Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 29
Chapter 29: Combat Finals

Chapter 29: Combat Finals


THAT NIGHT WITH Caireen in her castle she cuddled me, fed me, cuddled me, fed me, and cuddled some more; all while I continued teething in her world too. She turned the baby treatment on full blast, but I didn’t honestly mind it that much with how miserable my mouth felt! Each time I nursed from her though, I felt stronger, and by the time she changed me and nursed me that night my teeth had all erupted.

I was so grateful the next morning to get checked out of Doyle with a full set of my teeth again! At lunch time I found myself piling on the crunchiest fried foods I could find to celebrate!

Over the next week all of us had the stress of final exams. Hannah and I took two exams on Monday, one on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, two on Thursday, and one final one on Friday. When I finished with my final one, martial arts, I magically changed out of my gi and caught Beth, “Beth!” I said.

“Hi Sofia, want a ride back to the dorm?” She asked, reaching her hands out to pick me up.

I shook my head, “Actually I was kind of hoping you could help me out with something…”

“Sure, I’m done with finals now! Well… except our combat finals next week.” She shrugged, “Not much we can do to study in advance there.”

I giggled nervously there, having heard so many horror stories from the past from upperclassmen this week!

“I have something I want to do with Hannah… Can you call her and get her to meet you at the coffee shop? Tell her I’m already there with you?”

She looked at me suspiciously, “Pulling pranks on your mommy may not be the best of plans?”

I felt like I was withering under her glare, but returned my best innocent little girl stare back to her.

Beth sighed, “Luckily for you I love a good practical joke! And, now I’m too curious now to say no!”

I smiled at her and hugged her. “Thanks!”

‘Hope you’re sure of this…’ Caireen mumbled to me.

Thirty minutes later Beth was seated in the coffee shop, and Hannah walked up to her. “Where’s Sofia?” She asked.

“She’ll be back in a sec,” she told her.

Hannah looked around nervously for me, but didn’t realize she was staring right at me. I let her stew for a few minutes and then walked up to the table. “This seat taken Beth?” I asked her.

“No, go right ahead,” she said with a smirk.

I had to do a weird hop into the seat to make it seem like I was really just sitting down in the seat.

“Where did Sofia go Beth? I’m getting a little worried?” Hannah said.

“I’m right here Hannah,” I told her.

She shrieked as she looked at my eyes… “You… you…”

“Grew up?” I asked.

“But… Caireen said… Your BIT..” Hannah was clearly in disbelief as she stared at me. I looked like I thought I would if I was ever going to age to being an eighteen-year-old girl. My red hair was straightened and styled nicely, my odd colored eyes sparkled, and I had on what looked like a typical Whateley uniform.

Or at least so it appeared!

I smiled at her, “It’s just an illusion unfortunately,” I told her.

“What?” She said.

“Try and touch my hand,” I told her and put my hand on the table. My real hand was much closer to me, but as soon as she touched the illusion of a hand I reappeared as my real baby form.

“You can’t scare me like that! I thought you grew up…” Hannah cried and I felt bad a moment later as she asked. “Why?”

I shrugged, “I wanted to try it? Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you…”

She shook her head, “I’m not upset, it was just a bit of a shock…” She glared at me, “I’ll remember this…”

I looked at Beth now sure I wasn’t quite in the doghouse… crib? “Thanks for your help!”

She laughed, “Totally worth it! But this can’t be the only time we get someone with this,” she told me.

After a cup of coffee, Hannah carried me back to the dorm and asked, “So what was the point in that?”

I sighed, “I’d like to be able to pretend to be normal every now and then…”

She nodded, “It might be fun to go out like that tonight…”

“Go out?”

“You know they’re having a dance tonight?”

I shook my head, “No, I guess I haven’t even paid any attention to things like that. This only works as long as you don’t touch me though…”

“So, we’ll just have to be careful while we’re out?” She smiled.

I shrugged, “Okay!”

Hannah nursed me and we had dinner at the Crystal Hall before coming back for her to change into her homecoming dress from this past fall… Or at least that was the plan! With her breasts filling out, and her growing an inch or two, it didn’t fit at all like it had two months earlier. She was about in tears when I said, “How about I make you a new one?”

She looked at me skeptically, “Why hadn’t you offered that yet?”

I laughed, “Like I normally dress you?”

She laughed at that herself and we found a couple websites and decided on a dress she liked. I created one for her, and then used one of the others as my template for my illusion. ‘Caireen, what if I put up a shield just past the illusion, would it hold then?’

I felt her think for a moment, ‘It probably would, just make sure it’s just a solid shield and not one of your charged ones…?

I nodded at that and put it up.

“How do I look?” I asked Hannah.

“Beautiful!” She told me with a smile.

She started to reach for my hand, but stopped… “What?”

“You said it goes away if I touch you?”

“Go ahead and try it, I did something different.”

She reached for me and felt my hand, the shield ended right above where my skin seemed to be, so it was like she was grabbing onto me. “This feels weird, but you still look the same?”

I smiled, “Maybe I can actually dance then!”

“Umm… Sofia… not to be mean, but if you can do this… then why not change back to your old self?”

I sighed, “Hannah, this is myself… well mostly… that I always dreamed of being.”

“So that’s why suddenly becoming a girl never bothered you?”

I nodded, “I guess I only had this conversation with my parents… I can’t believe we haven’t talked about this?”

She smiled, “I can’t either. Why didn’t you say anything over the years? With your long hair I could have easily made you look pretty even before this?”

I smiled, “I know now how easy it went for people to get used to me being a girl… but I’ve been terrified for years to say anything. I didn’t want to lose you as a friend…”

She tentatively squeezed me in a hug, “Of course I’d be okay with you! I love you!”

“That’s the second time you’ve said that…” I told her. “You really mean it?”

A second later she shocked me by attempting to kiss me on the lips! 

The field and my illusion dropped.

“Ugh!” I complained.

She giggled, “Well, we might need to work on this… I can’t kiss you when you look like a baby, but maybe we can do something else to make the grown-up you work better?”

‘Caireen?’ I asked.

‘I’ll work on thinking of a solution… I told you I didn’t think this would work at all. Your idea of the shield on top was a good idea… give me some time.’

“Caireen’s going to work on it,” I told her. I redid the spells, “Shall we go, I guess? If nothing else our parents will appreciate that we can’t get into too much trouble right now…”

She laughed at me and hugged me. I was still shorter than her in this form by a little bit, and I was perfectly okay with that because I never wanted to be a giant. The two of us walked to the Crystal Hall, and found it had been converted into a massive dance floor with lights and a DJ. “Hi Hannah!” Camille said when we ran into her, “Where’s Sofia?” She looked at me, “And who’s this?”

I giggled, “It’s me! I am the grown up Sofia!”

“What?!?” She asked, confused. “Where did my little girl go?”

I giggled and told her about the spells I was using. Before I knew it my friends and I gathered in our own corner of the dance area. We danced with each other and some boys that would join us off and on. Hannah never lacked for a partner, but most of the time it was me, or a group of our friends in the same area. At one point during the dance Hannah could smell my diaper and whispered, “You need a change…”

I blushed, but did a spell to change my diaper out that Caireen had finally allowed me to use.

“You can change yourself now?” She asked with a frown.

“I don’t have to normally…?” I suggested, seeing the hurt in her face.

“You can’t grow up completely on me Sofia.” She warned me.

I sighed, “I’ll only change myself if I have the illusion up… or if I’m not around someone who can change me?”

She nodded, and pulled me closer to her. “If you don’t let me take care of you still, I promise I’ll sick Caireen on you…”

“That’s not playing fair…” I told her as Caireen internally nodded her assent!


TWO DAYS LATER all of the freshmen discovered it wasn’t just the team matches we had heard about for the ‘combat finals.’ No, tradition was not to let us all know that first up was a head-to-head match against a ‘random’ opponent. Hannah and I had only been there for a few weeks of classes, but at least I had my time in Caireen’s world to learn and train. Hannah didn’t have much more than a few lessons in martial arts and a little time experimenting with her powers… and I was worried for her. She was matched up against a girl, ‘Choco Chips,’ from Whitman Cottage.

We had all gotten instructions from Mrs. Carson that morning on how the finals worked. She explained that we were attempting to retrieve a dangerous weapon in the simulation. The two opposing students would attempt to get there first, and/or disable the other opponent as well. I decided to just think of it as a high-tech capture the flag simulation. Simple or not though, as I watched the first few matches take place I was amazed at how powerful some of my classmates were!

A screen showed the abilities, code names, and other information about each student before the match. The reason for the costume class requirement apparently was that all students had to be costumed and masked in the Arena. Apparently the match stream was always pirated and aired in Las Vegas casinos. Throughout the matches apparently bookies placed odds on each match! An older student had told me that the biggest betting was usually on the senior battles, or the long odds on the freshmen battles that no one really knew much about. I had smirked as I thought, ‘I bet I end up winning someone a lot of money if they’re willing to take the odds…’

I was scared to death that Hannah would be hurt, and hated having to sit and watch her navigate through the Arena’s obstacles! It was currently set up like a mock city complete with buildings and fake pedestrians. The girl who was her opponent was a gadgeteer. She quickly attempted to overwhelm Hannah with robots that looked like something from Despicable Me. ‘Cookie Robots?’ Camille had joked next to me as we sat in the stadium seats and watched.

I winced as they started to try and swarm Hannah, but smiled when Hannah let loose with a series of her green EMP shots. She had all of the girl’s robots disabled and beat her up to the top of the building with the flag before Choco Chips caught up with her. Hannah took a hit from her with some sort of frisbee drone things that she screamed in pain from! After that she didn’t mess around and ended the girl with a blast that knocked her off her feet.

There were precautions from staff to avoid death, but the girl was definitely not okay as Hannah had to leave her and grabbed the flag to win. As soon as she had done so she helped the girl stand up and made sure she was okay. Some medics appeared to take a look at her as Hannah was sent off out of the arena.

Each of my friends went in turns - with most of them winning! Finally my match popped up as the last match of the first day. Emerald Baby vs. Streaked showed on the monitors above the stadium. I was waiting in a holding area for the signal to go, and trying to figure out if this was really random, or setup because of our problems!

‘I am not letting that bitch win!’ I thought to myself.

‘Language Sofia…’ Caireen said. ‘But I agree, we do need to spank her on this!’

I knew that streaked could use magic and that she had some level of speedster ability. I put up my shield before I stepped out and began moving through the fake city unhindered for a long while. I sensed something was wrong only a heartbeat in advance, but I managed to just dodge the sudden spell that flew past me! Immediately after that I found myself suddenly flat on my face, pushed over by Streaked who flew past me!

I rolled and picked myself up, seeing her this time as she was coming in for another run at me. When she was ten feet away, I flung up a massive wall of rock I pulled from below and heard a wonderful ‘thud’ sound. I giggled thinking of an old Wile E. Coyote cartoon!

“What the hell?” I heard her say woozily from the other side. I peered around it and saw her picking herself up. She attempted to release another spell at me then that deflected harmlessly on my shield.

I smiled at her, “I can’t wait to see the replay on that one,” I taunted her. She moved towards me then quickly, but I could tell she was still unsteady on her feet. My limited time in sparring with other speedsters had me a bit more prepared to fight her. I used her inertia against her by tripping and pushing her forward with a grapple.

She landed in a heap on the ground and stopped moving. I thought about checking if she was okay, but a clock display at the edge of the Arena showed I only had five more minutes to cover some serious distance. I didn’t want to just leave her unattended, so I quickly built a box of walls around her to keep her contained.

I turned and began running as quickly as my short little legs could go, cursing them as I still had to dodge some other obstacles and booby traps that were setup in the building. At one point if I didn’t have my shield up, I would have been fried with some sort of death ray! As it was, I had to redo my shield spell because it blew it apart and still left me with a little sunburned spot on my leg.

I took a bit more care as I ascended the remaining steps up the building, and was definitely feeling my small legs burning when I finally emerged at the top of the roof. Across from me was the flag that I began running towards, and I saw there was just ninety seconds left on the clock. I was just about to grab it when I heard loud footsteps coming behind me. I ducked and felt myself get kicked in the side as Streaked tumbled out of control over me. I looked up and was worried she was going to grab the flag, before I realized she had bigger worries! She tumbled right off of the roof!

She shrieked out, “Oh shit!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!”

I ran to the edge and hopped on top of the lip. I quickly used a spell to slow her descent and keep her from splattering on the ground many stories below. As soon as I saw she was okay I grabbed the flag with just two seconds left on the clock.

‘Winner: Emerald Baby!’ Flashed across the screen as the lighting changed and I could suddenly see the crowd of students standing up and cheering.

I smiled and sat down on my butt for a few minutes, feeling exhausted from the short burst of action I’d had!

Eventually I had to get up though and forced myself to hop down the stairs. I was grateful it was easier than running up them! I made it to the bottom and began making my way out when Streaked suddenly stood in front of me. “You little bitch, you haven’t heard the last of this!”

She went to turn around and I said, “You know, you’d think when I was nice enough to save you from breaking bones and generally finding hitting the ground sucks… you’d at least reciprocate a little good sportsmanship.”

“That’s bullshit! You cheated!”


“I don’t know, but when I find out I’m going to have you kicked out of here!”

I laughed, “Okay, you do that.”

I watched her walk off to the entrance she came in and then walked to mine. I was the last Freshman to go, so most of my friends were waiting for me. “That was awesome Sofia!” Beth told me.

“Thanks,” I told her.

Hannah picked me up and sniffed, “Guess you need a change?”

I shrugged, “I didn’t even know honestly…”

“And this is why I’m staying in charge of your diapers!” She said tickling me. There was a locker room nearby that she carried me through to change me, and then I had to report to ‘debrief’ about the final. Hannah waited for me outside the door while I went in to find out what I’d done wrong.

The judging panel of sorts was sitting at the table when I knocked and entered, “Welcome Emerald!” Chief Delarose said, “Nice to be meeting under better circumstances.”

I smiled, “Yes sir, it is.”

I said ‘hi’ to Mrs. Carson and Admiral Everheart, who made up the rest of the panel.

“Let’s talk about the match…” he talked through my opening moves of the fight with Streaked. “Why did you leave the top of the box you put her in uncovered?”

I shrugged, “I didn’t think the point was to kill?

“Couldn’t you just form a top and leave enough air inside?”

“I guess I probably could? I haven’t tried it. The only other time I did that was to encase an enemy completely in stone to his neck and then I blew off his head?”

“Excuse me?” Everheart said, “You did that in combat?”

I groaned, “My avatar has another world that I go to when I sleep… We just finished fighting a war a bit over a week ago.”

“That’s why you were in the hospital, correct?” Mrs. Carson asked.

I nervously nodded.

“Okay, going back to that, because you didn’t seal off the top, Streaked was able to use a spell to blow herself out of there with air,” a video of it played then.

“Oops…” I said.

“That should have been the end in all honesty. She should have grabbed the flag and ended the match. When she decided to attack you again, she ended any chances she had. I have to say that it was good thinking to trip her, why did you save her though? We wouldn’t have let her suffer major injuries?”

“You wouldn’t?” I asked with my eyes wide open. “I’ve seen some of the others limping out with some serious wounds?”

Mrs. Carson shrugged, “They’re usually as good as new within a couple hours.”


Mrs. Carson smirked, “I do appreciate you saving us some work though…”

I ended up with a ninety percent for my grade, since I’d let her slip the initial cage, and because I had taken so long to get the flag. Hannah rather enjoyed rubbing her higher ninety-six percent grade in my face a while later!


THE NEXT EVENING after dinner we had our team match. Tuesday had been the sophomore testing, and apparently for betting purposes someone had decided evening team matches would be better for the bookies!

There were more teams in the junior and senior classes, and only a few in the freshmen class. Since the majority of our team was made up of freshmen, we had another mostly freshmen team that we were put up against. The large screen over the Arena read, ‘Iron Blazers vs. The Babysitter’s Club.’ Someone had submitted a logo of their five silhouettes standing over the very obviously cartoon diapered me. I was holding a rattle in one hand and a bottle in the other. “Really Esmie?” I complained.

She just giggled, “I think it’s cute! Just like You!”

I would have stuck my tongue out at her, but my pacifier served as the mask that was required. After the match, the night before, I had ended up getting some help from Caireen to add a spell to the pacifier to help me breathe easier. I had been way too tired running up the stairs of the building! I figured some concentrated air pushing through the pacifier might help. I had thought about pure oxygen for about two seconds, but in the Arena the last thing I wanted was an explosion inside my mouth!

They ran the images of each of the team members of our team first, along with our code names, powers, strengths, and weaknesses. I groaned when ‘messy diapers’ was listed on my weaknesses! ‘Jackasses…’ I thought to myself. When the other team flashed across, I watched carefully for any helpful intel. 

The Iron Blazers were made up of six members like us too. There was a girl codenamed White Falcon who the screen showed was a flyer. Next was a burly guy that reminded me of a smaller, normal skinned Hulk, named Paved. His stats mentioned being able to lift twelve tons. They showed the information next for Choco Chips, the gadgeteer that Hannah had decimated in her one-on-one match. I groaned as I saw the next picture was of Ewe, the brick I had kicked in the nuts the first day at the school! I was kind of intrigued as I looked at the next member, I didn’t remember seeing him before. Monotone looked like a black and white photocopy of a person, and I assumed it was a mild form of GSD. He actually kind of looked like a Roswell Alien in the face a little too. Apparently, he had a telekinetic power. Their final member made me groan, Streaked’s information showed up with her picture.

Camille, Beth, Lizi, Esmie, Hannah, and I were all nervously looking forward to this match. When we saw the match-up that morning we had broken away for a few minutes to discuss tactics to deal with that team. We each had our personal communication devices in our ears, and I thought back to the mission briefing we’d been given.

“This is going to be an old-fashioned capture the flag exercise,” Gunny had told us. “Defend your flag while also managing to take your opponent’s flag. The match will go on for up to forty-five minutes, or whenever one team manages to clear the opposition's flag from where it is hidden.”

“We can’t just touch it?” Lizi had asked.

“Not for this one, we want you to show you are in control of the flag before you will be awarded the win. It’s a minimum of one hundred yard of travel over flat surface; or down steps and outside the building in the case of a skyscraper.”

“Other rules?”

“You can hide your flag where you want, but it must be visible from the ground outside. Civilian casualties will count against you as well.”

We had been given just a few minutes then to really set a plan in motion, but luckily this was an exercise we’d kind of already planned for. The upperclassmen had described it as a pretty standard one for new teams. At the last minute I added an idea to the plan that everyone else had loved. I just hoped it would work!

After we entered the Arena to a loud buzzer sound, we had just five minutes to hide our flag. We had decided to leave Beth and Lizi behind to defend the flag. Before Camille and I left, we placed about ten wards apiece around the area. If someone managed to get within twenty feet of the flag, they probably wouldn’t be touching the flag or leaving! Lizi had her own magical abilities that she would use to defend as well, while Beth set up a crazy sniper rifle device on a nearby building. It let her control the route to the flag, as well as perform last minute defense of the flag.

At the sound of the next buzzer the match began for real and we set off on our plan of attack. Camille, and Hannah advanced together, while Esmie took to the air to both keep a lookout, as well as to most likely engage White Falcon. I activated a few spells and began meandering through the city towards an area I had just spotted Falcon taking off from. There were computer generated NPCs walking around that appeared to be as real looking as I was, and I hoped to blend as the others took the attention of the Blazers.

I was a bit more than half-way to the likely location when I saw Esmie and Falcon start getting into it up in the sky. Esmie had several devices courtesy of Beth that she was firing at Falcon. Falcon managed to get behind her and threw her out of the air for a moment. Just when I thought Esmie was going to crash, she went rocketing back into the air and tagged Falcon with some device that immediately encased her in a bubble and plummeted to the ground like a rock.

I kept moving through the city as casually as I could. Mildly amused that they’d even included a bunch of fake copies of businesses that were just a little bit different. Victor's Secret seemed to feature male underwear models, Cold Topic looked to feature lame clothes, and other parodies followed…

“I’ve got Paved in sight!” I heard Camille say.

“Careful,” Hannah told her, “He’s strong. Might be better for me to take him on?”

“Let me have the first crack. If I go down, take him out, and I’ll come back in and help out.”

I heard the sounds of fighting a couple blocks away then just as Monotone appeared in the distance. He looked around the sidewalks carefully, taking note of the NPC characters it seems, but not doing anything to them. I kept moving until he passed me and decided to stick with our plan and let the others engage him. When he was out of hearing range I said, “Monotone is going south on…” giving street names to my teammates.

“Roger, I’m going hunting,” Hannah said a moment later.

A moment later Streaked went running by at about eighty miles an hour, and I spotted their flag hanging over the edge of the building above me. Apparently Streaked was making a roving patrol round, and around the building, to keep us away. She looked right at me but kept on moving as I crossed the streak with a few other NPCs and entered the building.

Being between doors in an airlock area of the entryway I quietly communicated, “Found flag, it’s…” I gave directions. “Currently inside the building and heading up. I had just passed into the stairwell when I spotted Choco Chips looking around from the top. I hid for a moment, and noticed that she was coming down.

‘Shit…’ I thought to myself. I quietly let myself back onto the main floor of the level I was on. Inside were a bunch of NPCs working in cubicles. I spotted an empty one and sat down just as Choco Chips and Streaked suddenly appeared.

“You heard the door close?”

“Yeah, and one of my robots said the sensor was tripped here…”

“So, someone’s probably on this floor?” Ewe asked.

“Probably?” she paused, “I looked around and all I see is NPCs.”

“Why don’t you get back to the roof and stand guard. See if you can’t catch Streaked’s attention and get her to join me. I’ll search this floor.”

“Got it,” Choco told him.

He was walking around while I pretended to do work on the computer screen in front of me. Some sort of TPS report thing was up on the screen, so I worked on typing in blanks. He’d walked past me and started sniffing, “God, what’s that smell?”

I froze, ‘Shit!’ I thought as he looked at me. I saw a moment of confusion as he tried to figure out why one of the NPCs smelled like they had a dirty diaper on. I wasted no time before using the concrete and metal below him to form a cocoon tightly around him. I let down my teenage image and revealed myself as Emerald in costume. I called out to the team, “I’ve been discovered! Ewe and I are probably getting into it here.”

I devoted half a second’s magic to change the poopy diaper just as cracks appeared in the cocoon and he broke out. “I’m going to make you pay for that bitch!”

“I’m sure you are,” I muttered as he began stomping towards me.

I knew from the time I kicked him in the Crystal Hall that I wouldn’t be able to make much of a physical attack on him. He was practically invulnerable from injury with the PK shell that extended around him, as well as his regen rate that was among the highest out there. Add in the superhuman strength he had and I barely had much of a thought on what to do with him now that my first plan failed. I was trying to dodge around him when he managed to slap the snot out of my rear, effectively spanking me and sending me tumbling forward across the room and into the wall!

“Damnit, that hurt!” I said as I bounced off it and pushed my hair out of my face.

‘Time to test Whateley’s protections?’ Caireen suggested.


‘They said you can use whatever attacks?’

I grimaced, ‘What if I…’

‘He’ll be fine…’ she told me.

“You know it’d be really nice if I didn’t have to go this far,” I told him.

“What?” he said as he began rounding on me again.

I sighed and used my freezing spell on him. A moment later he was standing there as a frozen statue as I felt some guilt at the horrified expression on his face.

Before my conscience could get to me too much, some robots from Choco Chip began crawling in. They had almost spider like bodies and as they rushed towards me made a creepy clicking sound that I was sure would come in my nightmares if I ever actually slept! I had nursed from Hannah as close to the match as I could, and began shooting the green blasts out that Hannah did. I was happy when I was able to take out ten of them quickly, but the next time I tried there was nothing left.

“Shit!” I said as a hundred more continued to advance on me. I was getting pinned to the back wall of the offices as they advanced and decided to revert to magic. I charged a single blast from about ten small ley lines and aimed just in front of the swarm of killer spiderbots. I found myself knocked off my feet and nearly fell through the hole that formed in the floor! I grabbed onto a piece of metal sticking out from the wall and pulled myself up. Most of the robots had been destroyed, and the rest were all upside down and half covered in rubble.

“I hate spiders!” I said. For good measure I fired some flames into the level to make sure the metal in the robots was slagged and they couldn’t get me from behind!

I carefully made my way around the edge of the room and back to the staircase. I made it to the top and found Choco Chips standing at the top fighting with Camille. I was about to get involved when Streaked showed up and stood across from me. “How about a fair fight this time?” She taunted me.

I laughed, “What’s fair about this? I’m nearly three feet shorter than you?”

“You cheated yesterday!”

“Umm… were you at another match than I was?” I asked. “I left you nicely contained and just about had the flag when you decided to attack me instead of being smart and going for the flag?” I laughed, “It’s not my fault you’re clumsy. I guess I should tell you I’m not stopping your fall this time.”

She screamed and began moving towards me almost as fast I could see. I extended my shield a little bit further and laughed when she tried striking me, but ending up shaking her hand instead. “What the hell?”

“You know you really should pick on people your own size!” I told her. I fired one of the net spells I’d learned and watched as she just barely dodged out of the way. In the process some sort of water pipe was nicked and a puddle of water formed at my feet and kept rapidly flowing towards the end of the roof.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson little girl!” she screamed and came at me again. In that moment I had a thought and smirked as I used a freezing spell on the water. She had just hit her top speed when I dodged out of the way and watched her skate her way right off the roof! “Son of a….!” I heard her scream.

I smirked at that. Camille was still dealing with Choco Chips so I decided to help her out and used one of the net spells on her. She cooperated and went down in a heap. I was walking towards the flag when all of the sudden I heard a scream and felt myself knocked over. Somehow my shield spell failed as a hand rapidly ripped my diaper off and began rapidly smacking my naked butt! ‘She’s spanking me?!?!?’ I screamed since it hurt!

Suddenly another scream came from behind whoever had grabbed me.

My left arm hurt as I stood up and realized midway down my forearm was bent ninety degrees from the direction it should be! Tears came through my eyes but I refused to cry out loud as I tried to assess what the hell happened. My eyes took in the scene of Hannah nearby looking pissed, and a very blackened and singed looking Streaked. Esmie showed up right then and picked up the flag and flew off to end the round. A buzzer sounded and Hannah quickly helped me re-tape the diaper on me.

“Don’t you ever do that to Emerald again!” Hannah said as we passed by Streaked. She looked actually pretty seriously injured, but I decided I no longer cared.

Camille came over and in Sora’s voice said, “Let me take care of that arm…”

She performed a spell and my arm instantly sent pain down the nerves as it moved the bones back to where they should have been, and then knitted everything back together. It was down to a dull throb afterwards, but it still wasn’t pleasant!

We were just getting ready to head down the stairs when a crew of ten medics ran up to look at Streaked. Half-way down the steps my jaw dropped as one of the most famous costumed heroines, Lady Astarte, stopped us. “Emerald, can you unfreeze Ewe?”

I sighed but nodded. I followed her back onto the level where his face was still frozen in terror like some sort of cross between a gargoyle statue and Han Solo… I performed the counter spell that Caireen had taught me recently, and watched him thaw and gasp a deep breath in shock.

“You!” He said, starting to come towards me before Lady Astarte stopped him.

“Do you need to be in my office so I can give you detention in Hawthorne for the next semester?” she said quietly.

“No, Ma’am,” he said. It was only when he replied that I realized that Lady Astarte and Mrs. Carson were one and the same!

“Go see the medics and get looked at,” she told him.

“Babysitters, I expect your team in the debriefing room in ten minutes!” She hissed at us.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said along with the other two.

We made our way to the entrance and found our other three teammates waiting for us.

“What’s wrong with you three?” Beth asked, “We destroyed them!”

I sighed, “I think we’re in trouble…”

“For what?”

“I’m not actually completely sure,” Camille answered.

“Probably for Hannah and I going overboard?” I suggested.

“Wait to discuss the exercise until you are in the briefing room,” Gunny told us, meeting us in the doorway of the room.

Gunny, Everheart, Chief Delarose, and a still costumed Mrs. Carson sat down across from us, giving Hannah and I in particular very scary glares. I gulped and wondered just how much trouble I was in and nervously fidgeted. The wet diaper on my butt wasn’t helping things either!

“Let’s discuss this exercise!” Mrs. Carson said in a cold voice that made my stomach turn more. I was grateful for the pacifier mask I wore then as I found myself nervously nursing on the nipple. They showed a video feed of the whole battle and I learned that both Hannah and Beth had engaged Monotone. Eventually some sort of explosive round from Beth’s sniper rifle was what did him in, while Hannah had been distracting him from the other side. Just before that I had seen Camille, Hannah, and Esmie all pitch in to get Paved into that bubble I had seen. I was really impressed!

The camera view then flipped to me in my teenage form. “And what was this?” she asked me, “You’re supposed to be masked at all times!”

“That’s not my normal face, so it is a mask?” I said hesitantly.

She mulled that over, “I suppose that’s right. Since when can you look like a normal teenager?”

“A week or so ago?”

“Wait a minute…” Everheart said, clearly thinking back, “You two were at the Winter Ball together?”

I blushed and saw Hannah to do the same.

“I’m going to need to meet with you later Emerald to discuss if this has any implications on changes we need to make,” Carson stated pointedly.

“It shouldn’t, it’s not real… but let me know when?”

“Okay, moving on,” Delarose said, clearing his throat, “I honestly thought it was an innovative tactic. We’ve seen students try to blend in before, but the mask rule usually means everyone catches onto them. For you to make it almost all the way to the target unnoticed was impressive.”

“Except for one poopy diaper, I might have made it all the way…” I complained.

Hannah leaned over and squeezed me into a hug, “Poop happens!”

I sighed, “Anyway…”

“Okay, this situation with Ewe here has me seriously concerned, Emerald. What exactly did you do to him?” Carson asked with her eyes seeming to peer into my soul.

“I couldn’t do anything else physically to him… his TK shield is like impenetrable, right?”

“A large enough tank round makes it through,” Beth told me.

“Oh… Well, I didn’t have one of those so I froze him.”

“Like frozen temperature wise?” Gunny asked.

“I think if you measured, he would have been like just a bit over zero degrees Kelvin?”

“Emerald, that sounds like a lethal spell…” Carson said.

“It would be if I didn’t undo it,” I agreed.

“I have concerns about this spell being used on other students again. Unless your life is in danger you are not to use it!” Mrs. Carson said.

“Yes, Ma’am, I’ll try and learn something else…”

“Let’s see, you moved pretty much straight onto Choco Chips robots then. You used Hannah’s EMP blasts?”

“I’ve been mimicking them for a while?” I said, “It was in my testing results.”

Gunny nodded, “The next blast you did… That was fairly impressive.”

“Good thing you were the last match of the night…” Everheart said.


“Because it’s going to take the team all night to fix that damage! If someone had been under there? And then the use of the flames?”

“I really don’t like spiders,” I told her. “I would have felt justified blowing up the whole building to kill those things…”

Esmie giggled next to me until Camille elbowed her.

Carson sighed, “the rooftop fight?”

We discussed my part and the use of the ice to let Streaked take herself out. “You made a huge mistake there,” Gunny told me.

I nodded, “I didn’t confirm she was down…”

“Correct, you can’t take risks like that!”

He ripped into Camille then for some things with her fight, before Sora stepped in and argued some and then got out of the way. “Well… the final thing we need to discuss. Emped, this blast you used… We are retesting you after break because I want to know the real limit of your powers. I think they’ve grown from your MMID tests.” She rubbed her eyes, “Look, Emped, Emerald, if you ever use those powers to that level again on students, I’m going to have to issue you Ultra-Violent status.”

Camille, Beth, Lizi, and Esmie all sucked in a loud breath, “You can’t do that!” I heard almost in unison from them.

“They didn’t start anything, and really only used a limited amount of the force they have…” Camille finished.

“I don’t care if you think that ladies, you’re on notice you two. We’re lucky that both were able to receive treatment quickly. Emped, you especially need to be careful of those blasts. Emerald I have a feeling you could probably take out much more if you chose to. You two have to be very careful!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Hannah and I said together.

We eventually got free of the briefing and went back to Poe. Hannah and I took a shower together, and then a long bath together. There were no thoughts of my teenage form, just comfort from a baby and a mommy. When we made it into our pajamas the other girls all dragged us to the common room for an end of combat finals party. The other students couldn’t care less about the reaming we received from Carson, instead raving about how epic that match was! As I prepared to nurse from Hannah later, she said, “Sofia?”


“If Streaked ever did try and hurt you again… I honestly would do what I did again in a heartbeat.”

I smiled at her, “I don’t think we’ll ever have that problem again. But don’t let your mama bear mode get you in more trouble!”

She hugged me, “Nothing would stop me if that had been real!”

I nodded, “I wouldn’t hold back if it was you either…”

She cuddled me in her lap for a bit and then exposed her breast. I latched on and internally celebrated having survived our first, short semester at Whateley!

An Epilogue is all that remains at this point. I will post that tomorrow evening or Saturday. Thanks for reading, please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!



End Chapter 29

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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