The Uneducation of Guy

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 24, 2021

A thirty-something man gets a job, but it comes with odd rules.

Chapter 1
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Chapter Description: Based on an RPG made by NEP

Guy was so excited. After months of trying, he finally got a job! He looked in the mirror in his bathroom and combed his medium-length black hair and adjusted his glasses. He made sure to shave and bathe for his first day of work. It was a military related job, so he had to wear a uniform. It was a gray uniform with silver details around the neck and cuffs. It included black pants and shoes, all shiny and new. It made him feel more mature seeing himself in the mirror this way. Even though he was thirty-years-old, he was often accused of being childish because he played video games all the time. It was his escape from reality after all. Glancing around at some models of robots on his shelf, he smiled. They weren't toys, they were model kits, and building models is a good hobby to have, right?

Pulling up to the facility, Guy parked his car and looked at the building. It was a long, but expansive, building with a tan stone exterior and darkened windows. The words “Ouroboros Youth Academy” was printed on the front. It looked like any other professional schooling academy with a front entrance and a few branching halls.

On his first day, Guy walked into the facility and noticed the blue and white tile floor and brick walls. It was a school meant for housing and educating orphan children. Some of them were abandoned and others experienced trauma from accidents or abuse. Guy's job would be to assist a teacher in their work during the day. He made his way to the check-in desk, which was blocked off to the side by a gate guarded by a man dressed in security clothes. Luckily there was a friendly-looking lady at the front desk

Hello!” said Guy. “I'm Guy. I'm here to report for work.

Hello Guy!” said the clerk at the desk. She had long red hair, green eyes, and was dressed in similar garb as Guy was, only tailored for her curvy female body. “My name is Amber! Nice to meet you. Let me just see your paperwork and ID please.”

Sure thing.” Guy said, handing her all the info. “Kinda tight security for school isn't it?”

Amber smiled, going over his paperwork before looking up at him from her seat behind the counter. “Yes, well, this is a government and military ran facility.” she said. “You can never be too careful. We value the safety of our students above all!” After going over his papers, she handed them back to him. “Everything is in order! Here is your badge. Please wear it at all times while on campus.” She handed him an ID badge with his name, face, and job title on it.

Guy clipped it onto his uniform. “Will do!” he said with a smile. “Um, can you tell me where I need to go?”

Sure thing.” she said. “Just go through the gate over by the guard and then turn right. Go down that hall, past the classrooms, to the administration room. You'll see the sign.”

Thanks!” said Guy. “Have a good day!”

You too!” said Amber.

Guy walked past the guard who made sure to check his ID, then down the hall. He passed several classrooms. They ranged from seventh grade to twelve. The scent of pencil lead and paper filled the air. It reminded him of his days in school many years ago. The students looked to be busy taking notes as their respective teachers talked. Not many students were in each room, and they were separated so no one could cheat or talk to another student without the teacher hearing. Finally he came to a door with “Administration” on the front. He knocked on the door.

The door opened and there stood a tall woman with short brown hair and green eyes wearing a dark blue button-up uniform and a military side cap. Guy couldn't help but notice her large chest as he was almost face to face with them. He had to look up to her face, as she was a good deal taller than he was.

G-good morning!” said Guy with a blush. “I'm Guy. I'm here for the teacher's assistant job.”

“Oh yes, Guy.” she said. “I've been expecting you. You got here early. I like that. My name is Ms. Sinclair.” She spoke with authority and in a serious tone. “Nice to meet you.”

Nice to meet you too Ms. Sinclair!” said Guy, feeling a bit intimidated.

Please, come in. We need to go over some details.” said Ms. Sinclair, letting him in before sitting down at her big wooden desk.

Guy walked in behind her and sat down in front of her desk. He looked around at photos she had on the wall of her with some other girls, as well as some of the students. She had several awards and military plaques on the wall as well. Apparently her title was Director.

After typing and clicking at her computer a bit, Ms. Sinclair handed Guy a paper. “This is just a standard agreement form for you to sign, saying you won't talk to anyone about anyone or anything within the academy.” she said, giving him a pen.

Um, okay.” Guy said, briefly reading the paper then signing it. He didn't want to lose his job over something like a simple agreement. After handing it back to her, he sat and waited.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, lets go over the rules.” she said. “The kids here all know these rules, and these only apply to them, but if you notice any of them breaking the rules, let their teacher know. As an assistant, you don't have authority to punish anyone.”

Okay, what are the rules?” asked Guy.

All children are given a bed time.” said Ms. Sinclair. “There are caregivers for groups of kids who keep track of these things. Most of the teens have a bed time of 11PM, but some get that time lowered as punishment for breaking the rules. Those twelve to eight have a bed time of 9PM, and those seven to five have a bedtime of 8PM. Obviously toddlers and infants have earlier bed times but often wake up needing a change or something to drink. No student is allowed to leave campus without a teacher or other approved member of staff. Students are not allowed to bother the receptionist or use the phones. Only staff are allowed to have cell phones, and even then they are to be stored in a private locker before you start working.”

Why is that?” asked Guy. He thought forbidding the use of cell phones sounded a bit too strict.

Like I said before this is a government, military facility.” she said sternly. “As such, there are people and things here that should not be leaked to the outside. You may notice some experimental procedures involving the children's education. These are all highly classified and could be dangerous if the wrong people found out. We value the safety and progress of our children above all else, and that extends to their personal information and treatments.”

I guess that makes sense.” said Guy. “Okay, anything else?”

Yes,” said Ms. Sinclair. “and this may seem odd to you at first, but it does come up. If a student wets themselves during the day more than three times, or mess themselves more than once in a day, they are required to see the nurse and begin wearing pull-ups during the day. If they continue to have accidents, they may end up being put in diapers. This goes for night time accidents as well.”

Are there...a lot of incontinence problems at this school?” asked Guy.

No, not at all.” said Ms. Sinclair. “But there have been some in the past and so we have those rules. Some students may experience side effects from their treatments, but if they do, they should be reported to the nurse immediately.”

Well, I'll keep that in mind.” said Guy. “I don't judge.”

That's a good attitude to have here.” she said. “We want to make sure the students feel safe and welcome here.”

Right.” said Guy. “I got it.”

Now then, I should introduce you to the teacher you'll be assisting.” said Ms. Sinclair standing up. “Follow me.” She led Guy out of her office and down to another door inside the administration area, knocking on the door.

The door opened and revealed a woman with long dark purple hair and blue eyes, dressed in a gray button-up uniform with a medium-length skirt. “Hello Ms. Sinclair!” she said, saluting her.

At ease Mira.” said Ms. Sinclair. “I'd like to introduce you to your new assistant, Guy.”

“Nice to meet you Mira!” said Guy, giving a salute as well.

Likewise!” Mira smiled.

“I'll leave you to it.” said Ms. Sinclair. “I have some work to attend to.” With that, she walked back to her office.

Don't worry about her.” said Mira. “She's all business, but she keeps things running around here.”

Oh, good.” said Guy. “I'm glad. I thought maybe it was just me she was being strict with.”

No, she's strict with everyone.” Mira smiled and chuckled a bit. “Come on, let me show you around.” She led Guy out of the administration area and down the hall. “I'm sure you saw these when coming in, but these are the classrooms for the older kids.

Yeah, they look busy.” said Guy, noticing the students still hard at work.

Different classes start at different times.” she said. “Though we typically have breakfast at eight am, lunch at noon, and dinner at six pm. We encourage the students to eat healthy, and there are snacks in the cafeteria if anyone gets hungry between lunch and dinner.”

That's good.” said Guy. “I hope its tasty.”

Oh the food here is wonderful!” said Mira. “We have some great cooks. You'll have dinner with the admin today and see for yourself.”

Guy walked across the hall to another hall that looked similar to the other one, however, here the classes were for grates kindergarten to six. “Ah, the younger classes.” he said as he walked past them. Some of them were empty.

Yes, the younger ones tend to have earlier classes and more breaks to play and expend energy.” said Mira.

Guy noticed a room in the middle of the hall with a bed and medical supplies. “The nurse's office I take it?” he asked.

Yes, if the kids have an accident or become sick, they go here for treatment.” she said with a smile. “Let me introduce you to the nurse.” She walked in with guy and up to a woman with long dark green hair and brown eyes. “Guy, this is Seijun, our head nurse.”

Nice to meet you Seijun!” said Guy, extending a hand.

Nice to meet you too Guy.” said Seijun. She shook his hand and stood up. She was about his age and height, but wearing a clinical white nurse's outfit. “I hope you are doing well today.” She smiled and looked him over. “No fevers, coughs, aches, or pains right?”

Uh, no.” said Guy, blushing a bit. “I'm good!”

This is just a precaution mind you.” said Saijun. “We like to make sure no one from the outside brings in anything contagious.”

That's good.” said Guy. “I had a medical checkup when I got the job, so I should be good to go.” He noticed stacks of diapers and training pants, as well as a changing table. He could pick up the scent of baby powder. “Ms. Sinclair did mention something about having accidents here. Is that a common problem with the kids here?”

Not all of them, but a few have bed wetting issues.” said Saijun. “There are also just the occasional daytime accidents that all kids have. Its nothing to worry about really, but there are one or two who just can't seem to control their potty urges very well. It makes them embarrassed, but we try not to make them feel bad about it. After all, its not like they can help it.”

That's true.” said Guy. “I think we've all had our occasional accidents in life.”

A good way to think about it.” said Saijun.

Okay, lets continue on.” said Mira. “Next I'll show you the play room.”

“Play room?” asked Guy. “I thought this was just a school.”

Its an academy.” said Mira as she led Guy down a few more halls. “The students and faculty live here. You'll have quarters too, but you can still go back to your apartment in the city when you are off duty.”

Oh, okay.” said Guy. “Sorry, I should have packed.”

Its okay.” said Mira. “We have plenty of uniforms and clothes in all sizes.”

Guy wondered why they would have clothes in all sizes, but remembered that the school had people in it who's ages range from infant to adult. Eventually he was led to the play room. It had a hardwood tile floor, white and blue painted walls, and a white ceiling with florescent lighting. Off to the right was a brightly colored section of floor with soft foam tiles that looked like puzzle pieces. It was sectioned off by baby gates and had baby toys inside of it. Obviously meant for very little ones to play without hurting themselves or wondering off.

To the left was an open door blocked off by another baby gate. Inside was a game room with an arcade style colored carpet and video game designs on the wall. It had a few TVs and game consoles around as well as chairs and even tables for checkers and chess. Further into the play room was an area with a wooden table, wooden spoons, building blocks, drawers with various toys in them, and a big plastic castle with a working clock on the front to help kids learn to tell time.

Next up was an area with a large flat screen TV on the wall and a section of flooring with colored tiles and small chairs for children to sit and watch cartoons. There were also some toys on a small table, and some cookies along with a few sippy cups with milk in them. Guy smiled, watching one of the tykes eating cookies and drinking milk while their eyes were glued to the giant cartoon bee on the screen.

Across from that was a room with cloudy sky wallpaper, a changing table, a diaper pail, a wooden wardrobe, stacks of diapers and training pants, and a small plastic training potty. Inside was a young woman who looked to be around seventeen or eighteen years old with medium-length brown hair and green eyes. She wore an academy uniform like a student would wear, but it had a skirt. She was busy changing a little boy's diaper.

Hi Maya!” said Mira, waving to her.

Hi Mira!” said Maya, finishing up the diaper change and setting her little charge down on the floor. “This must be the new guy. Your assistant?”

Yes, his name is Guy.” said Mira.

Hello Maya!” said Guy. “Good to meet you. I see you have your hands full around here.” He smiled as he looked down at the little diapered tot. He seemed to be about four-years-old and blushing, looking down at his diaper.

Oh yes, a lot of the little ones come to me for changes.” she said, helping the little boy get dressed. “I also attend class here. I volunteer to help out in the play room for extra credit.”

That's cool.” said Guy. “I bet they all like you.”

They're all darlings.” said Maya, patting the little boy on his rear and sending him back out to play. “Some of them are very shy though. It just makes them that much cuter.” She smiled and washed her hands at a nearby sink. “Let me know if you ever need my help.”

Guy blushed, thinking she meant with a diaper change or something, but then figured she just meant in general. “Oh, um, sure.” said Guy. The two girls just giggled and Mira led Guy back out into the play room. A bit further down was a room with pink carpet and pink wallpaper with small hearts on them. It had several dolls here and there, a doll house, a row of plushes, and a table with small chairs and a plastic tea set on it for pretend tea time.

One more room.” said Mira. She led him into the last room, which was a bit dark inside. It had wood floors and baby blue wallpaper with cartoon animals on it. In the center was a rainbow colored rug and an adult chair with a book on it, obviously for story time. The room was lined with cribs and also had some mats on the floor. A few babies were asleep in the cribs and some toddlers were asleep on the mats.

This is the story time and nap room.” Mira whispered quietly. “All little ones under age five are required to take a nap at one o'clock. It helps them to not be so cranky at snack time.

Guy nodded, not wanting to make noise to wake any of the little ones up. Once they were done with that, he was led back out and down another hall. Here were several rooms all around, and more down various hallways.

These are the living quarters of the students ages twelve and under.” said Mira. “The younger ones are in the back while the older ones are up front. The teenage students are in the area upstairs, having their own quarters separate from the younger children. Each room can house two students so we try to pair them with someone their own age. As such, we try to make sure we can get graduates out on their own as soon as possible to make room.”

I see.” said Guy. “It makes sense.” He figured this was something he wouldn't really have to deal with. He noticed there was only one bathroom, but inside was a section for baths and a section with toilets separated by a wall lined with sinks on both sides. There were four tubs, four shower stalls, and six toilet stalls. He heard a flush and then a stall door opened. A ten-year-old girl came out. “Oh! I didn't know this was the girl's restroom! I'm sorry!”

No, its okay.” said Mira. “The bathrooms here are unisex. Its more efficient. The students here are taught not to make a big fuss over gender.”

Well, that's progressive.” said Guy. Then they came across a woman around his age with long blue hair, purple eyes, and a full figure. She smiled with a friendly and kind face. She wore a lighter gray version of the admin uniforms, looking more like the nurse but less clinical. Once again he could smell baby powder.

This is Erin, one of the caregivers for this floor.” said Mira.

Hello Erin!” said Guy. “Nice to meet you.”

Nice to meet you too Guy!” said Erin. Her voice was very gentle and motherly.“You must be the new guy I've heard about. Like Mira says, I'm a caretaker for the children in these quarters. I clean up after them, make sure they do their homework and attend class, teach them to tidy up and tell time, and also help change and bathe those that need it.”

You must be very busy every day.” said Guy. “There are a lot of little kids to look after.”

I have help.” said Erin. “Some of the teachers and students volunteer from time to time, and there are other caregivers. Also I enjoy looking after them. They are like my children and I love them dearly.”

Guy smiled and nodded. He could tell by her voice and expressions that she was sincere. She certainly gave off the motherly vibe. “Do you take care of all the kids here?” he asked.

Well, not all really.” said Erin, putting a finger to her cheek and looking like she was thinking. “Mostly the ones between three and ten, but I do take care of the others if needed. There are many little ones here, but not as many as you think. We do have a bit of room for a new student should one show up.”

Well, that's good.” said Guy. “I bet whomever it is will be a luckly kid!” He blushed, kind of wanting that sort of attention from her.

Erin giggled and smiled. “I'm glad you think so!” she said, looking him over. She seemed to like him as well. Then a toddler's wailing could be heard from one of the rooms. “Oh, I better go! Drop by again if you want to chat or help out.”

“Sure thing!” said Guy. The tour continued on and they made their way over to some stairs that led to the older student's dorms. Once again, there was a child-proof gate blocking them off so that they wouldn't be disturbed by younger ones exploring. Mira opened the small gate and led Guy through, making sure to close it behind them. The upstairs dorms look was much the same as the ones below, only the insides of the rooms were designed for more mature students. Things were more orderly and neat.

The older students are expected to set an example for the younger ones, so they are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and tending to their own laundry.” said Mira.

Quite the leap forward from downstairs.” said Guy. “Do they quickly adapt to more responsibility?”

Some do and some don't.” said Mira. “Its up to us to make sure they obey the rules and mature into responsible, educated adults.”

After this, Mira led Guy back downstairs and out to the lobby. There were stairs here too, also with a child-proof gate. Going through them and up the stairs, he was shown the library which was massive and contained books on many educational levels. On the other side was the quarters for staff. He was shown to what would be his room.

You'll be staying here.” said Mira. “Its not much, but you can add things from your own home if you wish, so long as it meets the rules here.”

“Got it.” said Guy, looking around his room. It was bare except for a single bed with white sheets and pillows, a desk table and chair with a laptop, a dresser, and a window. It had hard wood floor and white walls. He made a note to get a few posters to hang up and maybe a model kit or two to display his hobbies.

The area upstairs also had its own bathroom with a couple of toilets and showers. Nothing special, though it also was unisex. Once the tour was finished Mira walked downstairs with Guy.

Its about time for my class to start.” she said. “I should introduce you to my students. I teach an eighth grade class.

Oh sure, that would be fine.” said Guy. “I should get used to the students I'll be seeing every day.”

Mira led Guy to an eighth grade classroom and saw that the children were already seated. They seemed to greet her unison, calling her Ms. Mira.

Good morning class!” she said. “Class, I'd like to introduce you to Guy, my new assistant. Please say hello and give him the respect you'd give me.”

Good morning Guy!” the class greeted.

Good morning students!” said Guy, smiling and waving. He sat next to Mira and took notes as she taught the class. It was kind of boring, reminding him of how class used to be when he was a kid. It seemed little had changed in that department. So far he hadn't noticed anything unusual. Then one of the students raised their hand.

Um, excuse me Ms. Mira.” he said. It was a fourteen-year-old boy with ginger hair and blue eyes. He seemed to be squirming a bit.

Yes Billy?” Mira responded.

“May I use the restroom please?” he asked, looking around and blushing.

Well, usually you are expected to take care of bathroom needs before class,” said Mira. “but this time I'll let you go. Take a hall pass though.”

“Yes ma'am.” said Billy, quickly walking up to the front of the class and taking a small wooden square with “HALL PASS” written on it. “Thank you!” He quickly made his way out of the class as others giggled quietly.

Now class, no distractions.” said Mira. “Back to your work.”

Class went by as normal, and ended at it's usual time, but Guy noticed that Billy never returned.

I guess we should go look for him.” said Mira. “Come on, you'll get to see how we discipline the students.”

Guy nodded and followed Mira around, looking for Billy. After asking around the staff and students, they found him in the nurse's office. He was sitting on a table wearing nothing but his school shirt, socks, and a disposable pull-up.

That's one too many accidents lately Billy.” said Seijin, the nurse. “I'm sorry, but you'll have to wear protection during the day from now on.”

Billy just looked very embarrassed and down at his childish garment. “Y-yes ma'am.” he said with a bit of a sniffle.

Guy could see Billy's wet pants and underwear lying on a table near him, and knew he had wet himself. “Guess the poor guy didn't make it to the bathroom in time.” Guy whispered to Mira.

Yes, he has had a few bed wetting accidents as well recently.” Mira replied. “Maybe its stress. We don't know, but all we can do is comfort him and offer protection.”

Guy nodded. “At least it didn't happen in front of the students. That would have been super embarrassing.”

Billy pulled on some spare pants the nurse had and put his shoes back on, then walked up to Mira. “I'm sorry Ms. Mira.” he said. “I missed the last part of class.”

Its okay Billy.” said Mira, patting his head. “But next time make sure you visit the toilet before each class, even if you feel like you don't have to go.”

Billy blushed but nodded. “Yes ma'am.” he said. “I will.”

You may go now.” said Mira. “Please study chapter six for tomorrow.”

Yes ma'am.” said Billy, and walked off.

Guy could hear the disposable garment rustling slightly under his clothes. He felt bad for the poor boy. “You didn't punish him.” he said to Mira.

He's been punished enough being made to wear pull-ups during the day.” said Mira. “I don't want to add more on top of that today. Usually punishments are an earlier bedtime or grounding for a few days to a week. Meaning they would be confined to their rooms and not allowed to do anything except study, go to the toilet, eat, and sleep.”

Sounds like a standard punishment for students.” said Guy, understanding. He finally saw someone needing the disposable undergarments, but still wondered why it was a thing and why there were so many diapers in the storage closet. Oh well, it wasn't anything for him to be worried about.

Well, now you've seen what my classes are like.” said Mira. “I need you in there to watch the kids and make sure none of them misbehave. Don't call them out, just make notes and let me know. You can also help me pass out tests and make sure no one cheats. We do not tolerate cheating here.”

No, I expect not.” said Guy. “So far your class seems well behaved. I'm sure it won't be a problem.”

Good.” said Mira. “We are done for the day, so you can explore the campus some or return to your home to bring some of your belongings if you wish. Just be back here by six o'clock. That's when we will have dinner.”

Okay, will do, thanks!” said Guy. He left to return home first, grabbing a few posters and model kits to display. He also put some clothes in a suitcase and grabbed a few toiletries. He made sure to lock up when he left, since he didn't know when he would return, and got back to his room. After decorating some, he went outside and looked around. There was a sandy playground with spring rocking horses, tire swings, regular swings, slides, and other playground equipment. Some was designed for younger kids and others were designed for older ones. A few children were out playing and running around happily. Further along there was a small garden with a farmer hard at work. He was a large, strong adult man with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing overalls and a yellow shirt, along with a round straw hat. Guy went over to greet him when his watched beeped. It was time for dinner. Rushing back to the cafeteria, he found the other admin there waiting for him.

“Nice to meet you all!” said Guy. The cafeteria had sections for each age range of student, and even had high chairs for the babies. Erin was there to help feed them. Guy couldn't help but think how cute the scene was. He looked back over to the staff he would be joining.

They all smiled and greeting him warmly. Most of the staff there he already knew, but there were a few others, like a balding middle aged man with brown hair and an older gentleman with gray hair and a beard.

Just grab a tray and get what you want from the food bar.” said Erin with a smile.

Guy nodded and did just that. He got himself some fried chicken and mashed potatoes, along with a glass of tea, and sat down. While they ate, they discussed how things worked, went over the rules again, and got to know the personalities of the staff. The men seemed more stiff and uptight while the women were more understanding. However, everyone seemed friendly and devoted to the students.

After dinner, Guy went to walk around again. He was satisfied that the school was on the level, though it had some very strange rules. It seemed like his job would be fairly simple, and figured they were looking at him to be a new teacher or caregiver. He thought about volunteering to help care for the children, but wasn't sure how much good he would be at that. Then he spied someone digging at a spot by a fence outside. Walking up to him, he saw that it was Billy.

Billy?” asked Guy. “What are you up to?”

N-nothing Mr. Guy!” said Billy, trying to hide something behind his back. His undergarment rustled when he moved suddenly.

“Now Billy, I know I'm new here, but I am still staff and am responsible for your care.” said Guy. “Let me see what is behind your back.”

Billy frowned and showed him a small shovel.

Why are you digging under the fence?” asked Guy.

I..I don't...” Billy said. “I don't wanna be here!”

Aww, why not?” asked Guy. “Seems like a nice place.”

It's not nice...” said Billy. “They...they're making me little! I used to be older! They wanna make me a dumb baby!”

That's quite the imagination Billy.” said Guy. “Just because you're having accidents and have to wear pull-ups doesn't mean they're trying to turn you into a little boy or baby. You'll grow out of it and be in regular underwear again soon I'm sure.”

But...but I remember being big.” said Billy. “I think... Its hard to remember, but I was older, really!”

Billy!” came a stern voice from behind. It was Mira. “What have I told you about trying to escape?”

But Ms. Mira!” said Billy. “I wanna go!”

Better come with me young man.” said Mira, tugging Billy with her. “Sorry about this Guy. He's been a bit of a troublemaker lately.”

He thinks you're making him younger.” said Guy.

Mira laughed. “Oh that old story.” she said. “I told you to stop lying too. Looks like you'll need to be grounded again.”

Noooo!” Billy complained as Mira took him back inside.

The sight of a child being disciplined reminded him of his school days, and the downsides of being a kid. Things weren't always so easy or fun. Guy decided to go ahead and get some sleep. It was late and there wasn't much else for him to do today.

The next day went about as usual. Guy had breakfast and went to help Mira teach class. Billy was there, but he seemed different. He was quieter, and more still. Guy kept his eye on the class and noticed Billy shifting a bit at one point. It looked like he was blushing, then he stopped and looked around before looking relaxed and then got back to taking notes.

When class was over Guy followed Billy for a bit, and saw him go into the nurse's office. He spied a bit, being quiet and out of sight. He saw that Billy had wet his pull-up in class and needed a change. The nurse helped undress him and sat him on the table. He heard her warn him about future accidents and the threat of having to wear diapers. Billy just nodded quietly. He seemed defeated.

The next day Guy noticed that Billy had trouble concentrating on the class assignment. He kept an eye on him and took notes to let Mira know. Before class was over, Guy picked up a nasty scent. Several of the students noticed, and so did Mira. She marched to the back of class and told Billy to stand up. He did so, blushing as his diaper sagged. Mira checked him and told him to go to the nurse's office. Guy watched as the poor kid walked off, the scent of a poopy diaper following him. Soon after he walked out the door, it was time for class to be over anyway.

Guy wanted to make sure Billy was okay, so he went to the nurse's office. He opened the door and saw something that made him question his eyes. It seemed as if Billy was shrinking while standing in front of the nurse. His clothes bunched up around him a bit and his height lowered. He began to cry a little and the nurse picked him up, removing his clothes except for his over-sized sagging pull-up and laid him down on a table. She tore the sides of the disposable daytime diaper apart and opened the boy's stinky diaper.

Tsk tsk tsk, such a big mess you made.” said Seijun. She lifted him by the legs, just like changing an infant, and wiped his bottom clean of sticky brown clumps. “You're supposed to go potty before class young man.”

Billy continued to sob, feeling super ashamed of what he had done.

There there, its okay.” said Seijun. She removed his messy diaper and hugged him gently. “Not all kids are fully potty trained at the same age for different reasons. Just keep using the potty when you feel the urge and you'll be in big boy pants in no time, just like your little friends in the sixth grade.”

Sixth grade?” Guy thought. “But he was just in the eight grade class. He IS getting younger! But the nurse is acting as if it were normal. What is going on at this school?” He quietly slipped out before he could be noticed and walked around thinking to himself. He decided to look into it, and ask Mira about it, but she was nowhere to be found. He looked in her office, but she wasn't there. He looked on her computer and saw a message about Billy's “transfer” to the sixth grade.

Billy's regression is being increased after his escape attempt.” the text on the screen said. “We had hoped the mental reprogramming had convinced him he was thirteen, but something went wrong. We may have to regress him further if this continues. Please make sure to keep this from Guy, as he hasn't been privy to our practices here, and we risk exposure if he knows.”

Its a secret?” Guy thought. “Why are they doing this? How are they doing this? It should be impossible to reverse aging like that.” His mind swirled with these thoughts, as he couldn't believe what he had witnessed. Then he looked up and saw Mira looking at him from the door.

Guy?” she asked. “What are you doing here?” She walked in and saw he was looking at her computer screen. “Oh no, you saw didn't you?” She looked concerned and sad, but not angry.

M-Mira!” said Guy in surprise. “I'm sorry, I just...I saw. I saw Billy shrink into a sixth grader! I looked for you but I couldn't find you, so I checked here.”

It...its okay Guy.” said Mira, coming closer. “Really. You should know the truth. Here, look at this. It'll explain everything.” She reached over him and clicked on a few things, bringing up a video in full screen.

Guy sat and watched a video of a scientist walking out, talking about how humans age and how time passes. Soon however, the video changed to that of a smiling happy panda that began to talk about how great the school is and how fun it is to be a student. Strange music started playing and the visuals changed. The screen flashed red static and was very loud. Guy found himself losing consciousness, but before he passed out he felt something warm around his crotch.

Guy was surrounded by darkness. All he could hear was the sound of wind blowing violently around him. It made him afraid, as if he were in a storm. Then he saw himself looking much younger, as a student at the school. He wore a school uniform and was taking tests and studying in the library. “Do I attend school here? I thought I was working here.” he thought. He saw himself attending lunch with friends at a table every day, and going to sleep in his bed in a dorm room. There were also images of him helping Mira with her eighth grade class sometimes. These things were all being written into his brain as his mind swirled. Then he saw himself talking.

My name is Guy and I'm eighteen years old.” he said. “I am a senior at Ouroboros Youth Academy, and I graduate soon. I'm a good student, but sometimes I get distracted by things. I volunteer to help Mira with her eighth grade class.”

That's not true.” Guy thought. “Is it?” He soon drifted off again. The next thing he knew he was coming to in the nurse's office.

Guy! You're awake!” said Seijun. “You gave us quite a scare young man.”

Guy blinked his eyes. “S-Seijun?” he asked. “What happened?”

You seem to have had a seizure in class.” said Seijun. “That's never happened to you before.”

A s-seizure?” Guy stammered, sitting up. He felt something rustling under his covers and looked to verify that he was wearing a blue adult medical diaper. “W-w-why am I wearing a diaper?”

Oh, yes, sorry.” said Seijun. “When you passed out you had a little accident. Don't worry, it happens sometimes when people have seizures. Its nothing to be ashamed of. I just wanted to be safe just in case. I hope you don't mind.”

Guy blushed, looking at his diaper. It was still dry, though it made him feel babyish. It was then that it hit him that the nurse must have undressed him and saw him naked. “Um, I guess its okay.” he said. “But I think I'd rather have my regular underwear back now.”

Of course.” said Seijun. She presented him with a fresh set of clothes neatly folded on a medical tray near his bed. “You can get dressed and then go about your day. Just be sure to check back in with me tomorrow or let someone know if you feel faint or dizzy or anything out of the ordinary.”

I will, thanks.” said Guy. Once Seijun left and drew the privacy curtain around him, he got out of bed and tore the tapes off the silly diaper and tossed it in the trash. He then got dressed in his underwear and school uniform. It was surprisingly comfortable and fit perfectly. He looked in the mirror and saw his eighteen-year-old reflection. “Is this really me?” he thought to himself. It all seemed like a dream.

After leaving the nurse's office, he looked at the time. It was almost time for lunch. He made his way to the cafeteria and got some food. He saw some familiar faces and walked over to join the older kids at their table. There was Erik who was really good at math, James who was a history buff, and Maya who volunteered to babysit the younger students in the play room when she wasn't busy with school work. He found he knew a lot more about them than he remembered, and they knew a lot about him as well so he didn't question it.

Across the cafeteria was another familiar face, Billy. He sat at the big kid table eating with others his age. He made eye contact with Guy and suddenly he remembered seeing Billy regress in the nurse's office.

That's right!” thought Guy. “He said they were making him little. Now they're making me younger because I saw it. I need to try and talk to him.” After eating he tried to talk to Billy, but the little boy was led away by Erin. Not wanting to look suspicious, he headed to class which was being taught by Mr. Grey. It was a long and boring class, and Guy kept getting distracted, so he didn't end up learning much.

After class, Guy visited Mira for her class. Billy was still gone, of course, and he wondered if he should test Mira a bit. Until then, he kept an eye on the younger students until class was over.

Thank you for your help today Guy.” said Mira. “I really do appreciate your help.”

You're welcome Ms. Mira.” said Guy. “Um, was there anything off about class today? Like a missing student or anything?”

No, I don't believe so.” said Mira. “I did a head count and roll call. Everyone was accounted for.”

“I guess you're right.” said Guy. It was clear she was either in on it or had some kind of mind alteration like he and the other students had. “I just kind of feel weird today. Maybe from that seizure.”

You should be careful Guy.” said Mira. “If you're not feeling well, you should rest.”

I know, but I'm not tired.” said Guy. “I think I'll just go study in the library.”

Okay, be safe Guy.” said Mira.

Guy made his way to the library but was secretly looking for Billy. Soon he felt the need to use the bathroom and got up. It was quickly becoming urgent. Was it something he ate at lunch? He barely made it to the bathroom before it started to come out. He quickly pulled his pants and underwear down and unloaded loudly into the toilet. While sitting there, he looked and saw a small yellow stain in his underwear. Was he dribbling? He didn't even feel the need to pee yet, but he soon did, and immediately added it to the toilet. After wiping and flushing he pulled his pants and undies back up and washed his hands, then began absentmindedly walking to his administration quarters upstairs. He was stopped by a tall curvy woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Young man, where do you think you are going?” she asked.

Somehow her name entered Guy's head, as if he had known her before. He knew her as his fifth grade teacher. “Just going to my room Ms. Cecilia.” he said. His memories were conflicting inside his head and he forgot for a moment what was going on.

You should know this is the quarters for the staff.” said Cecilia. “You've lived here since you were a boy.”

I did?” asked Guy, playing it off. “I mean...yeah, you're right. I must still be confused from the seizure.”

I heard about that.” said Cecilia. “You should see the nurse for more scans tomorrow. Do you need help finding your dorm?”

N-no ma'am.” said Guy, suddenly remembering where it was.

Then take care.” said Cecilia.

Guy turned and walked to the teen dorm and into his room. Inside was two beds across the room from each other and a dresser and desk with a laptop for each occupant. The posters from his previous room were now on the walls here, as were his models. Memories flashed in his head of him talking with his room mate Edward about anime and robots. He was a year younger than Guy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He went and sat on his bed with his head in his hand when Edward walked in.

Hey Guy, I heard what happened.” said Edward. “You okay man?”

Y-yeah, I think so.” said Guy. “Everything just today.”

Maybe you should just get some sleep.” said Edward, putting a hand on Guy's shoulder.

Okay, but just a nap” said Guy. “I don't want to miss dinner.” He stood up and stripped down to his boxers. He hung up his uniform and got into bed.

Okay bud, sleep well.” said Edward, turning off the light and walking out.

Guy didn't really want to sleep. He intended to get up and leave as soon as Edward was clear. However, strange music began to play somewhere in his room and he began to feel sleepy. Soon he fell asleep, and had mixed dreams of working and living off campus while also going to school and living in the dorm. He saw Billy and began walking towards him. Billy just seemed to smile and wave, running away. He kept chasing Billy and saw him shrinking, leaving articles of clothing behind. The shrinking little boy ducked into a classroom, which Guy entered. In there was a room full of students his age, even the friends he somehow knew now. Suddenly he was in front of the class in just his boxers. He blushed and covered himself, but then it got worse as he could feel warm pee rushing around his hands. It began to pour forth like a faucet, leaving a huge puddle at his feet. The hot shame and embarrassment washed over him as the dream class laughed at him. He heard a loud fart sound and felt hot wind escape his crack, then felt something slippery pushing its way out. Soon he was pooping into his boxers, feeling the soft warm poop run down his legs and hit the floor with a loud plop.

Eww! He's pooping himself!” shouted one of the girls in calss.

Such a baby!” shouted another, pointing and laughing.

He really stinks!” said another little girl.

Guy blushed and felt himself shrinking, becoming younger and younger until he was back in diapers like Billy. The laughing of the students swirled in his head. Then he saw Billy standing there wearing a diaper and pointing at him, laughing.

Guy woke up suddenly, feeling sweaty and hot. He sat up and felt wetness around his crotch. He thought it was just more sweat at first, but felt himself and found there was a lot of it. Then he pulled the covers off and confirmed what he feared. There was a large wet yellow stain around his groin and butt. The smell of urine rose up from it. “Oh no, I wet the bed!” he said out loud, then covered his mouth. He checked his rear. It was clean. “At least I didn't poop. Crap, what am I going to do? I can't hide this! I can at least get cleaned up though.” He got up, boxers dripping, and slid them off. He used his already wet sheets to dry off a bit and put on some clean, dry clothes. Knowing they are expected to wash their own laundry and change their own bed sheets, he stripped the bed and tossed his wet undies into the bundle before adding it to his laundry bucket. He may have been able to hide it if the mattress had a protector on it. He looked down at the dark wet stain and frowned.

On his way to the laundry room, he ran into Erin.

Oh, hello Guy!” she said with a smile. “Are you feeling better?”

Hi Erin!” said Guy, blushing. “Yeah I just...”

Oh..” said Erin. She could see the wet sheets and smell the urine. “I see. I'm sorry Guy., but I have to let the nurse know.”

“I-its okay.” said Guy. “I guess that seizure effected me more than I thought. Or something.”

It reminds me of when I used to check your sheets when you were younger.” said Erin. “You had the occasional night time accidents then too. You were always so blushy and cute.”

Guy blushed redder and cleared his throat. “Um, yeah.” he said. “I'll just go wash these.”

I'll have them bring in a clean mattress while you're out.” said Erin.

Th-thanks Erin.” said Guy. With that, he headed down to the laundry room. It was a boring gray room lined with washers and driers along the walls, and places to sit and wait. He dumped his wet stuff into a washer, added some detergent, and began the wash cycle. He sat down, but picked up the scent of urine on himself, so he stood up and went to the showers.

In the bathroom he saw Billy walking out of a bathroom stall. “Billy!” Guy shouted. “There you are. Are you okay?”

Yeah, why?” asked the eleven-year-old boy.

Don't you remember?” asked Guy. “You talked to me yesterday. You were trying to escape and said they were making you younger.”

Billy looked confused and idly picked his nose. “Um, I don't remember.” he said. “I was digging in the dirt and got in trouble because I got dirty.”

Billy, come on.” said Guy, kneeling down and putting a hand on his shoulder. “You've got to remember! They're doing it to me too!”

Billy looked shocked and surprised at the actions of the adult in front of him. However, it worked, and suddenly he remembered the embarrassing accident he had and being in an older kids class. “I think...I think...” he said. “Oh yeah! You're right! I almost forgot I was big!”

Guy smiled, feeling somewhat relieved. “ Good!” he said. “This is crazy. I never thought something like this could happen.”

Me neither.” said Billy. “I used to be as old as you!”

How old were you?” asked Guy.

I was...big?” said Billy. “Its all fuzzy. I just remember being a senior like you, but when I started doing poorly on tests, they started making me younger. They all acted like everything was normal, but I knew the truth. Then when I tried to escape, they did it to me again, and again. Now I think I'm too little to even try.”

Well, now you have me.” said Guy. “I'm still an adult, so maybe together we can actually get out and tell someone.”

I dunno...” said Billy. “I don't wanna get caught again. I don't wanna be littler.”

We won't get caught if we're careful.” said Guy. “You've been here longer, so you must know some weak spots in their security.”

At the fence.” said Billy. “Where I was digging. There's no camera there.”

Okay, let me see if I can find a better shovel and you can meet me there after dinner.” said Guy.

“Should be a shovel in the garden shed.” said Billy. “But yeah, I'll meet ya there.”

Guy nodded and continued on into the shower stall. He took off his clothes and showered off, using soap to get rid of the pee smell around his crotch. He suddenly had the urge to pee again, and since he was in the shower, he went right there. He blushed a little, feeling a bit childish peeing in the shower, but all the water was going to the same place anyway. After he was clean and dry, he got dressed and made his way to the cafeteria.

At dinner, he sat and ate with Edward and Maya. The subject of conversation soon turned to Guy's bed accident.

I uh, saw them remove and replace your mattress earlier Guy.” said Edward quietly. “I'm sorry. That must be rough.”

Guy just blushed and ate, nodding.

Its okay Guy.” said Maya. “Many of the students have had bet wetting accidents. Lately I've been helping Billy with his problem. He's been having trouble keeping his pants dry and clean. I try to remind him to use the potty if I see him before he goes to class. It embarrasses him, but I bet its more embarrassing to have an accident in class in front of your friends.”

Y-yeah.” said Guy. “Super embarrassing.” He continued to eat and drank some soda. “That reminds me. I need to get my sheets out of the dryer and put them on my bed. I should go take care of that.”

Sure Guy.” said Edward. “If you need us for anything, we're here.”

Thanks guys.” said Guy, getting up and putting his tray and dishes on the conveyor that would take them back to the kitchen. He walked down to the laundry room and saw that his sheets and underwear had finished washing and drying. He took them back to his room and saw the new, clean mattress. It had a plastic cover on it this time though. Guy blushed and made his bed, hearing the plastic crinkle has he did. “So embarrassing.” he said to himself. “Weird school. Gotta get out of here.”

Guy made his way outside and to the garden shed. He found a shovel and took it to the spot where he found Billy before. He was there waiting.

Guy, you made it!” said Billy. “Come on, lets get digging.”

Yep, got my shovel right here.” said Guy. He began digging along with Billy, who had a smaller shovel.

So do you know how they're doing it?” asked Guy. “How they make people younger?”

No..” said Billy. “Not exactly. I thought it was the food, but I tried not eating and it just made me sluggish. Sometimes I think childish thoughts and I end up playing with toys or watching cartoons.”

Maybe its subliminal.” Guy suggested.

Maybe.” said Billy. “They do play this music when we go to bed. They say its supposed to help us sleep and help us be focused during the day.”

I heard that too.” said Guy. “Then I had a nightmare about wetting my underwear in class. Woke up to a wet bed.” He blushed and kept digging.

Yeah, I have weird dreams too.” said Billy. “But they're kinda hard to remember.

The two worked at it for a while, until they hit something hard. “Hm, what is this?” asked Guy. Digging around the spot he revealed a metal grate.

Looks like metal.” said Billy, digging around it with his hands.

Damn!” said Guy. “It goes all the way around the fence below the ground! We can't get out this way.”

Oh crap.” said Billy. “They knew! What are we gonna do now?”

Was this here before?” asked Guy.

No, it wasn't.” said Billy. “They're on to us.”

Aha!” came a familiar voice from behind them. It was Erin. “Mira told me about you trying to run away by digging through the fence before.”

E-Erin!” Billy whimpered. “N-no, I was just playing!”

And Guy, I can't believe you're helping him.” she said. “I'll have to give you both a strike for this.”

A strike?” asked Guy. “I was just...trying to make him feel better!”

Lying?” asked Erin. “That's two strikes mister!”

Erin...look.” said Guy. “I'm sorry, but I think something very wrong is going on here. I know I was an adult before, and working here, not going to school. Billy was older as well. You're the ones lying to us here.”

That's enough Guy!” said Erin sternly. “That's three strikes. I'm afraid you'll have to be punished.”

Oh no.” whispered Billy.

P-punished?” Guy gulped.

Yes, I think an early bed time for you is required.” she said. “Come along, both of you.” She grabbed them each by the wrist and pulled them away from the hole they dug. “And just look at how dirty your uniforms are. You both really should be more mature than this.”

Guy felt embarrassed being talked down to and chided like a little kid. Yet part of him felt aroused as an adult male being dominated by an adult female. He walked along with Erin and Billy back into the school and to the bathroom.

Now, take those dirty clothes off and get in the shower Guy.” Erin commanded.

As if his body were acting on its own, Guy shamefully shuffled over to the shower stall, removed his clothes, and got in. He covered his erection so Erin wouldn't see.

That's good. Now get all clean while I clean up Billy.” she said, removing Billy's clothing until he was in just his pull-up. She checked it, making Billy blush. “Oh my, you're all soggy again Billy.” She gently tugged his wet pull-ups to the floor where they landed with a wet plop.

Billy blushed and tried covering his privates, but Erin brushed them away, picking him up and placing him in a tub of warm water like he weighed nothing. She began washing him from head to toe.

I'm not a dumb little kid!” said Billy blushing. “I can wash and dress myself!”

Oh you can?” asked Erin, scrubbing his face. “You don't seem like such a big boy to me. Look at you, all dirty from playing in the dirt. Can't even keep your uniform clean or your pants dry.”

Billy blushed and felt smaller. “I...I can't help it.” he mumbled.

Guy listened as he got clean in the shower, washing the dirt from his hands and face. For some reason imagining himself in Billy's place made him even more aroused. He reached down and began to masturbate in the shower, rubbing his hard member over and over until he finally bucked and came, squirting his seed into the drain. After that he felt better and his head was clearer. Once he was clean he got out and dried off, then put his underwear on. “I guess I need some clean clothes.” he said.

“Those are good enough.” said Erin, removing Billy from the tub and drying him off, then wrapping a towel around his waist. “You two are going to bed early, so lets go.” She led them by the hand out of the bathroom. First she stopped at Billy's room. It was a plain room like the others, but had action figures on the floor and a power rangers poster on the wall. His bed was a bit smaller than Guy's but it was to be expected. On the other side of the room was another bed, desk, and dresser, but it looked like it was unoccupied. She guided Billy to his bed and commanded him to lay down on it.

Billy blushed and laid down on his bed. He knew what was coming next.

Erin removed Billy's towel and got out a night time diaper in his size. “I know you don't like wearing these.” she said. “But its better than waking up in wet undies and sheets.”

Billy just nodded and blushed as he was diapered by her like a baby.

Guy turned away to give Billy some privacy. He blushed and wondered if that would be his fate too.

Once he was in a diaper, Erin tucked Billy in and turned on his night light and music box. A soft tinkling lullaby played. “Sleep well Billy.” she said, turning off the room lights and leaving with Guy.

Guy blushed, now walking with Erin up to his room still in just his boxers. He had to walk by some of his friends who smiled and chuckled a bit. Once he was in his room, Erin commanded him to lay in his bed as well. The plastic cover crinkled under him. “I don't have to wear diapers too do I?” he asked.

No, not yet anyway.” said Erin. “But if you keep having accidents we will have no choice. You know the rules.”

Guy nodded, still feeling childish having been scolded and punished in such a way. “I-I won't have any more.” he said.

I hope not.” said Erin. “If you do, you should see the nurse about it. This isn't something to take lightly. Ever since your seizure you've been acting strange. I really hope nothing is seriously wrong with you.” She gently pulled the covers up over Guy as he laid there in his boxers.

I'll be okay.” said Guy. “Thanks Erin.”

You're welcome.” she said, kissing his forehead and making him blush. “Now get some sleep. Good night.” She turned on his music box and turned off the room lights, leaving the room.

Good night Erin.” said Guy as she left the room. He fought off sleep, but the music made him sleepier and sleepier until the sand man finally came.

Once again, Guy drifted into a strange dream. In it, he and Billy were sitting in a sand box wearing diapers and digging with plastic shovels.

I bet I can dig faster than you!” said Billy, seemingly uncaring about his diaper.

Billy?” asked Guy. “What are you doing?”

Playing!” said Billy. “Come on, play with me!” He began digging frantically in the sand box.

I'm not going to play in a child's sand box.” said Guy, covering his diaper with his hands. “We're not kids!”

You're silly big bro!” said Billy. “Come on, play with me! Please!”

Big bro?” asked Guy. “Since when?”

I've always called you big bro.” said Billy. “I know we're not really brothers, but we kind of got here at the same time, and you helped me out, so I think of you like a big brother.”

I don't remember that...” said Guy. But just then, images of the two playing on the playground went through his head. He was pushing Billy on the swings and even checking his pull-up from time to time.

I kind of feels right.” said Guy, starting to dig in the sand a bit.

Look!” said Billy. He had covered his diaper in sand.

Haha, you look silly!” said Guy. “You'll get itchy sand in there that way.” He began digging a moat around Billy with his shovel, forgetting that his diaper was on full display. Suddenly the ground under Billy began to crumble.

Big bro!” cried Billy. “Help me!” He reached out his hand to Guy.

Billy!” shouted Guy, taking Guy's hand. “Hang on!”

They're gonna get me!” yelled Billy, looking now more like a seven-year-old. “They're gonna make me little!”

No they won't!” said Guy, tugging on Billy's arm. Billy suddenly felt lighter and when Guy pulled him out of the sand he was just a little baby wearing a diaper and cooing. “Billy?”

Oog gah bah goo!” babbled Billy. He got a confused expression on his face and suddenly his diaper ballooned out to ridiculous proportions as a loud farting sound could be heard.

Guy blinked, and now he was the baby with a full diaper looking up at an older Billy. The last thing he could hear was a baby's cries before everything went dark. Then he could hear the wind around him again. Once again, he saw himself, but younger.

My name is Guy and I'm fifteen years old.” said the image of Guy. “I attend Ouroboros Youth Academy and I'm in ninth grade. I study hard and get good grades, but sometimes I day dream about being treated like a child. I get awkward erections at odd times and I sometimes wet the bed so I have to wear Good Nights to sleep.”

N-no!” shouted Guy in his own head. “That's not me! I'm big! I'm an adult!” He struggled and soon woke up to a dark room. He sat up and felt something bulky around his waits. “Oh no, please not that...” He turned on his desk lamp and looked and saw that he was wearing a Good Nights diaper. “Crap!” The sound of someone yawning got Guy's attention.

Oh, good morning big bro.” said Billy from his bed across the room. He sounded a bit different.

B-Billy?” said Guy all confused. “What are you doing here? Where is Edward?”

What do you mean big bro?” said Billy, getting out of his bed. He was smaller than yesterday, looking to be only about seven-years-old, and wearing orange pajamas with a Good Nights diaper underneath.

Oh no, it happened again.” Guy said to himself. “They got to Billy's mind again.”

Big bro, are you okay?” asked Billy.

They made you littler.” said Guy. “Don't you remember being big?”

Billy thought for a bit and then smiled. “You're trying to trick me again!” he said. “Not gonna fall for it again!” Just then, Erin entered the room.

Good morning boys!” she said. “I hope you slept well.” She walked over and checked Billy's Good Nights. “Looks like you wet again Billy. Its okay, I'll get you cleaned up.”

Billy blushed and looked down at the bulky bulge under his pajama pants.

Guy examined his own Good Nights diaper and found it to be dry. He breathed a sigh of relief, though part of him wished she would check him too. “Well, I'm dry today, so I get to go without these next time right?”

If you can keep dry three nights in a row, then yes, you can go back to your regular undies.” said Erin, gently removing Billy's pajamas to get access to his Good Nights. “You can go ahead and get dressed and use the bathroom.”

Guy got up and went over to his dresser. There were still a few models on his desk, but now there were also a few action figures displayed in fighting poses. He pulled out some boxers and removed his Good Nights, slipping them on. Then he got dressed in his school uniform, which seemed a bit loose on him. While Billy was dressed by Erin, he left the room and went to the bathroom. For some reason he was on the bottom floor with the younger kids, then he remembered that he was put in there with Billy because he didn't want to be separated from his big brother. Upstairs, there was a long line to use the bathrooms though. “Oh boy, a traffic jam.” he said, his voice cracking a bit.

The girls always take a long time.” said one of the thirteen-year-old boys in line.

“You boys take longer!” said one of the sixteen-year-old girls in line.

Erin soon interrupted them. “No arguing in line.” she said. “Everyone please do your business and hurry on out so the others can have a turn.

Guy waited in line, but it was moving slowly. Soon he felt the urge to pee. “Oh man, I gotta go!” he thought to himself. “Hurry hurry hurry hurry!” One came out and another went in, then another came out and another went in. Soon it was his turn next as he danced from one foot to the other.

Hi big bro!” yelled Billy, suddenly appearing next to Guy.

Ah!” yelled Guy, surprised by the little boy. He then felt a warmth growing around his crotch and running down his legs. A faint hissing and dripping sound could be heard as he wet himself and made a puddle of pee at his feet.

Uh oh, big bro wet himself!” said Billy.

Guy!” yelled Erin. “I thought you could hold it like a big boy during the day! You just made a big mess of your uniform and the floor!”

Guy blushed, being called out and suddenly had all eyes on him. He stood there feeling hot shame and embarrassment, having wet his pants like a toddler. “I..I..guess I just couldn't wait.” Guy said, sounding defeated. “Everyone was just taking so long.”

Erin sighed. “Its okay, just get in there and get cleaned up. I'll clean up this puddle and bring you some clean clothes.

Guy nodded and went into the bathroom. He could hear some of the other kids giggling at him. Once again, he went into a shower stall, got undressed, and washed himself up. Looking down, he saw that his penis was smaller by a few inches and his pubic hair was a bit more sparse. Even so, his accident and being scolded like a toddler made him erect, and he began to rub and tug at his member. He put a hand against a wall as he felt the pleasure building. For some reason, he began seeing images of himself being diapered by Erin, and her calling him a good baby. Soon he came, and again his seed was washed away by the shower water. Once he was clean, he dried himself off and walked out of the shower stall. There were dry clothes waiting for him. Fortunately, not a diaper. He quickly got dressed and made his way to the cafeteria for breakfast.

After getting a plate of food, he tried to sit by Edward and Mira.

Not that table Guy.” said Erin. “You sit here with your friends.”

Guy turned and saw a table with kids his own age and sat down. His mind recognized a few of them, but it was a blur. His memories of being an adult and eating with the staff, eating with Edward and Mira, and now this were all mingling together. He sat down at the table and began eating. It was awkward since most of them there had seen him wet his pants earlier, and he was quiet.

After eating he tried talking to Edward and Mira.

Hey Ed, hey Mira.” said Guy in a younger voice.

Um, hey there Guy.” said Edward.

Hello Guy.” said Mira. “How are you today?”

We heard what happened.” said Edward. “Sorry that is happening to you.”

Um, what if I said it was the school and its making us younger?” asked Guy.

I'd laugh and say that's very silly.” said Mira. “It sounds like the stories Billy used to make up.”

Well, do you remember us eating together yesterday?” asked Guy. The two looked confused.

No.” said Edward. “Yesterday you ate with your class. We ate with ours.”

Guy looked shocked, but then his expression changed to a smile to hide this. “Oh, well, I could have sworn we did. Guess I'm just still all mixed up after that seizure.” he said.

Guy, if you're having some memory issues, you should see the nurse.” said Mira.

Yeah, I think I will after class.” said Guy. “Thanks. See you later.” Guy made his way to his ninth grade class, thinking about the whole situation he found himself in. He figured that for now he should just play along so as not to attract the attention of the staff. Making his way through the classroom to find his seat, he noticed some of the students whispering to each other and looking at him with a smile. He figured they must still be on the subject of his accident earlier. The teacher of this class was an older woman with gray hair named Ms. Kim. She was of Asian descent and spoke in a bit of an accent, but was very nice. Even so, class was very boring. It was things he already knew from being an adult, and his mind drifted.

Am I boring you Guy?” asked Kim. “If so, feel free to come up here and teach class yourself.”

Ah, n-no ma'am.” Guy stammered. “Sorry.” He sat up and paid attention, feeling embarrassed from being scolded. None of the other students seemed to mind though, as if this were his usual behavior.

After class, Guy went to find Billy. He found him out on the playground swinging. “Hey Bi- I mean little bro.” he said.

“Hey big bro!” said Billy. “Can you give me a push?”

Oh, sure.” said Guy. He went around back of Billy and pushed him gently. “So um, about earlier. Do you remember being older?”

“No.” said Billy. “That's just a silly game I was playing.”

A game?” asked Guy. “Seriously?”

Yeah, we always play games.” said Billy. “Don't you remember how we pretended we were escaping prison and were digging under the fence? Ms. Erin got really mad.”

Guy slowly realized that Billy no longer remembered being an adult, or even being eleven. “Um, yeah, she sure did.” he said, giving Billy another push. “I guess there are lots of other games we can play.”

Like hide and seek!” said Billy.

Yeah, that's a good one.” said Guy. Suddenly the bell rang for lunch. “Guess we should go get some food right little bro?”

Yeah!” said Billy, hopping out of the swing. He walked with Guy to the cafeteria where they both got some food and ate at their appropriate tables. Attention seemed to have shifted from Guy wetting his pants to the class assignments, which Guy was grateful for.

After lunch was more class, but Guy soon felt the need to poop really bad. He raised his hand to get Kim's attention.

“Yes Guy, what is it?” asked Kim.

I'm sorry Ms. Kim, but I have to go to the bathroom. Its an emergency.” said Guy blushing.

Ah yes, I was told you may need to be excused to go to the toilet more than usual.” said Kim. “Take a hall pass and go.”

Guy stood up and grabbed a hall pass as the other students snickered. He exited the class and quickly made his way to the bathroom. However, it was closed off and there was a sign in front, saying that the bathrooms were being cleaned.

Crap!” said Guy, trying to hold it together. “There has to be another bathroom around here somewhere.” Then he remembered the one downstairs with the younger kids. Quickly, he made his way downstairs and to the bathroom, letting out short farts along the way. He had to hold his cheeks together to keep from pooping himself. Just as his bowels were about to let go, he managed to sit on a toilet and let it all out. “Ahhhh, that's better.” The toilets were a bit smaller, but it contained his load, and he was able to flush. When he opened the stall door, there was a towheaded five-year-old boy standing there looking at him.

You too big to be hewe.” he said. “I bet you madea biiig poopy!” The little boy giggled and ran off.

Guy could have sworn he heard crinkling from the little boy, and wondered just how many of the students had potty problems. After washing his hands, he realized he still had the hall pass and that maybe now would be a good idea to snoop around. Quietly, he made his way out and up to the front desk. A place he hadn't been in a while At the desk sat Amber on the phone.

The phone!” Guy thought. “I can use that phone to contact someone. I just need to distract her.” He waited until she was off the phone and started to use her computer, then looked over and saw some kind of alarm switch. He knew the risks, but he needed to escape, so quickly he pulled the lever and a loud buzzing alarm sounded. Amber immediately stood up and went to the exit. Guy smiled and made his way to the phone. He picked up the receiver and tried calling 911, but there was only an automated error message. Quickly, he tried again, but got the same.

What are you doing here?” said Amber. “You're a student. You shouldn't be here. Did you pull that alarm?”

Um, I...” Guy stammered. “That is, I mean...yes?”

Sorry, but I'll have to report this.” said Amber, looking sternly at him. She picked up the phone, dialed a code, and spoke to someone. Not long after, Erin showed up.

“Guy!” she shouted. “How could you? Everyone had to interrupt what they were doing to get everyone out into the yard. What do you have to say for yourself?”

I...I'm...” Guy blushed and squirmed, on the spot. “I'm s-sorry Ms. Erin. I won't do it again.”

You better not!” she scolded. “This means another punishment.” She took him by the hand and led him to his dorm room. “For now, you are to stay in your room. You are not allowed to leave until dinner.” She took his hall pass.

O-okay Ms. Erin.” said Guy. His heart raced a bit being scolded again. She sounded as if he had committed a high crime or something. Being grounded like some little kid was a pretty light punishment all things considered. Looking around the room, he saw a video game console over on Billy's side of the room. “Maybe this won't be so bad.” He went over and looked through the game selection. A lot of them were for little kids, but there were a few for all ages. Guy popped in a beloved platformer and began playing.

The game was different than Guy remembered. Instead of the main character he was used to, it was a cute little panda bear. Thinking it may be a hack or mod, he shrugged and continued to play. It played pretty much the same, but at the end of each level were some swirly stars and fun music. The more Guy played, the more he enjoyed it and felt like it was made for him.

Gaming seemed to pass time quickly, and soon it was time for dinner. Erin came into the room and saw Guy playing. “Time for dinner Guy.” she said. “Pause the game and let's go.”

Aw man!” said Guy. He did as he was told and paused the game, then got up. His clothes were a bit loose, but he had no time to think about it as he was led to the cafeteria by Erin. He sat at the same table with his ninth grade friends and ate. The food tasted really good, so he ate and drank a lot.

After dinner, Erin escorted Guy back to his room. “I know this is harsh, but we punish bad behavior for a reason.” she said.

I..I know.” said Guy. He kept having to pull his pants up.“I'm sorry Ms. Erin.” He blushed and avoided looking her in the eye.

Look, I was young once too.” she said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “We do dumb things when we're young. But we get punished because we need to learn not to do those things. I hope you understand.”

Um, yeah.” said Guy, looking up at her. She was a bit taller than him now. “I do.”

Erin gave him a hug. “Good.” she said. “I don't like giving punishments, but its my job. Now, since you are still grounded you also have an earlier bed time.”

But I'm not really sleepy.” said Guy.

That's okay.” said Erin. “I have something to help with that.” She pulled out a bottle of pink pills and gave one to Guy, along with some water. “Take this. It will help.” it safe?” asked Guy, unsure about the medicine.

Yes, its perfectly safe.” said Erin. “We give it to some of the more restless residents to help them ease into a sound sleep.”

Guy reluctantly took the pill and swallowed it with some water. He ended up drinking all of the water in the cup. “So when does it..” he said, suddenly feeling the effects.

“Pretty quickly!” said Erin, helping Guy over to his bed. She began removing his uniform.

I can...dress...undress...” said Guy, feeling wobbly and extremely sleepy.

Shhh, let me take care of it.” said Erin. She unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, then pulled off his shoes and slipped his pants down, working them off of his feet while sitting him on his bed. She then tucked him in and folded his uniform, sitting it on a side table. “Sleep well Guy.” she said, giving him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Good...night...” said Guy, falling asleep quickly and began to dream.

In his dream, he was standing outside, and could feel the wind blowing around him. He looked down and saw that he was only wearing a big white disposable diaper. Guy blushed and covered himself. There was no one around, but there was also no way inside without coming across someone.

I have to get back to my room before someone sees me in this thing.” said Guy. Then his bladder and gut made their intentions known. “Ugh, and I have to go to the bathroom. Great.” He looked around and hid behind some bushes, making his way to the garden section. The farmer was here walking around. He made sure to avoid them using the various tall plants growing. His diaper crinkled loudly though, so he had to keep his distance as well. He stayed close to the school walls, finding cover behind a bush, a rock, and a small wall. The pressure in his bladder and bowels was building though, and each step felt like he was about to let go in his diaper.

Next he had to get past the kids playing in the playground. He hid behind the slide, and luckily there was another short wall separating the walkway from the playground. He was almost spotted, but quickly made his way to the school door. He could feel something warm and slippery around his butt and hurried into the school building. The coast was clear, he saw the bathroom in the distance and made his way there. Then he came face to face with Erin.

Guy!” she shouted. “What are you doing out of your room? Do you need a diaper change?”

The sudden shock of her appearance made Guy lose control, and he began filling his seat with warm poop, and a torrent of pee soaked the front. “I um...I...” he stammered and blushed.

Phew!” said Erin, fanning her nose. “I think you do! Better come with me little man!”

Guy blushed and waddled along while holding Erin's hand. She seemed to be much taller than before, and everything around him looked bigger too. Or was he smaller? He was led into his room, which now had a crib and changing table in it. “Oh noh!” he shouted, sounding like a toddler. “I notta baybee!”

Of course not!” said Erin, lifting him up and onto the changing table. “You're a big boy who doesn't have accidents in his bed anymore. Soon you'll be ready for training pants!”

Guy blushed and saw his training pants were tenting in front. He was actually enjoying this! Erin unfastened his diaper and opened it. It felt so real, he could even smell his messy diaper. He covered his face as she cleaned up his bits and bottom, lifting him by the ankles like a baby to wipe his butt. It was so embarrassing, but he felt so happy inside that he was being changed by Erin. He peeked down and saw his little dinky between his legs. It was absolutely tiny, but standing erect.

Oh my, how cute!” said Erin, using the opportunity to clean his bits. “Mister wee wee is saying hello!”

Guy blushed harder and looked down. It looked even smaller in her large hands. He felt so embarrassed, but also so stimulated by her motions.

Such a good boy you are.” she said, lifting him by the legs and cleaning his bottom. “You'll make a cute baby.”

Guy's mind ran wild. Did she know? Was she responsible? Was this even really a dream? He heard himself making soft cooing baby sounds and little moans. He felt so good all over, and he didn't want her to stop. Suddenly being changed like this felt like bliss and he wanted more of it. In his mind, he saw himself as a little boy making messes in his pants on purpose to get changed by Erin.

Erin just smiled as she removed his dirty diaper and replaced it with a clean one, then rubbed lotion onto his bits and bottom.

Guy wiggled and cooed softly, enjoying the attention. Suddenly he began to squirt little streams of pee into the air.

Oh my! Such a little pee pot!” said Erin, smiling and sprinkling powder on his crotch. Then she pulled the front up over his groin and pulled the tapes open, fastening them across his belly. “There, all nice and clean again.”

Oooh, ahhh..” Guy coed. He felt safe and secure until his adult memories resurfaced. Then he snapped out of it.“N-no! No diapah!” He fussed, but his body felt weak. To his surprise, Erin was able to pick him up and hold him now. He felt very tiny.

Shhh, go to sleep now little one.” she said, pushing a pacifier into his mouth. She began rocking him and humming a song. It started to sound like a familiar lullaby.

Guy tried to spit the pacifier out, but soon felt himself sucking on it. It made him feel safe and calm. He closed his eyes and soon found himself surrounded by darkness. He heard the wind blowing again, and saw an image of himself as an eleven-year-old.

My name is Guy and I'm eleven-years-old and I'm in sixth grade. I attend Ouroboros Youth Academy and share a room with my little brother Billy. I wet the bed, and sometimes have accidents during the day, so I wear training pants. I like to play video games and I really like it when Erin pays attention to me. Sometimes I have an accident on purpose.” said the giggling image.

That's not me!” shouted Guy. “I'm not...a kid!” He resisted, but soon the wind sound faded and the alarm sounded, waking him up. “Ugh, what was that about?” He wondered and looked around. Billy was just starting to wake up. Then he felt something around his groin. Something cold and slimy. Then the smell hit him. “Oh man, what is that smell?! No, I couldn't have....

Good morning boys!” said Erin, entering the room and turning on the lights. The lullaby stopped when she did. She picked up a familiar scent and wrinkled her nose. “Oh my, I think one of you had a night time accident!”

It wasn't me!” said Billy. “Look, my Good Nights are dry!” He proudly showed her his Good Nights diaper and it indeed was clean and dry.

Good Billy!” said Erin. “If you keep it up, you'll be in big boy underwear soon!”

Yay!” Billy smiled and cheered. “I'll really be a big boy!”

Guy blushed. “Erin I...” he said, trying to tell her what happened. However, she came over and pulled his sheets down, examining the accident.

Guy! You had a big wet and messy accident!” said Erin. “I thought you had stopped having accidents.”

Guy blushed more. “I...I don't know what happened.” said Guy. He was a bit surprised at his voice. He sounded just like a little kid. “I didn't mean to!”

This is a big mess Guy.” said Erin. “I'm afraid you'll have to wear diapers at night from now on, and maybe protection during the day too just in case.”

Erin, please.” said Guy. “I don't wanna wear diapers!”

Now Guy, you know the rules.” said Erin. “We do this to avoid having to clean up all the bed sheets and clothes every day. Not to mention keep the floors and chairs clean. We try to be as hygienic as possible here. Now, be still there while I clean you up. I don't want you getting pee and poop on the floor.”

Guy pooped in bed?” asked Billy.

Yes Billy.” said Erin, slipping Guy's underwear down and off of him carefully. “Can you please go ask Mina for a box of wipes and a trash bag?”

Sure Ms. Erin!” said Billy. He felt like more of a big boy, able to help Erin, even though he was still younger than Guy. He went to find Mina while Erin did her best with Guy.

It looks like you tossed and turned a bit in your mess.” said Erin, examining his condition.

Guy felt like a stinky little baby, and his regressed emotions began to get the better of him. Soon tears were streaming down his face, though he remained quiet.

Aww, its okay Guy!” said Erin. “Really, it'll be okay. We'll get you cleaned up and dressed, then you can go see the nurse about this.” She was used to dealing with wet and messy accidents, so the smell didn't bother her. She tried his tears with a tissue as Billy returned with some wipes.

Here you go Ms. Erin!” said Billy, handing them to her. He saw Guy had been crying. “It'll be okay big bro! I used to wet and mess my bed too, but I stopped and so can you!” He smiled as he tried to cheer Guy up.

Guy sniffled and gagged a bit. Erin may have been used to the smell, but he wasn't. “T-thanks Billy.” he said. He laid back as Erin cleaned him up with the baby wipes. He looked down at his hairless groin and little nub of a penis. There was a brown splat of poop between his legs and on his balls, which Erin quickly cleaned. Just like in the dream, he became erect from the attention, and he covered his face while blushing, but Erin ignored it and just cleaned him up. Just then there was a knock at the door. It was a tall woman with brown skin, blue eyes, and dark purple hair. Her voice was very gentle and soft, and she wore the same uniform as Erin, meaning she was also a caregiver.

Hey Erin, Billy told me what happened.” she said. “I came to see if I could help. I also brought some clean bed sheets.”

You're a life saver Mina!” said Erin. “I'm about to lift his legs and clean his bottom. Then I'm going to pick him up off the bed and take him to the bathroom. Can you please remove the dirty sheets when I do?”

Sure thing!” said Mina. Her name was actually Wilhelmina, but the kids often had trouble pronouncing her name, so everyone just called her Mina. She got into position to help.

Erin lifted Guy by the ankles and wiped his butt free of brown stinky poop and then picked him up.

Mina pulled the sheets up and wrapped them in a plastic bag. “I'll get these to the laundry asap.” she said, wiping down the plastic sheet on the mattress. “You go ahead and get him all clean.”

Okay, thanks Mina.” said Erin, carrying Guy out of the room in her arms.

Guy blushed, being held naked in Erin's arms like a baby. He looked down and saw other little ones going in and coming out of the bathroom.

Oooh, Guy hadda accident!” said one of the six-year-olds.

He's nakie!” said another.

Guy just blushed and hid his face in his hands. He was soon put down next to a tub and watched as Erin filled it with warm water, then added some bubble bath.

Come on Guy.” said Erin. She helped him into the tub and began washing him down. “Gotta make sure all that stinky poop is off of your skin.”

Guy blushed more and nodded. It actually felt nice to be bathed like this and by her. He wiggled a little when she cleaned his groin. It felt really good, and he wished she would continue, but then she moved onto his butt and legs.

Before long she had cleaned Guy from head to toe and rinsed him down, then plucked him from the tub and dried him off. “There, all clean and sweet smelling again.” she said. “Lets go get you dressed.” She wrapped the towel around his waist and held his hand, walking him back to his room.

Guy blushed and held the towel up with his free hand. Everything looked much bigger now, including Erin. He felt extreme embarrassment being led around by the hand after being cleaned up from a poopy accident. Back in his room, Guy saw packs of diapers and training pants by his dresser.

Erin led Guy over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of disposable training pants. They had images of various cartoon characters on them, and blue elastic sides. She held them out for Guy. “Okay Guy, step in.” she said.

Reluctantly, Guy stepped into the childish garment one foot at a time. It felt soft and thick between his legs when she pulled them up.

There we go.” said Erin. “Do you need help getting dressed?”

Guy shook his head. “No, I can do it.” he said.

Okay then, go ahead and get dressed, then get some breakfast and see the nurse.” said Erin. “I'll be around if you need me.” She left the room to go take care of others.

Guy looked down at himself in the disposable training pants. There was a floor mirror in his room so he could see his reflection. He saw his eleven-year-old form looking back at him, looking more like a toddler with the training pants on and nothing else. He blushed and saw his cheeks redden. His dark black hair had been combed by Erin and looked very neat. His tummy bulged a bit, so he was obviously well fed at school. Everything about him was small and soft. Guy shook his head. “Snap out of it!” he said to himself. “Gotta remember I'm still an adult and need to get out of here before they make me into a baby.” He went over to his dresser, which looked much bigger now, and pulled out a uniform. It was smaller, fitting him perfectly. However they were doing this, they were doing it well enough to even swap clothes and furniture around. Only a few of his models were on display now. Mostly the more simple snap-together ones. There were action figures of power rangers and ninja turtles on his desk and in a brightly colored plastic box by his bed. Clearly his interests had regressed along with him.

After getting dressed, he made his way to the cafeteria. The other students were already eating, so he got a tray of food and sat down at the “big kids” table. This included Billy who was sitting further down the table. Guy didn't feel like talking to anyone, since they would most likely just bring up his accident again, so he ate quietly.

Once he was done eating, he went to the nurse as instructed. There was Seijun waiting for him.

Come on in Guy.” said Seijun. “Have a seat on the exam table.” She pulled up a little stool for him to use.

Guy climbed up using the stool and sat down on the paper covered exam table. “What's wrong with me?” he asked in a bit of a whiny tone.

We don't know yet.” said Seijun. “But we'll find out and you'll be just fine.”First I need to take off your shirt, okay?” She unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. She then placed electrodes on his skin and began typing at a computer. “Okay, now just relax.”

Guy nodded and did as told. He relaxed, feeling the soft cushion of the training pants under him. He wondered exactly what they were doing, since he was sure they knew exactly what was going on. Maybe they were just putting on a show to make him believe they were innocent. He idly poked at one of the electrodes.

Don't touch them okay?” said Seijun. “We're almost done.”

Guy sat there for a while as they ran the tests. He got bored and began idly kicking his feet. His hand made its way to his face and he picked at his nose. Once he realized what he was doing he blushed and quickly moved his hand back down.

Seijun glanced over and smiled. “Okay, I think we're done.” she said, removing the electrodes and putting his shirt back on. “I'll go over these and you just go about your day. Its time for your class anyway, so go on ahead. If you need me, let me know.”

Okay Ms. Seijun.” said Guy. “Thank you.” He made sure to be courteous to them, as he had always been taught.

As he walked to class he could hear his training pants rustle slightly under his pants. He wondered if any of his classmates would notice. He arrived at his sixth grade class and went inside, then sat at a little desk. The teacher of this class was a middle-aged man with short brown hair and a mustache. He went over their subjects and showed them a short film about the human body. It talked about puberty and how the body grows and changes.

Guy watched, finding it funny they were talking about growing up while regressing people. He had gone through puberty in reverse and thought it would be funny if they went over how that works. The film was boring though, and his attention drifted to other things. He had to go pee, but didn't want to interrupt the teacher or the film. Besides, he wanted to hold it this time to prove he didn't need to wear training pants.

Once class was over he hurried to the bathroom, but then the urge to pee subsided and he felt his training pants grow warm in front. “No way...” he thought to himself, patting the front and feeling the warm squishy padding. Instead of informing Erin, he decided to change himself.

In his room, he went to his dresser and searched his drawer for underwear. All non-disposable underwear was gone and now only training pants and diapers were available. Letting out a sigh, he got out a pair of training pants and began removing his pants. That's when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

What's wrong Guy?” asked Erin. She noticed his yellowed, sagging training pants. “Oh, I see. You had a little accident. Why didn't you tell me?”

I...I thought I could change myself so you don't have to.” said Guy. “I know you're busy.”

“Its my job silly.” said Erin. “Besides, I don't mind. Come on, let me help.”

Uh...okay.” Guy said. He blushed as Erin tugged his shoes off and worked his pants down and off. She then tugged his wet training pants down and off as well.

Do you need to potty?” she asked. “Tell me know before I put on a fresh pair.”

N-no.” said Guy. “I already did.” He blushed, referring to his accident.

“Okay, just making sure.” said Erin. She got out a baby wipe and cleaned the pee off his skin. Once again she had to peel back his foreskin to clean under the hood. She smiled at his little erection. She was used to seeing it.

Guy just blushed and looked away, but inside he was enjoying the attention.

Erin finished cleaning him and got out a clean pair of training pants. She sprinkled a bit of baby powder into it and held it open for him. “Okay, step in.” she said.

B-baby powder?” asked Guy. “I'm notta baby.”

Its good for your skin.” said Erin. “Its not just for babies. I use it sometimes.”

Y-you do?” asked Guy. If she used it, it must be okay. He stepped into the training pants and let Erin pull them up.

There we go, all clean and dry.” she said, patting his padded bottom. “Go ahead and get dressed, then you can play outside until lunch time.”

Okay.” said Guy. “Thanks Ms. Erin.”

You're welcome Guy.” she said, leaving the room.

Guy got dressed and went outside. There were other kids playing on the equipment and some just talking under the jungle gym. He saw Billy playing on the monkey bars and walked over to him. He could see the training pants peeking out from his shorts.

Hey big bro!” said Billy. He hopped down in front of Guy. “How are ya? What did the nurse say?”

Um, hey little bro.” said Guy. “I dunno yet. She's going over the test results.”

Was it a hard test?” asked Billy.

No, I just sat there.” said Guy. “Its not like a class test.”

Oh, I wish school tests were that easy.” Billy laughed. “Come on, let's play!” He ran over to the big slide and climbed up it.

Guy shrugged and followed, not wanting to blow his cover. He climbed up behind Billy.

Its kind of high up.” said Billy. “But I'm not scared! I'm a big kid!” He sat down and pushed off, sliding down the big metal slide. “Wheeee!” He landed at the bottom, kicking up some dirt. “See? I did it!”

Guy smiled and climbed up to the top as well. “Good job lil bro!” he said, then sat down and pushed off. He could feel the warm metal slide under him warm his padding. It was a feeling he hadn't experienced since his actual childhood, and he enjoyed it. He landed on his feet and stood up. “Ta-da!”

Hehe, you're always so cool big bro!” said Billy. “You're the best at everything!”

Heh, not everything.” said Guy. He remembered trying to escape with Billy and how Billy seemed to have stopped regressing. Maybe it was because their mental reprogramming worked on him. Maybe Billy just decided to give in. “Hey lil bro, have you ever seen anything weird around here?”

Weird? Like what?” asked Billy. “Like seeing someone get younger or notice people missing?”

Um, no.” said Billy. “How would someone get younger? I didn't know you could do that.”

No, you can't.” said Guy. “I guess I must have dreamed it.”

Yeah, sounds like a crazy dream.” said Billy. He got a baseball and two gloves. “Lets play catch!”

Heh, sure.” said Guy. He put on one of the gloves and put some distance between him and Billy.

Billy smiled and threw the ball, but it went to the side and missed Guy entirely. “Aw man!” he whined. “I missed again!”

Its okay.” said Guy. “I got it!” He went over and got the ball then got back into place. Figuring Billy would be weaker, he threw the ball with low power behind it. It arced and went right into Billy's glove.

Good throw big bro!” said Billy. “Hey, that rhymes!” He giggled and tossed the ball back. This time it was a bit high, but Guy was able to catch it.

Got it!” said Guy. “Try putting a bit less power behind it.” He threw the ball back and Billy caught it.

Okay, try this!” said Billy. He threw the ball, using less power, but it thudded into the ground in front of Guy.

Heh, not quite.” said Guy, picking up the ball. “Try again!” He pitched the ball back to him but he missed and had to go chase it down. He came back, tugging his shorts up over his disposable underwear.

Okay, how about this?” said Billy, tossing the ball again. This time it was straight on and Guy caught it.

That's how you do it!” said Guy. “Good job lil bro!” He and Billy spent some more time playing catch then the two went inside. They decided to go to the game room inside the play room. Guy noticed how tall the baby gate was to him now, but still was able to easily get over it.

After playing some video games and having a lot of fun with his little bro, it was lunch time. The two went to lunch and ate together at the same table. Billy always felt so proud to be friends with Guy. In his memories, Guy was always encouraging to him when he had troubles potty training. Now that he was having trouble with it as well, Billy was determined to help Guy in return somehow.

After lunch, it was time for more class. Guy stared out the window for most of it, trying to figure a way out. Obviously using the phone was out, and digging was out. Maybe there would be something on the computers in the library. He decided to check it out after class.

The library was quiet, as usual, and it looked like only the older students were inside studying. Guy sat down at a computer and began looking up information. Nothing about regression or reverse aging came up except for the usual makeup and face cream ads, and something about jelly fish.

Damn.” he thought. “Nothing. Guess I should have expected it though. Why would they give us access to that information so easily?” As he scrolled through, a video popped up. It was the happy little panda again, and it began singing the alphabet song. For some reason, he couldn't close it out, and soon the words were echoing in his head and he found himself singing along.

Shhh!” said one of the students, breaking Guy out of his trance.

Guy shook his head and felt something warm and wet in his underwear. “
Oh no, again? Seriously?” he thought. “Damn it!” Frustrated, he stood up. Thankfully the training pants had absorbed the urine without leaking. He didn't want to admit to wetting again, so this time he snuck down to the laundry room and discreetly removed his wet training pants, tossing them in a trash can. He pulled on some clean underwear from a stack and pulled his pants back up. He was determined to keep them clean and dry. He stormed back upstairs, tired of their regression games, and tried to go into the administration area. However, Ms. Sinclair stopped him.

Where do you think you are going young man?” she asked, looking down at him.

I know what you're doing.” said Guy. “I know you made Billy little. I know you're making me little. I want to know why, and I want to go home.”

You are home child.” said Ms. Sinclair. “As for these claims about making you little, I have no idea what you mean. You've been here since you were only a year old. I'm sure you must remember.”

But I don't.” said Guy. “The memories I have of here are false ones. Ones you put in my head. I want you to undo it. I want to be big again.”

I assure you, we are doing no such thing.” said Ms. Sinclair. “Don't you remember being little? Do you remember when Billy was a baby? You always complained about his stinky diapers and having to share a room with a baby.”

Guy looked confused as memories flooded into his mind. He saw Billy as a baby being changed on a changing table. He also saw himself as a four-year-old, stealing diapers and wearing them to bed secretly. The feelings he seemed to have then were of jealousy of the attention Billy got.

You even tried wearing some of his diapers to bed a few times.” Ms. Sinclair chuckled. “Yes, we know. We keep note of these things as our students develop. I'm sure it must seem very strange to you now with you have accidents and Billy almost out of training pants. We will help you though, if you just give us more time.”

More time...” Guy said, feeling strange. “Yeah...I think I...have to go potty.”

Yes, after a big breakfast and lunch, you must be pretty full.” said Ms. Sinclair. “You had better go on to the bathroom before you have another accident.”

Yeah.” said Guy. “I should go potty.” He turned and walked back downstairs to the bathroom and made his way to a toilet. Without thinking, he pulled his pants and underwear down and sat, doing his business. He then wiped and stood up, pulling his pants and underwear back up. After washing his hands, he walked out and stood in front of the bathroom.

Guy?” asked Erin. “Are you okay? You're just kind of standing there.”

Guy blinked and shook his head. “What? Erin?” he said confused. He wasn't sure how he got there or what he was doing. “I dunno.”

Well, I better check you before you go out and play.” she said, patting his behind. She felt no padding there and pulled the waist band of his pants back. “What is this? Why aren't you wearing your training pants?”

I um, I kinda...” said Guy.

Guy, don't lie to me.” said Erin in a stern tone.

Guy blushed, feeling unable to lie. “I threw them away.” he said.

“Why did you throw them away?” asked Erin.

“B-because I w-wet them.” Guy admitted, blushing.

Now Guy, you know you're supposed to let me know if you have an accident.” said Erin. “Its a good thing I checked. Come on, lets get you in some training pants.” She led Guy back to his room where she removed his pants and underwear, replacing them with a fresh pair of disposable training pants. She pulled his pants back up and patted him on the bottom. “I know you don't like wearing these, so I won't give you a strike this time, but you have to wear them. Okay?”

Okay.” said Guy, blushing. Being scolded by Erin always made him feel smaller and younger.

Now go on and play.” she said.

Okay Ms. Erin.” said Guy. He went out and played with Billy again, swinging on the swings and getting confused memories of being a child raised at the school.

After dinner Guy played video games with Billy. He was surprised at how good Billy was at the games, but even so, Guy was better and able to beat his score at most of the games.

Soon it was bed time, and Erin came in. “Time for bed boys.” she said. “Lets check you both.”

Guy and Billy stopped their game and stood up. Guy blushed a bit, feeling warm and damp in front. He didn't even feel the need to go. He must have just wet while playing.

Billy is dry.” she said. “Now let's check Guy.” She pulled down his pants and put two fingers in the leg holes of his training pants. “Looks like you're wet again. Sorry Guy.”

Guy blushed and looked down ashamed. “I didn't know.” he said.

“Its okay.” said Erin. “I'll help you get cleaned up, then get you ready for bed.”

I can help!” said Billy proudly. He went and got the baby wipes for her.

Thank you Billy.” said Erin, pulling down Guy's training pants. She pulled out a baby wipe and gently began cleaning him.

Guy knew Billy's intentions were good, but they made him feel like the little brother. He stood there and waited while he was cleaned, then he took off his shirt and socks, laying in his bed as he was guided to do.

Erin got out a night time diaper and lifted Guy's legs, sliding it under him. She applied some anti-rash cream to his groin, making his little wee wee stand up, then sprinkled powder on him.

Guy wiggled a bit, blushing at his involuntary erection. He felt shame and embarrassment, but also a bit happy at the attention. In a way, he wanted more.

Erin soon had the diaper taped snugly around Guy's waist. “There we go.” she said. “All snug and comfy.” She smiled and patted his diaper, making it crinkle.

Guy blushed and smiled. “Th-thanks Erin.” he said. He laid down in his bed and pulled the covers up.

Billy was already ready for bed, not needing to change his underwear, and instead just put on his pajamas. He was helped into bed and given a hug by Erin.

Erin turned on the night light and turned off the room lights, and the lullaby began playing again. “Good night boys.” she said. “Sleep well.”

Good night Ms. Erin.” said the two boys.

Guy tossed and turned a bit, hearing his diaper crinkle. The music soon made him drift off to sleep, and again he dreamed.

In his dream, Guy was once again in a diaper, but now he was sitting in a booster seat at a restaurant with Erin and Billy. Somehow, he was smaller than Billy, who didn't need a booster seat.

Okay, here is your food.” said Erin. “Try not to make a mess okay. Let me know if you need help.”

I can eat and drink without help!” said Billy, who began eating his little cheese burger and fries.

Guy looked down at his burger and fries and small cup of soda. He reached down with little hands and picked up the burger. He took a bite, but spilled ketchup on his shirt.

Oh Guy, you got food on you with your first bite.” said Erin.

“Little bro is a messy eater!” said Billy.

I'm the little brother now?” guy wondered. He looked down and saw the red sauce on his shirt and blushed. He tried drinking some soda, but ended up spilling it on himself as well.

Oh gosh, Guy!” said Erin, getting up and wiping him down. “Do you need a sippy cup?”

N-no!” said Guy in a tiny voice. “Imma big boy!”

Then try not to make more of a mess.” said Erin.

Guy blushed and ate some fries. At least those were pretty easy to eat with small fingers. Then he took few more bites of his burger, getting some more splats of ketchup on his shirt. He hiccuped, and tried drinking more soda, but dribbled some down his chin.

Sorry Guy, but its time for the sippy cup.” said Erin. She took one out of a diaper bag and poured Guy's soda into it, then gave it to him.

Guy reluctantly drank from the sippy cup. He felt the hard plastic nozzle in his mouth and clacked his teeth down on it. It worked, and he drank without getting any on him, but his food was another matter. Erin had to tie a bib onto him.

Maybe this will help.” said Erin.

Guy looked down and saw that the bib had a little ducky on it. He blushed and fussed, but finished eating. Then he felt something under his butt.

Erin wrinkled her nose. “Phew, Guy did you make a poo poo?” she asked.

Baby bro made a poopy!” Billy giggled. “Oh man, its stinky!”

Guy wiggled, feeling the slimy warm poop between his cheeks. Tears welled up and soon he began to cry. He wailed like a baby until he was surrounded by darkness and the sound of rushing wind. An image of himself at seven-years-old appeared before him.

My name is Guy and I'm seven-years-old. I'm in second grade with my big bro Billy. I like to play with my action figures and video games. I'm a messy eater and can't keep my pants dry or clean at night, so I wear a diaper. I like it when Erin changes my diaper and gives me a bath.” said the image.

That's not true!” screamed Guy. “That's a lie! Its this place! Not me!” The wind stopped and Guy woke up. Once again, his diaper was wet, but that wasn't the most unusual thing. His bed was smaller and action figures had replaced his models. He had a poster of Spider-Man on the wall by his bed, and his laptop was gone, replaced by a video game console. The stack of diapers and training pants for Billy were gone, but the stack for Guy had increased.

Good morning boys!” said Erin, walking in and turning on the light, stopping the music. “Rise and shine!”

Billy woke up and yawned, stretching out. “Good morning Ms. Erin.” he said groggily.

Guy wiggled in his wet diaper. “G-good morning Ms. Erin.” he squeaked out. He sounded as young as Billy.

Erin made her way over to Guy and pulled his sheets down. “Time for a diaper check!” Erin happily announced.

Guy looked down and saw that he was earing red power ranger pajamas and a thick over-night diaper that was soaked.

Oh my, soaked as usual.” she said. “Don't worry, I'm sure you will grow out of it soon. Then you'll be a big boy like Billy!”

Yeah, a big boy like me!” said Billy, who was dressing himself. “I'm gonna go use the potty!” He said as he left to get in line for the restroom.

Guess you don't need to worry about that.” said Erin. “I'll get you cleaned up. Go ahead and take off those pajamas.

Guy stood up and did as he was told. He stripped down to his diaper and started to take it off as well.

I'll get that.” said Erin. She unfastened Guy's diaper and slid removed it, then got some baby wipes and began cleaning him.

Once again, the feeling of being cleaned by Erin made him erect. “This is wrong!” he thought to himself. “Why do I feel this way? I'm an adult damnit! I'm not supposed to be wearing and using diapers like some baby!” His body betrayed him though, and he felt pleasure all throughout. He couldn't help but giggle a bit.

Oh, does that tickle?” asked Erin. “What about this?” She tickled his tummy, making him laugh some more. “Looks like Guy is ticklish! Such a cute laugh you have!”

Guy slowly stopped giggling and blushed. He almost stuck a thumb in his mouth, but resisted. “N-not funny!” he shouted, pouting. “I'm a big boy!”

Yes, you are.” said Erin, pulling out a pair of clean training pants. “But you still need these.” She helped him into a pair, then got out his clothes.

Guy saw they were just a smaller version of his previous uniform, and got dressed.

Good boy!” said Erin. “You got dressed without me telling you! Now, go on and have some breakfast.”

Guy blushed and headed out. The seats at the table seemed higher now, but he sat next to Billy.

Hey little bro!” said Billy.

“I thought we were the same age.” said Guy. “Why do you call me little?” While eating Guy managed to spill some food on his shirt and groaned.

Because I'm older than you by like a month!” said Billy. “That means I'm bigger!”

Oh, r-right.” said Guy, accepting this. “Does that really matter though?”

Yeah it does!” said Billy. “But don't worry, we're still gonna get out of here together!”

What do you mean?” asked Guy, thinking Billy was talking about escape.

I mean we're going to grow up and graduate together!” said Billy, giving a big thumbs up.

“Oh, yeah, for sure!” said Guy. Even though he still remembered being an adult, apparently Billy didn't. “Just gotta keep studying hard right?”

Yeah!” said Billy. “I'm gonna be smart!” He smiled and ate his food along with Guy, then they both went to the same class together.

Guy looked way up at the tall teacher. A lot of the teachers there were tall, but this one was by far the tallest. She was a woman in her early thirties with long blonde hair done up in a bun, and green eyes. She had a curvy body like most of the other female staff, and was like a giantess to Guy.

Morning Ms. Marie!” Billy shouted, greeting his teacher.

G-good morning Ms. Marie!” said Guy, trying to sound just as enthusiastic.

Good morning boys!” she said, returning the greeting and patting them on the head. She seemed very nice, but also as if she could be very stern if need be.

Guy sat down in a small desk next to Billy. He was a bit nervous being in class, but somehow being next to Billy made him feel more at ease. He was someone he knew and had played with, practically grew up with. Or did he? He seemed to remember being older, and Billy being older too, but he also remembered being younger, and playing with Billy in the mud when they were five. He was having trouble telling which memories were real now. Suddenly the teacher began passing out pieces of paper.

I hope you all remembered to use the bathroom before coming to class today.” said Marie. “This is a test that will help determine if you have learned enough to advance to the next grade. You will not be allowed to leave while taking it.”

Guy looked at the test. It seemed simple enough, though as he began going through it, he found he knew less than he used to. He had a harder time with math and comprehension, taking more time to finish the questions than the rest of the class. Soon he had to pee, but he knew he had to hold it. He squirmed in his seat, looking over at Billy a few times.

Billy was going through the test, seemingly without much issue. He only seemed to pause a few times to think on certain questions.

Guy began to sweat. He didn't want to get held back while Billy moved on. The urge to pee rose until he finally decided to just wet his pull-ups and keep taking the test. He could hear a faint hissing and splashing sound as his crotch was surrounded by warm pee. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but they were all busy with the test. His pull-up swelled in front, containing it without issue. “That actually feels better.” he thought. “Now I can concentrate on the test.” He continued to take the test, feeling mostly confident in his abilities, then handed it in along with the other students.

Okay class, you are dismissed for recess and lunch.” said Marie. She dismissed the class a bit early so they could relax after taking the tough test.

Yay!” the kids cheered, and filed out of the classroom.

Guy followed Billy, feeling his pull-up droop between his legs. He had to keep pulling them up as he walked.

Billy noticed Guy fidgeting. “Little bro?” he asked. “Are you okay?”

Y-yeah, I'm fine.” said Guy blushing. “I just...needed to pee during that I...kinda...”

You wet your pull-ups?” asked Billy bluntly.

Um, yeah.” said Guy. It felt extra embarrassing admitting this to a child.

You better go see Ms. Erin.” said Billy. “She'll be mad if you try to hide it from her. Besides, you'll get a rash if you stay wet too long. Trust me, I know. Its not fun.”

Um, okay.” said Guy. “Guess I will. See you outside.”

Okay little bro.” said Billy, parting ways with Guy to go outside and play.

Guy reluctantly walked to his room, looking for Erin. Unable to find her, he looked around the living quarters and suddenly had to poop. Not wanting to add to his mess, he went to the bathroom, but saw that it was blocked off for cleaning again. “Crap!” he thought, looking around and holding his bottom. He looked around for another bathroom, but it was all the way upstairs, and he didn't think he could make it. With each step, he felt more poop working its way out of his behind, until finally he gave up, squatted a bit, and grunted. He filled his wet pull-up with warm slippery poop as his gut emptied. A thumb found its way into his mouth as he did, and he felt good.

“Guy?” asked Erin, popping up behind him. “Are you...oh my!” She wrinkled her nose as she smelled the accident. She also knew that pose very well, but usually only saw younger students doing it.

Guy turned and blushed, seeing Erin behind him. He popped his thumb out of his mouth and stood up, feeling the slimy mess on his bottom. “Ms. Erin!” he said. “I just...I had to use the bathroom, but it was closed off, and I really had to go, and the other bathroom is so far away. Its not fair!” He began to tear up and throw a little tantrum, stomping his feet.

Shhh, its okay Guy.” said Erin, kneeling down and hugging him. “I know you've been having trouble making it to the potty lately. The bathrooms have to be cleaned every day though, so they can't be open all the time. I think maybe it would be a good idea if you wore diapers full time now.”

N-no!” shouted Guy. “Not diapers! I'm notta baby!”

I know sweety, but its better if you wear them just in case the bathrooms are closed.” she said, leading him back to his room.

Guy sniffled and stumbled a bit. His shoes felt heavier and loose for some reason. He smelled like a stinky baby and was about to be changed like one.

Erin quickly stripped Guy of his clothes until he was in just his wet and messy training pants. She then gently tugged them down and tossed them in a nearby diaper pail.

Guy didn't notice the diaper pail at first, but he guessed it made sense if he wore and used diapers. He saw himself in the mirror as a little boy, no more than six-years-old, naked and with a poop covered bottom. He sniffled again and looked down at his former man-hood. It was tiny and wet, sitting atop small hairless testicles.

Erin went to work, cleaning his wee wee first, peeling back his foreskin to clean underneath as she always did. She smiled at his cute little erection. She was used to seeing it when she changed him. Next she used some more wipes to clean the brown sticky clumps off of his butt, making sure to wipe between his cheeks, and also clean his taint area.

Guy blushed as his thumb made its way to his mouth again. He felt silly being cleaned by Erin like this, but it also felt really good. He saw his little wee wee straining a two-inch-long erection and reached down to touch it, only to have his hand lightly moved away.

No no.” said Erin. “No playing with it.” She continued cleaning him up, tossing the dirty wipes in the diaper pail, then she got out a crinkly diaper. “Okay, now lay down on your bed for me.”

Guy blushed and felt like such a child, being scolded for trying to touch himself down there. He laid down as he was told, looking at the diaper. It was a white disposable diaper with super heroes and wetness indicators on it. His mind struggled to accept this reality, but memories of being an adult and trying to escape began to surface. Suddenly he screamed and jumped out of bed, running naked out of his room and down the halls.

Guy no!” Erin yelled, chasing after the little nudist.

“Notta baby!” Guy yelled, blinking away tears. His little feet pitter pattered on the hard wood floor. Everything was so big and scary. He felt like all of the adults were after him, trying to turn him into a baby. He ran by other students who were laughing and pointing at him.

Uh oh, jay bird on the loose!” said one of the older kids.

Guy is nakie!” said one of the younger ones.

"Cute little butt!" said Mira.

Guy blushed more and ran to the play room. He looked around and saw a few others younger than him playing on the play mat. They giggled at him as well, and he went to hide behind a big panda plush. He stayed there, sitting on the floor with his hands on his head, rocking back and forth. “Notta baby! Notta baby! Notta baby!” he repeated over and over. “I'm a big boy. I'm a big boy. I'm a big boy.” He kept trying to make himself older by concentrating, but it didn't work. Soon Erin found him.

There you are!” she said, quickly scooping him up. “You've been a very naughty boy.”

Guy squirmed and wiggled in her grasp. “No!” he yelled. “Lemme go! You can't make me into a baby!”

Calm down Guy!” Erin yelled, carrying the naked boy back to his room. “I've told you before, just because you have to wear diapers doesn't make you a baby. Now calm down or I'll have to spank you!”

Guy sniffled and began to cry. He didn't want to be spanked, but he didn't want to wear diapers either. He just wanted to leave. Tears and snot ran down his face as he bawled.

Erin laid him down on his bed and proceeded to diaper him. She powdered his groin and bottom, taping his diaper snugly around him. “Now then, I think you need a nap.” she said. “Your punishment is to go to bed without dinner. Here.” She poured some pink liquid medicine into a cup and made him drink it. “This is to help you calm down and sleep.”

Guy resisted, but he didn't want that spanking, so he drank it. It actually tasted good, like bubble gum. He began to calm down almost immediately. “Ms. Erin...I...” he said drowsily. “I...sorry...for...” He passed out before he could finish.

Poor Guy.” said Erin, tucking him in. “I hope you sleep well and wake up feeling better.” She turned on his night light and turned out the lights, starting the lullaby music.

Guy began to dream again. This time, he was sitting in a play pen wearing a diaper. He looked around and saw some action figures laying on the floor. He reached down to pick one up, but it suddenly turned into a plush. “That's not right.” he said, putting it down. Then he picked up another, only to have it turn into a soft plushy as well. Soon all the toys in the play pen were either plush, wood, or soft plastic baby toys. “What is this? I'm no baby!” As he said that, drool poured down his chin and onto his tummy, then his diaper. He looked down at his diaper and saw a big goofy cartoon panda face on it.

We are your toys!” said one of the plushes. It was a giraffe.

Please play with us!” said a tiger plush.

“We love you!” said a wooden cowboy doll.

N-no!” said Guy, backing away. His diaper crinkled loudly with each step. He looked down at the toys coming nearer and nearer to his chubby little feet. “S-stay away!”

Don't you love us Guy?” asked a plush panda. “I know you love ME! I'm PanPan the Panda! All kids love PanPan!” The plushes all looked up to him with spiral eyes.

I...I...wuv...PanPan.” said Guy, his eyes glazing over. Suddenly it was dark all over, and there was a growling sound. “W-whats dat?” asked Guy. The growling sound got louder and louder, then a scream was heard. “Nooo!” said Guy, shutting his eyes and covering his ears. Just then the PanPan plush appeared in front of him.

PanPan will make the bad stuff go away!” said a somewhat funny voice. The kind of voice you hear in shows that talk down to little kids. “PanPan loves you! Do you love PanPan?”

PanPan?” asked Guy. Then the scream sounded again, and Guy wet his diaper. “PanPan!” Guy picked up the panda plush and gave it a hug, squeezing his eyes hut. “Make dem go away! Pwease!”

Aww, thank you Guy!” said PanPan. “Hugs make all the bad feeling go away. You love PanPan and your plushes. Soft toys make everything feel better.”

Soft toys...” said Guy as if in a trance. “Soft toys bettah.” He found himself chewing and drooling on the plush panda's ear.

That's right.” said PanPan. “You love plushes!”

Hugging and chewing on the plush made the bad sounds go away, and soon Guy found himself surrounded by darkness and wind again. It was familiar now, and he felt safe. He even saw himself as a four-year-old wearing PanPan pajamas.

“I'm Guy and I'm four-years-old. I'm to widdle fow school, but I go to pweschool and have a nap when da smaww hand is on da one. I wuv my pwushies, especiawwy PanPan! I have to wear diapees cuz I forget to use da potty, but Ewin changes my diapee any time I need it. I wuv Ewin and my diapees.” said the small image.

Nu uh!” Guy complained. “Notta baby! I don't need diapees!” He stuck his tongue out at the image, but it simply faded away, and there was only the sound of the lullaby.

Good morning!” said Erin, opening the door and turning on the lights, stopping the music. “How are my little boys today?”

Billy yawned and stretched out, still a seven-year-old in his TMNT pajamas. “Good morning Erin!” he greeted. “I'm good.” He hopped out of bed.

Guy blinked his eyes and looked around. He was in a small bed and saw bars on the side. “Not a crib!” he shouted in his head. He sat up and saw that it was just a bed with rails on one side to keep him from rolling out. He also felt wet.

How about you Guy?” asked Erin. “Feeling okay? I know you weren't feeling so well yesterday.” She walked over, putting a hand on his head. “You're not warm, so that's good.”

Mownin Ewin.” said Guy, shocked at his tiny voice and babyish pronunciations. “Ah, I um, feew otay.”

That's good.” said Erin, pulling back his sheets. “Lets check that diaper.” She removed his pajamas and stuck two fingers into the leg hole of his diaper, feeling wetness. “Okay, time for a diaper change and breakfast.”

Guy blushed and nodded, holding his arms up.

Little bro needs a diaper change.” said Billy. “Can I help?”

No, I got it.” said Erin. “Why don't you go ahead and get dressed and walk to the cafeteria for some breakfast?”

Okay!” said Billy, doing just that.

Erin picked up Guy and carried him over to a changing table that was now in the room, and laid him on it. She unfastened his disposable diaper and opened it.

Guy shivered a bit from the sudden rush of cold air on his wet groin. He looked down and couldn't believe how small he looked now. He had a chubby tummy and legs, and a tiny wee wee between them. He remembered how he used to rub himself in the shower. Now it was just a tiny nub, only for peeing his diapers. He blushed and covered his face.

“Aww, no need to be shy little one.” said Erin, wiping his groin free of pee. “You should be used to this after all. You've been wearing these since you were born.” She lifted him by the ankles and wiped his bottom, then removed the wet diaper, tossing it in the diaper pail.

Guy blushed more, seeing his little wee spring into an inch-long erection. He still loved Erin's attention, and had memories of wetting and messing himself on purpose so she would change him. Secretly, he didn't want to be potty trained. He didn't want to go to big boy school. He just wanted to stay little and cuddle with his plushies all day. Or did he? No, that wasn't right. Was it? It was getting harder for him to think.

Erin lifted him again and slid a fresh, clean diaper underneath him, then sprinkled some baby powder onto his bottom and groin and taped the diaper snugly around his waist.

Guy looked down and saw a smiling face of a panda on it, just like in his dream. He poked at it curiously, as if expecting it to speak. “PanPan.” he said.

“That's right!” said Erin, picking him up. “Its your friend PanPan! You like PanPan don't you?”

Y-yeah.” said Guy. “I wike PanPan.”

Erin smiled and tickled Guy a little while in her arms.

Guy couldn't help but giggle and squirm, sounding like a happy baby.

Erin sat him down and put socks on his little feet, then put a blue shirt on him, followed by some corduroy overalls with the academy's logo on them. She then slipped some little red velcro shoes on him that lit up when he walked. “Now, I know you are potty training, so come to me if you have to potty because I have to help. Okay?” she said with a smile, handing him a panda plush.

O-okay Ewin.” said Guy, snuggling his plushy.

Now lets get some breakfast in you.” said Erin. She held his hand and walked with him and the other children to the cafeteria. Once there, she lifted him up and into a booster seat at the table with babies and toddlers, then tied a bib around his neck.

Guy looked down at his bib and saw a familiar smiling panda, then looked up and saw the babies and toddlers at the table. Some wore diapers, some had training pants on, but all were padded. It made him feel a bit better that he wasn't the only one his age still wearing diapers. He saw one toddler wearing a cute sailor outfit, but he looked unimpressed by it. One little girl wore a pink dress with unicorns on it, and a diaper underneath. Others were dressed just as cutely. Still, Guy felt extremely embarrassed being demoted to the toddler table.

Erin and Mina soon brought out food for them and helped them eat. “Do you need help Guy?” asked Erin.

I fink I got it.” said Guy. He found that his little hands were harder to control, but not impossible. He soon figured it out, and used his spoon to eat some oatmeal. It tasted like apples and cinnamon, and he liked it. He also picked up some strawberries and ate them, but got a lot on his face and bib. He had a sippy cup now, and he reluctantly drank from it, tasting some sweet fruit juice. It all tasted very good on his regressed taste buds.

Erin came over and cleaned his face. “Goodness, such a messy eater.” she said.

Guy blushed and had finished eating and felt full, but had to wait until the others were done eating.

Erin and Mina went around helping each of the children out of their high chairs and booster seats. “Okay kids, now go play until lunch.” said Erin.

Guy followed the other kids, waddling a bit. He was among the older ones, since those ages five and up were in class. “Too little for classes now?” he thought. It felt so strange. He looked at his little hands. They were pink and soft with stubby digits and dimpled knuckles. Toddler hands. Even though he remembered being older and trying to escape, it seemed like a dream now, and he wondered if he ever really was big. He went over to a nearby activity center and began playing with it. He pushed alphabet and number buttons, hearing a voice say what they were. “This is for dumb babies.” Even so, the sounds and tactile feelings of the buttons made him happy. He saw a plush panda and picked it up. He couldn't help but give it a hug. Then he heard the voice of PanPan and waddled over to the TV.

Most of the little ones were sitting in front of the TV watching the fun cartoon. Some were sucking on pacifiers, some were sucking their thumbs, and others were just drooling while cuddling their plushes.

Guy looked up at the screen and couldn't look away. The sights and sounds had his attention, and he found himself sitting down with the others, watching and singing along with PanPan.

Now kids,” said PanPan. “I'd like to introduce you to a new friend!” The panda character brought out a smaller skunk character who was wearing a diaper.

Hi PanPan!” said the skunk. “Hi friends! My name is Tinker!”

“Hi Tinker!” said the kids in unison, including Guy.

Tinker wears diapers, but he's not a baby.” said PanPan.

That's right!” said Tinker. “Just like some of you kids! It can be hard making it to the potty in time, and sometimes I have an accident. Sometimes its a really smelly one!”

But that doesn't mean you should be sad or upset.” said PanPan. “Sometimes having a wet or messy diaper feels really good!”

Yes it does!” said Tinker. “But you should still get a grown up and get changed! Rashes are no fun!”

No fun!” said the kids in unison.

Also remember, if a friend of yours has a wet or poopy diaper, don't make fun of them.” said PanPan.

That would make me very sad.” said Tinker. “You wouldn't want someone to make fun of you for your accidents would you?”

Nu uh!” said the kids.

So be nice, and be helpful!” said PanPan. Suddenly there was a farting sound and a goofy cartoon trombone sound.

Tinker looked surprised. “Uh oh, I think I did a poo poo!” said Tinker. “What should I do?”

Find a gwon up!” said the kids.

That's right!” said PanPan. “Find a grown up!” Together the characters marched along to a large kangaroo character. “This is Patches, our caretaker!”

Hello kids!” said Patches. “Oh, I think I smell a stinky skunk.”

Tinker blushed and nodded. “I did a poo poo in my diaper!” he admitted.

Well, lets get you changed!” said Patches. She began to sing a song about changing diapers as she picked up Tinker and put him down on a changing table. The song said it was okay to be stinky and that it feels good to be clean. Tinker and PanPan added that its okay to wear diapers, and even can be fun.

Diapews awe fun...” said Guy, as if in a trance.

That's right!” said Tinker. “Its okay to be a stinker sometimes!”

Guy nodded and blushed, peeing in his diaper a little.

Soon the cartoon was over and guy realized he was wet. The cartoon skunks aid it was okay though, so it didn't bother him. He went to find an adult, but got distracted by a toy. It was a jack-in-the-box, but it was closed. Something was written on the front, but he had a hard time reading it. It was as if his reading skills had regressed too. Turning the crank, he heard a tinkling tune, but nothing came out. He turned the crank some more, but it just played more music. The music started to sound out of tune and off as he cranked it, and it made his head feel funny. Suddenly, a clown puppet with a scary face full of sharp teeth popped out and made a loud sound. Guy screamed and dropped it, filling his diaper with warm poop. He fell to his poopy bottom, feeling it squish all around his butt, and began to cry.

Aww, Guy, what's wrong?” asked Maya, immediately tending to him.

“Scawy cwown!” Guy yelled, pointing at the toy. “It scawe me! Made me poo poo!”

Awww, its okay.” said Maya, holding him gently. “You don't need to be afraid of Mr. Clown. Look, he's smiling at you.”

Guy looked and the clown was now just a completely normal one with a goofy cartoon face. No sharp teeth or scary eyes at all. He began to wonder if what he saw was real or his imagination.

Come on, lets get you changed.” said Maya. She carried him over to the changing room and laid him on the changing table. She unsnapped his overalls at the crotch and opened them, revealing his stinky diaper.

Guy looked up at Maya and thought he was the same age as her before. Then he looked down at his overalls. For some reason he didn't even notice that the overalls had a snap crotch before. If it meant he didn't have to get undressed every time he needed a change, then he was okay with it. It still made him feel like a baby, but those thoughts were pushed away with a hug of his plush.

Maya unfastened Guy's diaper and laid it open, then began cleaning him with some baby wipes. She lifted his legs and cleaned his little bottom free of the brown sticky muck and tossed his dirty diaper and used wipes in a diaper pail. Then she got out a fresh crinkly diaper and slid it under him, powdered him, and taped it up snugly. After snapping the crotch buttons back up, she picked him up and gave him a hug, then put him down on the floor. “Now go play. Its almost lunch time. When the little hand is on the twelve. Remember?”

Guy nodded. It was hard to remember what the big hand did, but he knew the little hand pointed at the time. His world view had shrunk along with his body, and now the clock was just a way to see if it was time for food or a nap. There was no longer any meaning for numbers between the hours. It was just either one or two, not one fifteen or one thirty. At least he knew his numbers, and felt smart for that.

Once it was lunch time, Erin and Mina came to get the little ones and put them in their booster seats and high chairs. The meal went much the same this time, with Guy getting food on his bib and face. He looked at some of the babies getting spoon fed and drinking from bottles. “I'm notta baby.” he thought to himself. “I don't need a boddle.” He kicked his little feet, eating and drinking all of his food.

Good boy!” said Erin. “You cleaned your plate!”

Guy felt good being praised, and smiled with food on his face.

Erin smiled and cleaned him up, then got him out of his booster seat. “Okay, go play a bit before nap time. Its when the small hand is pointing at the one, okay?”

Okay.” said Guy, and toddled off to play some more. He found a toy telephone with a face on it and remembered trying to use the phone at the receptionist's desk before. He picked up the receiver and dialed, making a ding-a-ling bell sound. He wondered why he would try and use the big people phone, but wasn't sure. He kept playing with the toys in the room until it was nap time.

Mina and Erin gathered the tots and guided them into the nap room. “Okay little ones, time for a nap while I read you a story.” she said. She sat in a chair and began reading a book while Erin checked and changed any little ones who needed it.

Guy was taken out of his overalls and tucked into a sleeping pad on the floor, wearing just his diaper, shirt, and socks. He had already pottied earlier, so his diaper was still clean for now. He listened to Mina tell the story of the three bears while Erin changed diapers and tucked in the little ones. Some of them got put in cribs while others slept on mats like him. He thought he didn't need sleep, but listening to Mina's voice was making him sleepy.

After she was done with the story, Mina put the book down and dimmed the lights. Erin started up a music box. “Sleep well little ones.” they both said.

The music tinkled through Guy's head and made him fall into a deep sleep. He didn't dream this time, but had a nice restful nap. He guessed his little body just used up all its energy playing. It was fun.

When he woke up, some of the others had already woken up and were outside playing. Guy looked and saw Erin standing there.

Hello Guy!” she said. “Did you have a good nap?” She walked over to him and began checking his diaper.

Uh huh.” said Guy, rubbing his eyes.

Erin felt that Guy's diaper was a little wet, so she took him to the changing table and changed his diaper.

Guy smiled a bit, being changed by Erin. He always did love her attention.

Erin unfastened his diaper and began cleaning him. “Oh, hello mister wee wee!” she said, noticing the cute little erection.

Guy just giggled and blushed, wiggling his toes a little. "Wee wee!" he repeated.

Erin finished cleaning him, disposed of his wet diaper, and replaced it with a clean one. She then powdered him and taped it up snugly, then redressed him in his overalls and shoes. “Ready to play outside?” she asked.

Yeah!” said Guy, eager to play. He held his arms up for her.

Erin picked him up and took him outside to the playground. She sat him in the sand box with a few other toddlers. “Play nice with your friends.” she said.

Guy looked at the toddlers in front of him who were digging in the sand with plastic shovels. Something seemed familiar about digging, but he couldn't place it. It was something in the back of his head, buried under thick layers of diapers and syrupy sweet childish memories. Just then, he was greeted by a familiar face.

Hey little bro!” said Billy, standing over him. “Wanna go down the slide?”

Guy smiled, seeing his role model big brother. “Big bwo!” he said happily. “Yeah! Wanna swide!” He stood up on his little legs and dusted the sand off his bottom, then waddled over to the slide with Billy. He had to waddle a bit fast to keep up, but once he was there he climbed up with help and sat at the top. He looked down and suddenly was afraid of just how high up he was.

Okay little bro, you can do it!” said Billy.

Guy held onto the sides with his little hands, trembling a bit. “B-big bwo, I fwaid.” he said, sounding just like a little toddler.

Aww, come on lil bro.” said Billy. “You can do it! You're a big boy remember?”

I big boy?” said Guy. If Billy thought he was a big boy, he must really be big. He trembled a little, looking down the slide, seeing other kids playing. He felt his diaper grow warm as he pushed off and slid down, landing on his bottom in the dirt. “Oof!”

You okay lil bro?” asked Billy, helping him up.

Y-yah, I okay.” said Guy, dusting himself off. “Dat was scawy.”

But you did it!” said Billy. “See? I told you you were a big boy.”

Guy looked up at the top of the slide. “I did it!” he said, cheering. “I'm a big boy!”

That's my cool little bro!” said Billy, giving Guy a hug. “Wanna pway baww?” Guy remembered the two playing catch before, but it was hazy, and for some reason he saw himself bigger.

Sure thing!” said Billy. He went and got a soft, hollow, plastic ball and tossed it to Guy.

Guy tried to catch it but it slipped out of his hands. “Ooops!” he said, waddling over to pick it up. He tossed it back, but it bounced on the ground and landed in front of Billy.

Hehe, almost!” said Billy. He picked it up and gently tossed it back, feeling like a good big brother.

Guy clumsily missed the ball again, waddling after it and picking it up. He felt a bit of a pressure in his stomach, but ignored it to continue playing. He awkwardly tossed the ball overhand and once again it landed at Billy's feet.

Aww, one more try!” said Billy. This time he rolled it to him.

Guy bent over and picked up the ball, then squatted and grunted as his body automatically expelled the contents of his bowels into his diaper. Once he was done, he sighed happily, smiled and tossed it back, underhand this time.

Billy noticed this little display and laughed a little. He caught the ball and praised his little bro. “Good one!” he said. “Come on, lets get you changed.”

Guy blushed and nodded. He only just them realized he had pooped. He felt his diaper drooping between his legs, rubbing against his thighs. He held Billy's hand as he was led over to Erin.

Ms. Erin!” said Billy. “Little bro needs a change!”

Thank you Billy!” said Erin. “Come on stinker, lets get you out of that poopy diaper and into a bath.”

Baff time?' asked Guy. He liked bath time.

Yep, come on little man!” she said, holding his hand and leading him inside and into the bathroom. She stripped him down to his diaper, then laid him on a changing table.

Guy felt a bit strange laying on a baby changing table in the bathroom. The one in his room was more sized for him, but this one was a bit smaller. He sucked on his thumb while being cleaned and smiled up at Erin's face. He had grown to love her, and remembered when he first saw her as an adult. Even then, he found her attractive and her demeanor was very soothing. He wouldn't be surprised if she had been one source of his regression. He smiled and relaxed as she cleaned him.

Erin lifted him by the legs, cleaning the brown clumps off of his little rear before rolling up and tossing his dirty diaper in the diaper pail.

Guy looked up at her and smiled, blushing a bit. He did love her, from the first moment he saw her. She was very attractive, and her demeanor made him feel all giddy and small. Indeed, she made him feel younger even before he started getting younger.

Erin picked him up, carrying him over to the tub and filled it with warm water, then added bubble bath and swirled it around with her free hand.

Guy, still sucking his thumb and feeling very little, looked down into the tub at the swirling water. It was almost hypnotic. The smell made him feel all cozy and fuzzy. He watched it get closer as he was placed in the water. It felt good on his tender skin.

Oh, what's this?” said Erin, holding up a rubber ducky and squeaking it.

Ducky!” said Guy, slipping his thumb out of his mouth.

That's right!” said Erin, plopping it into the tub. “Ducky wants to play with you!”

Ducky!” said Guy happily. He began playing with it, squeezing it and splashing around in the tub. He played with the fun bubbles and didn't even notice Erin washing his face and hair.

Erin stood Guy up and washed his chest and back, tummy and butt, then washed his bits and legs and finally his feet.

Guy just giggled, slipping the ducky into his mouth and sucking on it. He felt like her little baby and wouldn't mind just staying this way forever. After all, he didn't have to worry about work or money or politics. Right now he didn't even have to worry about school, bathing himself, dressing himself, or even using the potty. But something somewhere in the back of his mind still felt like something was off. He was supposed to be trying to get away, but why?

Erin finished bathing him and plucked him from the tub, then dried him off and carried him to his room. Here, she laid him down on a changing table and proceeded to diaper him.

Guy didn't resist. He just laid there as his legs were lifted and a diaper was slid under his butt. He felt the power sprinkle onto him and inhaled the sweet scent. He still felt a bit embarrassed wearing a diaper, but if Erin was putting it on him, he didn't mind so much.

Erin picked him up and put him down on the floor. “You look so cute in your little diaper!” she said. “I almost don't want to dress you!” She pulled out a red onesie and another pair of academy overalls. She soon had him dressed and ready to play some more.

Guy looked at his babyish attire and blushed. “Notta babee.” he said, a bit grumpy.

No, sweety, you're a big boy!” she said. “You just have to wear this until you can use the potty like one.”

Otay Ewin.” said Guy. He waddled out of his room and looked at how huge everything was now. So much of the academy was unavailable to him due to baby gates blocking things off. “Dumb baby fings.” he said, kicking one with his chubby little foot. He was much too little now to try and escape. But why would he want to escape? This is where his big bro and Erin were, and he loved them.

Billy came running up. “Hey little bro!” he said, giving Guy a hug. “Wanna play a game?”

Guy smiled, happy to see him, and nodded eagerly. “Uh huh!” he said happily. The two made their way back into their room.

Erin put down some cookies and milk for them to snack on. A cup for Billy and a sippy cup for Guy. “You two play while I tend to the others.” said Erin. “Be good boys.”

We will!” said Billy. He sat down by his game console and picked up a controller.

Guy sat next to him with a soft crinkle. He drank some of his milk and ate a cookie. Then he picked up a controller and couldn't help but notice how large it was in his hands now. Before it had seemed a bit small.

Billy started up a game where characters raced in cute little go-karts. He picked a little raccoon character. He snacked on some cookies while waiting for Guy to pick.

Guy looked at the roster and saw a cool tiger character, and picked that one.

You know what the buttons do?” asked Billy.

Uh, yeah!” said Guy. He did remember playing it, but when he was much bigger. It felt strange to him, but he was eager to play.

Okay, here we go!” said Billy, starting the race.

Guy pressed the buttons on the controller and his kart raced around, running right into a wall.

Ooops!” said Billy. “Keep trying! You can do it!”

Guy kept pressing the buttons, trying to get off the wall. He managed to get back on the road, but soon ran into a river. “Uh oh!” he said. “No! Its too hawd!”

Its okay little bro.” said Billy. “Come on, keep trying!”

Guy got back on the track and managed to get further along, but he had trouble remembering what the buttons do and coordinating them with what was on screen. He was getting frustrated running off the road so much. He remembered being much better at this game. “Dis game is cheating!” he yelled, pounding his feet on the floor and wetting his diaper.

Billy giggled a little. “Its not cheating, you just have to learn how to play.” he said. “I'll help you.” He explained what the buttons do and when to press them, and how lightly to press them.

Guy listened to the instructions and did a little better, but still came in last place. “I cwossed da wine!” he said, happy to have finished.

Yeah, you did it!” said Billy. “Wanna play again?”

Yeah!” said Guy. He played some more with Billy until it was dinner time.

Erin came in and checked Guy's diaper. Finding it wet, she changed him and held his hand as they walked to the cafeteria along with Billy. She put Guy in a booster seat at the table and tied a bib onto him. It had “Messy Eater” written on it.

Guy looked at it and had trouble reading it. Once he had sounded out the letters, he blushed and huffed cutely. He ate his food and once again spilled a lot on his bib and made a mess of his hands and face.

Erin cleaned him up and put him down. “Billy, can you be a big boy and take Guy to the play room?” she asked.

Billy smiled and nodded, happy to take any opportunity to confirm his big boy status. “Yeah! I can do that!” he said. He took Guy by the hand and pulled him forward. “Come on little bro!”

Guy toddled along, holding Billy's hand. It felt weird having to look up to him now. He was smaller than a little kid, and his crinkling diaper made him feel less like a big boy. He kept having to tug on it to keep it from slipping down.

Billy got to the play room with Guy and looked around. “Oh look!” he said. “Power rangers are on!” He went and sat in front of the TV with Guy in his lap.

Guy looked up at the show. It was bright and colorful with lots of explosions, but the monsters scared him a little. He sucked his thumb a little and felt better.

Billy noticed and gave him a panda plush to hug on.

Guy smiled and hugged the plush tightly. It helped to sway his fears. Watching a show meant for big kids with his big bro made him feel happy and included.

After the show, a PanPan cartoon started. The happy panda came out and talked to the audience as if he could hear them.

Do you see my pal Tinker anywhere kids?” he asked, looking around. The skunk character appeared behind him, then went behind a tree.

Right there!” said a child's voice in the show.

He dere!” said Guy, finding himself entertained by it.

You like this show don't you little bro?” asked Billy.

Guy nodded. “Uh huh!” he said. “Tinky weaws diapees wike me!”

Yeah he does.” said Billy. “I think I'm a bit too old for this show. You can sit here and watch it while I go play with my friends.

I'll be in the game room if you need me.”

Ohtay.” said Guy. He didn't want his big brother to leave, but he also couldn't tear himself away from the TV. He saw the goofy panda and diapered skunk dancing around and running back and forth.

We use up a lot of energy when we play!” said PanPan.

So its important to stop and have a snack every now and then!” said Tinker. They both went over to a picnic blanket and sat down. They began eating celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins on them, and drinking juice. Tinker drank from a baby bottle.

Tinker has to drink from a bottle.” said PanPan. “But its okay, because he's little.”

Tinker nodded and showed his bottle. “Its hard to drink from a cup sometimes.” he said. “Its okay to drink from a bottle if you need to! Its fun and easy! You don't have to worry about it spilling!” He continued to suckle on the bottle, making it look very enticing.

Boddle...” said Guy. “Wan boddle...wike Tinky.” He got up and went over to a table with some sippy cups and bottles on it, and picked out a bottle. He sat back down and began sucking on it. It was difficult at first, but soon he had a good rhythm going.

Suckle on your bottle with a nuk nuk nuk!” sang Tinker. “Suckle on your bottle with a nuk nuk nuk until its aaaaalllll gone!” The skunk cartoon sucked on his bottle, making sucking and slurping sounds.

Guy imitated the skunk and suckled on the bottle. He was rewarded with creamy chocolate milk.

Tinker danced a little, then suddenly squatted.

Uh oh!” said PanPan. “Looks like Tinker has to poo poo! Help Tinker make a poo poo kids! Push! Push! Push!”

Guy watched and grunted a little. “Push! Push! Push!” he repeated. A little lump began to form in the back of his diaper.

Push it alllllll out!” said PanPan. “Remember, when you need to go, just do what Tinker is doing. Squat, grunt, and push!”

Tinker's tail flagged as his diaper expanded cartoonishly in back. He was squatting, grunting, and pushing out a large load.

Guy stood up and squatted, grunting, and pushing.

It feels good to let it all out.” said Tinker. Soon his diaper was turning yellow in front.

Looks like Tinker is going pee pee too!” said PanPan. “Sometimes it hurts to hold it in, so just let it out. Relax and let it all go into your diaper!”

Guy felt his diaper grow warm in front, relaxing and filling his diaper with warm pee and poop. Each load that fell into it made a soft crinkle and a little fart. The hissing sound in the front of his diaper sounded like Tinker's diaper, which made him feel like he was doing good.

I'm done!” said Tinker. “It feels good to have a wet and messy diaper doesn't it Guy?”

Guy blinked, standing there with a heavy loaded diaper on and smiled. “It feew good!” he said.

Great job!” said PanPan. “Make sure to find a grown up and proudly tell them you have a poopy diaper! You want to tell everyone!”

Teww evwyone...” said Guy. He tugged at his diaper, the scent of it surrounding him, and began toddling around the play room. He passed by other kids that covered their noses and giggled.

Guy is tinky.” said one of the kids.

I did a poo poo!” said Guy happily. The kids giggled at him as he waddled awkwardly to Mina.

Mina immediately picked up the sent and saw his awkward waddle. “Why hello Guy!” she said, bending down to him. “Does someone need a diaper change?”

Uh huh!” said Guy. “I made a biiiig poo poo and pee pee!” He smiled, proud of his accomplishment.

You sure did kiddo!” said Mina. “Lets get you changed.” She lifted him by the arm pits and held him at arms length, taking him to the changing room. She removed his clothes, except for his diaper, and laid him on the changing table. “Its a good thing you came to me! Any more and you would be leaking poo poo all over!”

No weaky.” said Guy. “I a good boy!” He smiled and kicked his little feet, feeling the soft squishy mess on his bottom. The smell didn't bother him anymore. It made him feel relaxed and at home.

Mina hummed as she unfastened Guy's stinky diaper and opened it, exposing the mess he had made. She began cleaning his front with a warmed baby wipe, making Guy coo in response. She lifted his legs and cleaned the poop from his little butt and legs, working a few wipes into his little crack to make sure it was all clean.

Guy giggled and wiggled a little, sucking his thumb again. His thumb felt like his bottle nipple, which made him feel good. Soon he was all clean, and his dirty diaper was tossed into the diaper pail.

Mina got out a fresh diaper and slid it under his bottom, then sprinkled baby powder on his groin and worked some diaper rash cream on his bits and bottom.

The slippery cream felt good to Guy, and he smiled a little, cooing softly. Once his diaper was snugly taped up, he patted it with his little hand. “Diapee.” he said.

Yes, your diadee!” said Mina. She redressed him in some blue footed cat pajamas with white paw prints, hood with cat ears, and gripping feet bottoms that looked like paw pads. “Since its almost bed time for you, you can wear your jammies for a while.”

Jammies!” Guy repeated. He was losing more and more of his adult self as he gave in to the hypnotic effects he had been exposed to. The pajamas felt very soft and comfortable, and he waddled around the play room. Looking into the game room, he saw Billy sitting and gaming with friends his own age, and some older kids. The baby gate was much too big for him to climb over, so he just waved at Billy and kept waddling around looking for something to do. He got onto a wooden rocking horse, with some help from Mina, and began rocking back and forth. He giggled and enjoyed the feeling of swaying back and forth.

Is it fun Guy?” asked Mina.

Uh huh!” said Guy, smiling and drooling a bit. “Wocky howse ish fun!” He happily rocked back and forth on it for a while before getting a bit dizzy. “Oooha...”

I think maybe you had TOO much fun.” Mina chuckled, helping him off.

Guy tried to walk but his head was all swimmy and his legs felt weird. He found himself plopping down onto his diapered rear, looking sleepy.

I think its bed time.” said Mina, picking him up. “Let's go. Off to sleepy bye land!”

Guy nodded and drooled, he laid his head on Mina's shoulder and hiccuped as she carried him.

Mina laid Guy down in his crib and tucked him in. She placed a baby bottle filled with water next to him. “Here's some water if you're thirsty.” she said, then gave him a kiss on his forehead.

Guy smiled and cooed, picking up the bottle and sucking on it a little.

Mina turned on the night light and turned off the bedroom lights, making the lullaby start.

Guy looked up at the ceiling as he laid there sucking on his bottle, and soon feel asleep. Once again he dreamed, this time of being an adult again. He was dressed in his academy staff uniform in front of Ms. Sinclair.

Well well, what do we have here?” asked Sinclair. “Someone let a little brat into my academy staff room!”

I'm not a little brat!” said Guy. “I'm an adult and you need to treat me like one!”

Oh ho!” she said in response. “The little boy thinks he's a big man! If you are an adult, then why are you peeing your pants?”

Guy looked down and saw a dark stain spreading across his crotch and running down his legs. “N-no!” he yelled. “Stop this!”

Stop what?” asked Sinclair. “I'm not doing anything. You're the one wetting yourself like a toddler.”

Guy pressed his hand against his crotch, trying to stop himself, but just ended up peeing all over his hand. His uniform felt looser and Ms. Sinclair seemed bigger. “Y-you're m-making m-me l-little!” he stammered.

Silly, you've always been little.” said Sinclair. “Just a silly little baby boy going potty in his diapers on purpose to get the attention of a pretty lady.”

Guy shuddered as he shrank more. “I..I'm not...a baby!” His voice was cracking a bit.

Who is this baby in my class?” said Mira, who suddenly appeared next to Sinclair.

Not a baby!” shouted Guy, shrinking a bit more.

I don't think you're old enough for my class.” said Mira. “Maybe Cecilia's fifth grade class.”

No no, babies aren't allowed in my class room.” said Cecilia, now standing with the others. “Especially not ones that fill their pants and stink up the place!”

Guy heard a loud farting sound and felt himself once again unloading himself in his pants. “S-s-stop!” he begged. “Please!” He continued filling his pants as warm poop dribbled down his pant legs. Soon his pants were much too big and fell to the floor around his ankles. He looked down and saw the wet and poopy mess he had made, feeling ashamed and afraid.

I have the results of your tests.” said Seijun, appearing next to them. “I'm afraid you're getting younger. But don't worry, you'll be much happier this way!”

That stinky baby peed himself in my class!” said Marie, the second grade teacher. She now appeared along with the others, and they were all growing before him.

Th-that was an...accident!” said Guy, feeling his gut clench again.

Oh my, you've made a really big mess Guy!” said Erin, now also appearing. “Did you do this on purpose just for my attention?”

Guy blushed and looked down. He suddenly erupted again and began openly peeing and pooping into the pants and underwear at his feet. “Erin I...” he started. “”

You love me?” asked Erin. She blushed a little. “ you too. As my little man. My cute little baby.”

B-baby?” asked Guy. “I” A look of confusion grew on his face as he emptied himself again. Suddenly his clothes were gone and replaced with a very full diaper around his waist.

Of course you are!” said Erin. She waked up to him as he got smaller and younger by the minute. “You're much too little to read or tell time or even use the potty!”

Guy looked up at her as the world grew around him, and his diaper grew more full. “Buh..buh...” he said, wobbling on his chubby little legs.

Too little.” said Erin. “So little. So cute.”

Guy shrank more, falling to his mushy bottom and wiggling in his full diaper. He began to cry and suck his fingers. “Ewin! Pwease!” he begged again. He kicked his little legs and saw them become more stunted and chubby.

You should have known better than to try and escape.” said Sinclair, looming over him. “What were you, born yesterday?!”

Guy wailed as he shrank even more, losing what months he had left, until he was the size of a newborn. He lay kicking and squealing on the floor, just a diaper pooping, thumb sucking, dumb little baby.

Erin bent down and picked up the wailing infant. “My baby.” she said. “My little stinker.”

Guy continued to wail, not wanting to be a baby, but also wanting to be with Erin and in her care. These thoughts conflicted with each other, and he soon had to decide which he truly wanted to go with. Did he want to struggle and be an adult, or give in and be a sweet little diaper filling baby? He found himself relaxing in Erin's arms and feeling safe now.

Everything went dark and the wind swirled around Guy's body. It felt safe and secure. He had no fear and no worries. He suddenly saw himself as a baby, barely a year old.

Me Guy! Me baby! Me wuv Ewin n big bwo! I go pee pee n poo poo in my diapees n dwink my baba!” the image said.” said Guy, closing his eyes.

Morning came, and the lights flipped on, waking up Guy and Billy.

Good morning boys!” said Erin cheerfully. “Time to get up!”

Good morning Ms. Erin!” said Billy, sitting up.

Lets see how your little brother is doing this morning.” she walked over to the crib and peeked in.

Guy looked up and saw a mobile with smiling stars and moons on it. He also saw Erin's big pretty face and smiled. “Ewin!” he said happily. He wiggled in his wet and messy diaper. It felt slippery and warm on his groin and bottom.

What a stinky boy you are today!” said Erin, lifting him out of his crib.

Ewin!” Guy said again. “Me tinky!” He giggled and reached out to touch Erin's face.

You sure are little man!” she said, laying him on the changing table.

That's my stinky lil bro!” said Billy. He was already dressing himself for the day.

Guy squished in his dirty diaper, giggling and wiggling. “Bwo bwo!' he said, referring to Billy.

Billy walked over and held out his hand.

Guy reached out with his tiny hand and grabbed one of Billy's fingers. “Buh...buh...Biwwy!” he said after some trying.

He said my name!” said Billy. “He knows my name!”

Such a smart little boy!” said Erin, untaping Guy's diaper and opening it. “I bet he's going to be a big smart boy like you when he grows up.”

Hehe, yeah!” said Billy. “I can help him learn and play!”

Guy smiled and drooled. “Biwwy!” he said again.

Billy smiled and hopped up and down. “That's right! I'm Billy! Your adopted big brother!” he said.

Guy smiled and cooed as he was cleaned by Erin. He looked up at her as she smiled down at him. His vision was a bit blurry but he could see her kind face and feel her gentle touch. He knew he was her baby, and thought of her as his mommy.

Erin lifted Guy by his ankles and wiped his chubby little bottom clean, then rolled the diaper up and handed it to Billy. “Would you mind tossing your baby brother's diaper in the diaper pail Billy?” she asked.

Billy made a yucky face and held the dirty diaper at arms length. “Yuck, okay.” he said. He walked over and tossed Guy's soiled diaper into the pail.

Guy giggled and kicked his little feet. "Tinky diapee!" he said with a laugh.

Thank you Billy!” said Erin. “You're doing well at helping with Guy.”

Guy's eyes were fixed on Erin. He wiggled naked on the changing table awaiting his new diaper.

Erin smiled and cooed down at Guy, tickling his little belly.

Guy giggled and kicked his chunky baby legs happily.

Erin then bent down and blew raspberries on his chubby little tummy.

Guy squealed and giggled loudly and cutely. He reached out and touched Erin's face with his tiny hand.

Aww, he's so cute!” said Erin. “I bet he's hungry though. Especially after that huge load he made.” She got out a clean diaper.

Guy looked and saw the image of a diapered skunk on the diaper and clapped his little hands. “Tinky!” he said.

“That's right!” said Erin. “Its your favorite character, Tinker the skunk! He wears diapers just like you do!” She lifted his legs again and slid the diaper under his bottom, then rubbed some diaper rash prevention cream onto his bits and bottom.

Guy watched as she grabbed the bottle of powder and sprinkled some onto his groin. The sweet scent made him smile and feel happy.

Erin pulled the front of his diaper up and taped it snugly around his tummy, then picked him up, bouncing him in her arms. “Time for breakfast!” she said, carrying him to the cafeteria. She decided to leave him in just his diaper since he would just make a mess of any clothes she put on him.

Guy looked around at all the little ones at the table. He felt like maybe the youngest one now. He was placed into a high chair and had a bib tied onto him. It had a picture of a happy panda on it.

Erin sat down next to him and got out some baby food. “Open wide!” she said, scooping some up in a little blue plastic spoon.

Guy knew what that meant and opened his mouth. He was rewarded with a spoon full of sweet fruit mash. It was very sweet and tasty on his baby taste buds. He smiled and ate more, dribbling some down his chin and onto the bib. He was also fed some oatmeal, some of which managed to get on his tummy and diaper. He giggled and drooled goopy baby food down his chin.

Such a messy eater!” said Erin. She scooped up the food from the side of his mouth and fed it to him, trying to get him to eat as much as she could. Then she gave him a bottle of chocolate milk.

Guy smiled and suckled on the baby bottle. He looked around and saw others sucking on bottles and sippy cups. He felt at home now, no longer ashamed or afraid. He was a baby and he knew it and accepted it. He was happier now than he ever was as an adult. The visions of the happy panda and diapered skunk danced through his mind, stomping down any adult concerns or worries.

Erin finished feeding him and the other babies, then, with Mina's help, took them all to the play room and put them in a play pen near the TV.

Guy smiled and played with some plastic stacking rings, chewing on them. He played with the other babies, stacking blocks and sticking various toys in his mouth, exploring them with his tongue. He felt the need to use the potty, but he had forgotten what the potty was. He smiled as a warm wet feeling spread across the front of his diaper and he continued playing.

Erin smiled at him playing with the other babies. Ms. Sinclair soon walked up to her.

Great job with this one.” said Sinclair.

Thank you.” said Erin. “I was against the idea at first. He was cute.”

He's not cute now?” asked Sinclair.

Oh, he's much cuter now.” said Erin. “But still, I wonder what could have been if he had just kept his nose out of our buisness.”

Maybe you could be changing an adult's diapers instead.” Sinclair laughed.

I wouldn't mind.” said Erin, thinking about it. “I know some of the little ones here used to be into that.”

They volunteered.” said Sinclair. “They got what they wanted, and we profited.”

True, but still.” said Erin. “Some of these kids didn't volunteer.”

We've been over this.” said Sinclair. “If they find out what we're doing, they would shut us down. We're doing this for the good of humanity. If we can discover a way to neutralize enemy targets without killing them, think of all the lives we could save.”

I know.” said Erin. “I'm sure people would be much happier if they were regressed instead of killed as a result of war. It just kind of seems unfair sometimes.”

If life were fair, we wouldn't need to do this at all.” said Sinclair. “Besides, we raise them to be better and smarter, more capable than they were originally. We keep them happy and healthy, and only regress them when there is a problem. I think our results say a lot. Every student here used to be an adult. Some were volunteers, others just needed to be silenced, and even some where on death row. Now look at them. All happy and healthy both mentally and physically. That's progress don't you think?"

I think...” said Erin. “I think I may want to retire.”

“Oh?” asked Sinclair. “Ready to settle down then?”

Yes, I've decided.” said Erin. “I want to keep Guy as my baby. Maybe little Billy too. I don't like the idea of separating them.”

Ah yes, Billy.” said Sinclair.

She watched as Billy entered the room and picked up Guy, then made his way over to the gaming room, carrying Guy over the baby gate. “The spy that thought he could expose us. You did well with him too.”

Well, it was my idea to make Guy his brother.” said Erin. “That really got him to accept that he was a little boy. It seems all he really wanted in life was to have his own brother he could either look up to or help out.” She smiled, seeing Billy sit Guy in his lap while playing a video game.

Guy smiled and drooled, looking at the pretty colors, graphics, and sounds of the game. He didn't fully understand it, but he liked it, and he loved any attention from his big bro.

“Or both in this case.” said Sinclair. “It was a brilliant idea.”

Thank you.” said Erin. “They do make a cute pair.”

You'd be their permanent parent.” said Sinclair. “They already see you as such. I can tell.”

Yes I know.” said Erin. “I feel like they are my own as well.”

We'll get the paperwork going tomorrow.” said Sinclair. “You've done such a wonderful job for us. I hate to lose you, but I know its what you want.”

Thank you.” said Erin. “I appreciate that very much. I feel like this whole experience has made me the ultimate mother. I've changed so many diapers, wiped so many faces, potty trained so many toddlers.”

Its all great experience for motherhood.” said Sinclair. “I used to be a mother too. Its a wonderful thing.”

Maybe you can be again someday.” said Erin.

Perhaps.” said Sinclair. “But I feel like that day is far off.”

I appreciate all you've done for me.” said Erin. “I'll stay on for a bit longer, and slowly get them used to living away from the academy.”

You will keep us updated on their progress yes?” asked Sinclair. “It will be interesting to note how regressed individuals react to the real world education system and exposure to the general populous.”

Yes of course.” said Erin. She knew she would be watched like a hawk, her actions and motions limited, but she wanted this new life.

Good.” said Sinclair. “I wish you all good luck in your new life, and feel free to bring them back if they need any further...correcting.” She smiled knowingly.

Erin laughed a little. “I'll keep that in mind.”

From then on, Guy's days consisted of feedings, changes, baths, and play time with his big bro Billy. Life was simple, but happy. He loved his mommy Erin and always did things for her attention. Billy was always ready and willing to help out with his baby bro, which made his mommy happy. Billy also did well in school, making new friends, and learning things quickly. Guy, however, was a bit of a later bloomer. He was late potty training, even having to wear diapers to school, and continued to be a messy eater. Over time, Erin wondered if he would be happier if he could remain a baby forever. Maybe she would take him back to the academy for a treatment or two someday. She knew he probably wouldn't mind.

The End?



End Chapter 1

The Uneducation of Guy

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 24, 2021


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Amazing story

ALloyd · Apr 23, 2021

Wow - this is incredibly well-written with the feel of a horror novel. I don't usually like the use of hypnotism/brainwashing but I do enjoy reality warping and the gaslighting element of knowing something's changed but everyone else denying it, and this hits a lot of those points.

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TheFurEffect · May 6, 2022

I can't believe I didn't know about this until a while ago. While it is definitely a longer read, longer than I was expecting, I'm glad I did. Definitely an interesting read since I feel like I haven't read many stories where the characters are more gaslight into believing they're actually supposed to be younger rather than straight up brainwashed.

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