The Anti-Masker

by: HellSpawn | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2023


Jim made a meme, thinking he was funny and clever, not considering whether someone or some thing may find it offensive.

Feb 25, 2023


Jim is headed to work trying to make sense of his last night ghostly appearance

Feb 26, 2023


Jim has a hard time accepting the fact he will be in diapers for bedtime. The nagging ghost and the nightmares sure don’t help either

Feb 27, 2023


Jim’s relationship with the ghost is getting out of hand, maybe some gym time will help

Mar 1, 2023


Ghosts are not known to be forgiving creatures, as Jim finds out for himself

Mar 2, 2023


Jim is trying to deal with his new curse while having trouble keeping himself dry

Mar 4, 2023


Jim is feeling terrible, not only is he gotten significantly shorter, now a new addiction is threatening his masculinity

Mar 6, 2023


Jim is dwindling in size, and the diapers he needs are dwindling with him. Addicted to pacifiers and now needs to buy clothes at the children section, Jim infantile future seems imminent.

Mar 7, 2023


Getting smaller each day and being diaper dependent making day to day life harder and harder for Jim. Can he handle it by himself?

Mar 9, 2023


Time for Jim to meet Chris’s girlfriend. Will she be as nice as him?

Mar 11, 2023


Jim is an adult man, but everyone treats him like a small child. Chris and his girlfriend are now acting the part of (somewhat) loving parents.

Mar 13, 2023


A Jerk; Epilogue

Years go by, Jim is now settled as a two years adult toddler. Will it ever end?

Mar 15, 2023

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