Loss of Privileges

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2005

Never humiliate the daughter of a magical renegade. NEVER.

Chapter 1
Loss of Privileges

"Loss of Privileges"

By Dark Oni

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Margaret Thomas wore a grim expression as she unlocked the upper doors of her kitchen cabinet. She knew she’d sworn off this stuff until her daughter was older but she’d simply had enough.

As she opened the shelves to the light she grinded over her anger in her mind. It was still infuriating to her that she, a thirty year old woman with three years of substituting experience couldn’t get a teaching job while girls just out of college were hired because they were cheaper.

Now she was a teacher’s aid to her daughter’s first grade teacher, Miss Allen, one of those inexperienced ’girls’. It hadn’t been her original goal of course. However, upon helping one day with a party Mary had been disgusted with the teacher’s lack of control and disregard for her students. She’d volunteered to be an aid on the spot, if only to make sure her daughter got through things okay.

Little Mary was small for her age and terribly shy. Margaret knew from experience that children like that could easily get picked on. Children could be cruel. She’d never expected the teasing to come from Mary’s teacher.

Poor Mary had been wetting the bed lately but the doctor had assured Margaret that the problem wouldn’t occur during the day. He’d been wrong. Even so, it was only a little accident. Miss Allen really shouldn’t have made a big deal out of it. Instead the teacher had called her a baby in front of the entire class, even going so far as putting a bonnet on the child’s head.

Margaret raged again at the memory of walking into the classroom and seeing her daughter in tears as the rest of the class laughed at her. She’d immediately taken Mary home. She’d wanted to do something else but had thought better of it. There were other ways to make things right.

Margaret methodically pushed through the bottles in her cabinet, trying to find the appropriate ones. The role of a renegade mage was something she’d thought was behind her for now. She had a daughter to raise and being hunted by the council wasn’t a good way to go about it. What she had forgotten was she also had a daughter to protect.

"Mommy. I don’t wanna go back to school." Mary whined from behind her.

Hearing her daughter in that tone made Margaret’s heart ache. Turning her head she said, "I know sweetheart. Don’t worry, mommy will make things better. I promise you’ll have fun at school tomorrow. Now finish your ice cream honey."

"Okay mommy." Mary said, still sounding depressed.

Margaret felt for her daughter and she meant to do something about it. Her eyes lit up as she found the bottles she’d been looking for.

Gazing upon the liquids she grinned and whispered, "Yes honey, I promise you’ll have a lot of fun at school tomorrow."


Rebecca Allen hurried from her car, heels clicking against the pavement. She was a bit late but knew the teaching assistant would take care of opening the classroom as usual.

She laughed a bit at that after what had happened the day before. Miss Thomas had called from home to tell the secretary that she had taken Mary out early because she was sick and that the both of them would be in today.

Rebecca had been a little worried that Margaret would make a big deal out of the punishment she’d chosen for Mary. She was happy it had blown over. She didn’t need more complications at work. She hated her job enough as it was.

When she’d marked down grade school on her application she’d thought the worse she’d get was third or fourth grade. It was bad enough she had to baby-sit a bunch of brats; she didn’t have to change them too. Besides, a little embarrassment never hurt anyone. Maybe next time Mary would ask to go to the bathroom.

Rebecca entered the classroom and nodded curtly to Miss Thomas. She could see the older woman had on a conservative pair of tan pants, black flats and a white blouse. She grinned a bit at that since it was in such contrast to the tight jeans, white heels and snug white top that she wore.

"Maybe if she showed a little more she might actually get a teaching job." Rebecca thought snidely. Even Margaret’s brown hair was cut short and conservative while Rebecca’s blonde hair hung long down her back.

Taking the seat behind her desk Miss Allen said crisply, "Good morning class." At that her students quieted down a bit and Rebecca made her first announcement of the day.

"Before we get started class I have something to tell you. Given what happened yesterday there will be a new policy."

Miss Allen then paused and stared straight at little Mary. The girl wore a pair of green overalls and pink shirt and her dark hair was tied up in two little pigtails.

Continuing she said, "Anyone who fails to use the potty when they need to will lose certain privileges. You might find your playtime shortened or even receive extra work." Giggling could be heard as the children understood what Miss Allen was talking about. Only Mary looked scared though as she lowered her head.

"Which privileges are lost will be determined by the adult in charge, either me or Miss Thomas." Looking at her teacher’s aid Rebecca tried to spot some kind of reaction from the woman. She’d expected anger but instead got a strange smile.

A little disappointed Rebecca took a gulp of her morning coffee. She then started on the day’s first lesson.


A half hour later Rebecca began to feel strange. She didn’t really feel sick, just odd. She paused to take a deep breath. Closing her eyes she heard one of the children yell, "Look! She’s having an accident." The class then erupted into a mass of laughter and hushed comments.

Rebecca angrily opened her eyes. "Not again." she thought.

"Alright. Who was it? Who can’t hold it in this time?" Miss Allen asked.

One of the students in the front row, a boy named Danny, pointed at her and through a choking laugh said, "You did Miss Allen. You had an accident."

"Very funny Daniel." Rebecca said but then stopped. She felt ... wet.

Looking down at herself Rebecca saw a gigantic dark spot in her jeans that went all the way down to her knees. She HAD wet herself and she hadn’t even felt it! She could feel it now though, warm and wet and dripping all over her.

"Wha...what the....?" she began to ask but was interrupted by Miss Thomas.

"Rebecca, what did you do?" she said sternly, a smile in her voice.

"Huh? Margaret? My coffee! You put something into my coffee didn’t you?" Rebecca realized.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about Rebecca. All I see is a little girl who can’t control herself. It seems you’ll be losing some privileges today. First, you’re no longer the teacher." Margaret said gleefully.

"You’re nuts, you know that? Making me wet myself just to get some kind of sick revenge for your daughter. This is your last day at this school." Rebecca said.

Miss Allen then pushed the button on the intercom. All the while Margaret watched her calmly. What she’d put into the teacher’s coffee would do much more then just make her wet herself.

"Office here." the intercom spoke. Smiling at Margaret Miss Allen opened her mouth and said "Yeth, helwo?"

The class laughed again. Miss Allen’s voice had taken on an impossibly high pitch, making her sound just like a little girl.

"Who is this?" the office asked.

Rebecca’s eyes opened wide in horror. What was wrong with her? Why was she talking like this? Desperately she tried to continue. "Dis is Miss Alwen. I need hewlp here."

Margaret raised her voice over the laughter of the class. "I’m sorry Nancy, little Becky here pushed the intercom button before I could stop her."

"Nooooo. I’m Miss Alwen! I’m Miss Alwen!" Rebecca shouted.

Ignoring her, the voice on the intercom continued "Miss Thomas, where is Miss Allen?"

"She had to step out for a minute. Everything’s fine down here."

"Okay then." the voice finished then clicked off.

"Nooooo." Rebecca yelled again, her voice still high. She didn’t notice Margaret walk behind her until the teacher’s aid swatted her hard on the behind.

"Don’t even think of pushing that button again young lady! That is for the use of adults only." she admonished her.

Rebecca spun around to face Margaret and immediately wondered if the woman had gotten taller as she looked straight into her eyes. "I yam an aduwlt. What did you do to me?!"

"Something you richly deserve. Now Becky dear, let’s get you out of those wet clothes."

A panicking Rebecca began to run. After a couple of steps however she lost her balance in heels that suddenly felt too big and nailed the floor with a great amount of force. The laughter in the classroom rose to a new height.

Rebecca felt the pain rip through her when she impacted and by the time she rolled herself into a seated position she began to cry. She didn’t understand what was wrong with her. Why was she crying over a little fall?

As the tears rolled down her cheeks Rebecca noticed that she’d lost her heels in the fall. She was now sitting on the floor with her bare feet pointed towards the class as she sat on her wet bottom crying her eyes out.

"See Becky, that’s what happens when little girls wear grown up shoes. They fall and go boom like you did." Margaret said in a sweet and cheery voice.

"B-but I’m not a wittle girl." Rebecca sniffed.

"All in good time." Margaret said, and kneeled down to place a compact mirror in front of Rebecca’s face.

The teacher’s face took on a horrified expression as she saw herself. She no longer looked twenty-five. Her face had thinned, her cheekbones had receded and her nose was turning upward. She was a teenager again.

"Th-this can’t be hawpening!" she squealed, her voice still that of a child’s.

"Oh, but it is dear. That’s what happens when adults act like children." Margaret said happily.

This all was simply too much for Rebecca to take and she began to cry hysterically which upset her even more because she couldn’t seem to control her feelings at all. It was as if years of emotional control had simply been stripped away. The laughter of her students didn’t help either. She was their teacher and now they were making fun of her and she couldn’t stop them.

"Ahh-haaa-wahhhhh! Make it stop. Make it sto-ha-ha-hop!" she cried as embarrassment flooded her. She then kicked her bare heels against the floor slightly as her hands balled into fists at her shoulders. She may have looked like a teen at this moment but she was throwing a tantrum like a toddler.

Margaret watched in earnest as Miss Allen bawled and shrank. Her prominent breasts deflated as she lost years causing her sleeveless top to hang on her chest as the straps of her useless bra became visible. Her now baggy jeans began to engulf her as well as her diminishing feet seemed to be pulled back into them.

The crying teen quickly became a crying child, her shrinking becoming more prominent as she passed below puberty. She was soon swimming in her clothes.

"Oh my, looks like those ’big girl’ clothes are too much for you honey. Let me help." Margaret said with syrupy sarcasm. With little effort she was able to pull Miss Allen’s top off of her. The crying child’s bra now hung uselessly on her shoulders.

"Look Becky!" Margaret said sternly. "You made the bottoms of your top all yellow. Naughty girl!" More squeals of laughter came from the class.

Becky was barely able to see the stained shirt through her tear filled eyes. "I-I’m sowwy!" she squeaked. She felt terrible about displeasing Miss Thomas. She felt so stupid and bad for peeing herself. She also felt self-conscious about her bared chest and crossed her arms meekly over it.

Margaret saw the child-teacher’s face turn crimson as her features became more cherub-like. By the time she was six again her face was the picture of chubby innocence.

Little Miss Allen’s legs were still in her jeans but the lumps that pinpointed the location of her feet were now above the knees of the garment. The material below that point laid flat against the floor.

Margaret stepped on the jeans, one of her feet per pant leg. Bending over she placed her arms under Becky’s shoulders and lifted her from the carpet.

Becky’s bare feet dangled far from the floor as Miss Thomas held the wet girl away from her. Becky’s wet panties were huge on her but the dampness caused them to cling to her skin. They had been very nice French cut lace panties but now were yellow instead of white.

"Becky! You smell terrible! How much pee was in you?" Margaret mocked, grinning at the continued laughter from the students.

Little Becky was mortified. She could feel the cool air hitting her wet panties as her legs dangled off the floor. She felt helpless and ashamed at the same time. Deep down she knew she was still the teacher but now didn’t feel very deserving of the title.

Standing Becky on the floor Margaret looked down on her former boss. The child looked miserable. Her arms were crossed over a flat chest and her wet panties sagged on her waist. The girl hadn’t noticed yet but her underwear was no longer doing its job and her bare privates could clearly be seen.

Walking up to the child Miss Thomas spoke to the class. "You see children, what Miss Allen said holds true, even for her. She didn’t use the potty when she had to and she has now lost the privilege of being the teacher and of being an adult."

With that Margaret reached down and pulled Becky’s panties to her ankles. The girl squealed and quickly reached down to pull them up, receiving a smack on her bare bottom for her troubles.

"No Becky! You’ve ruined you clothes and now I have to get you out of them." Margaret chastised as the child rubbed her sore backside.

Fresh tears came to Becky as she whined, "B-but Miss Thomas. I’m naked. They can see everything." She was extremely self-conscious about her nakedness, especially now that she had nothing to hide. The room seemed huge to her now as well and the other children were as big or bigger than her. She was very uncomfortable.

"You’re a child now Becky as are they. It doesn’t matter." Margaret stated flatly as she removed the child’s bra leaving Becky completely bare. The girl still tried to cover herself, an arm over her pink nipples and a hand over her privates as the other children continued to laugh at her.

"There, you looked silly in those grown up clothes anyway. I brought an outfit that will be perfect for you now." Margaret remarked.

As Margaret walked to the back room she realized that she was really beginning to enjoy this. Never in a million years would she treat a real child in any way similar to this but Miss Allen deserved it. She deserved to know how poor Mary had felt when she’d been called a baby in front of her classmates and had a bonnet placed on her head.

The potions Margaret had slipped into Miss Allen’s coffee were rather varied. One of course had caused her to regress but Margaret had magically controlled it so it would stop at just the right age. That was also why she’d been able to regress Rebecca’s vocal cords at just the right time. The lisp had been a bonus.

She’d allowed the side effect of emotional regression to remain, knowing how effective it would be. Another potion had caused Miss Allen to wet herself and Margaret could make it happen again if she wanted to. Yet another ensured that Becky’s fear and embarrassment would run rampant in her mind while the last made her meek as a kitten. So meek in fact that even as she shivered in front of the class in embarrassment Becky didn’t dare move in fear that Miss Thomas would get upset at her.

The teacher’s aid returned with a gym bag and knelt in front of the frightened child.

Lifting Becky’s legs one by one she removed the wet panties and placed them in a plastic bag. She then took a towel and wiped the lower half of Becky’s body. As Margaret took the towel back Becky tried to hold onto it, receiving a sharp slap to her hands.

"No Becky. That’s dirty. I know how much you like being dirty but I have something else for you." More laughter ensued.

Becky hated being left bare in front of the room but she felt even worse when she saw what Miss Thomas pulled out of the bag next. It was a white pair of padded training panties that had a large cartoon kitten emblazoned on the front.

She couldn’t believe Miss Thomas was going to put those on her. She was an adult. She wanted her nice silk panties not something a toddler would wear. She’d even take a pair of cotton girl’s panties over the training ones.

"M-Miss Thomas? D-don’t you have some normal panties?" Becky whined.

"Of course I do. But they’re not for little girls who wet themselves. These will protect you in case you have another accident sweetie." Margaret commented.

"B-but, I don’t wanna...." Becky’s voice caught in her throat as Miss Thomas pulled a pair of disposable diapers from the bag.

"Well, if you insist, I suppose I could put you in diapers." Margaret smirked.

"No." Becky said meekly. "I’ll take the training pants."

Miss Thomas swiftly pulled the training panties onto Becky. The girl felt very strange in them and very embarrassed. Standing in front of the class in only those panties Becky felt closer to two than six. To relieve the shame she absently put her thumb in her mouth.

"Look, the baby’s sucking her thumb!" a voice shouted gleefully, causing more giggling.

Becky felt even worse but knew the damage was done. Instead of pulling the thumb from her mouth she sucked on it harder.

Margaret smiled and proceeded to tie Becky’s blonde hair into two pigtails using pink ribbons. Ruffled white ankle socks were pulled onto her little feet followed by black Mary Jane shoes. As Becky stood there still sucking her thumb Margaret had to admit that the little girl was adorable now.

"Okay baby Becky, get your thumb out for a moment, I need to put your dress on. I promise you can enjoy your thumb as much as you want later."

Becky blushed again and took her thumb out as more students laughed at her. Miss Thomas then pulled a frilly pink party dress out of the bag. It too had kittens on it.

Becky didn’t fight as the dress was pulled over her head and her arms went through the sleeves. She was now completely dressed as a little girl. She watched Miss Thomas place all of her adult trappings in the plastic bag. Seeing her jeans, top, bra and heels disappear into the bag Becky wondered if she’d ever wear them again.

"Now Becky, please take your seat in the back next to Mary."

Becky solemnly trudged past the desks and smiling faces of her former students, all of who looked huge to her now. When she finally sat next to Mary she was shocked to find that the smallest girl in the class was actually a little bigger than her now.

Mary, for her part, was thrilled at what had happened. To a certain extent she was happy that her mommy had taken down Miss Allen but she was even more enthused by the fact that little Becky was taking the abuse of the other students now. The way Mary figured it that meant less for her.

"Alright class, it would seem we have a new student, Becky Allen. Please be nice to her, she has a wetting problem after all."

"And she might get you wet!" a voice called out.

"Now class, be nice. Little Becky can’t help it if she’s a big baby." Margaret poured on. She could see fresh tears forming on little Miss Allen’s face as the conversation ran its course. Margaret wondered how long the girl would last.


Time passed. At first Becky had had been unable to pull her attention away from her own predicament, self-conscious about the way she looked and was dressed. Former students stared at her, giggling and pointing, or worse, just grinning, as dark thoughts seemed to fill their eyes.

With butterflies in her stomach Becky tried to concentrate on the lesson. The one she would have been teaching. She’d ignored the beginning of it, sure she could pick up at any point. She soon found this was not the case.

Very quickly she realized that she had no idea what Ms. Thomas, Margaret she had to remind herself, was talking about. She knew she should know, that she used to know, but now she just didn’t get it! And then Ms. Thomas called on her.

“Becky, do you know the answer?” she asked sweetly.

The child stared, a blank expression on her face. Muffled giggles rose up around her. She felt embarrassed, exposed, just wanted to go home. Lowering her eyes to stare shyly at her fingers she replied meekly, “No.”

Multiple hands rose to take her chance, Ms. Thomas finally calling on Mary. “Four! The answer’s four.” She called out happily.

“Yes Mary. 2 plus 2 is four. Very good. Perhaps you can help Becky out with her studies.” Margaret suggested. The former teacher’s face turned beet red at the remark.

The lessons continued, and Becky was called on again and again. Every time she just couldn’t figure out the answers, no matter how hard she tried.

“K-A-T.” she spoke carefully between sniffles, enduring yet more laughter from the class.

“Ohhhhh, sorry Becky. You were so close too. Michael, you have the answer?” Ms. Thomas asked.

“Yeah, C-A-T. Even I know that one. Becky really is a baby, huh?” he asked gleefully, not even bothering to use the child’s former title.

“I’m not a baby! I’m your teacher.” She said petulantly.

“Not anymore. Yure just a baby now. You belong back in kindergarten.” A girl remarked, poking Becky on the shoulder.

“Sta-hap!” The little girl whined, tears flowing down her cheeks. “Stop makin’ fun of me!”

“Stop!” one of the boys mocked her, emphasizing her whine.

“Watcha gonna do crybaby?” another asked, pulling on a pigtail sharply and causing her to cry more loudly.

Margaret sat back in her chair, folding her arms and saying simply. “The class seems to be getting out of hand Becky. You don’t seem to be in control anymore.”

Realizing no one was getting into trouble for picking on Becky yet another boy snuck up behind her and reached under her skirt, grabbing the back of her training panties and giving her a massive wedgie.

“Owwwww!” Becky cried, before losing it completely and starting to bawl.

The children pointed and openly laughed at her now, not even giving her the respect of a fellow student. Her thumb returned to her mouth and she suckled on it for comfort, curling up in her seat for extra security.

Ms. Thomas was there soon after. She made sure none of the children would actually hurt the regressed woman, but allowed them to mock her openly, just as she had allowed them to make fun of her little girl.

After more than a minute Margaret finally said to the former teacher. “Do you understand now Becky? How it feels to be small and helpless and scared, and have the only person who can help you, who should by all that’s decent protect you, actually make things worse?”

She kneeled, pulling the sobbing child to her chest and brushing her hair as she continued to cry.

“Shhhhh, there, there Becky. Everything’s going to be fine. You won’t be so mean to little children next time, will you?” she asked softly.

“Uh-huh.” The child grunted softly, nodding her head.

Mary watched the entire heartwarming scene, actually somewhat annoyed at her mother’s actions. She’d enjoyed seeing Becky get what she deserved and did not like how things were shaping up at all.

“Mommy, I think Becky’s lying. I think she should stay little.” Mary said honestly.

Margaret smiled warmly. She’d never intended to make the change permanent, only to teach Miss Allen a much needed lesson. She was about to explain this to her daughter when Becky let out a high-pitched growl and pulled away from her embrace.

“Shut-up! This is all you fault anyway! Just because you were big baby! I hate you!” Becky screamed at Mary, flailing her arms and landing a solid blow across the other girl’s head.

Stunned into a daze Mary lost her balance and fell, striking her forehead against her desk on the way to the floor.

Suddenly Margaret saw blood gush from her little girl’s head and she lunged forward, cradling her baby in her arms. “Mary!” she cried, immediately bringing all her healing magic to the fore. It wasn’t an area of expertise for her, but she managed eventually to stop the bleeding, healing the wound from the inside out, making sure the artery sealed itself and her little girl was truly okay

The room remained in hushed silence as Ms. Thomas brushed Mary’s damp and sticky hair from her eyes, kissing her daughter on the cheek and asking if she was okay. After some tense seconds the little girl’s eyelids fluttered open and she immediately smiled upon seeing her mother’s caring gaze.

“Mommy? What happened?” she asked, reaching a small hand to her head and feeling where the wound had been.

“Nothing sweetheart. You’re going to be just fine. Now just sit down and relax honey while mommy finishes her work.” She replied sweetly.

“’Kay.” Mary nodded, feeling a little dizzy as she sat back in her chair but otherwise fine.

Margaret on the other hand felt anything but fine. Turning swiftly she glared at the blonde haired girl she’d been hugging a couple of minutes before.

Becky’s eyes widened in horror upon seeing the look of pure hatred on Ms. Thomas’ face. She shrank from the terrible visage, shivering and turned to run away, reacting like the child she now was.

A large hand wrapped securely around her wrist, stopping her however, catching her in an unbreakable hold. Becky found herself spun around, both of Ms. Thomas’ hands gripping her harshly on her shoulders.

“You hateful little bitch.” Margaret sneered at her prey. “I was about to let you go. Grow you back up to be a better teacher than before, but I see now that isn’t possible.”

Becky squirmed, terrified and desperate as those enraged eyes bored into her very soul. She had resumed crying immediately, her built in soother locked in place by the hands that held her. “Noooo. I’ll be good. I’ll be good.” She whined and pleaded.

“You are nothing but a selfish, pathetic little baby. You didn’t care about my little girl’s suffering yesterday and just now you actually tried to hurt her!” Margaret growled.

Becky struggled harder, trying to pull away from the nasty mean woman who held her. Crying louder. “I be good giwl. Pease, I be good. Make me bigga.” She begged between her harsh breaths.

“You’re lying. Mary was right. I can see that now.” Margaret intoned harshly. “I won’t be making you bigger baby Becky, you will be getting smaller. Soon your size will match your maturity.”

“Noooooooooo.” Becky moaned weakly in defeat. A spark of her old anger took her next. “You big witch! I hate you too!” Suddenly feeling less like a little girl and more and more like a baby Becky retreated inward, blocking out what she could, and imagining herself someplace safe and warm. It didn’t last.

A wicked grin came to Margaret’s lips before she spoke next. “Yes baby-kins. I’m a witch. And what do witches do with tasty little morsels like you?”

Becky froze in fear at the statement, a terrified shock running through her body. Before she even realized it she was wetting her training panties, her fear taking her control, which quickly took what was left of her pride.

She bawled like an infant, long wails interrupted only by equally deep breaths. Margaret held her firmly as she shrank, her dress and shoes seeming to grow as her features became ever more chubby and cute.

The black shoes soon loosened, and then slid off her rising feet. Gaps opened in her training panties, allowing the excess urine to escape and pool on the floor. Feet and legs increased in baby fat even as they diminished, the short white socks slipping away to the ground soon after.

Becky’s dress engulfed her, but still Ms. Thomas held the wailing child in place, keeping the two of them almost face to face. The soaked panties dipped from their excess weight, sliding partially down the girl’s pudgy bottom. She kicked and flailed her arms, but only succeeded in wiggling her training pants to the floor.

Margaret adored the sight before her, the child turning toddler turning infant. She stopped the girl at one year of age, her tiny round face and button nose made even more adorable by the two golden tails that continued skyward.

Smiling she admonished the still crying baby. “Oh my, Becky baby, you really had an accident there didn’t you? I just suppose we’re going to have to use those diapers after all. Yes we are!”

Kicking her dangling feet Becky tried to squeak a protest but all her words came out as garbled baby noises now. The giant Ms. Thomas lowered her to a dry part of the floor removing her huge dress and leaving the infant naked.

Giants surrounded her. Giants who used to be her students, her charges, but were as terrifying and imposing as the scariest monsters now. She continued her tantrum until a sharp slap landed on the side of her leg. Looking through tear stained eyes she could see Ms. Thomas waving a long finger in front of her face, and just barely understand what she was saying.

“No more fussing naughty Becky. Baby needs her dipee.” The woman said in a scolding tone.

Sticking most of her hand into her mouth Becky tried to stop crying, tried to calm down. Her mood shifted quickly, as it often does with babies, and her terror shrank to a mild sulking. She wanted to be good. Maybe if she were good Ms. Thomas would let her be a big girl again, like Mary.

A frilly pink bonnet was pulled over her head and tied snugly by large hands. She whined a little as her hand, wet with spittle, was pulled from her mouth but relaxed instantly upon its return.

Her cold feet were covered next, warm pink booties pulled on with elastic straps. Then she was lifted, seated again on a very soft surface that felt nice and comfy below her damp and tender tushie.

She shifted uncomfortably seconds later however, feeling a building of pressure in her pee-pee. It was over just as quickly, her bottom warming as she wiggled and sucked on her hand in comfort.

All the giants were staring now, even the not so big ones, many pointing and making funny noises. One noise seemed to be repeated, again and again, but Becky couldn’t understand what it meant.

Margaret smiled at the completion of her work. The self-centered, spiteful teacher who had tormented her daughter so was now just a baby herself. The children were chanting ?baby’ now calling her exactly what she had called Mary the day before. And she didn’t even care.

Baby Becky sat, peeing into the open disposable diaper below her. Her modesty was gone and she actually smiled back up at Margaret as she drained herself.

“Good baby.” Margaret cooed in a high voice, and Becky bounced in joy, squishing the soaked padding below her.

“She’s really cute now mommy. Can we keep her?” Mary asked.

Margaret shrugged. Faking a pregnancy wouldn’t be very difficult for her to do. “Why certainly sweetheart, but first let’s give Becky one last reminder of what’s happened to her.”

Becky was giddy with joy. Nanna Thomas had said she was good. Soon she’d be big again and she could play like a big girl and not be a baby. Her happiness was broken however as her head spun for an instant. For a moment everything came back to her. She remembered who and what she truly was, she realized the current state and position she was in, and worse, she understood what the children were chanting.

“Becky’s a baby. Becky’s a baby. Becky’s a baby.”

Her saliva-coated hand dropped from her mouth and joined it’s partner to cover her modesty, but they were quickly lifted away by Ms. Thomas’ unstoppable strength.

“No, no Becky. Mommy has to pull your dipee up.” The woman said with a laugh and did, spreading the moist warmth all over Becky’s diaper area. Swiftly it was sealed and Becky sat there, fully diapered, a baby, as her former class gleefully cheered the fact.

“I’m not a baby! I’m not! Please, don’t do this to ...... glpmh.” Her protest was halted as Margaret stuffed a pacifier into the baby’s mouth. To her horror Becky found, between her auto-sucking mouth and weak uncoordinated hands, she could not get it out.

“I’ve had quite enough out of you.” Margaret said simply. “You ARE a baby, were even when you were big, and in a few moments you will be a complete one. Oh, you’ll remember you used to be grown up and that you were punished, but every other despicable thought and memory in your head will fade back into your sub-conscious. Even hypnosis won’t be able to get it out for many years to come. My hope is you will turn out better when you grow up this time. I will certainly do my best to make sure you get your share of discipline.”

Becky screamed behind the pacifier and tears returned to her cheeks. She simply could not believe this was happening. She hadn’t even wanted this class. Hadn’t wanted to be stuck with babies and now that’s what she was. All because she’d made fun of one measly little girl. The first child she’d ever punished. “It wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair!” she cried in her mind.

Her limbs flailed again as she protested the inevitable, throwing her first of many childish tantrums to come. Her adult mind drowned, smothered in humiliation and denial, embarrassment that she was being punished like a bad little girl when she knew it just wasn’t fair.

Emotions replaced thought, searing, bubbling and uncontrollable. She was engulfed and soon all was forgotten except the wailing itself.

Margaret cradled her new daughter, rubbing the infant’s tummy and rocked her until she calmed down. She honestly was surprised by this turn of events, but did not regret it. Some people were not meant to look after small children, and had she not been here something worse could have eventually happened to one of these darlings. To her Mary.

She intercepted Becky’s final coherent thoughts. “No baby, it isn’t fair is it?” she sympathized. “But life is not. Who knows, you may even thank me for this some day. Though it really doesn’t matter.”

Becky was no longer listening, sleeping peacefully in her new mommy’s arms. Margaret had a few loose ends to clean up but with her magic they would clear easily.

“Class, please sit down and be quiet. I have some things to take care of. Mary, write the names of any who misbehave on the board please.” She instructed, walking to the door with Becky in her arms. She was going next door to ask Mrs. Jackson, the second grade teaching assistant, if she could watch the class for an hour while she got her niece back home.

“Miss Allen has not yet returned and I can’t teach class and care for a baby at the same time.” Margaret practiced in her mind, grinning wickedly. She wondered how cute Mrs. Jackson would find her former co-worker now; she knew the woman loved babies.

Mary’s grin matched her mommy’s. She very much liked the idea of having a little sister to play with and especially liked it being her former mean teacher. Giggling a bit she turned and wrote the first naughty child’s name on the board. ?Becky’. She was sure any student who read that would definitely behave.


According to Margaret Thomas, Miss Allen had never returned to work that day. The police found her car easily but never a trace of the woman. Margaret was immediately given the class, on a temporary basis of course. As time passed however, the principal became increasingly impressed with her teaching abilities and she was given the classroom permanently. In all honestly he had never seen a group of first graders behave as well. It was almost, magical.

The End.

Copyright, Dark Oni May 2002



End Chapter 1

Loss of Privileges

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 4, 2005


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norhrd ยท Jan 19, 2022

what's Miss Allen's personality?

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