Lil Nozo and Elicchi

by: JohnnyMueller | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2022

Two former members of Muse are now living an existence they find much more comfortable (if albeit messy at times). Love Live fanfiction; originally published on AO3

Chapter 1
Complete Story

Their morning started like they all did, with mummerings at the first cracks of sunlight that came through their blinds. Even with all the joys they knew it would bring, it was still annoying to have to get out of sleep, especially with all of the squishy sensations they felt.

Nozo yawned as she finally opened her eyes, rubbing at them with closed fists. She had a really good nappy for… well, she didn’t know how long exactly, but it was light again, so it must’ve been a real long while. Nozo looked down at herself, in her purple footie starscape pajamas, sagged down around her crotch by her diaper. Yep, she had a big poopie while she was sleepin’ and from the smell of it so did Elicchi.

She looked over at her sister, who was sleeping in a similar pair of pajamas, hers being blue-green with waves on them. Her pajamas weren’t the only watery thing she had; from how much her diaper sloshed as Elicchi rolled onto her side, she made a lot of pee-pee last night. She drank a lot of milkies from Mama’s boobies, so that makes sense.

Elicchi was close to waking up but still not there, so Nozo moved closer to her, pressing their boobies next to each other. They weren’t as big as Mama’s but there were still nice to touch and to press against one another. “Elicchi, wakey…”

Elicchi finally woke up, her yawn bigger than Nozo’s, as she half-opened her eyes to see Nozo in front of her, her lips slightly pouting. Elicchi couldn’t help but giggle and pull her sister close to her. “Nozo wakey!”

Nozo knew she was wakey, but it was nice to hear Elicchi, especially with how much their boobies and diapees squished against one another. Nozo moved her hands down so that she could squish Elicchi’s diaper against her body. “Elicchi wet!”

Elicchi pouted – her poopie was just as big as Nozo’s was – but couldn’t help from cooing at the way her diaper squished against her body. It’s so wet and messy and nice. Elicchi’s hands moved down from her sister’s back down to her butt. “Nozo stinky!” she squealed as she pressed Nozo’s poopie all over her butt.

Nozo’s coos joined with her sister as they sat up on their bed to better feel each other. Their boobies pushed against each other so hard that it didn’t feel like their pajamas were there at all. Their hands groped all over their diapees, making a bigger mess than they already had made while they were sleeping, especially with how they were sitting on their poopies. They gave each other little kisses that made them moan. All sorts of weird feelings were going through them that they didn’t fully know in their current state, but it didn’t matter ‘cause they felt good and Mama said feeling good was the most important thing a baby girl could feel.

“I see it didn’t take too long for my girls to start acting naughty.”

Some indescribable part of Nozo and Elicchi lit up as they looked to their side, eyes and smiles a-glow. “Mama!”

Their Mama was so amazing! It had only taken one meeting for Mama to figure out that Nozo and Elicchi were really baby girls trying to pretend to be big girls because everyone said they had to. When Mama said they could be her loving baby girls who she’d always love and take care of, they said yes without thinking. Mama was some kinda witch who used magic to turn off those more big girl parts of them and help them bring out the baby girls they really were. Not only that but Mama made sure that people would think of them as babies as well so that they wouldn’t get all confused. Of course, they couldn’t forget Mama’s boobies that were as big as their heads, which had all of the milkies they wanted. Nozo and Elicchi loved their Mama so much.

“We messy!” They informed their Mama as they spread their legs, showing just how messy they were.

“I can see and smell that. Don’t worry, Mama will get you changed in a jiffy.” Mama lifted them up out of bed with her really strong arms and placed them on the changing table. It was big enough for both of them to lay side by side and be able to look up at Mama, although that was hard from here with how big her boobies were.

“Alright, let’s take off these pajamas first.” Mama unzipped their pajamas and quickly took them off, leaving them all nakie except for their bulging diapees. “And now Mama’s got two big, cute messes to take care of.” Mama leaned over and kissed them on their heads. Nozo giggled at that and kissed Mama on her cheeks, while Elicchi cooed at the feeling and pecked Mama’s nose.

Mama started off with taking off their diapers, unwrapping them and bundling them up. Both girls felt a sense of pride from seeing how big their mess was, especially with how much their poopie dropped from Mama’s hand. Mama then put their dirty diapees away in the flippy can.

“Alright, let’s turn you two over.” Nozo and Elicchi can turn onto their stomachs on their own, but with how squished the changing table made them, it was easier for Mama to do it. Mama started off by taking some wipes and rubbing them over their butts, making sure she got all the poopie they made. “You girls really like getting this everywhere, don’t you?”

“’s squishy!” Nozo giggled at her statement and the nice feeling the wipes gave her butt. Elicchi just let out a cooing moan as Mama wiped over her pee-smelly private parts. “Sticky…”

“I’m sorry about that, Elicchi. If I had known you were going to pee this much while you were sleepy, I would’ve given you an extra absorbent diaper.” Mama peppered Elicchi’s back with kissies, which made her feel like a giggling baby again.

Mama flipped them back onto their backs and placed a new diaper underneath each of their butts. She lightly covered them in powder before wrapping their diapees around them snuggly. It was so natural by this point that Nozo and Elicchi didn’t really think about it, just enjoying the sensations of their Mama taking care of them.

“We’re not doing anything this morning, so I’ll just leave you two nakie. Is that OK?”

Both of them nodded. It felt really nice to be nakie at home, especially since it made it easier to squish against one another.

Mama got them off the changing table and onto their feet. They could walk fine, but they were kinda wobbly so it took them a while to get somewhere unless Mama was holding their hands.

Mama walked them to the kitchen and helped them into their highchairs. They weren’t sure why they were high considering their toes grazed the ground but it’s what Mama called them.

“Let’s see, today, I’ve got peaches for Nozo, strawberries for Elicchi, and cereal for both of you.” Mama said as she brought out the food and wrapped bibs around both of them. “And, of course, you know what comes after.”

They knew, but they knew Mama didn’t like them to be too messy when they were eating, so they ate as quickly as they could.

Nozo loved the taste of peaches and the ways they melted in her mouth, especially when she mashed her cereal into them. Sometimes, the juices got onto her boobies, but she just picked them up with her fingers and sucked from them. Elicchi, meanwhile, liked to start slow with her strawberries, but by the end, she was gulping them down and drinking the juices from the bowl itself, even if more of it ended up on her face than in her tummy.

“My, Elicchi, you’re such a cute, messy baby.” Mama giggled as she wiped the juices from Elicchi’s face with the bib. Elicchi smiled back; Mama liked it when they were messy babies, whether ‘cause they were eating or ‘cause they were poopin’.

“Alright, looks like you two girls are done eating, so now it’s time to wash it all down.” The two girls’ eyes lit up; this was their favorite time of day. They eagerly took their Mama’s hands and went to the special big chair in the living room, each of them getting one of Mama’s sides. Mama opened her shirt and let her big boobies flop out. It was always exciting to see them bounce like that, white gathering at the tip of them.

Mama got them into position, resting on her thighs and the chair while placing their heads in front of her boobies. “Go ahead, drink as much as you want.”

They didn’t need to be told twice. Nozo and Elicchi latched on and began to suck with all of their might, feeling their bodies twitch as the first milkies of the day hit their tummies. They loved how good they felt when they drank Mama’s milkies. For Nozo, it was how sweet and tasty it was, like she was able to have all of the candy she wanted any time she wanted. For Elicchi, it was a creamy tasty that flowed down her throat and filled up her tummy.

They never paid attention to how long they were at Mama’s boobies or how much milkies filled up their tummies; it didn’t matter because of how good it felt. Eventually, though, they felt their tummies get too full and had to let go of their boobie. “Aw, you girls all full?” They slowly nodded and let Mama wipe their faces before she brought them over to their playpen. “You two can play here for a bit and maybe we’ll go out for a walkie in the park later, OK?” They both nodded. They weren’t sure how long later was exactly, but at least they got to be in their playpen, which was always lotsa fun.

They had all sorts of toys in there, from blocks and books (they couldn’t read but the pictures were nice) to spinny things and little table sets, but eventually they settled on their own things. Elicchi was looking at an animal puzzle that Mama had given her. You were supposed to match the animals to the shapes in the big block but Elicchi always had to take a lot of time with it. That made sense, though; this was more of a big girl thing and Elicchi was a baby girl, so it was fine if it took a while. Mama always looked happy when she got them all in.

Nozo, meanwhile, was fingerpainting. Mama didn’t get angry if the paint ended up elsewhere since it could wash easy, but Mama put her bestest ones on the fridge and that always made Nozo happy, so she made sure her paper had the prettiest colors on them. She couldn’t name them but she knew which ones she liked the most. As she was painting lines and simple shapes she knew, some of her paint splashed and landed on her boobies. Normally, she’d just wipe it off but then she remembered something. For some reason, she remembered putting something on her boobies and it felt really good. It was back when she thought she was a big girl, so she couldn’t remember what it was exactly, but this paint felt like it. And if it felt good then, well, it could only feel good now, right?

Nozo put her whole hands in the paint, making sure they were covered, before rubbing them on her boobies. She moaned a little, mainly from how cold and different it felt, but it was a lotta fun to get herself dirty like this. Mama would call her a naughty baby but Nozo knew Mama liked it when they were naughty babies the most because that meant they were having the most fun.

After she had covered her boobies in all sorts of different colors, she saw she had a blank sheet of paper and had an idea. Nozo leaned forward and placed her boobies on the sheet of paper, rubbing them all over before leaning back. The sheet stuck to her boobies, so she took it off, smearing some of the white spaces with her fingers. It was blurry but they still looked like boobies, even with the point in the middle. Nozo giggled and looked at her sister. “Elicchi, lookie!”

Elicchi had given up on her puzzle, instead having a conversation with one of her stuffed animals. They were taking about how good it felt to make poopie when she heard Nozo. She looked over and saw Nozo’s boobies covered in paint and paint in two circles on a paper. She was confused. Nozo just had her fingers, so how did she get something like that on the paper?

Elicchi crawled over, noticing that she’d already made a pee-pee, and looked at her sister. “How paint?”

Nozo giggled and placed her hands on Elicchi’s boobies, giving them a squeeze. Eli cooed but then noticed that paint was left on them. She giggled and found her own paper, pressing her boobies against them.

Still having paint on their hands, the girls decided to make other prints. They did their feeties, their tummies, they even got paint of their diapees and rolled on a big paper to get all over it. They were messy girls by the end of it, but it was a lot of fun.

While they were sitting on their big papers with their diaper print on them, both of them felt a sudden feeling in their stomach, like it was really full and they needed to get something out soon.

“G-Gotta poopy!” Nozo and Elicchi knew what to do, scrunching their faces and making grunting noises as they started to push and push. The first poopies came out in little clumps (making Nozo fill her diaper with pee as well), but as they continued to push, it started to really come out, expanding their diapees and making the paint on the paper get bigger and bigger.

Eventually, it got to the point where the girls had to get on their tummies from how big they made their diapees. The morning’s breakfast had quickly gone through them and were now resting beneath in a stinky pile of poop. Nozo yawned from the effort and went back to seeing what else on her body she could put paint on while Elicchi wanted to play with one of her stuffed animals.

“Looks like you’ve made a really big mess while you were playing. Mama’s really happy about that.” Mama came by their playpen, a very happy smile on her face. “And you gave Mama some new art to hang up.”

Nozo giggled. “Boobie art!” she exclaimed as she bounced them up and down. “Poopy art!” Elicchi added as she squished her diaper against the floor of the playpen.

“Yes, very nice. Well, how about a bath and then you two can go outside to the park, OK?”

Nozo and Elicchi screamed excitedly at that. Mama always knew how to make each day fun!

After a diaper change and bath, Mama got them dressed to go outside. Nozo was wearing a dress that didn’t cover her butt, making sure anyone could see if her diaper was full, while Elicchi had a shirt and shortalls. Elicchi liked it when she made a big poopy in them since it would make them bulge and sag under the mass of her diaper.

Since it would be getting close to their nap time, Mama put them in their stroller. It was super comfy and it gave them lots of space to stretch and look around them. Mama gave each of them a stuffed animal to hold and started to move forward.

It was always fun to see all of the things around them. They couldn’t always say what they were or where they were, but it was fun to see if they knew. And if they didn’t, Mama always knew.

“Doggy!” Nozo pointed at a big doggy that someone was taking care of.

“You’re right, sweetie, that is a doggy. And you’re got a wolfie in your hands, that’s a brother to the doggy.”

“Doggy brofer…”

Elicchi looked around to see a long thing travelling in front of her. “Car-car?”

“Hmm, close. That’s a bus. It takes a lot of people to lots of places. We may ride it sometime.”

Nozo looked around and saw a big building. “Mama, what that?”

“Oh, that’s a school. That’s where big girls go and learn things. You went to a school when you thought you were a big girl, but baby girls don’t learn things.”

Nozo and Elicchi nodded and giggled at that. They had known lotsa things when they had big girl thoughts, but Mama turned those into the first poopies they put into their diapees.

Their stroller had to stop for some reason, so Elicchi looked around and saw a lady standing next to them. She had a big tummy, so Elicchi knew what she was. “Mama!”

The lady looked surprised for a moment, but Mama just laughed. “Ah, that’s what my girls call a pregnant woman. It can be hard for girls that young to remember it at times, so ‘Mama’ is an easier shorthand.”

“Oh, I understand.” The mama looked at Elicchi with a smile on her face, rubbing her tummy. “Are they twins as well?”

“Yes, they’re both 2 years old. Can you introduce yourselves?”

“Nozo-no!” Nozo waved her arms and legs, letting out a little pee, while Elicchi smiled behind her stuffed animal, happily shy, and let out “Elicchi.”

“It’s nice to meet both of you. They’re such cute babies.”

“Yes, they’re very naughty as well, but they have so much fun doing it that I just let them keep doing it.” Mama looked up. “Ah, the light’s changed. Have a good day and I wish you luck.”

“You too.” The mama looked at them again and waved. “Bye-bye.”

“Bye-bye!” Both of them waved back at the mama as they went by her.

Eventually, Mama stopped them at a park they always liked to play at. There weren’t any other babies there, which felt odd, but the two girls were sure they’d seen others before.

They did all sorts of things there. They pushed each other down the slide as Mama caught them at the bottom. They climbed up some towers and let Mama catch them when they jumped. They giggled as Mama pushed them on swings, enjoying the way the swing squished their diapees whenever they were real high.

With how much fun they were having, it wasn’t surprising that they quickly got tired and found themselves yawning and resting in Mama’s lap, her nakie boobies in front of them.

“I’ll let you two start your nap on the way back but first, it’s time for your lunch.”

Nozo and Elicchi really enjoyed lunch; since they didn’t have any big food in their tummies, they could get so much more milkies than they normally would. Nozo quickly took her Mama’s boobie into her mouth and suckled and suckled, filling up her tummy with a clear bulge. Elicchi, meanwhile, sleepily took her time, taking in lots of milkies every time she drank for Mama. They filled their diapees with pee-pee, but Mama would take care of that as they were nappin’. The last thing they felt before they closed their eyes was how warm and comfy there were.

When they opened them again, they were lying in the living room, nakie and with a fresh diaper on.

Mama came by them with the smile she always had. “While I’m making dinner, you two can have some TV time.” Mama turned on the TV and placed the two of them on the couch, leaning against one another. They didn’t really know what a TV was or what these bright images were, but they were lots of fun. Mamas and babies having fun together, just like what they did. Sometimes, they were doing fun things they hadn’t done before and they hoped Mama watched TV so she could let them do fun things.

It didn’t seem like they had that much TV time before Mama took them to the eating place and placed them in their chairs again. As opposed to breakfast, Mama always gave them lots of stuff for dinner: meats and veggies and fruits and mushy stuff that filled their tummies. They tried to not make too much of a mess but with how much Mama gave them it was hard to be always clean, but Mama would always clean them up.

After dinner was always fun as well, first for the poopie they made right after they finished eating. With how much they had, they wouldn’t get it all out; most of their dinner got pooped out while they were sleeping. But the poopies they had right now were pretty nice.

The bestest part was getting in the special chair again and suckling on Mama’s boobies. As they got milkies for the third time that day, odd thoughts went through their baby brains. Nozo remembered something weird when she pretended to be a big girl. She felt really weird, like they were people around her but they weren’t and they didn’t look at her. Big Nozo was by herself a lot and that made her really sad and cry a lot. But then Nozo found Elicchi and Mama and Nozo knew she’d never be by herself no more. Elicchi remembered that people made her do a lot of stuff when she was a fake big girl. She could do it, but it made her really tired and she just wanted to get away from it. Thanks to Nozo and Mama, all she had to do was eat, drink, play, make pee-pees and poopies, and just make everyday happy.

Both of them smiled, letting milkies drip down their cheeks, as they finished their meal and burped loudly. Mama giggled, the giggle that made them really happy. “You must’ve been very hungry girls.” She rubbed their big tummies, which made them giggle and laugh ‘cause it felt really funny.

Mama put them in a fresh diaper as well as their pajamas. Elicchi liked how her big diaper made her butt look really big while Nozo just liked being in her comfy pajamas again. Mama put them both in bed, tucked the sheets, and kissed them both on the bed. “Good night, my baby girls.”

“Night-night, Mama!” Mama made the room dark (except for a tiny light they had in the corner). Nozo and Elicchi closed their eyes and thought about how much fun today had been. They hoped that tomorrow would be just as – no, more fun.



End Chapter 1

Lil Nozo and Elicchi

by: JohnnyMueller | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2022


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