl." the brunette laughed, just as the strange man pulled a chair out from their table and sat down.

"Hey, what the hell?"

"What do you think you’re doing?"

The man calmly replied, "I’d like to apologize Elizabeth. I now understand you are badly addicted to these things and I would like to help you."

"What you know me?" Elizabeth asked.

The brunette was busy with something else. "Waiter! Oh, waiter!"

Within seconds the only waiter in this section of the restaurant appeared at the table and asked, "Is there a problem?"

"You bet your ass there is! This guy is harassing us." the brunette exclaimed.

The waiter grabbed the man’s shoulder and said, "Sir, I think you should leave."

The man looked calmly into the waiter’s eyes and said, "It’s okay Larry, everything’s fine here."

Letting go of the man’s shoulder the waiter said, "Looks like everything’s fine here."

"You can go now."

"I’ll be going now." Larry repeated, and turned on his heel to walk away.

The two women watched the scene in horror. The brunette tried to leave but found that she couldn’t get out of her chair.

"Oh please Marcy, don’t get up. I think you’ll find this interesting. By the way, you can call me James if you’d like." the man said.

Marcy weakly replied, "O-okay....James."

"Now Elizabeth, as to your problem. I know you’ve tried the patch but you just couldn’t stand not having something in your mouth. I think I can solve that." James said, plucking the cigarette from her fingers and snuffing it out on the table.

"Wh-what do you mean?" Elizabeth asked meekly. She’d found that she could no longer get up either.

"My dear girl, there a so many things you could stick in your mouth instead. For example, your thumb."

Upon hearing those words Elizabeth felt an overwhelming urge to stick her thumb in her mouth and she quickly did. Her eyes bulged and stared down at the offending appendage in shock.

"Of course, if you’re going to put a thumb in your mouth you should suck on it, just like a cigarette."

With that statement Elizabeth began to loudly suck on her thumb despite her best efforts not to. She simply couldn’t believe she was doing this!

"There, doesn’t Mr. Thumb taste so much better than those nasty cigarettes? Of course he does. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Really, I do. You’re thinking how stupid it looks for a grown woman like you to be sucking her thumb. Well, I can help you there too. Let’s see, the last time you sucked your thumb you were .... two! It was perfectly normal then. Now, how can we make you more like a two year old?"

Elizabeth started to frantically squirm in her chair but it was no use. She felt herself being slowly pushed back from the table, her seated body now in the middle of the room.

James stood and looked down at her. "Of course, I’ve scanned your mind so I can tell there are already so many things about you that are immature. Your opinions about the opposite sex, your selfishness, and your material urges just to name a few. But what to change? Oh, I know!"

With a wave of his hand Elizabeth’s white blouse and bra shimmered and disappeared leaving her large breasts bare. A muffled scream could be heard under the loud sucking as the woman covered herself with her free hand and began to cry.

"Two year olds don’t wear bra’s." he stated, nodding to himself. "Y’know, they don’t wear heels either." With that Elizabeth’s white heels shimmered and were replaced by short frilly socks. The poor woman was now naked except for the socks and her black mini skirt.

As Elizabeth continued to squirm, the man began to rub his chin, a thoughtful look coming to his eyes. "Now what could I be missing? Oh yes, toddler’s can’t hold their pee pee in." he finished mockingly.

As her eyes widened in horror Elizabeth felt a building surge. She had to go, badly! Frantically she tried to get up and run to the bathroom, but all she could manage to do was clench her legs together and bring her free hand down to her crotch.

"Nooooo!" she screamed in her mind. "I’m not going to pee my panties. I’m not!" Her toes clenched and her feet pressed firmly against the carpeting below in her attempts to hold back the deluge.

For a moment she actually thought she’d succeed but then a squirt escaped into her panties, immediately followed by another. Before she could react she was piddling in her skirt like a toddler.

As Elizabeth began to lose control James smacked himself on the forehead and said, "I am so stupid. How could I forget the diapers?"

With another wave of his hand Elizabeth’s skirt shimmered, then rapidly thickened. Within seconds she wore a giant disposable diaper.

To Elizabeth the feeling was quite strange. In one moment she was soaking a very yielding material, the warmth spreading across her front. In the next she could feel the stream of urine bouncing around as it was confined in her diaper.

By the time she’d relieved herself, she was sobbing heavily. She’d never felt so embarrassed or so vulnerable. Feeling the sloshing in her diaper she also didn’t think it could get worse.

"Oh my, I guess Betsy is wetsy." James joked, using a name she’d rejected in her teen years because it made her sound like a kid. "Y’know, I may be wrong, but I think toddler’s poo in their diapers too." he smiled.

A shriek was again muffled by Elizabeth’s thumb as warm, sticky shit forced its way through her defenses and oozed around her ass. Her control was shot at this point as she sat there in her own waste, sucking on her thumb as if her life depended on it.

James walked slowly over to her and leaned down to her face. He looked down at her diaper, already sagging in the front from the abuse it had taken. He then patted her gently on the head.

"There, there, almost done Betsy." he consoled. "There is one last thing, though. Two year olds, aren’t, twenty three."

With a final gesture the man smiled. Through her tears and sorrow Betsy vaguely noticed that the chair was getting larger. With a start she looked down at her breasts as each of her prized posessions shrank. Soon she was flatchested again and the chair was quite roomy. Her diaper however wasn’t loose as it seemed to be shrinking with her.

Passing below puberty, Betsy’s feet lifted themselves off the ground. Her shortening legs caused her to slide forward in the chair, making the mess in her diaper spread a bit more. It was then she pushed forward and found she could stand on the chair.

She almost made a break for it, but looking down at the floor caused her to back up in fear. It was a long way down!

Looking up, thumb still in her mouth, the little toddler stared in fear at the giant before her. The giant reached under her arms and lifted her high into the air. A pit of despair formed in her tummy as she helplessly dangled over a space that was to her, a couple of stories from the ground.

The man stared at Betsy for an instant. Her long golden hair had shrunk down to her ears and now framed her chubby little face adorably. Her blue eyes betrayed a combination of fear and shock while her thumb was still being loudly sucked.

"There, all done." James said happily. Jiggling the diapered toddler a bit he added, "Oh my, aren’t you a smelly little thing? I think mommy is going to have a heck of a time changing you." At that statement he looked at Marcy.

"No. Please. Don’t do anything to me. I’m sorry I laughed at you." Marcy cried. "I don’t want to be a baby."

James smiled and placed Betsy a high chair that wasn’t far from the table and rolled it there.

"Now Marcy, you just want to take care of your baby, like any good mother would."

"I want to take care of my baby." Marcy calmly repeated.

"Excellent." James stated. Using the excess matter from Betsy’s clothes he created a full diaper bag and placed it next to Marcy. "You may want to use this soon." he smirked.

He then turned to Betsy and said, "Now my dear, don’t get too worried. This spell will only last a week and then you’ll be back to your old bitchy self. Don’t worry about work, I’ll take care of that. They won’t even miss you." With that he tweaked the toddler’s button nose and turned away.

He immediately paused though and turned back. "Oh, and another thing. I meant what I said. When the week is over your addiction to smoking will be gone. Trust me, you’ll have so many things to suck on you won’t be able to think about putting another cigarette in your mouth." Betsy cried a little. "Oh, no need to thank me. I’m glad to be of help."

Smiling, James turned back to Marcy and waved his hand. The woman blinked then focused her eyes on him. "I’m sorry sir, what were you saying?"

Tickling Betsy under the chin he said, "I was just commenting on what a cute baby you have."

Marcy sighed, "Yeah, she’s cute alright, but you don’t have to change the little stinker. Thank you though."

Betsy squirmed a bit, agitated her friend didn’t remember her. "She seems a bit fussy." the man said. "I think she needs to be fed."

"She probably needs to be fed." Marcy repeated and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. "You don’t mind do you?" she asked.

"Not at all madam, as long as you don’t smoke."

"Smoke? Not a chance, smoking’s bad for babies." Marcy looked shocked as she loosened her bra.

Betsy finally noticed what her friend was doing and started to cry. "No want bweastfeed!" she shouted.

"Now Betsy, be quiet. You’ll feel much better on a full stomach." Marcy said as she lifted the screaming toddler from the highchair.

Walking back to his table the man smirked and muttered, "Well, smoking was very bad for that baby."

A few minutes later the man sat calmly at his table, looking through the menu. He lowered it as he felt a presence come near.

Smiling he said, "Miss Armstrong, so nice to see you."

A woman with long black hair and wearing a red business suit with red heels walked up to his table. The new arrival nervously shook his hand and said, "I am so sorry for being late. There was .... "

"Please, just sit down." the man said. He suddenly cringed as a wail exploded behind him.

Miss Armstrong looked over his shoulder to see a frustrated mother trying to get a screaming toddler to feed. At first she smiled affectionately, as most women would, but after a moment she looked surprised and squinted her eyes at them. She then looked shockingly at her companion and asked, "Did you...?"

"Just killing a little time Miss Armstrong. They’ll be fine. If you want to be my assistant you can’t be so squeamish." the man smiled.

"Oh. Alright, I guess. They’re only temporary spells I see. I doubt the council would mind .... much." she commented.

"Agreed. So, what’s the news?"

"Oh yes, I’m sorry." the woman pulled out a few papers and laid them on the table before her, pausing dramatically. "The final vote was earlier today. It’s not official yet but you’re the new head of Internal Security for the Council. Congratulations Mr. Raithe."

"Thank you Susan." Raithe paused for a moment then said "So, you were a half an hour late. That sounds a bit irresponsible to me. Not good, but I think I can help you with that."

The End.



End Chapter 1

The Dark Tomes

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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