Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 28
Chapter 28: All I Want for Christmas...

Chapter 28: All I Want for Christmas…


BEEP…BEEP…BEEP was pounding inside my head for some reason in a moment of déja vu. It made my head hurt like someone was driving an icepick through it, and I cried “Ow…”

“Sofia!” I heard from beside me.

“Not so loud,” I complained as I opened my eyes and saw bars. They weren’t the ones to my crib though? I looked around and it looked like I was in a hospital room. “Where am I?” I asked.


“What happened?” I asked, things didn’t feel right as I did so. I sat up and tried to sort out my bearings.

“We were hoping you could tell us?” Camille replied from the other side of the crib.

I turned and looked at her, “Huh?”

“Maybe we should explain more?” Camille asked gently. “Thursday night Hannah put you to bed and woke up to you thrashing and screaming? You wouldn’t wake up no matter what. She called me and I tried to get inside the world you go to, but the walls were up so strong I couldn’t get in. When I gave up, suddenly you had a massive gash on your arm and started bleeding? Since then you’ve been having random injuries, slashes, bruises... It was terrifying to watch.” She genuinely looked near tears, “It’s Friday evening now by the way…”

“Oh…” I said, suddenly remembering bringing back my injuries when Rosemerta attacked me before. I sighed and suddenly felt my mouth… “I’m missing my teeth here too?” I tried to say. I realized annunciation was going to be a problem until I fixed that.

I was thinking about fixing them but Camille said, “Don’t do anything yet, the doctors think you need to heal a little before we fix your mouth…”

I nodded.

“So, what happened?” Hannah asked. “You scared me to death!”

“King Camulus,” I winced at my speech and slowed down to enunciate more, “Camulus arrived at our valley a couple weeks back and had been held back with some fortifications we had built. After I went to sleep, he managed to break in with his troops. I guess the time I’ve been asleep has all been the battle?”

“How did you fair?” Camille’s voice changed, “Is Caireen okay?”

I felt Caireen sleepily come to the surface, “I’m fine, I just need to recover like Sofia. We’ll talk soon Sora,” she said and faded again.

“Sofia Elizabeth Hammerstein, what happened?”

I sighed, “Give me a minute Hannah…” I looked down and saw there was an IV in my arm, bandages on the other. I could feel a complete gap of teeth across the front of my mouth and felt all but a few molars were gone too. “Why hasn’t my regen taken care of everything?” I asked Camille as a doctor came in.

“We don’t know Ms. Hammerstein,” the doctor said, “I’m glad you’re awake now. Maybe you can tell us what happened and we can figure out your prognosis? You’re not healing from the cuts and broken bones as quickly as we’d expect with your regen ability?”

“It’s a long story… can I get something to drink first?” I asked nervously.

“Here,” Hannah offered me a weird cup with a straw and water.

‘That wasn’t what I was thinking of,’ I thought, annoyed.

“No bottle or…?” I asked nervously.

“Story first,” Hannah told me. “Plus, we’re nervous about what nursing may do to that jaw of yours?”

I turned white, but took a sip. Thankfully that didn’t hurt. I would have guzzled it all down but Hannah pulled it away, “Not too fast.”

I nodded.

“So, what happened?” Hannah pushed.

I sighed, “Well…” I began telling my story of what happened from the time I entered the castle. Several times Hannah gasped, and tears fell steadily from her eyes. For her part I could feel Caireen’s terror many times hearing the story from my point of view.

“Why in the hell didn’t you just hide?” Hannah asked me when she learned I’d almost escaped.

“I couldn’t leave Caireen like that!” I paused, “It would be like leaving my family or you to die Hannah… I couldn’t!” I felt Caireen give me a confusing combination of a mental hug, thank you, and agreed with Hannah!

When I finally finished my story the doctor spoke up, “Well, I think you’ve given accounting for most of your injuries. Just so you know… The tally is the three slashes on your left arm – now that I know a sword did them… I guess it makes sense. Your arm was broken there too…” He added to the long list that included broken ribs before he concluded, “and finally your jaw is broken. You’ve lost a total of fifteen teeth there – all of your incisors and canines, and some of your molars... I think that’s it because your chart notes you had a set of primary… baby teeth instead of your adult teeth on your physical.”

“Can I use a healing spell yet?” I asked.

“No, sometimes it’s better to let your body handle things on its own – especially with high level exemplars like you. I’m still trying to figure out why your regen ability hasn’t already finished healing, but I have a feeling it has to do with the magic that’s involved. I’d recommend leaving things alone until Sunday. If you haven’t healed by then, I think it’ll be safe enough to use your magic. Or we have our own healers on staff that can do it.”

“Am I stuck here until then?” I asked him.

He nodded, “Your heart stopped three times on us… I think it’s best if we observe you over the weekend.”

I sighed, “Am I still unable to nurse…?” I asked him.

He looked at me oddly, “Your file says you don’t need to?”

“I have no teeth, what else am I going to eat?”

“Well we still have some of your nummy baby food in your diaper bag,” Hannah said with a smile.

I glared at her, “This is not fair! I was done with that after the assignment!” I cried. The lisp I made just made her laugh though.

The doctor said, “Baby food is actually probably a safe bet. If you want to try nursing from Hannah, or from a bottle, you can try. If it hurts at all though, you need to stop!”

I nodded, “Thanks,” I told him.

“Please make sure she gets some baby food a few times a day until she gets those teeth back,” he told her. “Not sure how that works with her caloric intake though?”

“We have a device someone made for us that bumps up the calories and makes most things a lot better tasting.” Hannah told him.

“Most things?” Camille asked, “I thought Beth said it did everything?”

“Trust me, you don’t want some of it still…” I thought back to that ‘chicken’ dinner.

“And you don’t want her to have some of it… she apparently had the most epic blowout of all time at daycare…”

I turned red, “Please…?” I looked at her, “You promised no talking about my diapers…?”

“Camille’s different, remember she’s your Auntie?”

I sighed and shook my head, “Not fair…”

“Speaking of that… Can you two take care of her diaper? The nurse can, but…”

“It’s fine, I’ve got it,” Hannah told him with a smile.

“Thanks, I’ll be back to check on her again a few more times tonight. Visiting hours will be over in about ten minutes.”

“You mean I can’t stay?” Hannah asked in shock.

“She’ll be fine…” he told her.

I actually shook a bit at that, “Don’t babies usually get to have their mommies at the hospital with them?” I asked.

“Well… babies yes… you’re eighteen though…”

“No, according to my MMID, I’m allowed to choose if I’m legally eighteen-months or eighteen-years. Right now, I don’t have most of my teeth and I’m most definitely a baby. I want my mommy here with me!”

Hannah squeezed my hand gently and smiled at me, before turning to the doctor, “You heard her Doctor, are we going to have a problem? I’ll call Mrs. Carson if I need to.”

“Bu...” he started to argue and I was getting angry. I was too tired to do anything to him, but he suddenly turned and left.

“What do you think convinced him?” I asked Camille.

“You know when your eyes glow?” she asked. 

I shrugged, “I’ve only noticed it a couple times, I can’t feel it?”

“Well they just did, and it looks rather scary…”

I giggled then and regretted it from the pain I felt. “Don’t make me laugh…” I whined

“Well I need to go, you may have convinced them to let your mommy stay, but Auntie Cami needs to go get some studying done.”

“Can you come watch her in the morning while I pick up some things from the room?” Hannah asked her.

“Sure, I’d be happy to.”

“Thanks,” Hannah said. She turned to me after she left, “Hungry?”

I nodded.

She leaned over and pulled out the diaper bag we’d taken on our assignment. She pulled out a few jars of baby food, including one of that awful chicken, “Sure you don’t want this one?”

I stuck my tongue out at her, and suddenly noticed I was drooling. She laughed at that and put a bib on me and did something with the crib that raised my head part of the mattress to a little more upright position. I soon was accepting spoons of a heated pasta marinara jar. A nurse came in then, “Oh… I guess you already found some food she could eat?”

Hannah nodded, “We had some left over from an undercover assignment we were on…”

“I can bring you some more if you need it?” She said.

Hannah looked through the bag, “As long as she just needs to eat it through Sunday, we have her covered. These have been altered to give her more calories by the way, if you just feed her regular baby food, she’ll need like forty jars to get enough calories.”

The lady shook her head, “Nothing here surprises me… Let me know though. I’ll bring a package of diapers in for you to change her as needed. The doctor said you were staying with her?”

“Yes, I’m basically her mom here…” she told her.

“No worries, I wouldn’t want to leave my baby alone either!” she said with a smile. “Can you sleep in that recliner, or do you want me to have someone roll in a bed?”

“A bed would be better?” Hannah said, “If it’s not too much trouble?”

“Shouldn’t be. Anything else you need for her?”

“I’m going to… nurse her after she finishes this jar. Can I get her out of the crib for that?”

She glanced at my chart, “Since she’s awake yes. I’ll come back in ten minutes and I’ll help get her situated in your arms for you?”

“Thanks,” she told her.

“No problem, enjoy your din-din cutie…” she told me.

I sighed and accepted another spoonful of mushy red goo. Not having front teeth right then meant I really had a mess on my face and bib. It was even worse than on the assignment when I at least had front teeth to hold things in! I had finished the jar when the nurse came in and asked Hannah, “You ready?”

“Please?” She said.

“Go ahead and sit down and I’ll carry her over,” she told her. I had to sit patiently as the nurse messed around with the IV line that was pushing saline into me. She gently picked me up and carried me to Hannah. “Watch her arm there,” the nurse told her. “If she normally lays on that side to nurse you may need to see if she’ll be okay flipped over.”

I was laying on the ‘wrong’ side a moment later and it felt weird. I knew that we were both a bit embarrassed as she stared and watched Hannah pull her boob free for me to latch onto. I tentatively sucked for a moment and whined when Hannah pulled me away a moment later.


“No pain?” She asked.

I shook my head, “No…” I dived back to her boob and the nurse laughed at me.

“She likes the boob juice, huh?”

“She’s an addict,” Hannah said, rubbing my back. “I’m okay with being her dealer though!”

Sometime during the second breast my body decided it was time to rest again.


I WOKE UP in my crib in the castle. I noticed that the skin on my arm was sealed, but there were vivid red marks still where the slashes had been. My mouth seemed to be sore, and I could feel these little nubs right below my gums that hurt! I sat up in my crib and grabbed Emie to cuddle my pain away. I enjoyed the quiet time without battle sounds or overprotective bonded mommies for a little while. I felt like my legs were getting kind of cramped so I stood up shakily.

My body really hurt a lot! Apparently it decided it was time for the morning messy diaper too. I sighed and decided it was time to figure out where my third mommy was… ‘or is she my second…’ I thought to myself. ‘I really should rename her and Hannah in my mind… Maybe Caireen is Mama, and Hannah can be Mommy…’ I guiltily realized I was leaving out my real mom… ‘Well, she’s just Mom, I guess… I don’t nurse from her like the others.’

I cried loudly for several minutes before Caireen appeared. She had her own share of vivid bruises on her face and arms, and walked with a limp that looked like her right knee had taken a hit. I held my hands out to her and she carefully picked me up and squeezed me. “Oh baby, I’m so glad you’re okay!” she told me.

I stopped crying and just enjoyed being in her embrace for a moment before squirming, “Poopy,” I told her simply.

She smiled, “That you are!”

I was gingerly placed down on the changing table and she carefully pushed up the nightgown I was dressed in off my head. She pushed me down onto my back and began the routine of changing the stinky diaper. That morning it felt like she took her time to be a bit gentler and loving than she had in some time. ‘Well we’re not running off to war today I hope…’ I put my thumb in my mouth while she finished cleaning me up and pinned a new diaper onto me. I was dressed into a simple short dress when she finished.

“Such a good wittle baby,” she cooed at me.

I smiled at her, and for once I didn’t mind being babied by her. I leaned into her as she walked to her rocking chair and sat down. She moved her top out of the way and I quickly began nursing.

She sighed contentedly and gently patted my back and stroked my hair while I nursed. When I finished her first breast, she burped me and moved me to the other. The routine was as comforting as I soothed myself with each suckle. By the time I finished, I felt like most of my aches and pains were gone. “Feel better now baby?”

I nodded, “Yes, Mama,” I told her with a smile. Trying out my new word for her.


I shrugged, “Trying to keep three mommies straight is getting tiring. I decided you’re Mama, Hannah is Mommy, and Mom is… well Mom.”

She laughed, “I think I can live with that.” She looked at my arm, “Looks like nursing from me is helping with those wounds…” she told me.

I looked down and the red marks were down to barely noticeable bruises now. My teeth didn’t feel any different, but everything else felt better. “What about my teeth?” I asked, taking care to do my best to annunciate.

“I think we leave your mouth alone until Sunday – the doctor was right about the damage on your jaw being different.”

“I hate not having them,” I said. I didn’t take as much care and so I know it didn’t make sense.

She laughed and squeezed me tight, “You’re just lucky you didn’t mutate much younger – you might not have had them at all!”

I glared at her, but she tickled me until I giggled. “Stop!” I told her.

“Okay, Your Highness,” she told me with a kiss to my forehead. She moved me into a position where I was cradled in her left elbow looking up at her.

“So, is everything okay now…?” I asked. “Camulus, Maponus, and Rosemerta… they’re all gone now for good, right?”

She nodded, “None of them will ever appear again… All have died true deaths now, and no magic will bring them back from the brink. I only worry about Camulus’ wife, the queen, but what remains of their forces have begun running and retreating for home. She was tasked with staying behind and maintaining the affairs at their castle while they mounted their campaign. When she finds out about her husband and son, we may have an issue, but truthfully I doubt their kingdom will be in a position to attack anyone again for many years.”

“Our troops?”

“We lost a lot Sofia… I won’t lie to you. The death toll is in the thousands… but when you struck the final blow on the King it inspired those who were still alive! We’ll recover, and things are already being rebuilt. In a couple weeks I plan for us to have a celebration - after we have a chance to mourn those who were lost.”

Caireen talked to me for hours, filling me in on things, and people. I learned General Slane had been one of her last defenders. Sadly, he had given his life not long before I returned to find her.

“How about Niamh?” I asked her.

She smiled, “That wonderfully stupid girl is just fine. I just about wanted to tan her hide though when I found out you could have been safely hidden in the treehouse, but she brought you back anyway!”

“I couldn’t let you die Mama,” I told her.

She hugged me, “Thank you,” she said. “Now… why don’t we change that diaper – I can’t believe you already soaked it! Then we’ll get you some lunch - and then I owe you a lesson on something.”

I looked at her nervously wondering what a punishment from her would be like.

“Not that kind of lesson!” she told me, laughing.

Once I was changed, she fed me some mashed-up fruit that was marginally okay. I much preferred when she nursed me when I was done! “It’s a good thing Hannah can’t dry up; I don’t think she’d ever get you to wean willingly now…” she joked with me while I was nursing.

When I was finished, she burped me and then sat me on my feet. “Okay… let’s begin this lesson, we’re going to build on the things you’ve already been using…”


WHEN I WOKE up Saturday morning, I found myself still hooked up to the annoying heart rate monitor and I.V. The crib rails were pulled up and Hannah looked like she was still totally zonked out in her bed next to mine. I sat up and could feel that my diaper was completely soaked. I was debating about waking Hannah up when a nurse came in. I put my finger to my lip and pointed, she nodded as she came over. She whispered, “You need a diapee change?”

I rolled my eyes, “yes please,” I told her.

She lowered the rail of the crib and gloved up her hands, before pushing my gown clear of the diaper and quickly changing me. “Do you want to wait for her for breakfast?” she asked me.

I felt my stomach grumble but nodded, “I’ll wait.”

“If she’s not up in an hour I’ll come feed you myself,” she said as she put the railing back up.

“I…” tried to catch her to tell her I could feed myself but she was gone.

Someone had set Emie down next to me, so I hugged her tightly, finding as much comfort there as in Caireen’s world. Looking down at my body I felt like I was mostly healed. My mouth hurt though - a lot! I found one of my pacifiers clipped to my gown, so I popped it in and chewed rather than suckled. ‘I wonder why my mouth hurts like it does…’

‘I think you might be healing on your own,’ Caireen said.

‘So why does it hurt so much?’

‘Do you remember your sister teething?’

I gasped, ‘Please tell me…’

‘I’m guessing that’s it.’

I groaned and thought back to my sister’s three separate months of teething stages. She had actually done pretty well in sleeping through the night for my mom and dad for the first few months after they brought her home. When she was seven months old her first tooth started coming in. I swore she cried all of the time if someone wasn’t holding her, or giving her the frozen teething chew toys mom bought. ‘If I start hurting as much as she sounded like she did…’

‘Do you want me to make you one of those teething toys?’ Caireen asked me.

‘Let me hold off a while… I may take you up on that…’ I groaned. ‘It would be really embarrassing…’ I whined.

‘If you remember our lesson?’

‘Let me wait and see if nursing from Hannah helps at all first.’

‘Okay…’ she said.

Hannah must have sensed me watching her because she suddenly sat up, “Morning Princess,” she told me as she sat up. “You been awake long?”

“A while…” I told her. “I didn’t want to wake you though.”

“Thanks, I didn’t sleep the night before at all…” She stood up and walked over to my crib. I watched as she operated the latches to let the side down and reached in to feel my diaper. “You’re not wet?”

“A nurse changed me a while ago…”

“Oh… I’m sorry, you could have woken me up?”

“It’s okay,” I told her.

“You want breakfast? I’ll probably have your Auntie Cammie come by and watch you while I go back to our room for some stuff.”

“Sure, Mommy,” I told her with a smile.

She tickled me, “I’m not really your mommy you know, we’re not on assignment now.”

I shrugged, “You change me, you carry me around, your nurse me… I’d say you really are my mommy.”

“Maybe don’t call me that in front of other students?” She suggested, a bit red in the face, as she dug through the diaper bag. “Apple oatmeal work?”

I nodded, “Sure.”

“Your teeth doing any better?”

“They’re growing back in… Caireen thinks I may be teething here later today.”

Her eyes grew in fright, she’d been there for some of Lily’s teething experiences too. “Umm… Do we need to get something…?”

I shrugged, “Feed me and then nurse me… see where I’m at then?” I suggested.

She suddenly looked down at the diaper bag and said, “I actually have…” she dug some more, “Yep!” She pulled out several teething toys from the mission, including one that could be frozen. “I’ll freeze this for you in a few minutes,” she told me after putting it on my bed. I looked at the fake keys that hung from the teething toy she’d brought out. They were meant to be frozen and then gnawed on… my sisters had been covered in disgusting drool!

While I’d been looking down, she’d velcroed a bib around my neck. She heated up the pouch of oatmeal and squeezed a little on a baby spoon. I opened my mouth up and we began a familiar dance now of her feeding me baby food. I blushed when Camille came in to find me finishing the last spoon.

“Got here just in time for breakfast?” she asked.

“Almost done, going to nurse her and then you can babysit your niece for a bit?”

Camille laughed, “Sure, I’ll watch the little rug rat.”

“I am here you know…” I complained. She wiped my face with the bib since the lack of teeth meant more drool and food leaked than I wanted to think about! Soon I was nursing from her breast and the two of them were having a conversation.

“What’s with the teething toys?” Camille asked.

“She thinks her teeth are growing back in… I guess there’s a reason babies cry about it, she’s in a decent amount of pain. I had some in this bag from the mission.”

“Ah…” Camille said, “Cassidy was a total wreck when she was teething…”

“Sofia’s baby sister was the same too…”

“So, we’re in for a cranky baby until they’re back in?”

“Probably…” she said.

I heard some footsteps and then the nurse’s voice, “Oh good, you’re up and…” she looked startled, “I didn’t realize she was still nursing.”

I could feel Hannah’s muscles cringe, “It’s part of both of our mutations,” she told her. “She’s also hoping right now it’ll help her mouth. We think she’s teething as her teeth are coming back in.”

“Oh…” she said with the experience of someone who had been through that before. “I see you have a couple teething rings; I can get you some Orajel too?”

“I’m sure she’ll appreciate it,” Hannah said. “I’m going to be leaving when she’s done nursing and Camille is going to stay with her. She’s kind of like her unofficial auntie,” she paused and lifted me to her shoulder to burp, “If you need something though she can call me on my cell.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine, sweetheart,” the nurse said. She looked at me, “I’ll go find that Orajel and come back and check on you sweetie.”

I blushed, “Thanks…”

Hannah put me down onto the mattress, “Sofia, what do you want me to bring you from our room?”

I thought for a second, “I think all of my books are in my backpack, but if you’ll triple check? And bring my laptop and phone?”

“Phone is right here,” she said and handed it to me. “You might think about calling your parents when it’s a little bit later back home.”

I nodded, “Do they know…?”

She nodded, “Sofia, you had gashes and were unconscious… I couldn’t exactly hide that from them. But I did let them know you were doing better last night, and that I’d have you call today.”

“Thanks,” I told her. She gathered up her stuff and walked out. I looked at the teether toy and decided I could use magic to freeze the little silicone keys that dangled on them. I pulled in magic and went, “Whoa… I’m tired…”

Camille looked at me, “You okay?”

“I just tried to use magic to freeze this… but I couldn’t do anything. It was like I had run a marathon or something and I’m just too tired…”

Her avatar voice came through, “Princess, with the battle you went through I have no doubts that you did run a magical marathon. You need to rest for a day or so and you’ll be fine. In the meantime, I’m sure Camille would be happy to help you out?” Her voice shifted, “Really Sofia, you just enjoy being babied today. I’m sure those teeth probably hurt.”

“You have no idea…” I told her.

She froze the keys for me and handed the embarrassing toy back to me. I turned red as I put it into my mouth and began sucking and gnawing at the little nubby flesh in my mouth. The cold and the massaging action made them feel better, so I kept it up much of the afternoon. The Orajel the nurse brought helped a lot too, but the side effect was I had to have a bib on, because I couldn’t feel my lips to prevent myself from drooling! I would forever be sympathetic to poor babies going through this experience! They were also unable to talk and bitch about it!

Hannah came back, joined by Beth, and the four of us worked on studying together for a couple hours before lunchtime. The nurse walked in, “I have your lunch?” She said and I could see a bowl of mush.

“Umm… Actually, I have some other stuff for Sofia here,” she told her and brought out a couple of options for me. I chose one and endured the extra drooling, messiness, and bad texture that I had to endure right then. ‘At least when I was on the mission, I had a few teeth…’ I sighed.

I nursed from Hannah, and then made a call home to my parents. “Daddy?” I asked when he answered.

“It’s Sofia!” he said to Mom.

“Sofia!” Mom exclaimed a moment later, “Hannah said you’re doing better, but are you really okay?”

I sighed, “My teeth are growing back in slowly right now… other than that I’m mostly healed.” I worked really hard to enunciate as I talked.

“Growing back in?”

“It hurts!” I told her, “I take back all of the mean things I thought about Lily when she wouldn’t stop crying when she was teething…”

Mom laughed at me, “I’m sorry, that’s probably not fun… Do you have any teething rings? Lily always cried less when she had one of the frozen ones to chew on…”

I groaned, “Yes Mom, I do. I’m sure Hannah can probably even share an adorable picture with you of me chewing on it.”

Hannah looked up at me and smirked. The pit of my stomach fell out as she took her phone out and I heard a ding on my mom’s side.

“Oh my god, you look so cute with that,” Mom laughed. “Not the hospital gown though…”

I sighed, “Not a fan.”

“Well since we have you on, we’re finalizing plans to come out and see you in a few weeks when you’re done with your finals.”

I smiled at that, “I can’t wait to see you guys! Hannah’s parents are coming too, right?”

“We’re all going to share a cabin we’re renting about a couple hours from your school,” Dad told me.

“So anyway…” Mom said, “I’m trying to…” she was at a loss for words, “trying to figure out what Santa is bringing my new little girl this year?”

I blushed, “Mom… Please tell me you’re not planning on making me go with Lily to…”

“Already has an appointment for you there…” Dad said, laughing at me. “You’re not going to get out of it either, I want the picture just as much as your mom!”

I sighed, “Back to Christmas presents… I don’t honestly know? Maybe surprise me? But don’t just buy baby gifts?”

Mom tried for a bit to get me to help her out, but I really didn’t have any ideas. Caireen tried to nudge me towards some, but in the end, I just said, “I really need to get back to studying… I’ll try and come up with some other ideas and email them to you.”

“Fine…” Mom said, a little grumpily.

“Love you guys,” I told them as I hung up a few minutes later.

I wiped some tears from my eyes and Hannah came over and squeezed me in a hug. “We’ll see them all soon!”

“I know…”

I looked up at Camille and Beth, “How do you all deal with it…? I mean I’m so homesick? Hannah and I have each other…”

They laughed and I listened to some of their stories of when they first got to school. We were all laughing our way through studying that day until the three of them all left to get dinner together after Hannah fed me. “Are you sure…?” she asked me.

“Just because I’m stuck eating terrible food here doesn’t mean you have to be, go!” I told her.

When I was finally alone, I got onto my computer. I’d been studying non-stop and felt like I probably knew as much as I could for the tests thanks to my exemplar memory. I hadn’t had fun in so long though… Like not being stressed, fun… I found myself surfing the web and eventually logged onto a website to see if I could get my mom some ideas for Christmas. I picked out a few computer games that looked interesting, I added a piccolo because I missed playing flute since the mutation, some martial arts stuff, and then forced myself to dig through the lists of baby gift suggestions. I really couldn’t find a single thing that said ‘play with me,’ so I went through clothes next. I had developed a soft spot for footed pajamas, so I went and picked out a bunch of those… along with some other winter clothes to get me through our time at the cabin. I had looked up information about it, and found out it was near a ski resort that I hoped we’d visit.

Hannah had come back in and asked, “What you looking at?”

I sighed, “Trying to come up with a Christmas list for my mom…”

“Let me see,” she said. I watched her click through, “Those sleepers are adorable! I can’t believe you picked them out.”

I blushed, “I like them, alright? They’re comfy… part of why I’m in this mess is my sister looked so adorable in hers!”

She laughed, “And I’m guessing you’d rather be in one right now?”

I turned red, but nodded.

“Don’t worry, I asked the nurse for permission and brought one for you to use tonight.”

“Thanks,” I told her. Sudden pain shot through my mouth again and I found myself chewing on the teething ring again. My teeth had alternated from lots of pain, to not as bad, all day long while I felt them get closer to the surface. I pulled the toy from my mouth just then and saw it was covered in blood. “Uh-oh… Hannah I may need you to get the doctor.”

“What’s wrong?”


“Here, open up and let me see,” she said. Suddenly her hand started glowing brightly and she placed her fingers in my mouth. “Nothing wrong sweetie, you just had one of your teeth pop back through!”

I felt tears go down my face, “You’re not the one in pain…” I told her.

She hugged me tightly, “Here, let’s put some more Orajel on.”

A few minutes later I was back to a drooling mess, but at least the pain was fading. “Thanks…” I muttered. Some of it had gotten on my tongue and I sounded like a real baby then.

I sighed and looked at my phone since Hannah had my computer. “What are you doing?” I tried asking. It came out as gibberish, but Hannah smiled, “Oh, just getting some ideas of my own to add to your wish list for your mom.”

I groaned, “Can you make your own list so she knows it’s not from me?”

She looked at me skeptically, but nodded, “Okay, you’re no fun…”

Eventually it was time for patients to sleep, so Hannah nursed me to sleep, cuddling me the whole time. Just before I fell asleep, I heard her say, “I love you Sofia…”

“Love you too, Mommy…” I muttered back.



End Chapter 28

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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