Tales from the Halls of Justness "It's a world mad mad mad"

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The Rejuvenation Device is perfected. Let's play with it!

Chapter 1
If at first you don't succeed...

Chapter Description: In which Doris gets her oats.

 League of Justness IV – It’s a world of mad mad mad

Dr. Morfteen and Winged Teen were oblivious to the others in the meeting room. The two couldn’t keep each other’s hands off each other as they kissed each other passionately, only to come up for air for brief moments, and then to resume their fervent lovemaking. Winged Teen had her hands down Dr. Morfteen’s pants and massaged his turgid member to ejaculation for the umpteenth time before the pair fell to the floor and got down to business.

The other members of the meeting shouted hoots and catcalls with one or two “get a room!” comments thrown in for good measure.

After the two had worked off their steam and lay back with large smiles plastered on their faces. Dr. Morfteen said “Sorry about that! We’ll take the briefing from down here if there are no objections.”

Anyman produced a palm-sized ray gun from his pocket, pressed a few buttons on its side, then hit the two with a ruby red pulse of light that changed them into 1-year-old babies and said “no problem!” then called in a gynodroid to clean them up, put them into diapers, and set them in a pair of high chairs next to the conference table.

“Now then, as you know, I called the meeting to discuss the latest improvements to the Rejuvenation ray. I can age up or down any living object with it within seconds and have used the Doctor and his wife to demonstrate its efficacy” Said Anyman as he held out the device for inspection.

“We’ve incorporated several safety measures into the device, like overload protection so that we don’t repeat the last fiasco and one which I’m very proud of,” he handed the device to Uber Woman, “go ahead and use it on me.” he encouraged her.

Uber Woman took the device, felt its heft, shrugged her shoulders, and aimed it at Anyman while pulling the trigger. Nothing happened.

Anyman took back the device and said “It’s keyed to use my DNA as a locking mechanism. In this manner, we can prevent it from being taken and used on its designated operator. We can also enter in a public key that can accept several DNA signatures which would allow one device to be used by all team members.”

“What’s more,” he continued putting the device on the meeting table and hitting it with a heavy mallet which caused several team members to cringe. “It won’t accidentally go off and heavy damage activates a power lock-out from its internal battery.”

He picked up the weapon, triggered a diagnostic on its screen which flashed green, and put it back in his pocket. “Sturdy too!” he quipped.

“Are there any side effects with repeated use?” asked Winged baby from her high chair as drool dribbled down her chin. “None that I can find” answered Anyman “I’ve dosed test subjects in the lab over a 1000 times and they don’t show any signs of degradation or wear.”

“So, I could, for instance, use it on myself, and go down to the playground as a boy, but should it be necessary, return to my natural age in an instant ready for duty?” Asked Augerman. He still had fond memories of playing with his Tonka toys during the fiasco and had kept them in his room just in case another one came along.

“Yes, that’s possible,” Answered Anyman “but were one to do so, it would be advisable to keep the device locked up and not take it with them to the playground and possibly lose it,” he advised.

“So, is there a time limit that would run out with disastrous effects before the person is returned to their normal age?” asked Canary Woman. “The age at which the subject is returned to is like rewinding a clock spring,” mansplained Anyman “the subject starts their life at that age and naturally ages back to their normal age at the regular rate. Similarly, if a subject ages up using the device, it would be as if the subject were that age to start and once again, would age normally from that point.”

“How about the speed at which the subject ages or regresses? Could that be set as well?” Asked Uber Woman who since the fiasco, entertained fantasies of herself and others regressing while she masturbated. “You can set the speed on the menu or through a programming cable,”, answered Anyman “there’s also a random function that takes anywhere from a day to several years throughout the program. It has to do with quantum mechanics as it’s an independent process from the Rejuvenation ray, so I won’t go into its specifics, here.” lectured a very knowledgeable Anyman.

“You set the target age with the little dial” he adjusted it then bathed Dr. Morfbaby and Feathered Baby in its light, causing them to grow into toddlers, popping the plastic tabs on their diapers in the process."

“Any other questions?” Asked Anyman as he took out a box and laid it on the meeting table. 4 similar devices were placed in it. “They’re all keyed for 5 sets of DNA, you’re welcome to use them on your off time as you wish, just be responsible and we’ll convene in a week to determine if they need more improvement or if we shouldn’t use them at all” he then used the ray again on the two toddlers aging them up to 13. “Meeting adjourned! Use them responsibly, everyone.”


Uber Woman rushed back to her new apartment with her new toy and almost came with the excitement of wanting to use it on herself immediately. She plugged the device into her laptop and called up a schedule of regression with shaking fingers. Once she was happy with the result, she programmed the device, took off her clothes, and zapped herself. The effects were scheduled to begin within 1 minute afterward.

She set up a camera in the last few seconds to record the event and looked at herself in the mirror. As the regression began, she watched as her body shrank, her boobs become smaller and recede into her chest, her wide hips losing their curves to become boyish, a glance at the rearview mirror showed her butt losing its flounce and become squarish, the pubes on her vagina pulled themselves in leaving behind naked, smooth skin.

A 5-year-old and very excited Uber Girl admired herself in the mirror and donned on a pull-up. She turned off the camera and proceeded to grind herself against the arm of a chair in the living room.


Augerman had to do some shopping before he could use his device, he picked up some childish pajamas, underoos, kiddy shorts, socks, and some Keds sneakers at the department store. He felt a little embarrassed as the clerk rung up his purchases, but she didn’t remark on them and he felt it was worth it.

(Author’s note: I suppose you’re asking why he went and purchased the clothing when he could have just requisitioned it from supply at the Headquarters, but I felt that the experience of obtaining the clothing was a part of Augerman’s youthful fantasy.)

Upon arriving at his apartment, Augerman set the controls of his device and zapped himself instantly to an 8-year-old boy. He stepped out of his baggy pants and shirt, put aside the now-massive construction helmet, and dressed up in his underoos as Captain Cave Punk. He then put on his new pajamas and went to the kitchen for some chicken tenders, French fries, and a kola. He enjoyed his dinner in front of his TV set watching old reruns of “The Lone Stranger”. As the clock approached 8 PM, he got sleepy, crawled into bed, and fell asleep.

He was up at 6 AM alive and vibrant, had some cereal and watched morning cartoons until 9 AM, took a shower, and put on his shorts, socks, and sneakers still using The Captain Cave Punk t-shirt portion of his underoos as his play shirt and left his apartment with one of his Tonka toys to go play in the park.

Mrs. Miller, stepping outside her apartment to check her mail, noticed a small boy with a toy truck waiting for the elevator, she sidled up beside him. “Hello, little boy! What’s your name?” she asked as they waited, “Why, Mrs. Miller, It’s me, Augerman!” slipped out of his mouth before he could stop it, he quickly burbled out “Um, in disguise of course! It’s amazing what a little make-up can do these days, eh?” he finished lamely and mentally slapped himself for being the fool.

The elevator chimed its arrival, the two got in and she pressed the ground floor button.

Mrs. Miller just took it all in stride. There were a few children she didn’t know in the large apartment complex and she figured that the child had got off on the wrong floor. She loved children and their sometimes wild imaginations so she played along. “Why, I never would have guessed! Simply amazing!” she said as their elevator arrived at the ground level and they exited. “Good luck, out there keeping our country safe!” she said as she went to the mailboxes.

Augerboy breathed a sigh of relief and continued to the park, thinking of all the fun he’d have playing in the sand.


“Vroom, vroom!” said the young Augerboy as he pushed sand around with his Tonka toy. So lost in his playing construction worker, he didn’t notice two other boys approach and mock him. “Lookit the baby playing in the sand,” said the first “I bet he’s not out of diapers yet!” he said with taunting glee. The second walked up and kicked the sand that had just been freshly bulldozed, making a large crater in Augerboy’s “work”. Augerboy turned to the two and said “Stop that! Go play somewhere else!” The second boy said “Whatcha gonna do? Stop us?” and grabbed Augerboy’s prized toy.

Fortunately, Augerboy was born strong and a push to the bigger boy’s chest tossed him a few feet backward. The boy lost his balance and fell on his butt. Augerboy then faced down his first tormentor and said, “you’d better beat it, I break bones when I get angry!” The boys, now properly cowed, ran off.

Augerboy's mood was spoiled by the bigger kids, so he decided to leave the park. Before he could do so, the two boys came back with a policeman in tow. “That’s him, officer! He’s the one who pushed my brother!” said the first one. Augerboy just stood his ground while the officer approached and asked if that were so. After the policeman asked enough questions of the three boys, he said to the two, “I tend to believe that two were picking on one, why don’t you boys go home for the day before I call your parents?” The boys skulked away, their dark thoughts were centered on getting revenge on the little creep that spoiled their fun.

The officer turned again to Augerboy and noted out loud that he seemed a bit small to be playing by himself and that he should probably have a word with his parents as well. Augerboy thought fast and said that his parents were in the apartment complex and they could watch him play in the park, so of course they weren’t here. The officer thought about it and realized he probably had better things to do. He said to Augerboy “Tell them that it would be wiser to come with you to the park in the future. If I see you unaccompanied again, we’ll have a long talk with them, got it?”

Augerboy acknowledged his orders and beat feet before the officer could change his mind. Upon returning to his apartment, he stripped off his clothes, returned himself to his normal age, and thought that maybe he could play in the sand with the help of someone else to watch him, so he’d ask his team members.


Canary Woman went to her agent and proposed a contract to do a live version of “The crybaby of Metropolis” when the agent poo-pooed the idea as a royal pain finding child actors to portray her various ages that the script would demand, she said she had an angle but that he’d have to trust her and see if he could get the script though. “Pull a few strings, darling! That’s how this town works after all.” Her agent said he’d do his best and they left it at that.

Canary Woman went to her Penthouse apartment and worked on her script. During the drafting, she padded out certain parts to fit her movie version and used her device to instantly set her age at wherever she was at in the script to ad-lib the parts and help her visualize what Lois went through in the comic version.

Dressed up in her adult-sized pajamas, Canary Teen jumped out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror, standing on one pajama bottomed foot holding her arms out as the fabric drooped off her hidden hands and then made some notes.

She then dressed up as a bobbysoxer and reapplied the ray. She acted like a shocked tween at her oversize outfit in front of the mirror and made some more notes.

Then she dressed up as a girl scout and zapped herself again. Repeated her surprised reaction in the mirror and made some more notes.

Dressing up as a little girl, Canary Girl zapped herself in front of the mirror and remembered that Lois had crawled out of her outfit so it was probably unnecessary. It was hard to scrawl a few notes with her lack of motor skills at that age, but she managed it.

Zapping herself with the ray, Canary Baby crawled to the mirror and sat on her naked butt, and realized that she might have taken it too far. The device was very hard to program, let alone handle, and it took a while before she was able to zap herself back to her adult age.

“Phew!” she said as she called for a cleaning robot to get the stains out of the carpet and she went to shower the baby poop off her butt.


Dr. Morfteen and Canary Teen used the ray to enhance their role-play. All of their acts were rated XXX and several of them would be illegal even in off-shore waters.

One role-play that can be mentioned was where the two ran around their house trying to zap each other with the game being won when one of them ended up as a baby. The aging up of from a baby to Dr. Morfboy and what ensued is verboten.


Uber girl showed up for the meeting wearing a childish Halloween version of her outfit. The little 6-year-old girl was just darling with her plastic boots, bodice, crappy painted helmet, and cheap synthetic fabric loincloth. The only thing she needed to complete the outfit was a trick-or-treat bag.

“Having problems, Uber Girl?” Asked Anyman with a hint of worry in his voice.

“Nope. I just felt like attending the meeting dressed this way” answered the cute as a button child warrior with a mischievous smile.

Anyman called the meeting to order. “Are there any questions or comments concerning the new Rejuvenation ray devices?” Canary Woman mentioned needing a timer to return the subject to their proper age if it was used personally, but that was it.

“Keep me abreast of any other snags you might experience, and remember that the device should remain on the premises and out of sight when not in use. We don’t want the public to get hold of it until we know all the possible ramifications that could result, meeting dismissed” said Anyman.

Augerman had considered who to go to with his problem of lack of “adult supervision” and decided to ask Dr. Morfman and Canary Woman who agreed to watch over him as it would be nice to babysit again.

Uber Girl waited for the others to leave and zapped Anyman into Anyboy. She handed him a box with a childish version of his uniform. He put it on and noted that it was a bit tight in spots so she dialed in some more parameters and zapped him a few months younger. The Halloween outfit then fit him like a glove.

“Wanna go trick or treating? I’m hoping that the Smiths are still handing out full-size candy bars this year.” She asked. The two would go on to have a fun-filled evening collecting a massive amount of candy and getting sick on it a bit later.

Fun Times!



End Chapter 1

Tales from the Halls of Justness "It's a world mad mad mad"

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 20, 2021


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