Tales from the Halls of Justness "The toddler's revenge"

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 18, 2021

The League has a new toy to play with. The results are as expected as mayhem ensues.

Chapter 1
Dr. Morfman, I presume?

Chapter Description: The league's brainiest member is just a bit smarter than Anyman.

 Tales from the Justness League II

2. The toddler’s revenge.

In the Halls of Justness conference room, a meeting was taking place, present were Uber Toddler and Anytoddler occupying a set of matching highchairs, Augerman, Winged Woman, Dr. Morfman, and Canary Woman.

“So, we’re still working on a ray that can safely age the two of you back to your normal ages,” said Dr. Morfman “Preliminary experimentation with test subjects is progressing well, but there are still a few bugs to work out. We wouldn’t want to age you to senior citizens by accident”.

Uber Toddler said, “That’s okay. Anytoddler and myself have found a new game to play and we can wait”.

Anytoddler chimed in “Yeah, it’s a fun game that allows us to enjoy our toddler bodies to the fullest!”

“If you mean the one where you rub your diapers together and shout ‘wonder powers activate!’, we’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell us,” said Augerman with a mild look of distaste.

“Eh-hem! Be that as it may, Anyman, we went over the schematics for the rejuvenation ray that you were subjected to and are wondering if you have any more input on its makeup?” asked Dr. Morfman as he changed the subject.

“Only that the frequency of the beam determines the amount of regression. I remember that from when Pex gloated about how it would turn us into babies with one dose” replied Anyman.

“Okay, thanks for that, we’ll probably have to reconstruct it from the parts in Pex Putor’s lab to observe the effects and maybe get a clue to a more efficient cure,” said Dr. Morfman.

“So, what’s it like having a toddler’s body and an adult’s mind?” asked Canary Woman.

“It’s kind of like being an ancient” replied Uber Toddler “you can’t eat spicy foods, you’re incontinent, and you have to be taken care of by someone else as your body isn’t strong enough or dexterous enough to do it for you”.

“Hmm. That sounds like a good analogy. Good thing we brought back a caretaker gynodroid with us, it certainly saves time and trouble!” Responded Canary Woman. “One thing though, the first exposure to the ray took 20 years of age off and the second only 6 with the third another 8 only because it was an improved ray that partially irradiated your body?”

“Yes, that’s correct, by varying the spectrum, frequency, and intensity of the ray, the result can theoretically be anywhere from a few days to several decades. I would compute the upper limit to be about 60 years, tops” said Anytoddler. “Are you thinking of staying in the game for a few more years, Canary Woman? I only ask as you’re approaching retirement age” he finished sympathetically.

Canary Woman fired back “No, I’m not! I think that retirement is the reward I’ll get that allows my final days to be relaxing and not always fraught with danger from the high risks that a superhero undertakes on a daily basis!”

“Well, I for one at this stage of the business wouldn’t mind a few more years duking it out with a few more bad guys,” said Augerman “I’ve got a few more decades to go before retirement. I’ll see what I think about it then”.

Winged Woman quietly took in the banter. She wasn’t much for chit-chat or small talk, being the youngest on the team before the rejuvenation ray incident, she still had a good 50 years before retirement.

The meeting was adjourned. The heroes all went back to patrol or standby while Dr. Morfman went back to his lab to conduct more experiments with the anti-rejuvenation ray. Anytoddler accompanied him, his chubby little legs and unsteady gate slowing the pace. Dr. Morfman didn't seem to mind.


In the lab, Anytoddler punched out commands with his pudgy little fingers clumsily on a console that controlled the construction bots as they labored to put the final touches on the rejuvenation ray. He signaled Dr. Morfman to come over and said “That’s it, the programming is as I remember it from Pax’s computer. I modified the algorithm for efficiency and I believe we’ll be ready for testing tomorrow”.

“Good! I’ll set up some instruments in the meantime to monitor the various atomic flows that are affected by the device and we can observe and monitor the effects on one of our test subjects, then” said Dr. Morfman. A gynodroid appeared and picked up Anytoddler “Time for some dinner, a bath, and some sleep!” chimed the gynodroid.

Dr. Morfman sat at the console and instructed the construction bots to place various sensors to be placed around the metal table before he retired for the evening.

Later that evening, when everyone else should either be on break, patrol or sleeping, several shadowy figures crept into the Lab on separate occasions, adjusted the controls on the console controlling the rejuvenation ray, then bathed themselves for a few seconds to a full minute in its ruby-red glow. Their individual missions accomplished, the figures crept back into the shadows.


“Morning Dr. Morfman!” said Anytoddler as he waddled into the lab. Fresh from his morning breakfast and diaper change, smelling of baby products, he looked forward to the day's experiments. Dr. Morfman’s face was aghast as he looked through the logs of the Rejuvenation ray and sensor data and was too preoccupied to answer the greeting back.

“What’s the problem? Is there a glitch in the programming?” asked Anytoddler as he caught Dr. Morfman’s lab coat and tugged at it to get his attention.

Dr. Morfman reached down and picked up Anytoddler placing him on his lap to better read the console logs. After Anytoddler did that, he said in a shocked voice “Three times? On an experimental machine that hasn’t even been calibrated, yet? What were they thinking?”

“We need to check on the other members immediately to see if they’re all right!” said a worried Dr. Morfman he carried Anytoddler in his arms to see what damage might have been wrought by the others as they carelessly put their lives in danger by playing with an experimental device.

The first room they came up to was occupied by Winged Women. After knocking on her door and getting no answer. They entered after discovering that it was unlocked.

What they found was a cute little girl, no more than 1 or 2 years old, playing with a set of blocks on the floor. The little girl was naked and from the smell of the room, needed a bath and a diaper. She turned to the two and said with a smile “Good morning! I s’pose you’re wondering why I, the youngest would use the youth ray? I’ll tell you! But first I have some needs that should be tended to. I’m hungry!” The two didn't present any argument and summoned a cleaning bot for the room and a gynobot for the little girl.

The next room was Augerman’s. After entering, they found him in the form of a pimply-faced teenager. His great musculature had been reduced to pipe-like arms and legs, his six-pack abs were nowhere to be seen on his now gaunt, lanky body. The hard hat that he wore tightly over his forehead now fit loosely, rakishly askew. His tank top was bilious over his skinny frame, the tool belt that weighed in at several hundred pounds was on the floor as he couldn’t lift it. His tight construction pants were down around his ankles with his feet now dwarfed by the construction boots he normally wore.

“I thought I’d take a few years off, you know, be at my prime again? Honest!” said the nasally voiced teenage version of Augerman. The pair instructed him to meet them at the lab for tests to see if he was stabilized or if the process would continue. He gulped at the thought of getting younger and departed for the lab with haste.

This left Canary Woman, They went up to her suite and knocked on her door. A twenty-something vision of beauty wearing a glimmered cocktail dress answered, waved a cigarette on a long cigarette holder, and welcomed them invitingly while letting them in.

“Hello, darlings! I see that nothing can slip by you and you’re here for a confession, right?” she said with a condescending attitude. “I admit nothing! Hahaha! That marvelous machine just made my retirement all the sweeter as when I go out into the world, I won’t be a broken-down old hag, but a beautiful young lady! And don’t say that yo- UNHH!” she stopped in mid-sentence as if something had grabbed her whole body and gave it a hard squeeze.

“The process may be unstable! You need to come with us to the lab for testing Immediately!” shouted Dr. Morfman with urgency in his voice. She tried to put up an argument even as the cramping sensations continued.

Canary woman’s breasts began to shrink back into her body as her height and weight decreased proportionately. The open-backed dress looked more like a shiny cloth tube than a curve hugger on her rapidly thinning frame. The process seemed to halt when she reached 16 or so. The gawky teen standing before them was now but a shade of the former beauty that she was before.

“What happened! My body! My gorgeous body! Where is it?” demanded the shrill-voiced teenager.

After some back and forth, she finally agreed to come with them to the lab and the two escorted her to it.

After they reached the lab, the first person that they decided to analyze was Winged Baby. Dressed in a onesie with a prominent diaper bulge, (she had insisted on an extra soaker), the 10-month-old happily played with her dolly while the tests were performed and explained that she was never secure or happy as an adult. She had tremendous powers but dreaded the responsibility they demanded of her. Whenever she could, she would dress up as an adult baby and play with her dollies and blocks remembering a happier time of small cares or worries. In fact, she looked forward to finding a sandbox after all the tests so she could play in the sand with a plastic shovel and bucket.

She had exposed her body to the ray for about 3 seconds as she was too big of a coward to try anything more. It was kind of like dipping her toe in the water, if the water was fine, she had planned to jump in and enjoy the swim. Now, here she was, swimming joyfully! The water was just fine!

A gynobot came and took Winged Baby to deposit her in the nursery. On the way out, she asked the gynobot if there was a sandbox there. The gynobot chirped a negative to which she asked “Could you get one, then? I need it!” the gynobot’s response was lost as they drifted too far away to hear.

Next was Auger Boy. His 12-year-old frame could no longer sport the baggy pants and boots he came in with, so he ditched them and walked up to the examination equipment in just his oversize tank-top. They knew his story, but not his exposure. He informed them that he was under the ray for 30 whole seconds. After doing the math on the amount of exposure from the information provided by the briefing room, he figured he’d take about 18 to 20 years off his age and be in his prime once again. “Looks like I miscalculated a little, huh? Asked the prepubescent child on the exam table. His age would later stabilize to 8.

Finally seen was Canary Girl. The 16-year-old broke down into tears while relating her story, she couldn’t help it, after she rambled on about missed opportunities and unfair life situations, she explained that her math of one minute’s exposure should have landed her in her twenties, and it seemed to until the process resumed while they were questioning her.

Anytoddler did some quick math in his head and gave her the bad news. She would be about several days old when the process stopped, the reason for the intense spasms was that the process was accelerating in spurts and should be a bit slower now.

She wiped away a tear and started shrinking a bit more. A 15-year-old’s developing bosom gave way to a puffy-breasted 12, then a flat 10. The hair on her pubic area receded, grew finer, and then seemingly dissipated leaving her female genitalia naked. The process halted again at age 3, bringing forth in her the hope that it had finally stopped, but it savagely picked up again, sending her body back to a newborn’s before it finally stopped. “She's about 1 week old, I’d say,” said Dr. Morfman.

The infant lay on the table unable to move, her body wouldn’t respond to any commands that she gave it. A gynoid came, wrapped her up in a receiving blanket, and carried her away to the nursery.

A gynoid then came for Anytoddler, it was past his midday feeding, diapering, and nap. The sleepy toddler gave in to the gynoid’s gentle touch and he too was carried away, too tired to walk.

Dr. Morfman sighed, said a little curse under his breath, and started the process of collating data and filling the variables in his equations with more solid numbers.


Over in the nursery, construction was going on. New entranceways were being installed in adjacent rooms to accommodate the overnight baby-boom that the Hall of Justness had experienced. A play area had been erected with a sandbox, swing sets, playpens, and a plethora of baby toys. Augerman was playing in the sandbox with some Tonka toys, while Uber Toddler played patty cake with Winged Baby. Anytoddler, his meal consumed and his diaper changed was ushered off to a quieter part of the ward and tucked into his crib for a quick nap. Across from him, in a smaller crib, Canary Infant slept, oblivious to the things going on around her.

After a few weeks of nursery life for the others, Dr. Morfman and Anyteen walked into the nursery and gave all assembled the good news and the bad news.

Standing up to deliver it, dressed in a t-shirt, an Abena youth diaper, white cotton socks, and a pair of Converse sneakers, Anyteen explained that they could grow their experimental subjects up in stages of several years each. But the bodies that they grew into didn’t regain their motor skills immediately. He was in the process of relearning potty training currently as he had decided to see what effect a double dose and 12 years would do and he was considering going back 6 years as he found it difficult to train his motor skills with such a large leap during his developing years. His hand unconsciously rubbed and massaged his diaper as he spoke, causing an ejaculation. As he realized what had just happened he said that his raging hormones were the hardest things to cope with. “I swear that thing has a hair-trigger!” he muttered half-aloud.

So, there you have it. That was the year that the Justness league had to ask some of its retired members to come in and sub for the infantile members of the current team. There were some hiccups as everyone grew back up, but only one remained in diapers, and that was by choice. She remained a baby, then a toddler, and then a baby again for several decades.



End Chapter 1

Tales from the Halls of Justness "The toddler's revenge"

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 18, 2021


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