Made To Fit

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Made to fit just right, just as it should be.

Chapter 1
Made To Fit

Chapter Description: Made to fit just right, just as it should be.

Made to fit just right

If there is one constant in the universe it's that there is never enough time in the day to do everything you're set on doing. She had been planning to get this done for weeks but something had always come up at the last minute so she would have to get that out of way and be out of time by the time she was finally finished for the day.

Now though she had the time, not a lot of time but maybe if she got to the shop before it closed for the day she might be able to find a good Halloween costume, Halloween was tomorrow and she wanted to get the costume ready if it needed any quick touch ups. After the past 19 months she was yearning to have some fun even if it just for one night.

Near running down the street from her place of work she stops in front of a costume shop that has more than costumes, she's come here often over the years but never really browsed it in full. She usually just came in to browse the costumes and see if there was anything really good for the likes of cosplays and conventions, not that she had been able to do any of those in the past 19 months due to a global pandemic.
Even now with restrictions almost completely gone despite the virus still being as active as ever there were very few venues active for anything like cosplay and conventions.
Understandable really considering, it was a shame though and she hoped that it would eventually be safe for venues to open again.

Opening the door she steps inside and is greeted by the very familiar smell of Halloween, pumpkin and assorted scents that she has always associated with this time of year. The smells of autumn and the coming winter, homely scents.

“I was wondering when you were going to get here” A woman behind the counter on the far end of the shop remarks as she checks to see who's entered after the little bell above the door had chimed.

“Do you want the bad news first or the good news?” Uh oh.

“Bad news I guess, sooner it's out of the way the better” She replies as she steps up to the counter.

“Well the bad news is that there are no more costumes in your size, I sold the last one an hour ago. I was trying to keep it back for you but the costumer was very insistent. However I do have one costume left, it's a little small though” Ciecie, her actual name is Celia but she likes the nickname that friends have given her over the years, takes out a small costume from behind the counter.

“A little small? The last time I wore something that small I was still in nappies! How am I supposed to fit in that?” Before her is a very cute baby vampire costume in dark colours with a snap crotch clearly designed for quick nappy changes, on the front of the outfit are the words, in glittery red of course, 'Vampire In Training'. On the back are very adorable little bat wings with the collar made to look like the start of a cloak. It was really cute, just a tad too small.

“Could always pull your stomach in and think small” A glance that says the dry wit isn't really wanted at this time is given in reply. “Joking. I know someone who could help and I've already had a talk with them, they're willing to help if you're up to it” She was in a hurry but how was she going to wear this? She was five foot five, it's been a long time since she was any smaller.

“Are they going to make the costume bigger? Would they have the time?” Ciecie shakes her head before replying.

“No, more like make you smaller so that it fits. Thing is the procedure isn't perfect and there's no guarantee that it would only last a night. For all you know you could be stuck for a while or it might never wear off. I'm about to close up shop and I'll take you to see them, they can explain what it better than me. I know other shops but I don't think you'll the time and places have been busy despite shortages, you might be too late to find anything from anywhere else. Up to you though, Violet” True, the country was all kinds of screwed up these days due to worthless rich prats in power and racist prats with their delusions of a perfect country with only people like themselves in it. Everything was being affected because of greed and stupidity.

“May as well” Violet replies as she takes the costume and places it in a bag that she's handed. “Really would like some fun tomorrow night after all”


After the shop is closed for the day and secured, there had been no one else dropping by which had been good as Ciecie didn't like to see anyone disappointed, Ciecie leads Violet up the street to a rather out of the way shop nestled snugly in a quiet corner.

“Do they even get business?” Violet asks as they approach the shop.

“Lots, as long as you know where to go. Their clientele is quite select so to reduce the amount of accidents from less knowledgeably people getting their hands on what they sell. The last time such accidents had happened the world ended up with a buffoon who became president of the US until earlier this year and this country ended up under the thumb of selfish prats like we still are.
Their general rule is to never let those filled with hatred for others get their hands on anything that is sold here, still it sadly does happen from time to time. Vetting those who won't use what's sold here for malicious purposes isn't easy” The front door opens as they approach and someone steps into the door frame, they seem to be more androgynous in appearance.

“Hey there Ciecie, this must be Violet. Come in, come in, I was just checking to see if I had what you had enquired about and I have one left. I'll make more later once the required ingredients come in from overseas” The person seems quite jolly with purple on their checks and a dark red eyeliner around their eyes, they give the impression of being portly yet they're a fairly average shape.

“Yep, this is Violet. So what's the chance that it will only work for one night then, Liaz?” Liaz beckons them inside before replying, closing the door once they're inside.

“Hard to say as it's not the most reliable of processes. It might last a night or it might last for days, maybe weeks or months. Even years. I can't give an absolute certainty so you'll have to be certain about this, once you do this there isn't any turning back” She says the final words to Violet as she goes to the back of the shop and returns less than a minute later with what looks like a small doll made of a kind of cloth that shimmers in the light of the shop, it's a nice shimmer.

“This is what is called Soul Harmonics, it's not dangerous but it isn't perfect as every person's soul has it's own harmony and it's not easy to get the right match. The effects can be unpredictable, even with a match all it takes is a slight second of disharmony and the effects can go off kilter. So I want to be certain about this, I don't tend to provide this kind of thing to people unless they are truly certain and accepting of whatever happens.
While it's not dangerous, as I said, it will affect you and one other who will have to take care of you so I hope you know someone who won't mind their life being changed in order to do that” Violet tries to make sense what she's being told, it was all pretty sudden.

“I'm sorry, but what are you talking about?” Liaz looks over to Ciecie who shrugs.

“I see, she didn't tell you. Okay, this will reduce you to a young age so that you can wear that costume. About two or three years old, maybe younger, it's hard to be certain. The costume is made to fit a young child of a year old to three years old, stretchy. But since you're an adult then the only way to ensure that the costume will fit is if you're the right size, and age, to wear it. I did check around to see if there were any other shops with costumes but you're out of luck. So you're only option is to be younger and smaller, thing is because you'll be younger you'll need someone to look after you.

So do you know someone who you know would be able to take care of you since once this is used they'll basically become your new parent or if it's your own parents then it will adjust their lives”

“I don't have a family, parents disowned me when I was born, religious reasons and all that guff” Liaz looks uncomfortable for a moment before resuming.

“I see, sorry to hear that. Well if you know someone then let me know so that I can make one last adjustment” Violet thinks for a moment before answering.

“I do know someone, she's a friend though we don't see one another often. She was made infertile following an accident and she's always wanted to have children, she isn't able to adopt due to all the red tape getting in the way. Plus being a lesbian hasn't helped her in being approved, still too many bigots who think anyone who isn't cisgender heterosexual only is unsuitable in their eyes to be a parent so she keeps being turned down.
She aches to be a mum though, deeply, whenever I see her she loves to flick through baby catalogues and always has a dreamy look in her eyes as she talks about how much she wishes she could be a mum. It's pretty much her life dream even though I've told her that she could do plenty of other things, she is really set on it though” Liaz nods a little before going back through to the back of the shop.

“What's her name?” Liaz calls out.

“Dani Richards”

“I think I know her, there's been a Dani popping by here often looking for something. I asked her once what she was looking for and she mentioned something about a way to let her be a parent, dark blonde hair with bluish green eyes, little taller than you by a few inches, quiet spoken” A small popping sound can be heard in the back as Liaz speaks.

“That's her”

“What's she like? Hope she isn't one of those transphobe type, not fond of those. Me and a few others like to have some fun with them whenever they spout their nonsense, I think one of them is strapped around the back end of a baby, probably being used at this time. Would turn the whole lot of those bigoted prats into packs of nappies as it's a more fitting fate for them” Liaz chuckles as they work, Ciecie just smiles a little. Neither of them were fond of transphobes.

“Dani's fine with trans people, she feels she can relate to trans women who talk about not being able to have children while wishing they could. She once punched a transphobe for being vile at work to one of her co-workers, the bigot screamed they were being silenced and Dani quite loudly told them to shut up then if they're being silenced. She really doesn't kindly to bigotry” Liaz steps back out and hands Violet the doll.

“Good to hear. Now when you use this you'll affect Dani's left as well, to all intents and purposes you'll become her daughter and she'll become your mum. Now this will last for as long as the effect holds and since it's uncertain how long it will last then it could last a long time or a single night, either way it will have the most profound impact on Dani the most as she'll achieve a life's dream. Even when it wears off she'll remember that feeling which will make her all the more determined to be a parent, maybe even give her the confidence she needs to be firm with the adoption agencies who keep denying her.

So I need to know if you're certain about this because it's not you who will be affected, someone else will as well. This isn't just about a night of Halloween fun for you after all, it's about the impact you'll have on someone else's life. Are you sure about this?” Violet takes the doll and examines it, it's plain looking despite the shimmer and doesn't look like it can do anything. She thinks about Dani and how often she's talked about her longing to be a parent, she thinks about all of the baby catalogues that Dani's looked though, the times she's cried from longing whenever she sees parents with their own children.
Her heart was literally aching to be a mum, no matter what she did with her life she always said that she didn't feel like she was living her life in full. Violet has tried to explain to her friend that she can still do so much more, that being a parent isn't the by all end all but Dani can clearly hear a very primal yearning.

Was it really her place to impact Dani's life like this even if it made her happy beyond belief, Dani loved babysitting her younger relatives and loved working at a daycare, she loved kids and had even joked once about putting a nappy on Violet and babying her which Violet had just tried not to picture, the nappy would have probably been comfortable but she felt her friend's yearning was a tad too strong if she was making jokes like that and meaning it.

Did she have the right to do this just so she could have a hopefully fun Halloween night? What if it ended up hurting Dani once it wore off? This was a lot of consider.

“Don't mean to rush you but I'm wanting to get home to have some supper, so what's the answer? You sure about this?” The doll feels strange in her hand, it's nestled in her palm.

“It will work?” Violet asks quietly.

“It will, I can't promise it will wear off after a night but it will work” Impact a life to have a hopefully fun night, even if it meant being little more than a baby. Violet gives her answer.


Later that night Violet steps out of her shower and dries off, she had gotten back home a couple of hours ago and after a small but nice supper she had a shower to wash off the grime of the day, she felt refreshed and warm. After drying off and stepping through into her living room to go to her connected bedroom, she sees the doll on the coffee table next to her mobile and the costume. Maybe she should call Dani and tell her that she may have found a way to let her achieve her dream but how was she going to explain it?

“Hey it's me, I might have a way for you to be a mum but it will turn you into my mum for an unknown amount of time and it might have a big impact on your life once it wears off. What do you say?” It was hard enough for her to believe that such a thing was even possible but how do you explain it in reality? This wasn't some movie or TV show after all.

Thinking over how she'll explain this to Dani she heads through to her bedroom to get ready for bed, she goes over what she'll say or at least try to say. It wasn't easy.

Once she's done she steps back into her living room and picks her mobile, time to see if Dani was interested.

Hi there, wasn't expecting to hear from you before tomorrow. Did you manage to get a costume?” Dani asks on the other end while Violet sits down, taking the doll and costume from her table and setting them on her lap.

“Yep, kind of. There's been a little change to the plans and I've got to try and explain it. The costume I got is for a much younger age, it was all there was left, and I've been provided a means to ensure it will fit only it will need you being part of it as well” Violet lightly caresses the doll with her fingers as she talks.

Oh? How so? There isn't much time to make an adult size of it” Here goes.

“Well to get it to fit I have to, well, become the age it fits. I've been given something that will ensure that although it's effects have an uncertain time limit to them, it could be just one night or longer. Maybe even years and I would have to be cared for”

Hold up, you're saying that you've been given something that could reduce you to a baby or a toddler?

“That's right”

And you would have to be cared for?” She can practically hear building excitement in Dani's voice.

“Yep, it's hard to explain but once it's used it will turn you into my mum for the duration” She quickly pulls the phone away from her ear as Dani gives an excited scream on the other end.

Seriously? You're not messing with me, right? You've seriously been given the means to let me be a mum even for a short time?

“Yes, I had to make a choice and since it's been your dream to be a mum then I felt you would be the best person to take care of me. But it's hard to say how long it will last, it could only be for one night. I'm worried that it could hurt you once it wears off, maybe break your heart at losing your chance when it wears off” She can hear Dani on the other end practically buzzing with joy.

Let me face that, I've dreamt of something like this for years since the accident. When do you want to do this?

“Tomorrow evening after work is done for the weekend, I was told that it will alter reality somewhat so I don't need to worry about my job while it's in effect. As far as everyone else will be concerned I'll be your daughter and you'll be my mum, everything that's needed will appear for the duration. Again I remind you that it's hard to say how long it will last”

Even so it's something. I'll be there tomorrow evening, see you then” The call ends leaving Violet to look down at the costume and the doll.

“I hope this isn't a mistake” Violet says softly.


The next evening Violet returns from work to find Dani waiting at the front door for her, she looks excited to put it mildly.

“You are going to be so adorable!” Dani squeaks in excitement as Violet digs out her door keys.

“Maybe, I wouldn't get your hopes up though. For all you know it will take one nappy change for you to find that you hate being a mum. Best to curb your expectations”

“I change nappies near every day, I clean up after young children almost every day” Dani explains as Violet opens the door and lets her go inside first.

“Near every day, yes, that's your job but I'm about it being constant without much breaks. A young child is a lot of responsibility, you can't just hand me back to my mum after the day is over since you'll be my mum” Removing her coat and setting her handbag down, Violet goes through to her bathroom to wash her hands before going through to her kitchen for a drink of water.

“I understand that, I'm fine with it. If I wasn't wanting to do this then I would have called you back and said no thanks but I really, really want to do this. I know what to expect” Dani had a few bags with her, nappies in a couple of them, toys and clothing for a young child and so many other things.

“You didn't need to get those, everything will be provided”

“I still wanted to have other things handy. So when are you going to do this?” Violet looks over to her kitchen clock, she needed some supper first.

“After supper?”

“Why not now? If a high chair and baby food and formula appears then I'll feed you” Dani was really eager for this, she was practically chomping at the bit to get started. The doll and the costume are still on the coffee table where she was left them last night when she had gone to bed, she could get it done now she supposed since Dani was likely going to start fidgeting like someone on too much caffeine if she delayed any longer.

Violet sighs a little and goes over to the coffee table, picking the doll up and sitting on the sofa.

“Okay, then let's get this done. I was given an incantation to do, you need to be holding the doll as well so you hold one of it's arms and I'll hold the other” Dani does so and they sit facing one another as Violet recalls the incantation, she had made sure to memorise it.

“Oh spirits of youth and renewal hear my plea, grant me a return to innocence for a time, provide my companion with the means to care for me in the duration that this lasts. Hear me, sense me, grant this plea and let a dream be fulfilled” Nothing happens.

“Maybe you've got to mean it” Dani remarks. Violet is about to reply but begins to feel an odd tingle spreading throughout her body, the tingle strengthens and spreads around her body fast. This is followed by the feeling of her skin shifting as her clothes begin to loosen and fall around her while a thick nappy appears between her legs.

In less than a minute where there was a grown woman in her mid thirties is now a young child of near two years old, maybe a little younger in a pile of clothes and only wearing a nappy. Dani blinks and shudders for a moment before smiling and looking down at the baby girl in front of her.

“Oh wow, that feels weird. And I was right, you are so adorable! Those little fingers and toes, the little nose and those chubby little cheeks and arms!” Dani picks Violet up and cuddles her, kissing her forehead and patting her thickly padded backside.

“I'm really a mum, after all this time, I'm finally a mum!” Violet squeaks a little and starts to whimper, Dani was holding her a little too tightly and she tries to say this.

“Mama, air” Her voice sounds so small to her, words are hard to fully form and she feels so small in Dani's arms. Dani realises what Violet is trying to say and loosens her arms enough so that Violet can relax.

“Sorry, I got carried away. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly” Violet feels her stomach grumble, which Dani hears. “Right, supper, let's get you fed” Looking over to the kitchen she can see that a high chair has appeared and she takes Violet over to it, seating her into it gently before checking to see what there is in the cupboards. She finds baby food and formula so gets started on making Violet's food, Violet sits feeling rather self-conscious at how big everything is and that she's sitting in a high chair in only her nappy, at least until Dani slips a bib over her head.

“Shouldn't take me long, you just sit there and be, well, adorable” This was so weird for her, barely moments ago she had been a grown woman and now she was a baby fighting the urge to suck on her fingers. It was a strong urge. She can feel her little legs dangling over the edge of the high chair seat, she can feel the thick softness of her nappy between her tiny legs, she can feel the weak coordination in her arms. Everything seemed brighter to her now as well as bigger, it was like a completely different world. Was this what young children experienced?

After a few minutes, although to Violet's now altered sense of time making it feel like it was much longer, Dani serves her supper and feeds her with a spoon. Violet tries to feed herself but finds it hard to fully use the spoon just right due to her weakened coordination, it was hard to get her hands to cooperate and she was getting more baby food on her bib and around her mouth than in her mouth. This was quite awkward.

“Let me, okay? Starship Nummyprise coming into space dock, bay doors open” Violet opens her mouth to accept the food, it was sweet yet her now young taste-buds loved it which resulted in her mouth opening for more after she swallowed what she had in her mouth. Her arms and legs wiggle in delight and Violet coos happily, this wasn't so bad.

Once she's finished eating, Dani cleans her up and lifts her out of the high chair before holding her and patting her back, Violet burping and relaxing contently. Of course this resulted in a new feeling and Dani checks Violet's nappy after hearing the little grunt and hearing a faint hissing sound.

“Didn't take you long, let's get you cleaned up and in a fresh new nappy” After her nappy change, which hadn't been as awkward as she had expected it to be, Violet is taken back into the living room where Dani dresses her in her Halloween outfit, she applies a pair of baby tights to help keep Violet's legs warm.

“There isn't a jewel as precious as you look right now” Dani remarks as she finishes the final touches to the costume, she steps back and wipes away tears at how adorable Violet looks. Violet just tries to look down at her clothing but she can't quite see it all so Dani picks her up and takes her over to a mirror near the front door, the reflection showing Dani and a baby girl in her arms, the costume really was very cute on Violet's now rather young body.

“Me?” Violet asks.

“Yep, that's you, my little vampire baby in training. For tonight anyway, who knows what tomorrow will bring” Dani steps back into the living room and places Violet down in a playpen, Violet looks around at the toys within and toddles over to a plush toy that she cuddles before chewing on an ear.

“Mummy will be right back, I'll just be in the bedroom getting dressed into my costume. I won't be long” Dani quickly goes through to the bedroom and comes out near ten minutes later in her outfit, that of a feminine vampire in appearance. She loved vampires and the lore about them, she has seen so many movies and TV shows about them over the years.

“Well then, my little milk sucker, let's make people swoon at your cuteness”


It didn't take long to get Violet into her baby buggy, she had a plush Vampire teddy with her and her baby dummy had a fang like pattern on it as she suckled on it contently. People in passing remarked on how cute she was and Dani thanked them as she looked proud at being Violet's mum, she felt proud. She was finally living her long desired dream and she didn't want it to end but she knew that it might very soon so she wanted to make the most of it while it lasted.
Sometimes Violet would try to say trick or treat but it came out as more 'Tick or teat' as her struggle to form full words was rather awkward at this age so Dani would say it for her, they had a pretty full bag of sweets by now. She was starting to feel a little tired though and Dani noticed how often Violet was starting to rub her eyes, she was struggling to stay awake and slowly losing the battle.

“I think it's time for a little nappy bum to go home and go to bed” Dani says softly after they leave another house. Violet yawns in response and mummers under her baby dummy as her bottom lip catches it before it can fall, she was so sleepy.

“Beddy byes time for baby” They head home as Violet starts to lose the fight to keep awake, she coos softly and cuddles her plushie as the darkness of sleep beckons her.

Dani returns home with Violet fast sleep in her stroller, once home she helps Violet out of the baby buggy and dresses her for bed, changing her nappy and fastening a night time nappy around the sleeping baby's waist before setting her gently down in her crib.

“Sweet dreams, my precious little angel, thank you for this wonderful night”


Morning arrives and Dani wakes to hear a baby crying for her mum, Violet needed her. Yawning with a stretch she heads through to Violet's room to find Violet crying, her nappy drooping.

“Good morning, mummy's here, let's get you all cleaned up before breakfast”


Across town Liaz checks their inventory while Ciecie is in the front sipping on some coffee. They check and double check one particular item that had been ordered for yesterday before going through to the shop front.

“That doll you ordered for Violet, you asked for an additional ingredient and I didn't think to inquire as you were rather insistent. You made the process permanent, why?” Ciecie sips at her coffee before replying.

“Because I saw Dani's future, she wasn't going to make it past Christmas and Violet would end up dying with her. Suicide combined with that virus that's still active, Dani would become ill and take her life while Violet was going to end up infected at the same time while trying to help Dani, her heart would fail due to a genetic defect that wasn't a concern until the virus caused damage. Neither of them were vaccinated yet but they will be now, I intended it by ensuring things would change.
I didn't want them to die, they both deserved the chance of a little more time. Dani will live her dream and Violet will have a loving mum who dotes on her, something she didn't have before. I had the one chance to change two fates and I took it, too many have died from this virus already and I got the chance to save at least two people from it”

“Risky, how do you know that the changes you've made will ensure a good life for either of them?” Ciecie smiles after setting her coffee down, her eyes sparkling a multitude of colours.

“I know, I can see it. I made sure it would happen even if I did break a couple of rules to make it happen, so many close to me have died over the past 19 months. I wanted to ensure that there would be life this one time” The shop is quiet before Liaz asks a question.

“And what was the price for you?” They ask.

“A price I can pay, wouldn't be the first time I've paid it. Well I'll see you later, you should drink your coffee before it goes cold, it's bloody good coffee today or I'll just take it with me” Liaz grabs their coffee with a little hiss.

“MINE! NO TOUCH!” Ciecie laughs and waves a little bye for now as she leaves. She had a price to pay for her request so she had better get it started.

A small price to ensure the happiness of two people she cared about deeply.

Made to fit just right

Just as it should be.



End Chapter 1

Made To Fit

by: ReinaHW | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 10, 2021


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Mamaamy · Oct 15, 2021

Love it! Great story with added personality that made it feel fleshed out. I would say I think it would be a positive change to add more descriptions to the diaper usage and changes, they felt very abrupt, but obviously not everyone's cup of tea, that is just my take. Adored it! Hope ya keep writing! ^_^

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