Melissa and Doug

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 18, 2021

A man is put in his place by some very "old fashioned" yet "innovative" punishments.

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Melissa wanted to officially scream. The tiny one bedroom apartment was a mess. It was a mess when she’d left. It was worse now: Soda and beer cans everywhere: By the couch, on the coffee table, left up on bookshelves, on the T.V. stand. The ones that were empty were dented and crushed. Fast food wrappers rolled around the floor in the fan manufactured breeze and pizza boxes dotted the carpet. If she hadn’t just gulped fresh air, Melissa might not have recognized the distinct odor of unwashed clothes.

She high-stepped over cans and garbage to the washer and dryer and opened the laundry closet doors. A basket full of dirty clothes had been propped up on top. Laundry was in the washer...but it was wet and spoiled. This was the load she’d started this morning, just before leaving for work!


Her boyfriend came tromping out of the bedroom. He looked like he’d just gotten out of bed. His scraggly dark hair tumbled over his face in places even as parts of it stuck out at strange angles in the back. He definitely needed a shave; Doug was the kind of man who just couldn’t grow a beard and his facial hair only came out in ugly and scraggly little patches. From three feet away, Melissa could tell Doug had been smoking pot.

“Sorry,” he let out a yawn. “I was taking a nap.”

“You were supposed to be cleaning up,” Melissa said.

Doug waved it off. “I will, I will. Don’t worry about it.” That’s what he’d said yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that.

“Did you at least look for a job”

“Yeah…” Doug stuttered. “I did. No interviews lined up yet, but I put my resume everywhere.”

Melissa knew it was a lie. Nevertheless she persisted. “Yeah? Like where?”

Doug huffed. One of his tells. “ know. Everywhere. Retail mostly. Places that don’t require experience. Entry level jobs. That kind of thing.” Oh sure. That kind of thing….the bullshit kind of thing. It must have shown on Melissa’s face. “You okay babe?”

Something inside Melissa snapped just then. “Yeah.” she said. It was her turn to lie. “‘Scuse me for a couple of minutes.” “Um...okay.”

Melissa walked back out into the parking lot. The first thing she did was bury her face into her hands, and scream into them until the tears started to leak out. Why?! Why did she have to be in love with such a loser?! It was just endless fucking frustration!

Doug wasn’t always like this. He used to be charming and energetic and motivated. But Doug was a bottle rocket. He’d charge headfirst into something, full of big ideas and great ambitions; and then something would deter him, or distract him, and he’d go veering way off course, and then just peter out.

Some said that Doug had undiagnosed ADHD. Lots of energy, no focus. Others thought he was an “Adult Gifted Kid” and he’d gotten by on his own natural talent (and he WAS talented) for so long that he never really learned how to work hard for something. But really, Melissa felt, Doug was really just a big kid; and not in the good or fun way.

He’d throw his heart and soul into something for a few days, like a kid getting new toys on Christmas, and then be bored and listless again immediately afterwards. Laying around the house, drinking sugar and booze, and eating like he was still a teenager (and cleaning house like he still had his mother to pick up after him and wipe his ass).

It was then that she knew what she had to do.

Taking her cell phone, she dialed an old college friend of hers: One who lived nearby and she’d kept in close touch with...and one whose career had taken her far away from a career in dentistry.

It went straight to voicemail. Damnit. “Hello, thank you for calling Mommy Vee. If you’d like to schedule a recording session-” Melissa hung up. Damn it. This was not the sort of thing she wanted to leave on a voicemail.

Her phone buzzed just a second later.

“Veronica?!” Melissa said, picking up the phone.

“Melissa? What’s up?”

“Remember that thing we talked about…? The thing about if and when I was ready for it?”

There was a brief pause as Veronica chewed on her lip from the other end of the line. “You want to be one of my models?”

Even though her friend couldn’t see her face, Melissa was shaking her head. “No, she said. Well...kinda. It’s complicated.”

“How complicated?”

“Let’s just say that I need your help, and I think I have an idea that might be beneficial to both of us.” Melissa gritted her teeth. “But I’d definitely need your help at first, financially…”

She explained her plan…

By the time Melissa was explaining her idea, Veronica was laughing so hard. “No no no, stop. Stop. I’m in! I’m in! Consider me an investor and supplier!” Melissa said her goodbyes and had her tears replaced with a devious smirk.

“Everything okay, babe?” Doug asked her when she came back in not quite ten minutes after she’d left.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Melissa said. “Just had some last minute calls I had to make to the office. Do you wanna do something tomorrow? I’m starting to feel some cabin fever is all. Been close to a month since I’ve been somewhere besides the office or home.”

Her boyfriend looked around at the pile of junk that he’d littered all around the apartment. “I mean yeah. I just thought we’d spend part of tomorrow cleaning up.” If not for her phone call, Melissa would be bristling right now. “We’d” clean it up. Doug had made 99% of the mess and couldn’t be bothered to learn to cook, or bring garbage to the dumpster, but “we’d” clean it up. If she was having second thoughts, she wasn’t anymore.

“It can wait. Let’s order pizza and just watch some T.V.!”

They made love that night. It was a little last treat to both of them. In some regards, she was punishing herself as much as him. He didn’t deserve this, but she did. He didn’t deserve what was going to happen to him tomorrow morning, either. But that afternoon and evening, oh he’d have it all coming.


It was the best day that Doug could remember in a long time. It wasn’t a trip to Disney or nothin’, but it was still really fuckin’ good. He was a little annoyed at first that Melissa woke him up early, but then she took him out.

They’d had a great breakfast: Bottomless pancakes and iced sugary coffee. Then they’d gone to see an early matinee. Lots of explosions and then stopped at a sushi place for lunch. And Melissa had paid for it all. She’d paid for it all normally, true, but she’d specifically asked for the check each time; no more awkward stares from waitresses.

It was when they’d gotten home that things REALLY kicked into high gear…

“Put this on.” Melissa dangled a frilly black blindfold in front of him on. “I wanna show you something…” Doug knew that tone. “I wanna show you something…” meant “I wanna fuck your brains out.” Yes please! Thank you very much!

“Where’d you get that?” Doug asked. His girlfriend was playful, and really good in bed (last night being a prime example), but he’d never have described her as kinky. Still...first time for everything.

“Just put it on, silly.”

“How are you gonna be able to show me something if my eyes are covered up,” he said cheekily. That got him a light smack in the arm. That only made him grin. He pictured his little minx in something lacy, or leathery. Maybe a cute little maids outfit with a thong peeking out whenever she. Cleaning the house was going to be fun…


Doug laid naked on the bed, blindfolded and cuffed at both hands and feet; unable to contain the shit eating grin plastered all over his face. It was like something out of a porno. Oooooh, maybe this is why this was happening! Maybe Melissa had found the porn files on his laptop. She knew he had a naughty side and was looking to indulge it.

He’d allowed himself to be guided to the bed, completely titillated by the sensory deprivation. For some reason, the apartment smelled different, too. Like fresh perfume; lavender. “I got a cleaning crew to come help while we were out.” They’d done a good job. The place had never smelled this good before.

He’d tried to help undress himself, but had only got a slap on the wrist; one that actually hurt a little bit. “No, no, no. Let me do it for you, baby,” she whispered. Oh! THAT certainly did something to him.

Doug was nude and cuffed up in the blink of an eye, and it still wasn’t fast enough for him. “Hurry up!” he complained. “I’m getting soft!”

“Patience, baby.” Melissa said. “All good things to those who wait. I want to get this juuuuust right.”

Doug squirmed on the bed. He was still losing his erection, but nothing a little fluffing couldn’t help. His stomach gurgled, and he felt a not-so little cramp The morning coffee and lunchtime sushi were finally starting to do their work. Speaking of butt stuff…there was definitely a bullet in the chamber so to speak.

Determined not to ruin this for himself, Doug clenched a little. Already he was working out a gameplan: He’d race to cumming, go take a dump, and then come back for more. At some point Melissa would get off, too, he supposed, but that didn’t come into his calculations. Melissa was a big girl and knew how to take care of herself.

“Almost ready,” Melissa told him. He heard a strange, yet oddly familiar crinkling sound. Eerily familiar.

“You opening something up?” He asked. Maybe Melissa had a sex toy in a plastic bag that she was just now opening.

Melissa didn’t immediately respond. “Thrust your hips up for me,” she said.

He did so. Even with his legs bound he still had enough to get his butt up a few inches. “Good boy. Go ahead and lower yourself down. Goooooood.” Doug’s bottom came down on something soft and padded, almost like an extra layer of bedding. And when he did, he heard that same crinkle.

What the-?

“Open up.” Melissa told him. Doug did, but only to ask a question. He never got a word out. Something big and rubber entered his mouth. Some kind of ball gag? Still blindfolded he frowned as he reflexively sucked on the rubber teat, a long dormant habit resurfacing. A pacifier? If it was Why was-?

Once again, Doug’s own chain of thought was interrupted as he felt Melissa grab his member, still partially swollen with blood and aim it downwards. “Wt th?” He mumbled. The thing was just wide enough that he couldn’t spit it out right away.

Click-click. Doug felt something fasten around his member, fastening onto the base, but not quite covering him otherwise.. Without looking at it he couldn’t quite identify it ,though. His first instinct was “condom” but this didn’t have the light, almost numbing suffocation of latex all over. In fact, this had a slight bit of weight to it.

“Okay, baby,” Melissa said, her voice cooing the way women do when they’re talking to a small child. “Now, you can look.”

The blindfold was torn away from his eyes. What Doug saw made his own personal Error404 screen blip up in his brain. Melissa had changed her clothes, but she wasn’t wouldn’t be wearing anything that Doug would have expected to see in a porn movie.. Her skinny jeans and tight t-shirt had been traded in for a modest dress; the kind that people wore to church on Sunday. She’d taken out her contacts and put on her glasses.

Yeah, she was pretty; just not “hawt” hot.

As soon as his brain registered what she was wearing, his eyes finally realized what she was doing! There was a camera set up in the bedroom, pointed right at him! While he’d always wanted to make his own porno though, he’d never planned on doing one with a cage around his cock!

“Hold still, baby.” Whether out of a physical inability or a mental overload, Doug did stay still. He stay still; still enough to watch in wide eyed horror and shrieked as Melissa pulled a diaper up betw-

A diaper! A REAL diaper! Not like a Depends or whatever those old farts wore in nursing homes. This one had cartoons on the front. Little cartoon meteors decorated the crotch, with a green triceratops standing in profile on the top of the waistband. It was thick, too! Thick enough that even without the chastity device, Doug was sure he’d be unable to feel himself through the padding. Other than the plastic backing, it looked exactly like the type of diaper an actual baby might wear.

A quick glance to the dresser behind the camera, and Doug realized that there were plenty more where that one had come.

He used his tongue to push the bulbous pacifier- and it was a pacifier- out of his mouth “Melissa! What the fuck?!”

Melissa glowered at him as she finished taping the ridiculous thing on him. “It’s Mommy to you, little boy!” she scolded him. “And no cursing. You get one warning.”

Doug laughed. Actually laughed. “Are you fucking kid-?”

WHACK! Melissa had a paddle nearby. Her blow smacked the outside of his hip.. It stung. A lot! “Bad baby!”


WHACK! That one felt like it might actually leave a bruise. “BAD BABY!”


WHACK! Yeah. Definitely a bruise. Her voice lowered back down. “You’re sorry, who?”


WHACK! “Say it right, baby boy.” She was even scarier now that she wasn’t yelling… “Say my name.

Tears of pain were already starting to form in Doug’s eyes. “MOMMY! YOUR NAME IS MOMMY!”

She put down the paddle, and walked over to his head. She gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Good baby.”

“Melissa, why are you-”

WHACK! That one had been bare handed but it still hurt. “Uh-uh-uh.”

“Mommy, why are you doing this?”

In answer, she went back over to the dresser where the extra diapers (yup, those were diapers alright) a bottle of baby powder, wipes, and some lotion were all placed. Beside them was a baby bottle filled with clear liquid. He’d hoped it was just water. She slid on the bed next to him. “Open up.”

Having little choice, he did as he was told. It was water alright. Mostly. It had kind of a weird and funny taste to it. “You drink this all gone, and I’ll explain.” Doug started to gulp it down, just to get it over with.. “Uh-uh uh. Gently. Mommy doesn’t want her little baby getting a tummy ache.” He slowed it down to a sip.

He’d been cowed so easily. He never thought this would be possible. But here he was being force fed a bottle on threat of spanking, right after his girlfriend had diapered him.

She must’ve seen the blush rising to his cheeks at the thought of his predicament. “No need to be embarrassed,” she told him. “You’re just sippin’ on your ba-ba like all good babies do.”

Doug tried to ask “Why?” but he only got out some gurgles for his trouble, as Melissa squeezed the bottle a bit more the moment he started trying to talk. His tummy gurgled, starting to feel overfull. Something else was feeling over full.

Still, she clearly understood what he was asking. “I’ve just been thinking,” she said gently, a hint of malice and mischief in her eyes. “I’ve been treating you all wrong these last couple of months. You don’t go to work. You don’t clean up after yourself. You don’t pay for anything. You just eat and drink and sleep all day. Does that sound like boyfriend material to you, Dougie?”

Doug couldn’t argue, and not just because he wasn’t quite halfway done. Another cramp hit him. This might not be all water...

“So I’m gonna treat you the way you’ve been acting,” she continued. “Like my little. Baby. Boy.” She booped him on the nose, playfully. His stomach was really starting to hurt. His body was telling him something, but Doug really didn’t want to listen. “No.”

Finally, he finished, and she took the baby bottle out of his mouth. Whether it was spiked or not, the bottle was doing a number on him. His stomach was hurting and he desperately needed to void his bowels. But no. Not in his pants! Not in a diaper! Not like this!

“Why the cage?” he groaned.

Melissa pinched his cheek. “Because you’ve been a bad baby. Mommy had to take away her little boy’s favorite toy.” She gave him a kiss full on the lips. “Naughty widdle baby.”

The slacker grimaced and groaned. Even with the intestinal cramps and the rapidly filling bladder, Doug felt himself starting to grow and become erect. Such a thing would quickly become painful in the chastity cage. “Why the camera?”

“Oh you noticed that?” Melissa said in a squeaky high voice. “That’s one of the ways to make sure you cooperate and be a good baby. If you try and leave or misbehave, and act like a big stwong man,” she giggled, “I’ll have something to put on the internet, and everyone will know just what an adorable widdle boy you are!”

Damn! She had him dead to rights. Any fight he might have had went to cower in the back corner of his mind. Still, he did struggle against his bonds. “Oh, I know what that means!” She almost crowed. She put a hand on his stomach. “Be a good baby,” she whispered. “Use your diaper.”

He wouldn’t! He couldn’t! He mustn’t! Her hand thrust down into his gut. Too late. His body started to take over, rude noises erupting out of him as sloppy wet farts, and more than farts began to leak out his back side. “Nooooo!” he screamed. He struggled, he whimpered. He clenched his cheeks and held his breath and slammed his body down against the mattress, trying to use basic physics to counter his treacherous biology!

But his new Mommy was quicker and smarter. She started to undo his bonds, starting with his legs. For a fleeting instant, Doug wondered if he was being shown mercy. Far from it. “Don’t worry, baby,” she teased. “Mommy will help!” With one quick heave, she shoved his legs up towards the ceiling and back towards his chest.

His butt was now pointed away from the mattress, and the final bit of pressure pushed him over the edge The flood gates opened as Doug’s body finished its ultimate betrayal, and helplessly messed himself; just like the infant he was dressed as.

“NOOOOOOO!” He felt the diaper expand beneath him, but not nearly enough as wet, mushy poop filled his seat and spread out and his bowels kept on pushing, as if acting on some kind of muscle memory that had faded (but not disappeared) with potty training. His front side became equally warm and wet, with his bladder deciding to get in on the act. If the swelling and ballooning in the back of his diaper wasn’t bad enough, the meteors on the front of the diaper started fading with the wetness, disappearing from the front and marking his shame.

Mommy’s kisses to his forehead helped, but not much. “That’s right baby. Be good and use your diaper.”

Never before had he been so degraded, so humiliated. He’d just filled his pants like a giant toddler. Not even a toddler; toddlers could at least find a place to hide before they soiled themselves. He’d just done it all while lying down.

And it was all on camera. He was ruined. Ruined! If he ever got out of line, she’d ruin him. (He wasn’t much to begin with, but now if he did see a rise in his station he could be brought right back down into the playpen!)


Melissa stroked his forehead. “Don’t worry, Dougie, Mommy will change you. She’s used to cleaning up your messes. The diaper just makes it easier.” She walked back over to the dresser and laid her hand on the stack of diapers. “All you have to do is ask.”

“Please!” Doug blurted out.

“Please what?”

“Please change me! Please change my diaper!”


“Please Mommy! Please! Please change my diaper, Mommy!”

His Mommy did seem pleased. But she didn’t pick up a fresh diaper. Not right away. Instead, she opened the dresser drawer and took out an electric buzz cutter, a can of shaving cream, a towel and a straight razor. “I will.” she told him. “But first I have to do something for you. You don’t look like a big boy with your hair all messy like that, but you definitely don’t look like Mommy’s precious boy.” She smiled. “Let’s fix that.”

“Mommy! No don’t! I’ll be good! I promise!”

“I know you’ll be good, baby Dougie,” she said. “Because you’re not getting out of that messy diaper until I make you alllll nice and clean up top. Something appropriate for job interviews. And the longer it takes me to clean you up, the more likely it is you’re gonna get a nasty rash.” She stole a look at the camera. “Or I could just send this video out, right now. Would you like that?”

Doug already knew the answer to that. So did Mommy (she wasn’t Melissa right now, rather some horrific persona Melissa had concocted). He stayed as still as he could, trembling as she shorn his hair like a sheep down to a buzz cut, and shaved his face until it was (perhaps literally) baby smooth. All the while, Doug was in a special kind of agony, trying not to move or talk too much even as his diaper cooled and became itchy and smelly.

No wonder babies cried when they needed changing. He would too if his ass started to itch and burn without him being able to scratch it Even if his arms were free, Doug wasn’t sure he could scratch his ass through all of the padding wrapped around it. He’d just end up smearing more of his own mess all over himself.

When she was done and had collected all the hair in the towel, she popped the giant pacifier back into Doug’s mouth and went and got the fresh diaper and wipes. This one had a blue t-rex on it. Great. Different decorations for different diapers. Fuck. It was probably about as “manly” a diaper as he could expect.

“You were such a good boy,” Mommy praised him. Doug’s blush was full body, and infinitely more easy to see now that all the hair was out of and off of his face. “Time to change your diaper.”

The tapes came off of the plastic with an audible rip! One. Two. Three. Four. Each one a little rip to Dougie’s pride, modesty, and psyche. “Whew!” Mommy waved her hand in front of her nose. “You really did a number in this one, baby!” She sighed. “But I should be used to it, I guess.”

He’d never admit it, as awful as this was, but the cold wipes felt nice on his skin. It even made it a little easier to suck on the pacifier. He did his best to follow instructions and raise his legs as instructed. He didn’t whine or fuss. He just let her do the work on him.

After the muck and residue were wiped off of him, Mommy balled up the diaper and threw it away in a garbage can by the dresser. Except it wasn’t a garbage can that Dougie could ever remember seeing. That was new. And the lids on those flip top waste baskets weren’t normally nearly as heavy.

Still naked on the bed, Dougie used his freed feet to shuffle up to a sitting position and get a better view of the thing. The thing had letter stickers decorating it. If he hadn’t figured out what it was before, he had it literally spelled out for him a second later. “Dougie’s Diaper Pail.” How far was this going.

Wordlessly, Mommy turned around and saw that he’d moved.


The barehanded slap on his naked thigh hurt even more after a little bit of time had been given to it. Dougie couldn’t get flat on his back fast enough. “Almost done.” She threw a glance at the shaving equipment, “but not quite...somebody needs another lesson.”

Straight razor in hand she zeroed in on his pubic area. Dougie dared not do anything other than lie still. Lie. Very. Still.

“Careful baby,” Mommy said, adding words to his dread. “I don’t wanna knick anything” Then she said something worse. “This will make you so much easier to keep you clean.” Uh long was Mommy planning on staying Mommy? How long was she planning on keeping him like this?

Once his public hair was removed, Mommy sprinkled on the baby powder and rubbed it in. That’s about the time when Dougie realized the nice smell in the tiny apartment’s living room. He slammed his eyes shut, refusing to look as Mommy drew up the fresh diaper between his legs and taped it on.

He couldn’t see it. But he could hear, feel, and smell, everything. The crinkle, the tightening and press with each tape, the smell of the powder. All he could do was suck on the pacifier, praying for it to be over.

“Okay,” Mommy said. She reached over and uncuffed him. “Stand up.”

He did, easily. The hard part was not making a break for it. He wouldn’t get far though, not in a big baby diaper and sucking on a soother. Yikes! Why was he envisioning himself keeping the paci? He shivered at the thought.

Mommy clicked her tongue. “Poor baby feels cold,” she said. “Good thing Mommy’s prepared.” The top drawer was also stocked with a t-shirt. A pastel blue t-shirt with pictures of safety pins and rattles on it. Nothing a self-respecting adult would ever wear. “Arms up.” Apparently, Dougie wasn’t a self-respecting adult anymore.

The shirt came over his head and his arms went through the sleep. Mommy kept tugging down thought, down past his waist and between his legs. The sound of snaps being fastened right by his crotch made him look down.

The good news was, his diaper was no longer completely on display; the leg gathers just barely poked out of the onesie. The bad news was that Dougie was now wearing a onesie. “Better?” she asked. Obediently, Dougie nodded.

Mommy took him by the hand, and let him out of their bedroom. For the second time that day, the pacifier dropped out of Dougie’s mouth, this time clattering to the floor.

Dougie didn’t recognize the place. All of the garbage had been completely cleared out, and the floors swept and mopped. Completely spotless! But the furniture was gone too. No more T.V. or video game system. Gone was the couch. His favorite recliner had been pilfered. In their place was a blackboard, an adult sized crib, and a stool placed in the corner.

It looked like some kind of preschool classroom. “Where did you get this stuff? Where’d all of my stuff g-?” The pacifier was picked up and shoved back in his mouth before he could finish his second sentence.

His Mommy (His Mommy? Yikes this was having an effect on him!) booped the pacifier on his mouth. “Keep this in your mouth.” She smiled, but Dougie could hear the “or else” in her voice. She waited a moment. He sucked the pacifier. Finally, she said, “It’s time for your punishment.”

Time for his punishment? THIS wasn’t his punishment??? He was led to the blackboard. Up close he noticed a few extra details, like how the alphabet border around the rolled in chalk board only had the letters A, B, D, and L.

His girlfriend...ex-girlfriend...Mommy...his Mommy picked up a piece of chalk and put it in his hand. “You’re going to write ‘Babies don’t have jobs’ two hundred times on this blackboard.”

The diapered boy looked at the rolled out blackboard. “Uh-kay” he mumbled around the binky. It wasn’t the biggest blackboard, in the world, but if he kept his writing small enough he should just be able to squeeze it in, no problem.

“With your right hand.”

“Whu!” No way could he use his non-dominant hand! No possible way! As a guy, his handwriting was sloppy enough, but in his right hand it’d be almost impossible!

Mommy wasn’t hearing any of it. “Get to work, baby boy.” The swat to his padded backside didn’t hurt, but it did make him jump to work. She stood back, watching him expectantly.

Dougie slumped. He really was in the doghouse this time. His diaper crinkled a bit as he nervously shifted his weight. His gait was off too, wider than it normally would have been, with all the pulp and padding forcing his legs further apart. He really hoped he’d never have to get used to this…

Slowly, with shaky and sloppy writing, Dougie wrote down:




He found that if he wrote in all caps it went faster. He just wanted this to be over. To stop being treated like a naughty little boy, and to get his big boy pants back on.


And so on it went until his fingers hurt and his wrist ached. Please just let this be over.

Much, much, much, much too soon, he ran out of room. Even writing as fast and as small as he could, he just barely broke a hundred before all the space was taken up. “Mmmy,” he mumbled. “Um utta rm.”

Mommy walked up, and held her hand under her chin. She grabbed the eraser from the blackboard and sent every sentence to oblivion. “Too bad,” she said. “None of that counts. Try it again. Two hundred times on one side or nothing.”

Dougie spit the binky out into his hand. “WHAT?!” he asked. He lowered his volume. “Honey. Mommy. Can’t we have a compromise? Can’t I write it two-hundred times altogether? I ran out of room. I didn’t mean to do it on purpose.”

Dark embers burned in Mommy’s eyes. “I told you not to spit your binky out.”

In a blink, Dougie’s ear was on fire. Ear first he was dragged over to the corner and pressed down onto a low stool. Time out! He was being sent to time out! “Maybe the baby is too young for school. Maybe he’s not ready to grow up and shouldn’t be allowed to even write lines!”

Dougie looked up, his face sunken. “No! I’m not! I can grow up Mommy! I promise!”

Mommy wasn’t hearing any of it. Dougie sat there dumbfounded as she walked away; leaving him there and heading for the bathroom. She wasn’t gone long. In her hand was a bar of soap. “Let’s see if you can learn to keep THIS in your mouth.” She pinched his nose and wedged it in his teeth.

Reflexively, Dougie’s tongue retreated as far back into his throat as it could short of him swallowing it. Simultaneously, his saliva mixed with the foul tasting stuff, making him start to foam at the mouth like a mad dog.

“Five minutes.” Mommy told him, holding out five fingers as if he was too little to understand the concept otherwise. “You keep it in for five minutes! I’m going to the bathroom to use the potty. If you take it out, I’ll know!”

As she walked away, Dougie could only sit there on the naughty stool, breathing through his mouth trying not to taste the soap, his uvula rattling with each exhale as a way to try and prevent him from gagging. Bubbling drool started to drip out of the corners of his lips. He refused to swallow.

Blinking, he released a stream of pee into his diaper. Deep down, he knew it wouldn’t be the last time he went in his pants today. Over his shoulder he glanced at the crib, knowing it’d be where he slept tonight.

He’d been broken down to his base elements. Deep down, he knew, he was just a baby. Until Mommy said otherwise, he was just a baby who had been waiting for a strong Mommy to teach him how to behave...


“Hey Veronica,” Melissa whispered into her phone. “It’s working. Thanks for the stuff.” She giggled. “Yeah, I’ll totally pay you back. He hasn’t even seen the hidden cameras yet. There’ll be lots of footage for you to use.”

“If he’s good, I’ll let him out of the chastity, but not the diapers.” She paused and listened. “Job? Let’s see how well these ‘candid clips’ work. Then we’ll see if I need him to get a job. If his diapers pay for themselves, this might be more profitable and permanent than I thought.”



End Chapter 1

Melissa and Doug

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 18, 2021


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vended · Jul 18, 2021

Nice story. Beware, though, you somehow posted it twice in full here.

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