Unfair: A Very Serious Diaper Dimension Story

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Chapter 2
Chapter 115: The Naked Truth

Chapter Description: Clark finally finds Cassie!

Chapter 115: The Naked Truth

Something was wrong.  I could feel it. 

Janet was holding me in her arms as we walked down the street, but she had very intently turned me away from her.  I appreciated the view unfolding in front of me as we walked - well, as she walked, since she was doing all the work.  It was a nice change of pace to see the world around me like that.  But the fact that she wasn’t holding me in a way that  would make me face her was off-putting.  Like she was hiding something from me and hoped I wouldn’t notice. 

I craned my neck, trying to get a view of her eyes, as if it would help uncover the truth.  “Where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see very soon,” she replied with a hint of guilt in her voice.  

I didn’t like that answer.  Not one bit. 

I bounced up and down as Janet quickly strode the streets, wondering where I had done wrong.  I honestly thought that the trust between us was mending, one day at a time, but her attitude was telling me that our relationship was, ironically, going backwards to our previous situation.

Guess there was more than one way for Amazons to force a mind fuck, after all.   

It must be my fault.  Something I had done, or not done, or miscommunicated about.  Maybe the shower offer had been pushing it too far?  Otherwise, she wouldn’t keep secrets from me so blatantly.  Even an Amazon toddler could read her like a book right now.

Minutes stretched as Janet strode quickly on unfamiliar streets, holding me like a potato bag full of live grenades.  She turned left, right, left again, until we both found ourselves in front of an unassuming concrete building plastered with white paint.  She held me with one hand as she rang the doorbell.  The door buzzed open almost immediately, and we entered the unfamiliar place. 

Only to be greeted by a familiar face. 

“Melony?” I let out, incredulous at the sight of my mentor and friend.

“Hey, Clark,” replied Beouf, looking as nervous as Janet was.  “Sorry, this is all a bit sudden.”

She bit her lower lip in anguish, and shot a worried look at Janet. 

“Are you sure this is the right time?” she asked. 

“There’s no delaying it back any further,” replied Janet as she bounced me once more in her arms. 

“After last night,” she continued somberly, “I knew it was time.  Trust me, it feels too early for me, too.  I wish it could have gone longer but…  No, there’s no point in hypotheticals anymore.  It’s just how it is.”

My heart began to beat to the rhythm of a very intense electro song.  My throat got tight and dry.  What were these two up to?  Since when had they started conspiring in secret again?  Had they ever really stopped?

In fact, how was it even possible for them to communicate without me noticing?  It’s not like I wasn’t basically around at least one of them at all times, every day. Save for naps…

Oh, right, naps.  Those few hours a day could have been used for plotting, for all I knew.  Great job, Clark, you only forgot about a third of your daily life in your brilliant hypothesis.

“Guys….what’s going on?” I tried to ask, only to be ignored as both Amazons moved further inside the unfamiliar house.  At the end of the hallway, there was a simple door.  With surprising coordination, Beouf opened the door right as Janet dropped me on the ground. 

I groaned as I hit the carpeted surface, and quickly turned my head around to get a look at this strange new place. 

And that’s when time suspended its flight. 

The world stopped revolving entirely as my reality was suddenly shaken to the core. 

It was her.

My heart stopped beating, my brain stopped zapping, my lungs forgot how to breathe.  For a brief moment, I was dead, before being reborn forcefully as feelings came back flooding with the force of a grand tsunami. 

My voice squeaked inelegantly as I tried to condense everything I wanted to say.  Ultimately, the only thing I could say, scream even, was her name. 


And she was there, in front of me, just as beautiful as the day I was stolen away from her. She had a shy little smile peaking at the corner of her lips.  After all I had gone through, after everything I had to endure to find her, she was here, right here, in the flesh.  

“Hey, Clark.”

There was no way this was an intricate fake-out to get a rise out of me.  No other explanation could even be conceived in any way, shape or form.  No way.  It had to be real.  

I ran towards her, impeded by those stupid baby boots I was wearing and the frankly typical amount of padding between my legs, but after a couple of steps, I reached her and I grabbed with all my strength.  I never wanted to let her go.

I think I might have cried a bit as I held her body against mine.

Well, okay, I was sobbing grossly.  Happy, now?  I was crying like a snot-nosed kindergartner after being pushed on the concrete floor by a bully.  And it kind of ruined the moment, if I’m being honest.  But it was the only appropriate response I could muster to this unexpected situation. 

“C-Caa-assie!” I blubbered between two sobs.  “Y-y-y-you’re back! How? When? W-why? I don’t understand!” 

“Shhh, shhh,” she shushed me gently as she pushed me away from her.  “It will all make sense in a minute.  I’m sorry it had to be this way.  You’ve been very brave, Clark.  I just need you to do one last thing for me.”

The faucet of snot that was my nose stopped dripping as my sobbing subsumed. Cassie’s attitude didn’t feel right. I was expecting her to be more… emotional about this? After all, we were basically dead for each other, hanging solely by the hope that we’d see one another again someday.  That she behaved so casually in such a moment felt out of character and, quite frankly, poorly written. 

Cassie picked up something from her pocket and handed it to me.  It looked like a pill made from gelatine, golden in color, and judging by its size, made with an Amazon in mind.  I looked at this new item, incapable of processing my emotions among this torrent of new data. 

“Just swallow the pill, Clark, and everything will make sense, I promise.”

It was such a simple instruction, and yet, I couldn’t help but wonder what this all meant.  This story stopped making sense to me about one minute ago.  All I could do was to go along with the flow and discover where it was heading. 

Like an automaton, I did as I was ordered. I put the giant pill on my tongue, closed my mouth and tried to swallow it.  Its gelatinous consistency helped the medicine go through, but I really could have used a glass of water right then. At least I only had to swallow it. There were other…less pleasant entry points that could have been used.

As soon as I swallowed the pill, I felt an intense pain radiating from my body; my whole, entire body.  It was like I was on fire and melting from the inside out.  My vision flashed red, then white, then red again, then back to white.  I felt a sharp pain around my midsection, and I fell back on my padded bottom as I lost balance.  It was agony, times ten gazillions.  Yes, that much pain.

And then it stopped.  And I opened my eyes to see myself naked as the day I was born.  And between my legs, I noticed Cassie, jumping in place with excitement. 

“It worked, it worked!” she squealed with delight. 

“Indeed, it paid off in the end,” replied Beouf’s voice behind me.  I turned to see the two Amazons looking down on me, both with an air of beaming pride offset by eyes that betrayed a certain apprehension. 

“We’re so proud of you, Clark,” proclaimed Janet with a nod. 

“We knew you could do it,” added Beouf, “we just never expected for it to happen so quickly.  Always the smartypants, no matter what class you’re in, eh?”

None of what they said made sense.  I tried to stand up on my feet, and it’s only then that I noticed that everything was out of proportion.  The room was smaller, the walls looked closer, the door wasn’t as giant as it was before.  On the floor, between my legs, the exploded remains of a ripped-open Monkeez looked too small to fit me anymore. 

Cassie was barely reaching my knees. 

By the time I finished standing up, I finally understood. 

“I’m an Amazon.”

I was one good head taller than both Janet and Melony.  An Amazon head taller than two Amazons.  Reality itself distorted in pain as it was forced to accept the new statu-quo: me, Clark Gibson, was an Amazon.  Frankly, I couldn’t believe it myself.

The reason I was naked was that my clothes were made for a Little, and I was now an Amazon, so I had ripped through them during my growth spurt. 

Around my legs, Cassie jumped up and down, arms raised over her head in the universal sign language of children asking for uppies.  Without thinking, I leaned down and hoisted her up, holding the woman of my life like an Amazon holding a Little. (Which made sense, considering I was, you know, an Amazon.)

“But why?” I asked in a voice that felt powerful, booming, Amazonian. “I don’t understand.”

“We’ve been working all together to turn you into an Amazon, Clark,” said the Little in my arms. “Everything you’ve been through these last few months was just to prepare you for it.”

“Everything?” I repeated, incredulous. 

“Everything!” yelped Cassie excitedly.  “The school, the Adoption, Janet, Melony, the daycare, the diapers, it was all leading up to this!”

“She’s right, you know,” chimed in a Little who suspiciously resembled the author of this story, sitting in a corner of the room we didn’t pay attention to until now.  

“It all makes sense, if you read between the lines. All the clues were there, you just didn’t put them together correctly.”  He tapped his nose with an air of smugness. 

“I’m sorry we couldn’t tell you anything,” said Janet as she ignored the Little from our previous paragraph.  “We had to make sure you were up to the task, and for that, we couldn’t help you or warn you in any way.  It had to be all yours.”

“What task?” I asked in my Amazon voice. 

“Well, to Adopt me as my Daddy, of course!” cheered Little Cassie from between my arms. 

It made a surprising amount of sense, when you didn’t think about it. 

“For what it’s worth, Clark,” added Melony Beouf, “both Janet and I had great fun babying you. But now, it’s your turn.”

“My turn…” I repeated, thinking about the situation.  Well, it would be nice to be the one who diapers others, for a change.  (Haha, diaper, change, get it?)  But it also opened possibilities.  Evil possibilities.  I all but felt little devil’s horns grow on my forehead as I grinned maniacally. 

“Yes, my turn. My turn to take care of all of you, girls…”

Janet couldn’t help but notice the plural in my sentence and she felt the hair raise on her back.

“What do you mean, all of us?”

“Well, I can’t help but notice that I’m bigger than both of you, now.  By an Amazon head, even.  And in this world, the big ones have to take care of the small ones, isn’t it?  So I guess it makes me a Daddy for all of you, isn’t that right?”

“That’s not… how it works,” tried to counter Beouf. 

“Then riddle me this, Mel: if a Little can become an Amazon, doesn’t that mean that Amazons are now Littles, hmmm?”

Melony was rendered speechless by my awesome logic and gulped in fear before my Amazonian might. 

My grin was now reaching properly grotesque proportions.  The two Amazons were now at my mercy, and there was nothing they could do to stop me from turning them into big babies like an Amazon does.  After so many chapters of torture, I was about to get my revenge.  The game was over. 

And I won. 

“Well, I guess I’m about to change three times as many diapers as you did!  That is YOUR diapers, by the way.  We’re going to have so much fun together, girls…”

(End of part 12.)

Coming up next, part 13: Amazon Clark’s Revengenance



End Chapter 2

Unfair: A Very Serious Diaper Dimension Story

by: Personalias | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 1, 2024


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