I Wish...

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An unfaithful and greedy middle aged father’s life is forever changed after a chance encounter with a genie.

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Have you ever wished you could magically change your life? A wiggle of a nose or snap of a finger to correct all of life’s problems? Is it possible that we all have the ability to make this change ourselves without magic? To be the masters of our own destiny? Perhaps that’s what it means to grow up, to take responsibility for our lives.

What if you didn’t have to? What if you could wish it all away? Would you make the right wish? And could you live with the consequences if you didn’t?

In a quaint suburban neighborhood, Reggie, a married father of two is about to discover those answers.

Reggie and Molly barked angrily at each other, their voices echoing through the house as their two daughters turned up the TV to block them out. This had become a near daily routine as money was tight and their spending become a real burden on their finances. To make matters worse Molly had just gone garage sailing and came back with a bag full of useless junk.

Reggie had grown tired of Molly and his daughter’s careless spending. His career had never taken off and he felt trapped in an empty job he hated struggling to pay bills for a family that did not appreciate him. Even worse Molly demanded they have another child which sent Reggie into fits at the mere thought.

“Well I’d love to be spending this on diapers and bottles for a new baby but you won’t even touch me!” Molly yelled before crossing her arms and looking away.

She was right of course, things had grown stale in the bedroom for quite sometime. She was unaware, however, that Reggie had been corresponding with their younger single neighbor Kendra, whose bubbly attitude and ample breasts had caught his eye.

They’d have secret flirt sessions behind her back and had been working up to a full on affair once Reggie got the nerve. Money was a convenient excuse but Kendra was the real reason Reggie had not touched his wife.

“Look at this crap!” Reggie huffed, pointing to the bag on the bed “Molly we don’t have money for this!” He whined “you just bought the children we do have iPhones!”

Molly shot him a look and snorted in disgust and before storming out of their room. “Oh real mature Molly!” quipped Reggie as she passed by nearly knocking him aside. “Just walk away like you always do” he added.

Molly flung around to face him in the doorway. “Well at least I don’t whine day and night about money” she replied firing back at him “you’re just a big cry baby!” She yelled before storming off.

“Wa..” was all Reggie could say as she was long gone, the sounds of her stomping down the hall echoing back at him.

“Fine! let’s see what pit our money has been thrown into this time.” He scoffed while sitting on the bed and fingering through the bag. Most of the old items she had bought were dirty as though they had been sitting in a garage for years collecting dust. ‘Crap.... garbage..... junk.... jun.. oh!... hang on!” Reggie paused as he pulled out an antique lamp.

Reggie had an eye for antiques since he was a small boy having worked in his family’s pawn shop years ago. “Hmmmm” he said as he curiously inspected the find. “Huh, well this might be worth something after all” he said feeling a bit guilty for his outburst at Molly.

The lamp was old, Reggie assumed centuries old from what he had gathered but he was off by many thousands of years. “I can’t quite make out these markings” he said scraping dirt from lamp. His scraping turned to polishing and soon the entire lamp was spotless. He still struggled to make out the markings only to tell they were far older than he had realized.

He paused admiring his cleaning job, the lamp was practically glowing, infact... it was glowing. Reggie stammered back as the otherworldly glow intensified and became a flash revealing a formless figure in-front of him.

The figure appeared as a floating liquid of pink and blue colors swirling and coalescing into a defined shape. Reggie stared dumbfounded at the sight unfolding in-front of him but could not tear his eyes away.

The figure took on definition and mass and became a slender body with large breasts and curvy features. “Mmmmmmm ohhhh” moaned the figure as she ran her newly formed fingers through her fiery hair giving it definition. She ran her hands down her body as metallic ornaments and earrings that appeared to glow materialized on her scantily clad form. She was dressed in an ornate, decorative, and metallic bikini that left nothing to the imagination. She had knee high boots that matched her bikini and transparent pink vale’s that surrounded her arms and legs and hair like a misty aura.

Reggie’s mouth had grown dry from being left open as he gawked at what he was seeing. He knew immediately what this meant as he had seen enough movies and read enough stories. This woman was a genie, a real life genie standing in-front of him. As quickly as he had deduced her origin he came to the realization that she was there to grant his wish. A revelation that brought a greedy smile to his face.

“Ooof” She said with a giggle and playfulness in her voice as she stretched and looked around. Her eyes locked with Reggie’s and she lit up bouncing happily “hello there! I’m Trinity”

Reggie still glaring, stupidly replied “yes.. I mean yes... yes .... uuhhhh hello” before catching his composure.

“Well aren’t you a cutie!” She said pinching his cheek “My my, you are handling this remarkably well! The last guy I appeared before peed his pants, heh” she said with a giggle. “I suppose you know the drill then?”

Reggie smiled and nodded, his confidence growing “I’m your master” he replied while uncontrollably glaring at her chest. His mind swimming with possibility.

The genie’s smile soured at his comment and she whistled and snapped her fingers drawing his attention back to her face. “Yes, up here, hi... now about that, we don’t actually have masters anymore. Our relationships are built on respect and mutual admiration. You make the wishes and we happily grant them. That whole master thing Is a bit outdated.”

Reggie snorted dismissively as his eyes trailed downward again “yeah sure... you look really... respectable” he snorted

“Excuse me!” She squeaked, her face growing slightly red for a moment before regaining her composure.

“Look” Reggie interjected “call it what you like but I believe I get 3 wishes right?”

Trinity shifted uncomfortably and nodded “yes let me guess you want money.... ugh! so many guys make that wish, but it can’t buy happiness. Bunch of crybabies if you ask me. Always whining about what they don’t have and never focus on what they do have ya know?” Trinity ranted on making Reggie squirmed nervously.

“N-no I wasn’t necessarily going to wish for money” he lied interrupting her rant “I Uh-I have other wishes” he said defensively.

“Oooo Let me guess I’m good at this!” she replied, her perkiness returning. She examined Reggie closely placing an inquisitive finger to her lips “hmmmmmm..... oh! You have a tiny pee pee and want it to be bigger!” She said smiling expectantly.

“What?!? No!” Reggie protested before being cut off by another guess.

“Oooooh you want your hair back!” She quickly reached to fluff his thinning hair causing him to cover his head in embarrassment. “Hehe baldy” she teased

“Stop!” He cried “I’m not..” he was interrupted again “ooooooohhhhh.... so that’s it” she said in whisper drawing close to him. “You’re a bed wetter, say no more. Why once in the dark ages this guy wet his bed every night I swear it was like the Nile with this guy so I.....”

“I’m not a bed wetter you stupid bitch!” Reggie blurted, louder than he intended.

Her face again soured at his response and she crossed her arms angrily and squinted her eyes. “Well then you must want to impress a woman?” She replied straight faced. “maybe you want to be young again to woo a younger maiden” she shrugged.

Reggie began to answer automatically before stopping himself “no! I mean ... well... actually” he paused thinking of Kendra. He imagined a younger version of himself running off with her and giving his wife and kids the finger as they drove off in a sports car.

“Well you aren’t as dumb as you look after all.” He said smiling. She returned his smile with an obviously fake one of her own. “Oooh thank you, master!” She replied, sarcasm dripping in her voice “So it’s youth then? Hrmph it’s fleeting if you ask me but it’s your wish” she shrugged.

Reggie pondered this momentarily “It doesn’t have to be” he thought to himself his confidence growing. Trinity had lost interest and was looking at the bag of goodies Molly had bought. “Ooooh that’s cute” she exclaimed before rifling through the bag.

“Hey, genius” Reggie said in with a snap of his finger “I don’t see any wish granting”

Trinity shot him a spiteful look which quickly turned into a big perky smile. “I didn’t hear the words I wish anywhere? Now whose the genius, hmmm?” She teased, before returning her attention to the bag.

‘’Fine!” He said grabbing her chin and moving her head to face his ”I wish for eternal youth!”

“Oooooo really?” she exclaimed happily

“Yes! I want to be young forever” Reggie smiled and crossed his arms in satisfaction.

Trinity spun around to face him and clapped her hands excitedly “yay! Okay let’s see, hmmm, how aboooout, 6 months old In a poopy diaper? She smiled deviously at him and tilting her head. Trinity exploded in giggles and made a teasing pouty face, balling her fists up to her eyes before planting her thumb in her mouth and sucking mockingly at Reggie.

“Wha! No!” Reggie exclaimed in horror of what she had said “no, no! I-I take it back” he pleaded “that’s not what I...” “oopsie! Too late” she interrupted with with a giggle before vanishing in a puff of pink smoke. Reggie looked around frantically. “She was just messing with him” he convinced himself before a soft voice spoke in his ear. “Mmmmm” she moaned seductively in his ear giving it a playful nibble.

Reggie froze from the pleasurable and unexpected sensation she sent running through his body. “Your wish is granted” she said giving him a kiss on the cheek and swatting his behind hard enough to make him jump.

In an instant a world of sensation exploded around Reggie so strong that he could feel his bowels weakening as pressure built down below. He tried to speak but could only grunt which only served to further distress his tummy.

His eyes met Trinity who was now facing him as her smile turned to one of satisfaction and glee. She crossed her arms and watched him expectantly while he pooped his pants right in-front of her. “Some thing wrong sweetie?” She teased

Before Reggie could respond the room expanded around him in an instant growing to gigantic proportions causing his disorientation to worsen as he nearly lost balance. Trinity grew in size as well. Standing before him her perky expression replaced with a face of sadistic pleasure. She watched his transformation with a near orgasmic delight releasing a loud snorting laugh that grew deeper as she enlarged infront of him. “hahahahaha”

Reggie squirmed as his hair thinned even more becoming soft and his teeth retracted into his gums. His body hair vanished and the features that defined his body as a man dwindled and regressed leaving baby fat in their wake. Gone were his muscles and mature form replaced with the helpless and weak features of an infant.

Reggie reached down to feel the damage to the seat of his pants only to find them gone, replaced with a large fluffy plastic diaper, still filled from his previous accident. His clothes too had vanished and had been replaced by a cartoonish bonnet and bib. Large pastel wooden bars shot up in all directions and a mobile above him began to spin and play “rock a bye baby” in a soft sweet tone.

Reggie gripped the bars tightly to prevent him from falling due to the decreasing balance on his legs. His mouth agape in disbelief at what was happening. Slowly it began to relent. The intense pressure and feeling gave way to the calm silence of the room. The mobile’s soft melody a mocking reminder of what had happened as Reggie clung to the bars for life, literally making his last stand.

Trinity crossed her arms leaning over the railing looking down at little Reggie. “Well well what do we have here” she bent down into his crib to look at him face to face. “Such a big tough guy to be standing at this age” she teased

Reggie fought back fear when her large face met his evenly. He clung to the bars in defiance of her and his situation, the last shred of dignity he had left. She would not take that away he thought. “She couldn’t...” “AhhBoo!” She yelled causing Reggie to finish pooping his pants. His grip on the bars failed causing him to fall back onto his butt, squishing his dirty diaper between his legs.

Trinity never switched her gaze. She smiled expectantly watching Reggie’s face. “Come on we both know what happens next tough guy” she cooed. Reggie wanted to hit her, to kick her, to fight his way out of this situation but he was helpless. The only recourse he had bursting behind his eyes. Despite his best attempt at defiance Reggie the 39 year old father of two began to cry like the baby he now was. “Hmmph” Trinity said satisfied “that’s what I thought, a crybaby”

It began with whimper, then a wail. Reggie felt his face burning with shame as the tears flowed freely. He rubbed his eyes to clear them only to have them replaced. The vision of Trinity standing over him smiling growing blurry as he tried to compose himself. It wasn’t long before the smell of his poopy diaper wafted into her direction.

“Peeeeewwwwww” she exclaimed loudly plugging her nose and fanning her face. “Someone made a big boom boom in his pants didn’t he?” She teased making him cry harder. “Did the little baby man poop his pants?” “Yes hims did!” She cooed. “And awww is someone upset with his wish?” “Did hims not want to be a baby?” She questioned “I think it suits you” she finished, smiling down at him.

Reggie cried hard from her mocking he desperately prayed for a way out of this situation. He imagined Molly coming in and saving him. He desperately wanted her to hold him while drying his tears. His fantasy was interrupted by Trinity’s bubbly voice “If you’re that unhappy just make another wish you have two more silly baby” she chimed while inspecting her nails.

Hope rose in Reggie’s chest. He had been too pre occupied with his situation and subsequent tantrum that he had forgotten he still had two wishes. “I wish to be a man again!” He blurted out between post cry sniffles. Trinity tilted her head inquisitively trying to listen. “What was that?”

Reggie repeated himself slightly louder than before only to more confusion. “Huh? Goo goo gaa gaa?” She repeated back to him causing him to shake in anger.

Reggie screamed his wish back to her only to be equally rebuffed. “Sorry” she said shrugging “I don’t understand baby talk. They don’t teach that course it at Genie university I’m afraid” She snorted in a laugh before smiling back down at him pleasantly.

Reggie repeated his wish again and again despite her insistence that she couldn’t understand until he was finally interrupted.

“I guess you will have to wait until you are a little older to make your wish, hmm?” She replied

“Oh, I’ll wait as long as it takes and when I do you will pay for this!” Reggie thought to himself.

He was about to try his wish again when she interrupted once more. “Oh... wait...” she said putting her finger to her mouth. “Didn’t you say eternal youth?” She shot him a wicked grin. “Oopsie!.... It looks like you are going to be a wittle pants pooping baby forever!” she teased and booped his nose.

Reggie’s eyes widened at this revelation and a warm wetness spread across his crotch saturating his already soiled diaper. Tears filled his eyes again at the realization that he would never be a man again. His life would be behind the bars of the crib, a helpless pathetic shell of who he was, fully dependent on the mercy of others. This gorgeous woman who stood before him had ruined him, made an idiot of him, left him a sad parody of what he once was. It was more than Reggie could bear and his emotions overtook him. Reggie wailed loudly flopping onto his tummy and kicking and screaming in a futile fit.

Trinity smirked and rose from her bending position. “Well I guess my work is done then. According to the by laws I’m free as long as there are wishes left to grant. Since you can’t make any wishes I guess I’ll go see what this decade has to offer.”

She snapped her fingers and her clothing changed instantly. Her red flowing hair was done up and her top became a tight tee shirt with an exposed tummy. Her bottoms became a sexy pair of skinny jeans that accentuated her features and her boots became stylish shoes.

“I should really thank you” she said to Reggie over his wailing fit “it’s been years since I’ve been free” she admired herself in the mirror and lipstick appeared on her lips. She continued to magically modernize her look until she was satisfied with her appearance turned back to Reggie.

“Enjoy your new life!” She said with a wink before blowing him a magical kiss that left a mark on his cheek. Reggie was furious and shouted at her with all his rage “You stupid bitch! You can’t do this to me! I will get you for this! I swear it!” Trinity smiled pleasantly and nodded through Reggie’s outburst “goo gaa baa baa boo mama” was all she heard. “Awwww. What a cutie! Bye bye baby” she said with a wave and in a flash she vanished taking the lamp with her.

Reggie barely noticed her leave and continued his tantrum long after she was gone.

“I’m not a baby! I’m a man! I’m a man” He repeated to himself “I....I..... awah! Waaaaaahaaaaa!” His hopes dashed he became fatigued and defeated and soon little Reggie cried himself to sleep.

Molly was pacing down the hall. She hated when they fought and was working on her apology. “I’m sorry honey, I love you let’s just snuggle and watch a movie” she said before dismissing it with her hand. “No that’s stupid” she said approaching their bedroom door and noticing a foul odor immediately. “Ewww it stinks in here honey did you fart?” She covered her nose and crept into the room before noticing the crib and sleeping baby inside.

“What the...?” She questioned out loud before walking over to the crib and leaning over the railing. “Awww” she melted looking down at the sleeping baby

Reggie shuffled a bit and rubbed his eyes. Looking up to see Molly smiling down at him. “Oh Molly thank god! I must have fallen asleep. I had the worst nightmare, there was this horrible red headed bitch and I turned into a.... ya know what, never mind that part. Let’s just not fight anymore okay honey? I totally forgive you” he ranted while rubbing his eyes groggily as his wife stared down at him.

“Oh my someone is a talkative little guy isn’t he” she replied. Well a gaa gaa to you too!” she said with a laugh. “Did someone make a big stinky?” She said picking little Reggie up and holding him out infront of her with ease.

Reggie looked confused for a moment before the realization hit him. “No this can’t be!” He screamed in his head. “No! Molly can’t see me like this” he cried to himself before actually bursting into tears as Molly examined him. “Awwww is your diaper icky?” We need to get you changed” she said lovingly. “Where did you come from anyhow?” She questioned looking around for her husband. “I hope Reggie didn’t kidnap someone’s kid just to give me a baby fix” she said with a laugh. “Reggie, Reggie honey where did you go?” She called but to no avail.

In the living room April and Stacy sat watching tv when their show finally ended. Checking the clock they turned it off relieved that their parents had stopped fighting. “Moooooom” April cried out walking down the hall with Stacy in tow. “What’s for......dinner?” April said pausing in the doorway at the sight of her mother holding a baby. “Awwwwww!” The girls screeched I’m unison before running in and joining their mother.

“He’s so cute!” Stacy quipped “can I hold him” April followed. Molly looked at her daughters with a smile. “I’m not sure who he belongs to sweetie, I think it’s best if we..”

“Peeeeewwwww he’s stinky” Stacy blurted out pinching her nose “that’s because he pooped his pants! You did too when you were a baby” April reminded her” “nuh uh Stacy fired back” “yes Huh! Mooooom!” Stacy stuck her tongue out at April when Molly cut them off. “Stop it both of you, you both used to poop your pants but thankfully you outgrew it unlike this little stinker” she cooed

“et tu Molly?” Reggie thought to himself. He had been In shock seeing his daughters now much bigger than him. Shame grew in his face as his wife and kids openly discussed his embarrassing accident while dismissing him as a helpless baby. It was more than he could bear and he began to cry again.

“There there, shhhh” Molly said comforting the crying child. She was enjoying the feeling of holding a little one again. Even knowing it wasn’t hers it still fulfilled the need that her biological clock had been ringing for.

April cooed at Reggie when he began to cry. “He’s a crybaby like daddy” she giggled. ”ha! a crybaby!“ Stacy added causing them to both to squeal with laughter. Molly blushed forgetting she had called him that infront of the kids. “Now girls that’s not nice he’s...” she was about to continue before being interrupted by Stacy “no he really looks like daddy” she said pointing at him in awe.

April looked closer and gasped “he does look like daddy!” They both began laughing and chanting in unison “daddy’s a baby! daddy’s a baby! “Daddy poops his pants! Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah!”

Reggie covered his face, embarrassed, as his girls mocked him. He wanted to hide but there was no place to go. Molly snickered at the girls and briefly imagined her husband in a full diaper and bonnet throwing a fit. After a good chuckle she looked back to Reggie who was still hiding his face.

Molly peeled his tiny hands away with a gentle ease. “Well, do you look like my husband? Hmm? Do you?” she cooed while examining his face. Her amused smile quickly turned to confusion, then to surprise, then finally shock. Reggie saw the recognition in her face through his tears and winced. Molly cried out In horror as the realization struck her “Oh my god!...... Reggie?!?”


Reggie would go on to spend the rest of his days as a diaper wearing baby. Time would pass him by, his wife would remarry, his daughters would grow and he’d walk them down the isle. Or rather, pushed in a stroller by Molly who would forever have the baby she always wanted. Kendra even babysat him occasionally. He had often fantasized of being alone with her, but he never imagined she would be changing his diapers.

He would suffer one indignity after another as no one ever took him seriously ever again. With each diaper change, each embarrassing coo, cheek pinch, and tummy tickle Reggie would silently curse the day he met Trinity and made that fateful wish.



End Chapter 1

I Wish...

by: babyrc | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 24, 2021


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vended · Aug 25, 2021

Every single character is stupid and annoying. Impressive!

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Well done!

BBoy · Aug 29, 2021

Loved the story. I was a bit short and could have expanded on his regression but otherwise I thought it was a great job!

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